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Friday, December 1, 2023

DeSantis/Newsom Debate

By Rich Kozlovich

I've published two pieces from Liberty Nation News on this DeSantis/Newsom Debate.  First, Up on the High Wire: DeSantis and Newsom Go for Broke by who felt Newsome had the edge.  He also says, "no matter the context, the opportunities for both debaters are enormous – but so are the risks." 

I disagree.  

There are no opportunities for either of them in this clown show, only exposure.  Newsome was shown to be a totally untrustworthy liar.  And DeSantis was shown to be incapable of "soundly" beating Newsome.  A man who is stunningly corrupt and incompetent!  So if he can't beat Newsome, who can he beat?  We'll come back to that.     

Then we have piece DeSantis Debates Newsom and the 2024 Needle Doesn’t Move saying, "The big red state vs blue state showdown was entertaining, but it was merely a diversion."  He also notes Newsome is a liar, DeSantis had his facts in order, and neither will be the nominee of their party, even quoting Newsome.

I disagree.

While he's right that DeSantis will not be the Republican nominee in 2024, I also don't think he will ever be the Republican nominee, he's burnt his bridges behind him.  He's viewed as traitorous by the conservative base, and he's clearly desperate or he would have never agreed to this stupidity.  He needed a grand slam home run to have actually benefited.  He got a base hit bunt.  Furthermore, I think the words stupid and untrustworthy totally defines the DeSantis campaign. 

On the other hand Newsome claims he will not run against Biden, and I think that's true,  but I also think the fix is in for Biden to drop out and Newsome will "reluctantly"  agree to take his place.  Let's face it, everything he's doing screams to the world: I'm running, I'm running, look at me, look at me!

That leaves this piece by Patricia McCarthy, DeSantis/Newsom debate—Newsom lost big time,  saying:

As any resident of California can tell you, just about every word out of Newsom’s mouth in this debate was a lie.  Under his terms of office, the quality of life in California has declined tragically.  As the charts showed, crime is up, far worse than Florida.  Hundreds of thousands of locals who used to love downtown for music, theater, museums, no longer go there.  It’s too dangerous.  San Francisco is in worse shape than LA… as everyone knows.  He was far, far worse than DeSantis during the Covid nonsense.  Our lockdowns, and mask and vax mandates were tyrannical.  California is ranked 38th for pre-K–12 education; Florida is ranked #1.  Our schools were stupidly closed for two years during Covid.  We tried to recall him, but most believe he cheated to defeat the recall.  No one here thinks he has done a good job.  He is the Biden of California.

I agree entirely, but I also think the Democrat party could care less.  They love all he's done in California and want the same catastrophic results for the rest of America.  Look at who they're touting.  Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton and Newsome.   All insane leftists who clearly hate America. Talk about a short bench!  If that bunch was the bench on a professional baseball team they'd be in the cellar.

Conclusion?  Voter fraud will be so massive in 2024 it will make the obscene fraud of 2020 seem like an honest election.  

Up on the High Wire: DeSantis and Newsom Go for Broke

The nation’s two most high-profile governors offer clashing visions in this evening’s unique debate.

If you join the millions expected to tune in to Sean Hannity’s show on Fox News at 9:00 p.m. ET this evening to watch the long-awaited showdown between Govs. DeSantis and Newsom, you will witness what some are calling the shadow presidential debate. Others dismiss what is certain to be a lively and combative affair as mere grandstanding by two politicos with unmistakable ambitions for the ultimate prize – and desperate for attention. And still others view it more benignly as merely a preview of the presidential race – in 2028.

No matter the context, the opportunities for both debaters are enormous – but so are the risks. The two men seek opposite objectives, one clearly, the other through the glass darkly. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) is out to prove he is still relevant in a GOP presidential primary that is clearly slipping away from him, and that he can take on Donald Trump head-to-head, or at least make his differences with the former president more distinct and appealing. The famously clever Gavin Newsom (D-CA), on the other hand, will try to thread a very fine needle, proving his bona fides on the national stage without undermining or threatening the prospects of his own party’s president. Expect him to heap praise on Joe Biden, even as he promotes himself under the guise of defending “blue-state values” – an increasingly hard sell in these days of counter-revolt against wokeness.

DeSantis and Newsom – The Future Is Now

GettyImages-1458864582 (2) Gavin Newsom

Gavin Newsom (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

This might turn out to be the only national debate between the parties. While Trump or any other GOP presidential hopeful would relish the chance to take the stage opposite Biden, it is almost impossible to envision the enfeebled incumbent agreeing to do so. Trump will in turn use Biden’s refusal as yet another campaign issue that demonstrates Biden’s abject weakness. But while Biden and Trump are about the past and present, DeSantis and Newsom are about the future – for better or worse. Neither is likely to capture the big prize both seek in 2024, one transparently as a declared candidate, the other all too cleverly pretending he is merely supportive of his party’s incumbent.

Newsom already crossed a line by meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping on the pretense that the two merely discussed business, but few are swallowing that explanation whole, detecting the California governor’s desire for the same type of photo-op as when he waltzed into the White House while Biden was on the road, the mouse indeed playing while the cat’s away. And the White House has registered no objection to Newsom’s showboating on the national and international stage.

Gavin Newsom: Too Clever by Half?

It was just a couple of weeks ago that gym-short-and-hoodie-clad Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) came out with a statement calling the bluff of the Californian who is as glib as he is handsome – with both in long supply. “There are two additional Democrats … running for president right now,” said Fetterman, “One is a congressman from Minnesota, the other one is the governor of California, but only one has the guts to announce it.”

Rep. Dean Phillips (D-MN) spent months trying to convince his party that Biden was too old to run again and would surely lose. When no one listened, he announced his own primary challenge, further magnifying an issue that threatens to effectively disqualify Biden from a second term. Does Newsom, in fact, have the guts to take the Fetterman challenge and primary an obviously beleaguered Biden, knowing he could instantly either energize or dispirit the Democratic base? Barring a rapid change of fortune, will DeSantis ultimately admit defeat after falling behind both Trump and the ascendant Nikki Haley, support the GOP nominee and set his sights on 2028?

One more compelling reason to watch the hour-long debate between DeSantis and Newsom centers around the question of why Biden was so effusive in his recent praise of the California governor – an odd strategy for a president on the ropes being upstaged constantly by the young leader with the movie star looks. In his laudatory speech about Newsom in San Francisco recently, Biden said the golden boy governor “could be anything he wants. He could have the job I’m looking for.” Could that be a hint, a suggestion, the precursor to Newsom announcing this evening that he is entering the race – while Biden finally gives in to the massive bed-wetting in his party and pulls out? Likely not, but the outside possibility of it happening might by itself make this debate must-see TV – if it wasn’t already.

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The Daily Chart: German Net-Zero Schadenfreude

Turns out Germany’s great “energy transition” is hitting the wall so hard that the coalition government might go “splat.” The Wall Street Journal reported over the weekend how Germany’s Constitutional Court has ruled that the Scholz government can’t take unspent Covid funds and pour them down the net-zero rathole, but the full dimensions of the cost of Germany’s energy madness was revealed by Bloomberg, who noted that spending for green energy in special off-budget funds nearly exceeds the total budget for the entire rest of the German government:..........Consider this a preview of coming attractions in the United States, which under Joe Biden is trying to catch up with Germany’s green energy madness. So don’t put on your schadenfreude party hat just yet.............To Read More.
Green Ideology as Class Warfare I generally think of green dogma as something that the gentry class imposes on the rest of us–you peons have to live more poorly, never mind my yacht and private jet. But there is another side to it, as well, as we see in the Guardian: environmentalism as a manifestation of class envy. The article describes green angst in the advertising industry: There is increasing agreement that although individual behaviour...........

Australian government throws giant pile of money at renewables — so big, the cost is a secret - By - The Australian Government is building magical weather machines with large amounts of our children’s money, and they won’t even tell us what it will cost. Dear Sir, we’re here to fix the car you didn’t know was broken, give us your wallet. We’ll just help ourselves to your cash and won’t tell you what this costs, OK? (It must cost a fortune because if it were cheap, we’d tell you). The Labor government promised impossible Net Zero things, and 18 months, later everyone knows it is impossible. Renewable investment has ground to a halt, people are not buying EVs, farmers don’t want the transmission lines, coastal towns don’t want the wind towers, project costs are doubling and tripling, and Florence the borer is still stuck in a very short hole that is meant to be a long one...........

Say NO! to so-called “smart” meters By CFACT grassroots coordinator Tom Deweese presented testimony on “smart” electric meters in Virginia.  Smart electric meters enable governments and utilities to throttle down or shut off your power.  Shutting off your power is one tactic utilities are developing to keep the grid running when intermittent wind and solar stop producing electricity.  My name is Tom DeWeese, president of the American Policy Center and National Grassroots Coordinator of CFACT – the Committer for a Constructive Tomorrow. My purpose today is to speak against Dominion Energy’s application concerning the use of Smart Meters. More specifically, I speak against the very use of Smart Meters on private homes.............

World leaders ignore growing “Green Energy” safety issues -  By - The nations of the world pursue an unprecedented energy transition. Efforts are underway to force a shift from coal, oil, and natural gas to renewable energy sources by 2050. But, key elements of the proposed transition suffer from major safety issues. These are batteries for electric vehicles and electricity storage, and hydrogen fuels for industry. Most energy sources involve safety risks. Gasoline cars can explode or burn, especially after collisions. Natural gas pipelines and processing facilities have been known to explode or combust. Nuclear power plants have suffered famous disasters such as Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, and Fukushima when cooling systems have failed. But green energy is bringing a new dimension of safety problems to society............

Climate “journalism” perpetuates fraud -  By The biggest purveyors of “misinformation” and “disinformation” in America today are those who profess to be journalists, especially when it comes to “reporting” on climate issues. It would be understandable to counter this by saying, rather, that it is politicians and their appointees who are the ones conveying falsehoods on climate. Indeed, so many politicians, by nature practice false witness by speaking half-truths, omitting known facts, or flat-out lying. The euphemism for such behavior is called “spin.” Nonetheless, the degree to which politicians can lie or “spin” so pervasively is enabled by a mostly pliant media or worse, a cheerleading media that parrots and advances falsehoods uncritically and readily accepts politicians’ claims of a “climate emergency” and all that goes with such................

Climate agenda blinding people to the forecast November 28th, 2023 By Joe Bastardi @ CFACT - My father used to say a weather event not only means something for now but very often, it is telegraphing the atmosphere making a change. I forecast for a major De-Icing company in Europe that has a CEO who is a weather fanatic.  So it makes it a bit easier since we speak the same language.  Quite frankly, it is how I work best.  I BLOCK FOR THE PEOPLE THAT NEED TO CARRY THE BALL.  It’s not about being right for me; it is about being right for the client and the company, and if I am right, people skeptical of my methods have to wonder why I am such a Neanderthal denier............ I challenge not to wear any clothing that was made with the aid of petroleum products or use anything to try to get herself through the coming cold in Europe:...............

Green Ideology as Class Warfare

November 27, 2023John Hinderaker

I generally think of green dogma as something that the gentry class imposes on the rest of us–you peons have to live more poorly, never mind my yacht and private jet. But there is another side to it, as well, as we see in the Guardian: environmentalism as a manifestation of class envy. The article describes green angst in the advertising industry:...........There is nothing sustainable about electric vehicles. On the contrary, they are extraordinarily resource-intensive......To Read More.....

America’s Kristallnacht

By Rich Kozlovich

For those who aren't aware Kristallnacht was on "November 9–10, 1938, Nazi leaders unleashed a series of pogroms against the Jewish population in Germany and recently incorporated territories. This event came to be called Kristallnacht (The Night of Broken Glass) because of the shattered glass that littered the streets after the vandalism and destruction of Jewish-owned businesses, synagogues, and homes."

Are we seeing similar actions taking place against Jews in America, and actually all around the world, right now?  The answer is an unequivocal yes!

The title of this article is taking from this November 27, 2023 piece by Steven Hayward saying:

With each passing week since October 7, the outbursts of anti-Semitism in America have become more brazen, more widespread, more ferocious, and with fewer attempts to disguise its true character with academic jargon about colonialism. The Jew-hatred is completely out in the open now. The most shocking example this previous week occurred at Hillcrest High School in Queens, New York, where students rioted in the hallways against a teacher who had attended a pro-Israel rally, forcing the teacher to lock herself in her office. The video of the incident conveys the true horror of the moment far beyond the printed accounts:......

What's interesting is the video show almost all black students involved in this outrage.  Why?  Jews have done more for American blacks than any other ethnic group, and Muslims have done more to blacks than any other ethnic group in the history of the world.  Muslims were big slave traders for centuries, and they still are.  Why aren't they demanding reparations from Muslim controlled nations instead of attacking Jews? 

But we really do need to get this.  All this isn't really about Muslims against Jews and/or Israel.  While they are, the fact is all this is an excuse to destroy western civilization, and in order to do that, they must destroy America, and using their anti-Semitic insanity as their launching platform.

While all those covid mandates are pretty much done, make no mistake, they were nothing more than a prelude to a permanent form tyranny with unending "emergencies" that would allow for the dissolution of all Constitutional rights. 

Joe Saunders' November 27, 2023 article, Outrage: Court Ruling Allows State to Seize Citizens for Indefinite Quarantine and Isolation - Due Process No More? notes:

The pandemic might be over, but the plague of government overreach looks more permanent all the time.  That’s the lesson out of a recent ruling by a New York state appeals court that effectively upheld the right of state officials to arbitrarily seize and detain pretty much any person they deem necessary. And, of course, it’s in the name of public safety.
As you read the entire article it should send chills down you spine as this piece outlines just how corrupt the government of New York and it's judiciary have become, and that's not an isolated situation.  The majority of the  federal judiciary is made up of nothing more than incompetent political hacks, and many of them sitting on the Supreme Court of the United States. 
This whole mess with corrupt judges and Donald Trump is even more frightening, as a DC Judge Denies Trump Request for Subpoenas of J6 Committee Materials.  In short, this corrupt jurist is protecting law violators by preventing the accused access to information he rightly deserves for his defense, and other corrupt jurists continue to place restrictions of Trump's ability to speak publicly with unconstitutional "gag" orders.  
Let's see this as clearly as possible. 
If they can do this to a former President of the United States, (91 fraudulent indictments) there are no restrictions to their perfidy, and no one is safe in America, because the rule of law no longer exists.  Is it any wonder they so fear another Trump Presidency? 
Also on November 27th Bob Unruh published this piece, Just days after Jan. 6, Dems 'schemed to limit travel of U.S. conservatives, saying, "In recent years there have been a number of innocuous Americans who have found themselves on a no-fly list, essentially a terror watch list, for no apparent reason."  He then goes on to show how those in the Democrat leadership touted lies about January 6th, which are all being exposed by the January 6th videos released by Speaker Johnson to justify all these illegal actions by the government.  But it's clear, this was a blatant conspiracy to attack conservatives at as many levels as possible.
Academia is a viper's pit of leftist corruption. "Free speech" and "academic freedom" are two cries we hear from that crowd unendingly.   And they say it as if they believe it.  They don't, they just want you to think they believe it.  Here's what they really believe. College profs say only THEIR speech needed on campus:

A couple of college professors apparently have decided that only THEIR speech is needed on campus. The conclusion comes from the fact that two Arizona State University profs, Richard Amesbury and Catherine O'Donnell, have written that "free speech concerns yield too much to the 'right wing' and that free speech should not be given the protection currently afforded by universities and colleges."  

Okay, so that's just two academics, that's not academia as a whole.  Actually, that's two academics who are willing to come out and tell the world that's that way it is in the academic world overwhelmingly. 

According to an analysis by constitutional expert Jonathan Turley, they "argue that free speech may be harming higher education by fostering 'unworthy' ideas." Turley, who has testified on constitutional issues multiple times before Congress, noted he's marked before how "academics are now leading an anti-free speech movement on campuses that challenges the centrality (or even the necessity) of free speech protections in higher education."

I would like to highlight this Daniel Greenfield Article at this point, How Hamas Became an Environmentalist and Gun Control Cause, to show what's happening in America, and why it's so dangerous.  One more thing.  We need to follow the money, as leftist billionaires are funding all this, along with wealthy Muslims in the Middle East.  

Testimony before Congress shows 1984 is here, and Obama started it By Andrea Widburg - Matt Taibbi and Michael Shellenberger, two honest men who worked on the Twitter Files, exposing how the government collaborated with Twitter to affect the 2020 election, testified before the House today. What they said should terrify that you know how the government, acting under Obama’s instructions, manipulated social media to destroy Donald Trump’s presidency and game the 2020 election, you need to know that, in 2024, the Deep State will have upped its game. This time around, the Deep Staters aren’t just doing a global campaign to control the flow of information on social media. Instead, using discovery in the federal criminal litigation against Donald Trump, Jack Smith has gathered information for their use that’s specifically about you................

Again, is it any wonder they fear another Trump administration. 


King Charles named "racist royal?" plunges full into the "panderverse" at UN COP 28 in Dubai

By Craig Rucker, President CFACT

Ever since dumping the world's most popular princess, King Charles has embraced climate and other left wing media narratives in an attempt to curry favor, wash away his sins, and crown his wife Camilla Paker Bowles, Queen.  The Queen part worked.

As the King (and CFACT) were preparing to travel to Dubai for COP 28, the year's most important UN climate summit, the new tell all book Endgame, was summarily withdrawn from bookshelves in the Netherlands.  The Dutch edition (accidentally?) listed two members of the royal family as "racist royals" for obsessing over the skin color of Harry and Meghan Markle's unborn son Archie.

As the King was preparing to deliver a key opening speech at the conference, Piers Morgan revealed on television that the two so-called "racist royals" were future Queen Kate Middleton and King Charles himself.

Scrambling for cover, the Royal Family yesterday released a COP 28 itinerary for the King which is heavily laden with unscientific narratives and group pandering.

We posted the entire royal release to

The King is embracing the radical line that the horrors of global warming will fall heaviest, and wisdom is to be gleaned from women, youth, “indigenous” peoples, and island nations. The Royals actually proclaimed that “traditional” indigenous knowledge stands “alongside scientific knowledge to address the climate and nature crises."  

Perhaps His Majesty can scientifically end drought with a rain dance. 

Do you think King Charles is aware how many new airports and luxury beach resorts are under construction in supposedly sinking island nations?

The edgy animated series South Park recently coined a new term in a hard-hitting episode about Disney entitled "Enter the Panderverse."

Entering the panderverse appears to be the royal strategy for COP 28, as King Charles casts about looking for favored groups to which to pander.

The King may face yet bigger problems, as many of his subjects question whether it is appropriate for Charles to be pushing political narratives at a UN climate conference at all.

Britain's unelected royal family has for decades refrained from weighing in on politics.  Queen Elizabeth II was known for her masterful royal restraint.

As British Academic Lisa McKenzie said on GB News, the royal family has no scientific expertise, "and no concept of what it is like to live in a cold house... or to turn your heating off." (Though we do hear castles can be drafty).  McKenzie reminded viewers that King Charles lives the ultimate lifestyle of privilege, as he "lives in publicly funded mansions, flies around the world in private jets... and has his energy bills paid for by the British public."

CFACT's COP 28 delegation asks:

Can the free world survive the UN climate agenda?

Will the British Royal Family survive King Charles?

For nature and people too.

P.S.  CFACT has been the preeminent organization fully engaged with UN climate policy from a free market perspective since the whole shebang started with 1992's Kyoto protocol and before.  CFACT's team of policy experts are your eyes and ears inside the halls of UN climate power.

The threat is dire and our work is important.  We cannot do it alone.  Please make the most powerful gift you can right now and fight beside CFACT in Dubai.

Post-Thanksgiving Hangover: The National Debt

The only miracle to hope for is Santa Claus.

A National Debt Hangover

On Nov. 25, 2022, the national debt stood at around $31.367 trillion. On Nov. 25, 2023, it was $33.827 trillion. Over the last year, the total outstanding increased by approximately $2.46 trillion. Let’s look back to Thanksgiving 2021, when the national debt was about $28.908 trillion, meaning it has increased nearly $5 trillion since President Joe Biden’s first Turkey Day in the White House. What’s more, adding $100 billion to the country’s red ink took less than a month. Done? No, one more: It took a single day to contribute $61 billion to the pile of IOUs!

GettyImages-563961577 debt

Photo by H. Armstrong Roberts/ClassicStock/Getty Images)

The American people’s share of the national debt keeps growing daily. The 2022-23 jump gave their representation a modest boost of roughly $7,000. As of Dec. 1, every taxpayer is on the hook for about $260,000 (for each citizen, it is a little more than $100,000). These are frightening numbers, even though it is no longer Halloween. ‘Tis the season to be jolly, but not if you glance at Uncle Sam’s budget.

Of course, these account for only a portion of the story about the federal government’s books.

The nightmare on Capitol Hill is the ever-increasing interest payments. Because of rising yields on US Treasury's, the average interest rate on the debt was about 3% for fiscal year 2023, nearly double what it was in fiscal year 2021. The US government’s interest bill is the story that never ends in today’s climate, topping $1 trillion at the end of October. As a result, nearly a fifth of the federal budget is dedicated to servicing the national debt, and about a quarter of tax revenues is allocated to interest payments.

“If federal finances continue on their current path, we are only a few years from the entirety of income taxes being needed to finance the debt,” wrote Heritage economist E.J. Antoni on X Nov. 21.

These figures are why many observers have become concerned about the US government’s fiscal path. This year, Fitch Ratings and Moody’s Investors Service have downgraded Washington. “In Fitch’s view, there has been a steady deterioration in standards of governance over the last 20 years, including on fiscal and debt matters, notwithstanding the June bipartisan agreement to suspend the debt limit until January 2025,” the ratings agency said in August.

Federal Reserve, Please Help

As Liberty Nation has detailed over the last month, the US Treasury finds it increasingly difficult to auction government bonds. While there have been glimmers of hope, many of these events, which have captured the attention of Wall Street, have delivered abysmal results. Moreover, despite higher yields, foreign governments and investors also have been disinterested in US government debt as of late.

For decades, US Treasury securities were seen as the safest asset in the world. Unfortunately for American taxpayers, this is no longer the case, with investors demanding more than 5% returns. Indeed, if you purchased a ten-year bond in 2020, the value of that investment has been halved.

Federal Reserve, can you please help? For now, Fed Chair Jerome Powell and his merry men and women of policymakers appear unable to toss a lifeline to Uncle Sam. The Eccles Building is on a quantitative tightening campaign that aims to reduce its holdings of Treasurys. Of course, if a deep recession strikes and the government launches another stimulus and relief crusade, the central bank could reverse course and start monetizing the national debt again.

Santa Claus Will Rescue America

Right now, the only miracle Republicans and Democrats hope for is Santa Claus. With the Christmas season on the horizon, the politicians responsible for saddling future generations with so much debt can line up at the local shopping mall, sit on his lap, and beg him to buy Treasury securities. Will he? It all depends on whether the elected officials have been naughty or nice. Everyone knows the answer.

Read More From Andrew Moran


How Hamas Became an Environmentalist and Gun Control Cause

November 28, 2023 @ Sultan Knish Blog 

From Queers for Palestine to marchers carrying signs reading, “Palestine is a Reproductive Justice Issue”, the Hamas cause has been vertically integrated throughout the Left. Greta Thunberg was booed after injecting anti-Israel chants into environmental rallies. The BLM movement was a longtime foe of Israel, but Asian Studies departments recently joined in.

The leaders of March for Our Lives and the Sunrise Movement, a gun control group and an environmental protest group, signed a letter to Biden warning that young people wouldn’t vote for him unless he forced Israel to stop attacking Hamas.

How better to promote gun control than by defending mass murderers who used machine guns to kill innocent people and how better to champion the environment than by supporting terrorists who deliberately start fires in Israel. What does Hamas have in common with gun control advocates, environmentalists and abortion activists?

“I think something very bad is happening on the left,” Israel’s Labor leader Merav Michaeli complained. “People who consider themselves to be democratic, progressive, are supporting a totalitarian terror regime that oppresses women, the LGBTQ+ community… The more you go to the left, the more there’s a big mix-up. Something went very wrong on the way.”

The ‘something’ that went wrong is called ‘intersectionality’. That’s why abortion protesters, gay activists, environmentalists, gun control activists and the entire Left have to support Hamas. But intersectionality is also bait and switch. While gay activists have to support Hamas, the Islamic terrorist group doesn’t have to stop throwing them off buildings. Making sure Hamas has enough fuel to fire rockets at Israeli kindergartens may be a reproductive justice issue, but no one expects masked men armed with RPGs to shout, “Allahu Akbar” at a Planned Parenthood rally.

Rather than a daisy chain connecting all the leftist causes together, intersectionality is actually a hierarchy that prioritizes the worst causes. It’s how the entire gay rights movement, to the dismay of some gay men and many lesbians, was drafted into the transgender cause. It’s why the extreme wing of each individual movement, from BLM in civil rights to art vandals in the environmental movement, have come to dominate while the moderates have been shut down.

Intersectionality has sidelined both principles and tactical considerations while making protestations of victimhood into the only consideration that matters. The more violent the rhetoric and the more extreme the cause, the more it takes over the entire Left.

This would make little sense if leftists actually cared about feminism, gay rights or global warming. But then again if they actually cared about those things, wouldn’t the USSR, China and Communist China be utopias where benevolent gay people cleaned up the environment?

The first and foremost thing that Merav Michaeli and most leftists don’t understand about the Left is that causes, whether it’s gun control or men pretending to be women, are just leverage to recruit activists, tear up society and then seize power. And once that happens, the new regime will have as much use for transgenderism or environmentalism as the Soviet Union did.

When you understand that, it becomes quite obvious why the Left supports Hamas, how it can juggle support for Islamic terrorism with the LGBTQ movement, and why it demands that gay rights take a back seat to Jihad. Intersectionality is just a new suit of clothes on the very old leftist idea that all causes are ultimately subordinate to the overriding cause of the revolution.

Under Stalinism, American Jewish leftists were told to support a regime that was massacring Jews and had allied with Nazi Germany. American feminists advocating for reproductive rights were ordered to back Communist China which was forcibly breeding women and aborting their babies. The American Indian movement was expected to support the Sandinista regime which was burning its own Indian population alive. To be a leftist is to be a traitor to your own cause.

These crimes which scarred generations of leftists were whitewashed out of history by leftists and the movement was rebranded as identity politics narcissism. Much as the military tried to appeal to a self-identified generation with the slogan ‘Army of One’, the Left rebranded as a movement centered around the personal identity of each of its members. But just as the army is still a massive hierarchy, not a personal development seminar, the Left is a collectivist movement whose central idea is that it is the group, not the individual, that actually matters.

Intersectionality promised a more individualistic leftist movement, one that was highly attuned to the ‘lived experience’ of its members and the more complex, and less black and white nature of identity politics in a world of many ethnic groups and sexualities, but that was bait and switch. Instead of customizing the movement to its members, intersectionality customized its members to the movement and its overriding objectives of burning down everything and seizing power.

And thus Hamas.

The American Left originally embraced third world liberation movements. When what it thought were secular Arab Socialist movements, including the PLO, turned out to be Islamist, it went along without missing a beat. After 9/11, liberals and Democrats in a fit of schismogenesis countered Bush’s War on Terror with a war for terrorists. Islamists became an oppressed group and a vital part of the leftist coalition not in spite of their destructiveness, but because of it.

If the Left actually cared about the things it claims to care about, it would be natural for it to side with Israel. But if the Left actually cared about those things, it would wave the American flag and condemn the Third World. Instead the Left acts like America is the worst place in the world and that every backward dictatorship is morally superior to us.

The hostility of the Left to the countries it’s in is the best evidence that it doesn’t believe in its causes. The diversity of the causes are a pretext for the true cause of mass destruction.

The inner purpose of any leftist cause is to create division and sow mistrust. The specificity of the cause is only a means of recruiting activists from a particular part of the spectrum. The more causes, the more races, ethnicities, sexualities, classes and belief systems, it can recruit from. Intersectionality is ultimately an academic term for demanding that the outer purpose, the official cause, must be subservient to the inner purpose.

How are abortion rights, gay rights or gun control served by supporting Hamas? The outer purpose of those movements is not served, but the inner purpose is advanced. And the inner purpose is the same as that of Hamas. The gun control advocates, environmentalists and other leftist activists are not here to improve our society, like Hamas they want to destroy it.
Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine. Click here to subscribe to my articles. And click here to support my work with a donation. Thank you for reading.


Google Is An Invasive Cancer Infecting The Entire Internet

A Beacon Of Light In A Sea Of Censorship 

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This column is intended to warn struggling conservative/christian news outlets about the inherent dangers of offers for help from duplicitous Internet advertising operatives, such as InfoLinks. An InfoLinks offer of advertising help came at struggling CFP, out-of-the-blue in mid-November.  Canada Free Press IT guy Brian Thompson responded to InfoLinks by informing them that we had been ordered by Google, to take our front page offline, and have been harassed by them ever since daily over the past three years.

As powerful Google owns 90% of all Internet advertising, prospects of getting any kind of advertising are doomed to fail from the proverbial get-go.  When told that we could not work with them if they put Google ads on the CFP site, InfoLinks said not to worry because they could still satisfy our demands. One week later, all InfoLinks ads disappeared from CFP.....................

 Google is an invasive species and should be treated as such. Through their gmail platform, they will attempt to hijack all your password logins. Through search results they promote or suppress—they only drive their own narrative. They will deliberately choke off page views from search results. Page reviews drive revenue.

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DeSantis Debates Newsom and the 2024 Needle Doesn’t Move

The big red state vs blue state showdown was entertaining, but it was merely a diversion.

by | Dec 1, 2023 | Articles, Opinion, Politics @ Liberty Nation News

The November 30 debate between two state governors, Democrat Gavin Newsom of California and Republican Ron DeSantis of Florida, was perhaps a perfect representation of the hopelessness of the current political and cultural landscape of America. If the purpose was to find any common ground, it was a failure. If the aim was to establish either participant as a serious presidential pick, it was perhaps an even greater waste of time. Ultimately, the event did little more than expose the ever-widening division that exists in society today.

Hosted by Fox News’ Sean Hannity, the debate descended quickly into a free-for-all, with each participant eager to get the most significant soundbite of the evening.

To his credit, DeSantis cited sources to support some of his claims that Florida was in better shape than California. Newsom did not, despite arguing precisely the opposite. In fact, the Golden State’s governor threw out some stunning statistics without any corroborating sources. Even in the face of official federal government numbers on COVID deaths, crime, taxes, and interstate immigration – all of which favored Florida – Newsom countered with numbers and claims he was either unwilling or unable to support with credible sources – or any sources at all, as it turned out.

Who’ll Be Number 47? Neither Newsom nor DeSantis

Perhaps the only thing Gov. Newsom got right during the debate was when he pointed out that neither he nor his Sunshine State counterpart would be their respective party’s 2024 presidential nominee. Though rumors swirl that Gavin Newsom might jump into the White House race at the last moment to elbow Joe Biden aside, the California governor gave off strong signals that it wasn’t going to happen. He even went as far as touting “Bidenomics” as a remarkable financial boom.

It is not unreasonable to say that, for both participants, this debate was little more than a publicity stunt. In Newsom’s case, it was a chance to pit his record as a chief executive against, arguably, one of the most celebrated Republican governors in the country. For those who were willing to assume everything he said during the debate was true – regardless of documented fact – Newsom came out the winner. 

DeSantis at least provided sources for his own claims and, ultimately, the numbers do not lie. Ironically, the numbers screened during the debate – almost all of which statistically favored Florida on every issue – were ignored by Newsom who, instead, cited numbers and percentages with no sources whatsoever. Imagine a debate on space travel between an astrophysicist and a Star Wars fan and one might comprehend how far apart the two contenders were.

No doubt Ron DeSantis thought this event could potentially supercharge his White House campaign. It might give him a boost, but it seems unlikely anything the Florida governor said was enough to erase the insurmountable lead the GOP frontrunner, Donald Trump, enjoys. What did Gavin Newsom hope to get out of it? That’s not easy to say. Perhaps he is maneuvering for a 2028 White House bid – or maybe he just needed an excuse to get out of California for a few days.

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Thursday, November 30, 2023

King Charles to open UN COP 28, embraces extreme narratives

November 30th, 2023|1 Comment @ CFACT  

King Charles Dubai agenda reveals acceptance of lines that women, youth, “indigenous” peoples, and island nations will be hardest-hit by global warming and “traditional” indigenous knowledge stands “alongside scientific knowledge to address the climate and nature crises.”

My Take - This man is a disgrace, and has been for a big part of his life, and this is just one more disgraceful chapter in that life.  RK


The King will visit Dubai to attend COP28 UAE

Published 29 November 2023

His Majesty The King will visit Dubai, from Thursday 30th November to Friday 1st December 2023, to attend COP28 UAE, where His Majesty will address Heads of State, Heads of Government and delegates at the Opening Ceremony. The visit is at the invitation of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the United Arab Emirates and at the request of His Majesty’s Government.

During the visit, The King will meet the President of the UAE and undertake a series of engagements in Dubai, ahead of COP28. The King will have the opportunity to meet regional leaders, to support the UK’s efforts to promote peace in the region, and to demonstrate His Majesty’s strong interest in bringing together people from different faiths and backgrounds.

On Thursday 30th November, His Majesty will meet students and graduates, from across the Commonwealth, and hear about green tech and sustainable innovations, celebrating entrepreneurial business and the younger generation’s role in delivering climate and nature solutions.

The King will later join a Commonwealth and Nature reception, hosted jointly by the Commonwealth Secretariat and the Circular Bioeconomy Alliance (CBA). His Majesty will meet global and Commonwealth indigenous leaders to talk about the role of using traditional knowledge alongside scientific knowledge to address the climate and nature crises, particularly in tackling the increased threat of devastating wildfires.

Afterwards, His Majesty will meet female climate leaders working to address climate change, and to hear about the particular risks that climate change poses to women and girls around the globe. The King will also meet representatives from Small Island Developing States (SIDS).

On the evening of Thursday 30th November, The King will join His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan at a reception to launch the inaugural COP28 Business and Philanthropy Climate Forum. The reception, hosted by the COP28 Presidency in strategic partnership with the Sustainable Markets Initiative (SMI), will be attended by global Heads of State and Government, business CEOs, philanthropists and heads of NGOs.

On Friday 1st December, The King will join world leaders at the Opening Ceremony of the World Climate Action Summit, at Expo City Dubai, for COP28 UAE. His Majesty will join Heads of State and Heads of Government for the ‘family photo’ and deliver an opening address at the Summit.


For over 50 years, The King has championed action for a sustainable future. His Majesty believes that everyone has a role to play in tackling even the most complex environmental challenges facing our world. From Heads of State to young people, and from chief executives to local community projects, The King’s unique ability to bring people together has proved a powerful way to inspire solutions and motivate people and organisations at all levels and all around the world.

The King, as The Prince of Wales, previously delivered the opening address at the Opening Ceremony of COP26 in Glasgow in 2021 and COP21 in Paris in 2015.

The 28th Session of the Conference of Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP28), will take place from 30th November to 12th December 2023 in Expo City Dubai.



Henry Kissinger: Time is The Great Leveler of Truth

By Rich Kozlovich

At 100 years old Henry Kissinger has passed.  Unlike the insane virtue signaling morally defective leftists who dance when a conservative opponent passes, that's not what conservatives do.  Conservatives value decency, but that doesn't preclude recognizing the reality, truth, or the obviation of history of who and what they were.  There's no reason why decency and honesty shouldn't go hand in hand, and the world needs to be honest about Henry Kissinger's legacy.

There are two articles I've linked today over this:  

  1. Henry Kissinger – A Tangled Legacy  
  2. Henry Kissinger, Former Secretary of State, Dies at 100

You will notice there's no gleeful vilification of his legacy in these articles, unlike the type of glee you see on major media news sites for the death of a conservative leader.  But truth will very patiently wait for us, and the truth of his legacy needs to be exposed, no matter how unpleasantly it may impact who he was.  

Let's start with this incontrovertible historical fact.  Kissinger was a disaster for the civilized world.

For more years than I can remember I've felt Kissinger was an intelligent, over educated, over pampered, over catered to blithering idiot,  and it appears the bug man was right after all, imagine that!  Time and truth are on the same side, and he's been exposed for what a nitwit he was for all the world to see.  Europe made a grave mistake by listening to this nitwit and the man he mentored, Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum, which is in fact pushing on the world a form of viral neo-communism.

"Unfortunately, this reimagined world Klaus Schwab is talking about is the totalitarian globalist world ruled by a few and the rest of us are not happy with their social engineering"

Kissinger's positions and actions have imperiled the world for decades.  He was the one who went to China for Nixon and opened China to world trade, saving Mao and his maniacal crowd of murders.  Since then America has been enriching China funding it's own destruction, and the elitists like Kissinger supported that.

When I read prominent people talking about how brilliant Richard Nixon was on foreign affairs I really see red, and I put Henry Kissinger in that same category.  Nixon opened China up to the world's economy, thinking to offset Soviet influence and power.  And Kissinger was a major part of that.  

Why would anyone believe that was a good idea?  

Mao's Great Leap Forward 'killed 45 million in four years' of his rule by selling the food they needed to survive in order to buy arms.  

Mr Dikötter, who has been studying Chinese rural history from 1958 to 1962, when the nation was facing a famine, compared the systematic torture, brutality, starvation and killing of Chinese peasants to the Second World War in its magnitude. At least 45 million people were worked, starved or beaten to death in China over these four years; the worldwide death toll of the Second World War was 55 million..................... State retribution for tiny thefts, such as stealing a potato, even by a child, would include being tied up and thrown into a pond; parents were forced to bury their children alive or were doused in excrement and urine, others were set alight, or had a nose or ear cut off. One record shows how a man was branded with hot metal. People were forced to work naked in the middle of winter; 80 per cent of all the villagers in one region of a quarter of a million Chinese were banned from the official canteen because they were too old or ill to be effective workers, so were deliberately starved to death. .

And Nixon and Kissinger thought making a deal with monsters like that was a good idea?

Kissinger has been a globalist for all of his life, so as you read this article, which was a mere ten years ago, he was still touting the One World Government theme, and blaming everyone else because his corrupt schemes were failing.  As you review what he's promoted over the decades one has to ask:  How can anyone so smart be so stupid?  Answer:  Ideology makes smart people stupid.  

Now as the curtain is coming down, he all of a sudden embraced the foreign policies of  Donald Trump, all of which are totally opposite of what he and Nixon embraced, and totally out of character for him, and the world view he's presented over and over again.  I have to wonder what's he up to?  Even with an ego as massive as his (at the time he was 94) he couldn't possibly have still wanted to be in the game?  Could he?  I'll tell you what. We'll come back to that.

I've not had any respect for Kissinger as long as I've known about him.  If he told me day was light and night was dark, I'd make sure to go outside and make sure.  Even with an ego as massive as his, at the time he was around 94, did he actually think it was possible he could get back into the game? 

Nixon's Presidency was filled with huge mistakes, but opening up China to the world was his biggest mistake.  Mao's economy after his violent and destructive Cultural Revolution was in shambles, and if Nixon had stayed home and minded the business of America, I seriously doubt the Chinese Communist Party would still be in existence.  But he didn't, and now were paying the price for his, and Kissinger's, stupidity.  That gave the CCP the economy they needed to fund their war against America. 

Many years ago I had an account who was related to Kissinger, and while at an event he went up to him and said his grandfather, and Kissinger's grandfather were brothers.  I asked what did Kissinger say?  His wife answered, Kissinger said, "Ja", then rudely turned on his heel and walked away.  That told me all I had to know about Kissinger in order to fill in the rest. 

Now the globalist who supported all the masive immigration that's destroying Europe takes an amazing stand about Hamas in this latest war. 

Israel can't yield to Hamas threat to kill hostages, says Henry Kissinger - Asked by Döpfner how he would handle Hamas' threat to hostages, Kissinger said: "Sitting on the outside, it is not possible for me to state a complete answer.""Theoretically and conceptually, I would say that we cannot yield to that," he said. Peace talks are "inconceivable" if "terrorists can appear openly and take hostages and kill people,"...............Hamas' actions, he said, are evidence that the group wants to "mobilize the Arab world against Israel" and end any prospect of peace negotiations......

Theoretically and conceptually?  What's exactly does that mean?  Even when he's right he's wrong.  This attack is an effort to "mobilize the Arab world against Israel"?  Again, Kissinger either fails to understand the real gravity of the situation, or he's ignoring it.  This is an effort to mobilize the Islamic world against all Jews and all Christians.  This is a declaration of war on the world, and Kissinger is once again failing to understand, or choosing to misunderstand what's going on by hedging reality.  Just as he's done his whole life in support of his globalist schemes, all of which are proving to be abject failures.  Academics need to be on tap, not on tap.  That way they can be ignored and any damage they may do can be marginalized.  

Well, how's this for concept and theory?  Europe Let in Too Many Foreigners, Says Henry Kissinger in Wake of Pro-Hamas Demonstrations Across Continent.  In other words all he promoted his whole life was an insane "conceptual theory" that would destroy western civilization.  And of course it's the fault of Europe's leaders.  Make sure to read this article

Kissinger's life has been a grave mistake as his positions and actions have imperiled the world for decades and all that's coming to fruition.  Henry Kissinger, who was unendingly self serving, and I truly think totally untrustworthy, has died at 100 years old.  

I believe he embraced this new tact in an attempt to ameliorate the disaster of his legacy.  But I'm betting history will not be kind to Kissinger, his legacy, or his character.  All of which I consider a disgrace.  While I will not applaud his passing, I am not saddened by his passing.

Henry Kissinger – A Tangled Legacy

America's most famous diplomat passes at the age of 100. 

 by Nov 30, 2023 Articles, Politics @ Liberty Nation News

America’s most notable diplomat and presidential adviser, Henry Kissinger, passed away at his home in Connecticut on Wednesday, November 29, at the age of 100. He leaves behind a legacy that few can match – one as controversial as it is respected.

Born in Germany, Kissinger and his family fled to the US with the rise of the Nazis. He distinguished himself academically and then joined the military before completing his studies at Harvard. From crafting a détente with the Soviet Union and paving the way for relations with China, he was at the forefront of American diplomacy under a succession of presidents.

In 1973, Kissinger won the Nobel Peace Prize for his role in negotiating the Paris Peace Accords to end US involvement in Vietnam. While the Accord ultimately failed, he was widely lauded for his efforts, though others condemned the award over the question of secret bombing raids in Cambodia.


Kissinger meeting with President Nixon (Photo by: Universal History Archive/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Kissinger has the distinction of being the only man to serve as national security adviser and Secretary of State simultaneously – providing him with a level of authority in foreign affairs that did much to bolster his reputation.

He served under Republican Presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford. After leaving public service, he devoted himself to his geopolitical consulting firm, Kissinger Associates Inc. He remained an influential figure in foreign diplomacy. As The Hill reports, “He was appointed by former President Reagan in 1982 to chair the National Bipartisan Commission on Central America, and later served on the President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board under Reagan and former President George H.W. Bush.”

Whatever one may think of his contentious legacy, Kissinger epitomizes to many what it means to be a statesman, confident in his intellect and ability. As he once noted: “There cannot be a crisis next week. My schedule is already full.”

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Henry Kissinger, Former Secretary of State, Dies at 100 - AP Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, the diplomat with the thick glasses and gravelly voice who dominated foreign policy as the United States extricated itself from Vietnam and broke down barriers with China, died Wednesday, his consulting firm said. He was 100.  With his gruff yet commanding presence and behind-the-scenes manipulation of power, Kissinger exerted uncommon influence on global affairs under Presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford, earning both vilification and the Nobel Peace Prize. Decades later, his name still provoked impassioned debate over foreign policy landmarks long past.


After Biden’s Pullout, Al Qaeda Built a Path From Afghanistan to Europe

By Daniel Greenfield November 28, 2023 @ Sultan Knish Blog 

After Biden’s withdrawal, the fighting ended in Afghanistan and moved into Europe.

Even before the Taliban takeover, a massive traffic in migrants and drugs flowed over the ‘Balkan Route’ that took Afghans into Iran, Turkey and then Eastern Europe. One of the biggest holes in Europe’s armor was the former Yugoslavia, illegally invaded and partitioned by the Clinton administration, with a large Muslim population in Bosnia and heavy criminal organizations across the former republic that tie together the Russian mob, local gangs, Islamic terrorists, and Turkish, Pakistani and Afghan operations moving weapons and drugs.

All of this comes together at the border between Serbia and Yugoslavia. Parts of Serbia’s border areas have become no-go zones: territories occupied by Muslim gangs. Serbian police raids on “migrants” now look like Israeli military operations with armored vehicles and troops. These raids have rounded up thousands of migrants along with automatic rifles and bombs.

Ever since Hungary began fortifying its border, the Muslim gangs had to work harder to penetrate it in order to continue moving their cargo into the rest of Europe. Faced with a more secure border, the smuggling was taken over by more violent groups. Including Al Qaeda.

Much as drug cartels followed Latin American migrants to America, the Afghan migrants traveling through Iran and Turkey to Eastern Europe were followed by Afghan Jihadis.

In Serbia’s border regions, competition between Afghan smuggling gangs broke out into open warfare with the groups using heavy weaponry against each other. Some of those weapons may have been left behind by the Biden administration when it fled Afghanistan. These gun battles are not just happening in deserted villages or near border fences, but in more populated areas.

The Serbian city of Subotica, with a population of nearly 100,000, has become ground zero for the migrant invasion. In September, Afghan and Moroccan Muslim gangs shot at each other in the parking lot of the multinational Lidl supermarket chain in a suburb of the city. The shooting spree in the crowded parking lot filled with families killed a 16-year-old girl.

The Afghan gangs that prevail in the gun battles that have become common on the route are the ones with the weapons and the training and likely to be linked to the Haqqani Network.

When the Taliban took Kabul, it was actually the Haqqani Network which unlike most of the Taliban had built up professional units that resembled their NATO opposite numbers. The Haqqani Network had carried out some of the most devastating attacks against American forces in Afghanistan. The Haqqanis gained these capabilities through their close ties to Al Qaeda.

The Al Qaeda ties brought Arab Muslim money and training to the Afghan Jihadis. After the fall of Kabul, it was the Haqqanis who took over and decided who was allowed to reach the airport. The Biden administration had turned over passenger lists to the Al Qaeda group. After being put in charge of security in Kabul, Haqqani figures control security for the new Taliban regime.

Unlike the old Taliban leadership, which is reclusive and isolationist, the Haqqanis, true to their Al Qaeda links, have been focused on building up an international network. The Biden administration has decided that the Haqqanis, despite Al Qaeda, are moderates because they are more open to supporting education for girls and are willing to talk to the United States. But that is what makes the Haqqanis more dangerous because they are interested in the world.

The Haqqani interest appears to have taken the Al Qaeda linked Jihadis all the way to Europe.

György Bakondi, Hungary’s national security adviser, has warned that the Haqqanis won the gun battles and are now in charge of the smuggling route into the European Union.

“Smuggling gangs originating from Afghanistan in Serbia have family ties to the Taliban government in Afghanistan and the Haqqani network, which is a terrorist organisation,” he said. “The Taliban secret services are now directly controlling the activities of these Afghan-origin smuggling groups.”

The Hungarian authorities have shown video of aggressive efforts by Afghan migrants to invade their country. Migrants no longer just try to get across the border, they “are organised into military-style formations of 20 and armed with marbles, slingshots and sticks to fight back against Hungarian border guards sent to stop them.” The Afghan smugglers carry assault rifles and open fire, into the air or at border patrol officers, to signal that a crossing is underway.

According to Bakondi, the smugglers have “family ties” to the Haqqanis. The Haqqanis are a large family and they also have extended clan connections. Using those family ties to gain control of the smuggling route into Europe would give them a financial lifeline outside of Afghanistan, whose main current source of income is foreign aid run out of Kabul-based NGOs that are taxed by the Haqqanis, and the ability to move Jihadis into Europe for future attacks.

The United States and European NATO members may have hoped to leave Afghanistan behind, but Afghanistan instead followed NATO. As Islamic terrorists always do. When France left North Africa, an army of North African immigrants followed and transformed France into a terror hub. Pakistanis did the same thing to the United Kingdom and Turks and Kurds to Germany.

America imported vast numbers of Afghan refugees and those we didn’t airlift are migrating to Europe. The Haqqani Network decided who would get on Biden’s evacuation planes. Now it’s deciding who gets to enter Europe. While the Haqqanis are cashing in, they’re also almost certainly bringing their own “family” members to Europe to set up local criminal operations.

The Taliban’s alleged ban on opium production was widely reported by the media, less widely reported was that the Taliban have switched from opium to meth. Despite the Taliban ban, opium production actually rose by a third, and the Taliban are cashing in on an artificial shortage that their regime temporarily created, but the real story is that Afghanistan has become the fastest growing source of meth in the world. And the Islamists are using Iran as a model.

The Afghan smuggling route is also the transit point for moving meth from Iran to Europe. By controlling the route, the Haqqanis can potentially control both the heroin and the meth market. And human smuggling allows them to also bring in their people so that they control not only the transit of drugs, but also the sale and distribution of them across Europe. Jihadis have already used access to the European criminal class to convert its members to Islam and recruit them.

While NATO may have left behind its ‘nation building’ operation to win ‘hearts and minds’ in Europe, the Jihadis it was fighting have followed NATO to Europe to build their own nation, their ‘ummah’, in the heart of the infidel enemy. And they’re winning ‘hearts and minds’ left and right.

Afghanistan is not just a place, it’s where the Afghans are. The Taliban and Al Qaeda were not left behind in the dust of Kabul, they are making the long trek into Europe. The Hungarians have tried to build a wall, but much as the Chinese learned during the Mongolian invasions or the Israelis learned on Oct 7, it’s not enough to build a wall, you have to vigilantly defend it. And given enough time, the barbarians will find a way around it, under it, over it or through it.

Walls alone do not stop an invasion. Eventually you will have to fight and defeat the invaders.   Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.


Thank you for reading.