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Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Abrasive as a Sandblaster?

By Rich Kozlovich

First let me say I've always been a pro-vaccination guy, and that was easy, because history was on my side for that.  I took a totally opposing stand on these covid vaccinations, which are not vaccinations.  They don't immunize nor do the prevent transmission, which before these covid shots came on the scene that was the only acceptable definition in order for a compound to be labeled as a "vaccine".  That was changed to accommodate these gene manipulating chemical compounds which are going to be a decades long disaster for humanity.   

For years I took a stand against the false claims by Dr. Andrew Wakefield who published a piece in The Lancet in 1998 claiming the vaccination to immunize children from measles, mumps, and rubella led to autism, and a lot of people believed him.  The result?   There were whooping cough and measles outbreaks all over the world, and children died unnecessarily. 

In 2011 it was reported there were more than 6,500 measles cases in 33 nations.....between January and March, 4,937 cases have already been reported [in one nation], compared to 5,090 total cases in all of 2010......... “Measles can be a devastating disease, causing permanent serious health problems, including death.”
Many years go someone posted one of my articles dealing with Dr. Wakefield, noting I don't hold back.  Apparently I really offended someone, (I seem to be extremely good at that. I think it's genetic.) as they took umbrage with my offering saying: 
"...he doesn't hold back..." well that's putting it nicely…….. I definitely won't be visiting that blog again. He's just about as abrasive as a sandblaster. “
Okay, I get that, but I responded to that saying:

“As for being abrasive; how can someone be gentle with those who are promoting things that have such terrible consequences for so many innocent children? Much like the snake oil peddlers of 100 year ago, they are peddling death.   If being as “ abrasive as a sandblaster “ will force people to think in order to save the lives of these poor innocent children; not to mention the pain, agony and self incrimination that parents must go through when their children die, then I say thank you. 
I accept! 

Over the last couple of years I've managed to offend a lot of people over my views on this false pandemic, including former friends from the scientific community, the lies over the mortality rate, the social distancing, the shots, the masks and the economic and social disaster it was creating.  And watch out turned out the bug man was right.  Imagine that!   However, it appears being right is meaningless when ideology, emotion, logic, and facts come into play, and in conflict. Demagoguery beats data, as emotion and reality are so very often antithetical to each other.
Then my views on America's involvement in the Russo/Ukrainian War really did seem to offend many, but my position was then, and is now, this Russo/Ukrainian War isn't our fault, nor is it our responsibility!
I've been accused of being unkind, and from the perspective of some, that's probably true.  However, as one of my readers recently said to his wife:  "You know, Rich has been right on everything".   The search for truth must be about the mission, not the person, and the means following the facts wherever they may lead.  Then, you have truth, and truth isn't unkind, it's just the truth, and if stating that truth defines me as being as abrasive as a sandblaster; I accept.  

One more thing.  If the bug man takes an opposing view on some issue, there's a reason for that.  So maybe ..... just maybe...... you just might want to take a look behind the curtain to see what's there.   We need to see farther, deeper and wider than everyone else, if we're looking for the truth.  That means everything must be questioned.   

Truth is the sublime convergence of history and reality.  Everything has a historical foundation and context. Everything presented to us should bear some resemblance to what we see going on in reality. If what's presented to us fails in either of those categories, it's wrong.

No matter what anyone says, you can’t marginalize the truth! You, can suppress it, you can ignore it, you can avoid it, you can attempt to undermine it, you can attempt to subvert it, you can attempt to organize against it, you can even laugh at it, but if we have the courage and the fortitude to stand and confront the lies, irrespective of the personal costs, the truth is a rock that won't be marginalized, because truth will stand the test of time, and as Benjamin Franklin once said:  "Truth will very patiently wait for us". 

Conventional wisdom may or may not be truth, as it's most likely the latest narrative of the moment, and it may not last as long as the next ladies fashion, but traditional wisdom has stood the test of time, and like truth, is a rock that builds and solidly holds up the structure of stable societies.  

But that only works as long as society has the fortitude to defend truth and traditional wisdom, all of which are under attack by those who wish to supplant reason, logic, sound thinking, and stable moral foundations with irrational social paradigms that have failed humanity forever. 

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