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Wednesday, May 24, 2023

On global warming, so many problems with the data

It is hard to find any data to support what we have been told about temperatures and the climate, yet, we repeatedly see the talking point that “the science is settled” and people saying the dire predictions have been true.  Here is a report that shows that Arctic Ice, which has only been measured since 1981, is melting slower than normal, because it is cooler than normal. And that it is at 95% of the average. 5.4 million square miles vs. 5.67 million square miles.  The prediction was that the ice was melting fast and would soon be gone, not that sometimes it is melting and sometimes it is expanding.......Anybody who believes that oceans, that average 12,080 feet deep, can be measured accurately within inches over centuries and that they can tell the cause of the increase needs to have their IQ examined. ....To Read More....
My Take  They ignore the things that are known because they re inconvenient as a result fail to support their false narratives, and the things they don't know, they make up. As for those scientists who know better, and fail to take a stand remaining silent are in effect in support of these lies, and cannot escape their culpability.   
In the movie “A Man For All Seasons” Sir Thomas More was accused of being against the king's divorce and remarriage because he remained silent on this issue. He stated in the trial there was no evidence he was against the marriage.  
His accusers claimed everyone knows his silence demonstrated he was against the marriage.  He responded this was a court of law, and this wasn't an issue of what everyone knows, it was an issue of law, because in law“silence denotes agreement”.  
So it does in the real world also.


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