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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

P&D Today

Fixing Education in America is Job One

De Omnibus Dubitandum

By Rich Kozlovich


"What we've got here is a failure to communicate!" That has been, in my opinion, one of the truly great lines ever spoken in all of Hollywood movie history.  Mostly because it's entirely too true.  The truth keeps being thrown out there and people keep refusing to catch it.  Why? 

Because like the two trails story, we find it easier to travel down the well worn paths of our minds rather than cutting new trails that are mentally and emotionally difficult.  As a result, we fail to "look" deeper, farther and wider.  The outcome?  We fail to "see" farther, deeper and wider.  The result?  Insanity.  

A form of insanity is doing the same things over and over again and expecting a different outcome.  If you put your hand on an open flame 1000 times, you will get burned 1000 times.  Why would you think doing it the 1001st time would be different?  

We have law and order crumbling all over America, and as Alan West notes in his article,  What is the Law?:

The reason the progressive socialist left has embarked upon this crusade of lawlessness is that they have no regard for individual rights, unless they align with their ideological rights....... grounded in the rantings of Karl Marx, Antonio Gramsci, Saul Alinsky, and other proponents of collectivism....making decisions to release violent criminals back onto our streets.......allowing millions of illegal immigrants to violate our national sovereignty which endangers our lives by way of drug, human, and sex trafficking, not to mention the destruction of private property...........

"The law has been perverted through the influence of two very different causes -- naked greed and misconceived philanthropy...he may live and enjoy, by seizing and appropriating the production of the facilities of his fellow men. This is the origin of plunder. It is easy to conceive that, according to the power of the legislator, it destroys for its own profit, and in different degrees amongst the rest of the community, personal independence by slavery [physical and economic], liberty by oppression, and property by plunder."

We unendingly see the misuse of language and the corruptible influence the left has had on it.  We're told Diversity Improves Performance — So They Say .  But when we replace merit with false parameters for judgement what do we get? Take a look at the Biden Administration, all the way from Biden down to the least of those he's appointed to positions of responsibility, including the courts, and reality tells a different story.

Finally!  Truth and Time are on the same side.  Imagine that.

I stated from the beginning this "pandemic" was a load of horsepucky.  The numbers were all lies, the predictions were all wrong, and having lived through the Asian flu of 1957, which if they'd tested everyone then as we're doing now, I'm will to bet the numbers would have been massively larger, and no one saw the need to shut down the world.  I said so.  

While I've never had a flu shot, I was always a pro-vaccination guy, and I wasn't opposed to these vaccinations. However, I was opposed to them being mandated.  Then it was shown these weren't vaccines at all, and could only be called vaccines because they changed the decades long definition to accommodate these pharmaceutical companies.  These were unproven and inadequately tested chemicals, and I said so, stating these were gene altering chemical compounds that are not true vaccines, and there was evidence they were having a negative impact on the body.  

There's that Time and Truth thing again, and now it's clear, these compounds are our Thalidomide era, only far worse and far longer lasting.  We will see a serious negative impact on humanity for decades to come.   I was criticized for my position early on by former friends in the scientific community.   And it turned out.... the bug man was right again........imagine that!

So, think about this.  If the bug man could see all this, and from very early on, why didn't all these highly trained and highly educated professionals see it?  Actually some did and spoke out, and suffered for it, financially and some government agencies and state administrations wanted to criminalize their views, and now what are we seeing? Follow the Science: MIT Brainiac Calls for Immediate End to Covid Jabs, and guess what?  It appears Fauci wasn't science after all, but based on Fauci's definition of science, it appears the bug man was!!!  I mean, ya just gotta see the humor in that.  

Two rules.  People will always be people, and nothing is ever as it appears.  Ever!  There's always something behind the curtain.  It may be positive or it may be negative, but we need to look behind the curtain in order to define things properly.  

So, from this point on, the Bug Man is science.  Is everyone okay with that? 


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 Constant as the North Star

What is the Law?

Allen WestAllen West Jan 30, 2023

Right now, America is facing a level of lawlessness that is highly disconcerting. Everywhere we turn, we see the dismissal of what is supposed to be the law. Whether it is at the border, on our streets, in our courts, in our schools, or even in our homes, there is a dedicated, purposeful, and intentional desire to undermine the rule of law. Therefore, as we are in dire need of a discussion and understanding of the topic, it is pertinent to ask: what is the law?

I recommend that we look to a French economist named Frederick Bastiat, who wrote an essay, first published in 1850, called "The Law." His essay is as relevant and pertinent as ever to the question posed in this missive..............Bastiat reminds the progressives, socialists, Marxists, statists, and communists of a time-tested truth, "It is in the nature of men to rise against the injustice of which they are the victims." That rise, that movement happened some 246 years ago in America. Lawlessness was defeated by those who preferred liberty.m Steadfast and Loyal...........To Read More....

Follow the Science: MIT Brainiac Calls for Immediate End to Covid Jabs

By Jan. 31, 2023

There are few technical institutes in the world that match the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. MIT is the gold standard for science, and Retsef Levi is one of the most respected professors there. That’s why it behooves everyone to pay attention to him when he says it’s “indisputable” that the Covid-19 “vaccines” are causing harm to young and otherwise healthy people.

HIs statistical analysis determined that the risks far outweigh any benefits to the jabs, and that’s assuming there are any benefits at all. For an experimental drug to do literally nothing to stop the spread of the disease and, according to some studies, actually aids in the spread, the bar must be set as low as possible for anyone to make any claim to their efficacy.........To Read More.....

Diversity Improves Performance — So They Say

By John Green January 30, 202e

The diversity industry is a collection of consultants and trainers who make wild claims about business practices because they fit the diversity, equity, and inclusion narrative.  They assert that diversity in the workforce is good for business.  According to them, the presence of differing life experiences in the workforce enhances creativity, provides better customer service, and improves the bottom line.  Executive leadership can't go wrong by checking some intersectionality boxes with their employee placement. It's a path to instant success.  Does that sound like a load of garbage to you, too?  .............. 

One executive who has embraced the diversity ideology is Joe Biden.  He's been working to maximize the performance of his administration by checking as many diversity boxes as possible.  He even declared that diversity is his primary staffing selection criterion.  He's determined to prove the claims of the diversity industry, or go down trying.

So how's it working?  Is Biden helping the credibility of the industry "experts"?  Let's take a look at his staffing decisions.............To Read More........ 

Let's Face It: Net Zero Is Dead In The Water

January 30, 2023 @ Manhattan Contrarian

The headline and cartoon come today from Dr. Benny Peiser’s newsletter for the Global Warming Policy Foundation’s New Zero Watch project. (If you don’t subscribe to this newsletter, you should. Go to this link to sign up. As with MC, there is no charge.) This latest newsletter contains a roundup of articles from just the last couple of days reporting on the ongoing disaster of the Net Zero fantasy. In this post, I’ll just cover some of the highlights.

But first, can somebody please let President Biden in on this news, or at least some of it? Even as the impossible dream of a wind/solar-powered economy collapses everywhere it is tried, the U.S. federal government blindly pushes forward with hundreds of billions of dollars of taxpayer funds to subsidize wind and solar generation and battery storage. It would be bad enough if those huge sums were merely wasted. But in fact, they will not just be wasted, but will also contribute to vast destruction of our functioning and inexpensive energy infrastructure, and they threaten to leave people impoverished and freezing in the dark. A government-wide crusade throughout the federal bureaucracy uses every regulatory trick in the book to hinder, hamper, and suppress the fossil fuel energy that actually keeps the heat running and the lights on. The world has gone completely mad.

With that, here is a sampling from today’s newsletter:

  • From Reuters, today: “India to use emergency law to maximise coal power output.” With a population about double the U.S. and Europe combined, and continuing to grow while China is shrinking, India is Exhibit A among developing countries thumbing their noses at Net Zero nonsense. In this most recent news, it seems that some of India’s coal power plants using imported coal have been running at less than full capacity due to competition from other plants using cheaper domestic coal. That’s not OK with the Indian government, which wants all of its coal plants to run flat out in the upcoming peak demand summer season. An emergency law will be invoked to be sure that this occurs: “India plans to use an emergency law next month to force power plants that run on imported coal to maximise output, two government sources told Reuters on Monday, in preparation for expected record consumption this summer. . . . Federal power ministry officials will work with those involved in debt restructuring of financially stressed power plants to make them functional. . . .” That right there will likely wipe out any trivial decreases in emissions that the nut cases in California and New York may be able to achieve this year by impoverishing their citizens.
  • Today’s Daily Telegraph reports that the annual BP Energy Outlook has just been published. The Telegraph notes a key takeaway: BP warns that no amount of investment in the intermittent renewables is going to eliminate the need for ongoing investment in fossil fuel production, at least within the 30 year time horizon of the Report. From the Telegraph: “Investment in oil and gas production will be needed for the next three decades if the world is to avoid more shortages and price swings, BP has warned.” Looking at the BP Report itself, that warning is surely there — along with plenty of fantasy about global carbon emissions suddenly turning around and starting to decrease any minute now. A chart from the “Overview” section shows past and projected future global carbon emissions from energy production: The gist is that over the last 20 years of strident and coercive government efforts to decrease use of fossil fuels, their use has only increased and emissions have only gone up (with a couple of tiny blips). But starting next year that’s all going to suddenly turn around. Sure!
  • From a piece by Irwin Stelzer in the Sunday Times, January 29, “John Kerry and Al Gore know their beloved Paris is no more.” Excerpt: “They might not admit it, but they know their beloved Paris is no more. Kerry knows most corporations have no idea how to fulfil the pledges made by some 200 nations in the city's 2015 agreement on climate change. . . . Covid relief, the needs of Ukraine, and the unrelenting demands of the left for more social spending . . . No policy could survive all this, and climate policy surely has not.”
  • And from yesterday’s Telegraph, “Britain's green economy in a nutshell: Wind farms could be paid more to switch off than to generate power.” Here we learn about the ridiculous intermittent renewable energy trap into which the UK has backed itself. While on calm days it scrambles to avoid blackouts, it has also overbuilt its wind facilities to the point where on many windy days it has excess electricity that must be curtailed. Under the subsidy contracts that the government geniuses have signed with some of the wind developers, the ratepayers must pay for power at market prices even when it is curtailed — the developers are paid not to produce. “A lack of grid storage and transmission infrastructure means that the UK is regularly producing more electricity from wind than it can use. At particularly windy times, the National Grid pays producers to switch off rather than overload the local system, with the costs passed on to household energy bills. Producers offer the price at which they are willing to switch off, which is normally around the market rate for electricity, currently at record highs because of the energy crisis. . . . By switching off, producers may therefore be able to make rates well above their fixed prices.” Yet the politicians are so clueless that they continue to build more wind and solar facilities, thinking that if they only build enough, Net Zero is around the corner.

There are thousands of data points out there to demonstrate that Net Zero is not happening now and is never going to happen. You could put together a collection of these every day if you want. Are our politicians — and voters — ever going to catch on?


Another ‘Negro’ Woman Professor Lying For Attention

By Mychal Massie January 30, 2023

“Negro puh-leeze,” was a jocular phrase used by young urbanites, who considered themselves “colored,” laughed and tossed at one another during my teenage years.  After reading a summary of a Scientific American article by what purports itself to be Black Think Tank @ Duke University; I am forced to say: “Negro puh-leeze!”

The article I reference was written by Dr. Tracie Canada (Cul Ant) and titled: “Damar Hamlin’s Collapse Highlights the Violence Black Men Experience in Football.”  The summary reads:

“Dr. Tracie Canada wrote on the “terrifyingly ordinary” nature of football’s violence, which disproportionately affects Black men.  She said that as a cultural anthropologist, she spent the last decade learning how Black college football players navigate the exploitation, racism, and anti-Blackness that are fundamental to its current system.  Dr. Canada also questions the leagues, organizations, teams, coaches, spectators, and fans who benefit from their performance and expect them to tough it out when they get hurt and applaud them when they play through these injuries.”

It is time to stop sending these people to school to get dumb.  The hebephrenic absurdity inherent in this baneful polemic cannot be overstated. This is another toxic, viscous substance used to lubricate the flim-flam machine invented and operated by pernicious neo-Leninists.  These people would claim that lions and tigers were brought to America because the African slaves feared them back in the jungle, and thus, zoos were created to keep slaves from running away.

This woman is an insult to stupidity.  She writes: “This ordinary violence has always riddled the sport and it affects all players.  But, Black players are disproportionately affected.  While Black men are severely underrepresented in positions of power across football organizations, such as coaching and management, they are overrepresented on the gridiron.”

She continues: 

“Non-white players account for 70 percent of the NFL; nearly half of all Division I college football players are Black.”

This is the favorite hypocorism for “no one suffers like we do.”  It’s too bad she doesn’t view abortion through a similar prism.  Nearly 80 percent of Planned Parenthood baby killing centers are located in poor mostly Colored neighborhoods.  This demographic of Americans comprise 12 percent of the population, and the smallest percentage of women of childbearing age, yet they account the highest percentage of babies killed.  They’re singularly responsible for reducing that overall demographic by more than one-third.

Her boasting of being supposedly being a cultural anthropologist reminds me of AOC claiming to have degrees in economics and international relations.  In a Twitter post Cortez tweeted at 10:05AM – February 1, 2018, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claimed:  “I have a degree in economics and another in international relations from Boston University. Before that MIT honored my work in microbiology.  I’m sure some might sarcastically joke that overnight involvement with an international student isn’t synonymous with a degree program.  But, I digress.

That said, Canada’s saying she’s a cultural anthropologist, who spent the last decade learning about Black college football players and how they’re exploited is intellectually dishonest and morally opprobrious, but obviously not out of character for her.

She’s clearly one of those who goes through life cashing in on victimology and fomenting immiseration, instead of encouraging personal responsibility.

What she wrote and alleges is nothing more than a transpicuous display of invented complaint by someone who knows less than nothing about football.  I don’t watch football.  I’ve zero interest in it.  When the NFL players badmouthed my country and my flag, I wrote them off.

But, if this person were honest, she would have studied the great number of players in the years before her crayon color players were in the league.  What about the great number of players who were permanently maimed and who died in the days when they wore leather helmets with no facemasks?  

What about the days when they were allowed to do crack-back blocking and high hits were permitted?  What about the days before surgery progressed to the point it has?  What about the days when the players made only a few dollars per game and had to work outside jobs to support their families?  What about the crayon color players beating, raping, shooting, killing, stealing, fathering children out-of-wedlock, ad nauseum?

What about the players who are injured every day in the NFL, who aren’t a crayon color?  Her’s is the rawest example of attempting to capitalize on invented fantasy, that I’ve seen in my life

She should be ashamed for stooping to attempt to cash in on such invented myth.  Her feigned jeremiad called a study, reduced the anthropology department to the level of the Durham County District Attorney’s Office when Mike Nifong was the District Attorney. And, the article certainly did nothing to enhance the credibility of Scientific American magazine.

But, what the heck, it was published just in time for the 28-day agitprop festival that began as Negro History Week.

Before neo-Leninist liberals decided to punish Americans for the evil that racist Democrats perpetrated, the former slaves took pride in positive accomplishment and the pursuit of modernity. Today, the majority of these people have more disdain for modernity than an agoraphobic has for a sold-out football stadium.

Mychal Massie

About the Author

Mychal Massie

Mychal S. Massie is an ordained minister who spent 13 years in full-time Christian Ministry. Today he serves as founder and Chairman of the Racial Policy Center (RPC), a think tank he officially founded in September 2015. RPC advocates for a colorblind society. He was founder and president of the non-profit “In His Name Ministries.” He is the former National Chairman of a conservative Capitol Hill think tank; and a former member of the think tank National Center for Public Policy Research. Read entire bio here

Leftist Corruption and Insanity Has No Boundaries

Rich Kozlovich

In the past I've discussed the two trails story.  There are two trails leading through the jungle to get to a desired location. One is difficult, and requires cutting your way through heavy growth and uneven ground, takes longer, but if you go that way you will arrive safely.  

The other trail is easy, smooth and is quicker, but there's a problem with this trail.  You see, it's commonly known at the end of that trail is a pride of lions that jumps out killing and eating everyone who takes it, every time!  Yet we find over and over again people keep taking the easy trail refusing to do the work necessary to get the right result, completely ignoring history and reality.

This morning I published another one of Daniel Greenfield's excellent commentaries on the corruption of Israel's political left.  His commentary is about who really is behind this latest Muslim terrorist outrage murdering innocent people for political ends saying:

The attacks were launched less than a month after the new Israeli government was sworn in. The Netanyahu government has pledged to reform the leftist judiciary which enables terrorism......A generation of Israelis has grown up in a state of siege because the terrorists waging war on the country enjoy extensive foreign support from Iran, the EU, and the State Department in the United States, as well as domestic support from the Israeli Left, which uses its official and activist arms to undermine the fight against terrorism in every possible way...........The Left was able to legitimize the PLO and give it control of sizable parts of Israel by crippling previous efforts by conservative governments to defeat the terrorists and expel them from Israel...........What is going on in Israel is not just warfare, but a culture war between the democratic majority and an entrenched leftist elite that will use any means to protect its power and privilege............

The positions taken by these leftists are insane and clearly represent an existential threat to Israel, and yet they continue down that destructive trail.  Their reasoning is nonsense and their actions are suicidal, yet they keep going down the trail that leads to the lions.  Well, this pattern of leftist corruption is unending.  The left worldwide never plays by any rules, at least any rules they don't make up or can corrupt.  There are no boundaries to the left, so anything that will deter them from getting and holding power must be destroyed.  And that includes fair and honest elections, just like China, Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, or any other communist held country,

In Arizona Kari Lake has been adamant she lost for one reason and one reason only.  Voter fraud, and has been firm in her stand saying she's not giving up as they have the evidence, and the last court decision was clearly idiotic.  

Now it's come out there is massive evidence of wrongdoing in Maricopa County, which houses 60% of Arizona's population, so that's where the corruption must be the greatest in order for voter fraud to alter the election, and the courts have been allowing it to happen, and there's more than enough evidence the fraud she's claims happened, and according to this VIDEO – “Nearly 300,000 Ballots In 2022 Would FAIL Signature Verification.  

 how could this happen without a out is comes..... a conspiracy of massive proportions?  And if it is a conspiracy, it's a conspiracy to commit a crime.  So isn't that a RICO violation?  

The current and fraudulently elected governor who was the Attorney General threatened to file felony charges against anyone who refused to certify the fraudulent results of her being elected.  That's the pattern, and it's the card these leftists are going to keep playing.  

So, Lake has another hearing on February 1st with the Arizona Court of Appeals and these co-conspirators are terrified nothing is going to stop Lake from exposing this corruption.  So, the newly elected Attorney General, whose election is also being called into question, is trying to jail her on felony charges, for her exercising her Constitutional rights, claiming this is a form of intimidation to destroy election integrity.  Yet all she did was share information that is available and provable.  But to leftists truth is anathema.

Is this the vision of America's Founding Father's, or the vision of Karl Marx?  Marxism, just like that pride of lions, is deadly to freedom, individual rights, justice, the US Constitution, and represent a very real existential threat to America.  As the Canada Free Press states: Because without America, there is no free world. 

That's history, and that history is incontestable. 

Who Was Really Behind the Jerusalem Terror Attack

By January 30, 2023 @ Sultan Knish Blog 

On Thursday, Jan 26, the Palestinian Authority announced that it was suspending “security coordination” after Israel broke up a Jenin terror cell that had been planning a major attack.

On Friday, Jan 27, an Islamic terrorist opened fire outside a Jerusalem synagogue killing 7 Israelis, including Asher Natan, a 14-year-old boy, Eli and Natali Mizrahi, a married couple who rushed out to help the victims, and Shaul Hai, a 68-year-old synagogue sexton.

The shooter, despite being branded a “lone wolf” with no previous connection to terrorism, was described as having advanced shooting skills. And the death rate testifies to that. It seems highly likely that he was selected and secretly prepped to carry out this attack.

On Saturday, Jan 28, a second shooting in Jerusalem injured two other Israelis. Another armed terrorist was taken out by the town’s security team in Kedumim. That may not be the last of it.

There is nothing coincidental about the timing of this surge of violence: the deadliest in years.

CIA director Bill Burns arrived in Israel on Thursday. The same day the PLO announced the end of its security coordination. Secretary of State Blinken is expected to visit Israel this week. Biden’s National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan came to Israel the week before. The PLO’s suspension of security coordination and the attacks that followed were put on for their benefit. 7 Israelis thus far were killed to help the Biden administration pressure Israel.

Had Israel not taken out the terror cell in Jenin, the numbers might be far higher.

The last time attacks on this scale took place was when 11 Israelis were killed in three attacks in late March 2022. Those attacks also came after the Palestinian Authority had suspended “security coordination” a month earlier and overlapped with the Negev Summit featuring Arab leaders and Secretary of State Blinken.

What is happening is not random terror, it’s carefully calculated terror, executed, as usual, through plausibly deniable attackers who will be rewarded by the PLO’s pay-to-slay fund.

The Palestinian Authority made a show of suspending its mostly worthless “security coordination” before launching terror attacks to show that it can turn the violence on and off.

But not all of the pressure is coming from the outside.

The attacks were launched less than a month after the new Israeli government was sworn in. The Netanyahu government has pledged to reform the leftist judiciary which enables terrorism.

While the Israeli police claim that they responded to the Jerusalem attack in 5 minutes, local residents claim that it took more like 20 minutes with the police initially refusing to come because they believed that the gunfire was actually celebrations from nearby Arab Muslim occupied areas in Jerusalem.

This conveniently undermines Itamar Ben Gvir, a key right-wing coalition figure and major target of the Left, who had assumed authority over the Israeli police and promised to create a strong and responsive force. When Ben Gvir arrived at the scene, angry crowds jeered and chanted, “death to the terrorists” and “death to the leftists”. Some berated a leftist reporter and the media is shrieking that the real threat isn’t coming from the Islamic terrorists who murdered Israelis, but from Israeli “right-wing extremists” who may attack Muslims and, worse still, the media.

This will serve as a pretext for expanding pressure on Netanyahu to push out Ben Gvir and collapse the coalition while also shutting down Ben Gvir’s proposals to make guns easier to obtain for Israeli civilians.

Did the Israeli police authorities delay their response time to undermine Ben Gvir and efforts at police reform while putting further pressure on overstressed Israelis in Jerusalem? There’s no way to know, but the attacks targeted the sorts of people who would generally be likely to vote for members of the Netanyahu government, rather than those who belong to the authorities.

Either way the attack shifts the focus away from judicial reform, which has the potential to break the Left’s grip on the country, and toward terrorism. And that is exactly what the Left wants.

The attack weakened the conservative government’s image with its base. Netanyahu will either launch an inadequate crackdown on the terrorists which will lead to more fighting and further pressure from the Biden administration or fail to do so and lose support from his base.

It’s a Catch 22 that will either sideline the domestic reform agenda or the support for it. Either way the Left wins.

A generation of Israelis has grown up in a state of siege because the terrorists waging war on the country enjoy extensive foreign support from Iran, the EU, and the State Department in the United States, as well as domestic support from the Israeli Left, which uses its official and activist arms to undermine the fight against terrorism in every possible way.

The Left was able to legitimize the PLO and give it control of sizable parts of Israel by crippling previous efforts by conservative governments to defeat the terrorists and expel them from Israel. Long after their terrorist deal fell apart into treachery and rocket attacks on Israeli cities, they still rely on using the terrorists as their “stick” to defeat conservatives and retain institutional power.

The Jerusalem shootings took place far from the stomping grounds of the Tel Aviv ruling class like Attorney General Gali Baharav-Miara, who came out against the death penalty for terrorists enabled the previous government’s dirty Hezbollah deal, claimed that judicial reforms threaten “democracy”, and tried to stall action against the home of the latest terrorist.

The dead in Jerusalem were mainly Mizrahi, descendants of Middle Eastern Jewish refugees, often poorer and more likely to live near Muslim areas and become targets of violence.

They are representative of the ‘two Israels’: the one that seeks a deal with the terrorists and the one that seeks to defeat them. The new Netanyahu coalition was elected by those voters, Mizrahi, Orthodox Jews, people living in development towns and in Judea and Samaria, in Jerusalem and in the not so nice parts of Tel Aviv and Haifa, who want to beat the terrorists.

And they want to roll back the power of the leftists who have enabled a generation of massacres, who imported terrorists into the country, armed them and promised that it would lead to peace and improve Israel’s position in the world, when just the opposite has happened.

These are the real Israelis, the ones who confronted the reporters exploiting their deaths in Jerusalem, and who went to the polls to be heard above the lies of the elites. Their deaths are of far less interest to the elites than the media outrage over judicial reform, cuts in subsidies for Kan’s leftist public broadcasting and an end to an environmental tax on disposable utensils.

That is what is at stake here.

What is going on in Israel is not just warfare, but a culture war between the democratic majority and an entrenched leftist elite that will use any means to protect its power and privilege.

The terrorist massacre in Jerusalem did little to impede the terrorist supporters in Tel Aviv which protested judicial reform by waving PLO flags. That same media which gushes that the leftists in Marxist shirts waving terror flags are the “youth” campaigning for “democracy”, will paint every angry word by young Mizrahis protesting the terrorists as a grave threat to “democracy”.

If an Arab Muslim house is vandalized in a “price-tag” attack, the media will clamor that it is a badge of eternal shame for the entire country and requires a war against the “extremists”.

Anyone who follows Israeli politics has seen this cynical farce play out any number of times.

The new Israeli government was elected by desperate people in the hopes of finally breaking the cycle of appeasement and terror, of fake political scandals and third parties, of an unelected judiciary that claims supreme power in the name of “democracy” and of police and prosecutors who connive to remove any elected officials who defy their power. That is to say, of the Left.

These people, courageous and beleaguered, hanging on in bad neighborhoods and outposts in Judea and Samaria, are the real resistance. The terrorists in Jerusalem and around the country came for them. They killed innocent people on behalf of the Islamic terrorists inside the nation, and of the Biden administration and the Left, as part of their shared mission to destroy Israel.

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine. Click here to subscribe to my articles. And click here to support my work with a donation. Thank you for reading.

Monday, January 30, 2023

P&D Today

Fixing Education in America is Job One

De Omnibus Dubitandum

By Rich Kozlovich


Another two weeks has gone by and we another Media Balance Newsletter: 1/30/23 by John Droz, and he's right, he presents what you won't find in one place anywhere.  Is anyone surprised at the whining by Schiff, Swalwell and Omar about being treated in the same way the Democrats treated the Republicans?  They're amazing.  There's no end to their self-indulgent arrogance. Did they honestly think the tide wouldn't turn and there wouldn't be paybacks?   

The big difference is these three have conducted themselves in ways that actually merit ethics committee investigations, and in the case of Swalwell especially, since he was having some kind of relationship with a Chinese spy while on the Intelligence Committee.  Something Stinks in Denmark there.  

And now the investigations will start, and the "Battle Royal" will begin between the RINO's in Congress, the administration, the DOJ, the media and the conservatives in the House known as the Freedom Caucus.  The Senate is a lost cause of RINO's and invertebrates.

This will be interesting since Jim Jordan as Chairman in charge of some of these investigations, you know nothing will be swept under the carpet, and once the truth has been freed like a Genie out of the bottle, it will be freed forever.

Adverse Vaccination Reactions


The Biden Scandal, and the Weirdness Grows

Voter Fraud


Fixing Education in America is Job One

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