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Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Does BLM and Race Baiters Speak For Americans Who Happen to be Black

Fixing Education in America is Job One

By Rich Kozlovich

We keep hearing about the danger "white supremacists" present to America.  Clabber that's become a theme of the Department of Defense.  Okay, so where's the evidence?  Neither Defense Secretary Austin nor General Milley have yet to offer one iota of evidence of this being a crisis issue, in the military or elsewhere for that matter. 

The KKK types have little traction except among a disgruntled, and from what I've seen, largely illiterate group, who clearly are not the brightest pebbles in the brook.  They're not getting untold millions from America's corporations and virtue signaling celebrities.  But the race baiters are.   Does anyone really believe the KKK types are really all that influential in America? No, but the race baiters are.  Is it the KKK types that have institutional power or influence?  No, but the race baiters do.  When was the last time you saw KKK types burning down neighborhoods?  Not in my lifetime, but the BLM, race rioters, and Antifa movements have, over and over again. 

Why is it the hate spewed out by the KKK types, which I've rarely seen for years, is front page news but the hate and violence being perpetrated by Antifa and the BLM is pretty much covered over?  These race baiters have lied to America, and are unfortunately many are buying into their bile.  Yet there is a growing number of Americans who happen to be black who know this for the destructive and divisive hate filled victimhood rhetoric for what it is, and they don't like it.

While in the recent decades white racist misfits murdered innocent people, and even got away with it when it was blatantly clear they were guilty.  America saw that for the vile behavior it was and resented it, and then did something about it. 

Things are very different today, and, as Thomas Sowell notes: 

It is self-destructive for any society to create a situation where a baby who is born into the world today automatically has pre-existing grievances against another baby born at the same time, because of what their ancestors did centuries ago. It is hard enough to solve our own problems, without trying to solve our ancestors’ problems.

There are black Americans, and there are American's who happen to be black, and guess what, they all seem to be conservatives.  Now there's a movement by conservative Americans who just happen to be black, people like Candace Owens, and my friend Mychal Massie, who are reaching out to America's black community, working to challenge them about what's really going on.  That must start in the home and the churches, since no community can pull itself up by their boot strings as long as there's no family unity.  Single parent families have destroyed black America, and that has been caused by leftist government programs that rewarded bad or irresponsible behavior. 

Thomas Sowell, who I think is one of the finest thinkers in the world today, has recently put out this video, which I think is outstanding.

Which brings me to, "Reparations".
According to an "economist" if the nation would just pay all blacks in America between 13 and 14 trillion dollars, that would make up for anything that happened in the past and everyone would be happy with that, and blacks would have no further claim against the people of America.  Really? Ya wanna bet?  Race baiters will never give up the con.

In San Francisco their Reparations Committee (Yes, they actually have a Reparations Committee) has decided everyone, no matter their history, they're ethnicity, or anything else matters, except paying blacks in San Francisco up to $5,000,000 each.  But as a state initiative Reparations would come to $800,000 apiece for every black in California.  Furthermore,"all blacks also get a total forgiveness of debt, exemptions from business taxes, refinanced mortgages, subsidized housing, and a dizzying array of government programs."

In spite of the fact slavery was never legal in California, and no black alive in America has ever been a slave, and not one person in San Francisco ever owned a slave, non-blacks must still pay.  Why?  Wealth disparity.   That must be changed, irrespective of the reason for that disparity, such as drug use and single parent ill disciplined, uneducated families.   Non-blacks must still pay because black can't be held responsible for their actions!  Now that's racist!  Another good reason to flee San Francisco, and California.  

So, disparity is the touchstone for all this? Really? Or are we stupidly obsessing on race?

"According to CDC data, Blacks are 1.5 times more likely to drown than Whites. This is particularly true for youngsters. For children aged 5 to 9, the drowning ratio is 2.6; for children aged 10-14, it is 3.6 times higher. Most shockingly, among those aged 10-14, the ratio in public swimming pools is 7.6 times higher for Blacks. Hardly surprisingly, the CDC advises that swimming lessons can help prevent death by drowning."

Are non-black Americans responsible for that?

Scientific American and addresses the high levels of obesity among Black women. The facts are simple: four out of five Black women are either overweight or obese and this condition is associated with  cardiovascular, inflammatory, and metabolic risk factors and true regardless of diets , whether they smoke or exercise.

Are non-black Americans responsible for that?
Then we have Democrat Sheila Jackson Lee, one of the most obnoxious, rude and mean spirited human beings on the planet, not to mention one of the most unfit members of the House of Representatives, an outright racist and race baiter, wants to make criticizing non-white people illegal. 
Does anyone really believe these people believe in what they're saying and promoting?  Does anyone really believe this obsession with race is beneficial to America?  Does anyone really believe all these schemes will bring about racial harmony?
If so, I own an amazing parcel of land in the middle of the Gobi Desert that's a virtual paradise.  And I'm willing to sell it cheaply, but for cash only.  So, just trust me, and believe I own it and it's all I claim it to be. C'mon man, trust me, what could go possibly wrong?
Here's what I think is the end conclusion.  All these leftist schemes, and the Democrat party are, as Daniel Greenfield notes, unsustainable, and are creating a "growing alienation of minorities" all of which "is an existential threat to the survival of the Democrats."  The fact is leftists have no stable moral foundation, and will turn on allies in a nanosecond if it becomes convenient to their narrative of the moment.  That eventually will take it's toll. 

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