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Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Guess Who's Dancing Around the Room Singing: I'm Gonna Be President, I'm Gonna be President?

By Rich Kozlovich

In my piece, The Nitwit Brigade, Part I, I pointed out three things.  

  1. Joe Biden has committed a serious crime.  
  2. This exposure is happening like a lightning bolt out of the blue.  
  3. In three different locations three different batches of classified material was found ...almost at once. 

Which lead to this observation.  What's going on here?  Does anyone other than me think that's just a bit bizarre, and possibly nefarious?  So, how about this scenario, it was The Democrats who did it!  Well, that's a theme being taken up by others. The (No So) Stealthy Democrat Plan to Ditch Biden.

The Democrat powers-that-be have decided! They don’t want senile president Joe Biden to run for reelection now! How else could anyone explain what happened last week with the emerging story of the president having been caught with his hands in the cookie jar – or more descriptive, his fingerprints on boxes of documents, including a generous smattering of classified information – at his Chinese funded University of Pennsylvania pre-presidency office and then, get this, at his house in Delaware. It’s old news by now, but the garage space that holds Biden’s prize possession – his classic Corvette – also contained papers from his vice presidency days – and so did a room adjoining the garage.

What I found mind boggling is why in the world Joe just didn't go off into the sunset, retire and possibly none of this would have ever come to light, including Hunter's escapades?  Because Joe knew there was no way Hunter's corruption wasn't going to come to light, and with that, Joe's involvement would be exposed, unless the Democrats controlled the Congress and he held the White House controlling the Deep State preventing exposure.  

But, no matter what, Joe Biden is stunningly stupid....."Huston, we have a problem".  The House is gone, and they're coming after all parties of this corrupt mess.  And that includes the FBI and the Department of Justice, with Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.), Chairman of the House Oversight and Accountability Committee asking, why didn't we hear about this on November 2nd when this was first discovered?  And how about those intelligence veterans, who held prominent positions in the intelligence community, who signed a letter insisting Hunter's laptop, was Russian dis-information, when in point of fact, they all knew it was real? Does that sound like treason, or at the very least, a RICO conspiracy to someone other than me?

So, we have stolen documents, stored not only in insecure spaces, but spaces even foreign agents involved with Hunter had access to, and we're shocked there's no public visitors log at these locations?  And former acting U.S. Attorney General Matthew Whitaker wonders whether these documents in some way exposed Joe Biden's involvement with the shady deals and corruption of Hunter?  How about a great big "Duh" on that? 

Of course that paragon of virtue and probity Attorney Merrick Garland has appointed a Special Counsel to investigate this, but he had to because he appointed one in Trump's case, however, there's a difference.  Trump wasn't guilty of anything, where in Biden's case, this is a legitimate scandal and Joe's as guilty as sin.  

There is one problem with that however.  Garland will control the outcome of that investigation, and make no mistake about it, as long a Garland controls this, there will be no indictments since he's corrupt to the core, and the FBI has now been almost totally politicized, and are in fact, political operatives for the Democrats and leftists. 

Matt Vespa posted this piece, Joe Biden Just Penned His Own Impeachment , saying: 

Katie [Pavlich] wrote last week how all of this is just icing on the cake since Biden has prevaricated and outright lied about his financial dealings with his crackhead disgrace of a son, Hunter, and their ventures with shady characters, including China. Maybe that's an additional charge to the article of impeachment that should be filed against this corrupt and increasingly fragile old man who exhibits an amusing arrogance. Never have I seen a man so stupid, incompetent, and unaccomplished act like he's Joe Cool. He is only known for taking up space in the Senate, being re-elected from a deep blue state, and being mocked incessantly by Obama's staffers for being a particular sort of moron. None of that is worthy of praise. It's not hard to be a Democrat and get elected in a state like Delaware. 

As for the Nitwit Brigade member, Karine Jean-Pierre, this author notes:

"It is increasingly painful to watch Karine Jean-Pierre," legal commentator Jonathan Turley  tweeted Friday, "as she argues that they have been 'transparent' by being transparently unwilling to answer any questions." 

There's one thing clear, even if the AG makes sure no charges are filed, the House will have to take this up as an Impeachment and Kamala Harris, who's taken the Sargent Shultz Defense, "I know nothing", is hugging herself, dancing around the room singing, I'm gonna be President, I'm gonna be President, I'm gonna be President, I'm gonna be President, etc., etc., etc,................. 

Doesn't that just give you a warm and fuzzy feeling all over?

Update 1/17/23, 1:56 PM 

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