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Wednesday, January 25, 2023

The Hard Truth About January 6

The Democrats’ drive for a One-Party State.

The January 6th protest was milder than any of the hundreds of Black Lives Matter riots the summer before, and led to no serious destruction of Capitol artifacts. But the Democrats en masse pretended to be horrified. They denounced the protest as an “armed insurrection” and compared it to Pearl Harbor and 9/11 and other enemy attacks on the United States which resulted in thousands of deaths.

When it was pointed out that no arms were found on the protesters, the Democrats simply dropped the term “armed” but still referred to the demonstration as an “insurrection” – i.e., treason.  They made no effort to explain how one could mount an insurrection without arms. Obviously one can’t..............This is what one expects from a fascist state not a constitutional democracy. It is a lesson ignored at our peril in revealing the criminal determination of the Democrat Party to establish a one-party state at whatever the cost, and to demonize, intimidate and suppress any opposition that stands in their way, by any means necessary..............To Read More.....

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