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Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Blinken Pledges to Connect US Mayors to Globalist Ruling Order

“The world will be shaped increasingly by metropolitan values.”

 By: Joe Schaeffer January 23, 2023 @ Liberty Nation News

Secretary of State Antony Blinken recently unveiled yet another plank in the Biden administration’s multi-leveled effort to normalize transnationalism in the sovereign United States. Blinken gave the keynote address at the US Conference of Mayors’ 91st Winter Meeting. Why would a secretary of state, whose duties are confined to the foreign policy field, need to speak to an audience of American mayors? It’s all about setting precedents and spreading the spirit of internationalism in towns throughout the nation.

“This marks the first time a Secretary of State has addressed the Conference and underscores the critical role mayors are playing on the international affairs stage,” the group noted in a news release before the speech.

Blinken Says UN is ‘Where It’s Actually Happening’

  Blinken warmed to the task. His words reveal how the progressive ruling establishment sees the growth of mega-cities in the US to be an extremely valuable tool in imposing globalism upon a citizenry that has been traditionally skeptical of international governing bodies. “Public health, climate, supply chains, the future of technology, economic security – these are the issues that our diplomats, your diplomats, are working on day in and day out,” he said. “It’s what we mean when we talk about a foreign policy for the middle class. It’s what we mean when we say that the line between foreign and domestic policy is more blurred than it’s ever been.”

Note how Blinken casually throws in the strange idea of cities having foreign diplomats. Naturally, he emphasized climate change as a leading issue for urbanite envoys to pursue on the world stage, regardless of official US foreign policy.

“When Washington pulled back from the Paris Agreement [on climate change], it was America’s mayors and governors who stepped up,” he told the assembled mayors. “As the effects of climate change came to your doorsteps, you found the solutions to keep people safe, to transition to clean energy, to cut emissions, to conserve ecosystems. And you’ve worked with counterparts from around the world to share lessons and to raise one another’s ambitions.”

But Blinken was most direct when discussing the “global technology revolution.” He openly stated that Americans must accept having internationalist organizations such as the United Nations decide how technology will affect their lives:

“We need to make sure that critical and emerging technologies – and all of their applications, from artificial intelligence to biotechnology – actually protect our privacy, our security, our democracy, even as they usher in incredible opportunities in your communities here at home.

We’re forging new partnerships to bring our closest economic partners and fellow democracies together to try to shape, uphold, and promote common rules of the road to do just that. A lot of these rules get shaped in windowless conference rooms around the world, sometimes in the United Nations system. That’s where it’s actually happening. That’s where decisions are made that actually affect the way that everyone gets to use this technology.”

‘Connecting You With Multilateral Organizations’

Blinken announced that the State Department would be harnessed to help wed US cities to global ruling bodies. “And that’s why the State Department launched a new subnational diplomacy unit,” he declared. “With the subnational diplomacy unit, mayors now have an address at the State Department when they need help. The subnational team will also strengthen partnerships between America’s mayors and the world. US mayors are already leading in the global arena – last fall at COP27, where the Mayors’ Conference hosted sessions on climate migration, social justice, and financing.”

COP27 is the 2022 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

“So we’re here to accelerate that engagement, to support it, including by connecting you with our partners beyond our borders, like fellow mayors, as well as national governments, businesses, multilateral organizations,” he told the audience. “Join us in initiatives like the Open Government Partnership,” he continued. “Sign onto the Global Mayors Declaration for Democracy to defend the rule of law, to empower our citizens, to help fight corruption.”

‘The World Will Be Shaped By Metropolitan Values’

Blinken’s astonishing address furthers a cause dear to cosmopolitan progressives such as multi-billionaire ex-New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg. As Liberty Nation noted in December 2019 while documenting his disastrous 2020 presidential run, Bloomberg sees mega-sized US cities operating on a supra-national level to be the ideal antidote to barbaric “America First” beliefs:

“The world’s first Metropolitan Generation is coming of age, and as a result, the world will be shaped increasingly by metropolitan values,” Bloomberg wrote in a 2015 article in Foreign Affairs magazine. “That is a hopeful development for humanity and an overpowering counterweight to the forces of repression and intolerance that arise out of religious fanaticism and that now pose a grave threat to the security of democratic nations.”

He didn’t stop there.

“As those in the Metropolitan Generation assume leadership positions, cities will become not just more culturally significant but also more politically powerful,” he added. “Influence will shift gradually away from national governments and toward cities.”

And now a Biden administration that has repeatedly shown its devotion to transnationalism is using the State Department to aid urban mayors in cementing its cherished “rules-based international order” at the local domestic level. Do Americans have the faintest idea of how their ever-growing cities are being cultivated to destroy their national existence? 


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