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Friday, December 31, 2021

Media Balance Newsletter for 12/21/21

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Welcome! We cover COVID to Climate, as well as Energy to Elections
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Tuesday, December 28, 2021

My Commentaries For 2021

Dear Readers,

Well, another year has slipped through my fingers, and since I'm not going to publish anything until after the first of the year, I thought I might as well send out my list of commentaries for 2021. 

One hundred and sixty four this year.  I'm more than a bit surprised as I've had trouble writing this year, and I suspect it will get worse in coming years, although I think I've learned to write better as the years have gone by, I'm not on fire as I've been in the past.  Old age is the pits.  As for my plans for 2022, I think I'll be writing less, but I would like to focus more on geopolitical issues, and I'm inclined to make P&D a weekly news source.  I've highlighted in bold six of the articles I particularly enjoyed, I hope you will also. 

It's my view this coming year will be a trial for the nation beyond anything we've seen in my lifetime, including the riots and violence of the 60's and the economic mess of the Carter years.  

Allow me to extend to everyone my very best wishes for 2022,


  1. The World as I See It: America's Media   
  2. The Only Pandemic We Face is a Pandemic of Fear, Hysteria and Lies
  3. First the Media, Then Education
  4. Does England Really Need a Royal House?
  5. A Thought or Two on Renewable Energy and Culture  
  6. Please Don't Let Us Run Out of Scares! 
  7. Prediction is Really Hard: Especially About The Future! 
  8. Start Paying Attention! It's Long Over Due!!!! 
  9. Rittenhouse Trial Roundup 
  10. Let's Hope This is a Trend
  11. The Durham Investigation Roundup
  12. San Francisco is a Mess, and They're Shocked, Outraged and Terrified! Imagine That! 
  13. ICC is Going to Investigate a Socialist Dictator? Ya Gotta be Kiddin Me! 
  14.  Vaccine Mandates: Truth and Consequences
  15. Vaccine Mandates: Truth and Consequences, Part II
  16. Danae Explains Anthropogenic Climate Change
  17. The World as I See It: In a War Between the Barbarians and the Wimps, the Barbarians Win Every Time!
  18. Send in the Clowns
  19. Send in the Clowns. Don't Bother They're Here
  20. Send in the Clowns. Don't Bother They're Here, Part II 
  21. Biden: The Great Unifier 
  22. Geraldo Rivera is a Disgrace
  23. Lies, Corruption and Hypocrisy: The Fauci Saga Continues  
  24. It's Time for the Adults to Stand up and Be Counted 
  25. The Pandemic of Tyranny and Hysteria Fuels Economic Crises 
  26. Uniform Code of Military Justice is Neither Uniform nor Justice 
  27. Uniform Code of Military Justice is Neither Uniform Nor Justice
  28. Illinois Policy 
  29. The World As I See It: Tyranny in America Will Not Stand
  30. Illinois Policy and Reality
  31. We Demand Bread and Circuses!  
  32. America in Crisis: Here's Where We Are Now! 
  33. The Myth of Global Warming Disasters 
  34. Ohio Notes
  35. Politics and the Culture of Hysteria 
  36. Vaccination Update: Myth, Fact and Hyperbole 
  37. Venezuela's Hope for the Future Isn't China 
  38. Diversity, Equity, Inclusion: The Holy Trinity of Leftism! 
  39. Let Me Tell You About Captain Ben Saloman
  40. The World As I See It!
  41.  All Things Great and Small ......  Are Racist!   
  42. All Things Great and Small ....... Are Racist!, Part II 
  43. All Things Great and Small ....... Are Racist!, Part III  
  44. All Things Great and Small ....... Are Racist!, Part IV 
  45. All Things Great and Small ....... Are Racist!, Part V
  46.  All Things Great and Small ....... Are Racist! Part VI
  47. All Things Great and Small ...... Are Racist! Part VII 
  48. Leaders Deliberately Delude Themselves and Society
  49. Afghanistan, Biden, Reality, and the Wonderful World of Imagination 
  50. We're Fleeing Afghanistan. Now What? With "My Take" 
  51. Sen. Blumenthal: "No,’ $28.4 Trillion in Federal Debt is Not Too Much"  
  52. Oh No, It's The Omega Variant!
  53. Why Aren't the Media Demanding Biden's Impeachment? 
  54. Baldrick's Cunning Plan 
  55. Another Mad, Mad, Mad Day In Our Coronavirus World 
  56. Olympics: Who Cares? 
  57. They're called "The Infantile Left" For a Reason!
  58. Nothing Is Ever As It Appears In China: Infiltration, Part II  
  59. It's The Hysteria Virus Stupid!  
  60. Truth and Traditional Wisdom Are Solid Foundations  
  61. Who Are the Real Fascists in America?   
  62. Nothing Is Ever As It Appears In China: Human Rights, Part I 
  63. Nothing Is Ever As It Appears In China: Military Intimidation
  64.  Oh California! You Are a Mess! And It's Not My Fault
  65. California is a Mess, And it's Not My Fault, Part II
  66. The 2020 Election Requires Believing the Unbelievable
  67. Life is About Patterns, and the Patterns of Life Play Out Over and Over Again! But You Have to be Able to See Them! 
  68. Anyone But Netanyahu! What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
  69. Anyone But Netanyahu! What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Part II
  70. If the Left Hates America, How Can They Possibly Be Sane?
  71. Leftists Really Are Nuts
  72. Church of Wokeness and Voter Fraud
  73. Church of Wokeness in the U.S. Military
  74. Ya Just Gotta Luv LinkedIn!
  75. The George Floyd Saga and The George Floyd Effect
  76. Crazy as Loons, Vicious as a Vipers
  77. The Warmers and the Wilders!
  78. Lies, Liars, Journalists, Authors, Democrats: Sorry, Repetition for Emphasis!, Part II
  79. Kamala Harris Weekly, Almost! 
  80. Will China Attack Taiwan?
  81. I was 13 Months Old When I Was Killed By Two Black “Children”! What’s My Name?
  82. Lies, Liars, Journalists, Authors, Democrats: Sorry, Repetition for Emphasis!
  83. Will This Stolen Election Create a Third Party? Part II 
  84. Election Fraud Happened! If Proven it Happened, It's a Constitutional Crisis
  85. "A Stranger in Town", 1943
  86. What Do Libertarians Believe In That Works? 
  87. The World as I See It
  88. Texas: A Tale of Two Planets
  89. The “Evil Rich” Give Back By Creating Jobs! We Need To Get That!
  90. Observations From the Back Row
  91. Observations From the Back Row
  92. Biden and Pelosi: Are They Catholics, or Are They Heretics ?
  93.    Are They Catholics, or Are They Heretics ? Part II
  94. It's Time For a Twenty Eighth Amendment! 
  95. The Liz Chaney Saga Continues
  96. The World as I See It: Russia and the Unending "Arc of Instability" 
  97. Appeasing a Racist Mob Isn't Justice: Chauvin Verdict is A Travesty of Justice
  98. We have lost our minds!
  99. Cycles of Insanity
  100. The Media Shouldn't be Questioned! Really?
  101. Nancy and Maxine: Loons in Toons
  102. The Conundrums of Leftism
  103. Chauvin, Maxine, and the Consequences
  104. Mad Maxine: The True Face and Leader of the Democrat Party
  105. America and the Johnstown Flood
  106. Coronavirus, Fauci and America in Crisis
  107. P&D Today and My Commentary
  108. Republicans are Shocked, Shocked I Tell You!
  109. The Rules
  110. Voter I.D. and What Leftists Really Think About Black Americans
  111. The World as I See It: The Reality of American Politics
  112. America In Crisis
  113.  Jihad Watch
  114. Jihad Watch: Part II
  115. Jihad Watch III
  116. The World as I See It: Russia, China, America and Maskirovka 
  117. If You Know What's Good For You, You Better Not Become an X-Democrat!
  118. Fauci! Thoughts From Our Group
  119. Police Work and the Constitution: A Delicate Balance
  120. The "Egomaniac Brigade"!
  121. The Truth Isn't "abhorrent", It's Just the Truth 
  122. The Truth Isn't "abhorrent", It's Just the Truth, Part II  
  123. The Truth Isn't "abhorrent", It's Just the Truth, Part III
  124. The Truth Isn't "abhorrent", It's Just the Truth, Part III
  125. Transparency and the Press Secretary: Biden Versus Trump
  126. What's Wrong With the People of New York?
  127. Logical Fallacies are at the Heart of Social Media
  128. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Only Law Can Give Us Freedom. 
  129. Biden Consequences: Gender Athletics and the Left!
  130. Biden Consequence: Unrestricted Immigration is Security For America!, Part II
  131. Biden Consequence: Abortions are Healthy!
  132. Biden Consequence: Abortions are Healthy! Part II
  133. Biden Consequence: Gender Restrictions Discriminates!
  134. Biden Consequence: Gender Restrictions Discriminates!, Part II
  135. Biden Consequence: A Disarmed Society is a Safe Society 
  136. Biden Consequence: Anti-antisemitism and Love of Hate is an Expression of Peace! 
  137. Biden Consequence: Purging Conservatives Preserves Freedom
  138. Biden Consequence: Censorship is Free Speech
  139. Biden Consequence: Unrestricted Immigration is Security For America!
  140. Chaney vs. Green: Republican Leadership is, at the Best of Times, A Leaky Vessel
  141. Now That Math is Racist........ 
  142. The World As I See It: Asia Post Coronavirus 
  143. The World as I See It: The International Criminal Court (ICC) is Corrupt to the Core! 
  144. Donald Trump, Democrats, Impeachment and What they Don't Understand!
  145. From an Outraged Citizen to Lieutenant Governor of North Carolina
  146. Books Are Us at P&D
  147. Biden and Harris Have Much to be Grateful For!
  148. Impeach Promoters of Violence. Let's Start with Kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi!
  149. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! For President Biden Omnipotent reigneth, The Nation is Healed, Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
  150.  McCarran Walters Act, 1952, Prohibits the Immigration of Islamists
  151.  Biden Picks: Secretary for Health and Human Services
  152.  Biden Picks: Secretary of Defense 
  153.  Biden Picks: Department of Education
  154.  Biden Picks: Rachel Levine, Assistant Secretary for Health
  155.  When Are Riots Not Riots? 
  156. The World as I See It: You Never Know When Mass Stupidity Will Strike, and You Can Never Plan For It!
  157. This Week's Most Gaggable Moment
  158. The Five American Heroes From Ohio and the Boyd Principle!
  159. The Vote, The Fraud, The Consequence! Part II 
  160. The World as I See It: Celebrities Devolve America!
  161. Impeachment? Pelosi's Gotta be Nuts!
  162. Heretics Leave a Moral Foundation of Quicksand
  163. The World as I See it: Shack, A-No.-1 and Cigaret
  164. Republican Leaders Really Are Oblivious to the Obvious!

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Shall Every Knee Bow By Rich Kozlovich

"Darwin’s theories are not, in the modern phrase, settled science. They aren’t even unsettled science. They are educated guesses at best. To be science, Wolfe reminds us, “There are five standard tests for a scientific hypothesis. Has anyone observed the phenomenon — in this case, Evolution — as it occurred and recorded it? Could other scientists replicate it? Could any of them come up with a set of facts that, if true, would contradict the theory? Could scientists make predictions based on it? Did it illuminate hitherto unknown or baffling areas of science? In the case of Evolution… well… no… no… no… no… and no.”' - Larry Thornberry on Tom Wolfe's, Kingdom of Speech

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, its presumed our thoughts turn to issues of faith, so for the last few years between Thanksgiving and Christmas I have published this article, and will continue to do so most years, with additions expanding on the logic and factual foundation.

One of the things that started this was an article I read where a science commentator stated - with great confidence - the Theory of Evolution was now bullet proof. Really? My personal motto is De Omnibus Dubitandum: "Everything is to be Questioned", and I think this is worth questioning.  So, let's do that together!

There was an article I came across entitled, "Many atheist scientists take their kids to church”! The article went on to say:

“about one in five atheist scientists with children involve their families with religious institutions even if they do not agree with the teachings, according to a study done by Rice University and the University at Buffalo.” The article pointed out “The findings surrounding atheists shouldn't be too surprising, since the Pew Forum Religious Survey taken back in 2008 that showed 21 percent of self-described atheists responded that they believe in God.”
Does everyone really find this to be all that extraordinary? Anthropologists have noted that in every culture in the world, and in all of human history, religion has played an important role in people’s lives. There was one prominent atheist, Antony Flew who claimed at the end of his life he was now a believer. Why? Is it true "there are no atheists in foxholes"? Of course the explanation was that he had lost his mind, yet Albert Einstein, who was not a religious person in any sense, and absolutely rejected the idea of a personal God, also rejected the idea of atheism.

For the believers among my readers the explanation is simple; we are designed to believe. For the non-believers among my readers the explanation is simple also. There is no other logical explanation!

The other thing that triggered this effort was a political debate on television where the moderator asked the Republican candidate, running for some office or other, if he believed in the Theory of Evolution. The candidate looked foolish because he was obviously flustered by the question, which clearly was the moderator’s goal.

The first thought from everyone should have been - why can’t any reasonably intelligent person answer this question intelligently? Yet many of those who profess to be believers would be equally flustered to provide a rational intellectual response in that situation. So let me help everyone!

Here is the answer and the correct response.

I wish to state categorically that I believe in the Theory of Evolution because that theory presents clear and incontrovertible scientific evidence there must be an Intelligent Designer!

Wow! I’m willing to bet that’s a shocker for many – on either side of the aisle – so let’s explore this.

For years I’ve been saying, “everything is the basics”. What's that mean? It means in order to understand anything we must explore the foundational thinking of what it is we’re trying to understand. If the foundation is flawed, then the entire structure of thinking that it’s built on is a false premise, and will collapse under scrutiny from its own weight - that is if we wish to really see the truth. And that is the crux of the matter isn’t it?

Believing takes on many forms. For some it has to do with a higher power. For others it can take on the worship of oneself, for others it can take on the worship of some philosophy or other; but humanity has the desire to look to some higher explanation for existence, and human existence in particular. But one thing seems clear, ‘believing’ is inherent to our genetic code. Otherwise how can anyone explain why so many have believed so much over so long a time of human history, and in so many different cultures?

Of course, the problem for the unbelievers among my readers with this explanation is that they would then have to explain how that genetic code was designed in that manner - or designed at all for that matter - if there is no higher power.

I do find it fascinating how some can believe that Intelligent Design is “a pig that won’t fly”! The design is so complicated that it defies explanation as to how infinitely small mutations over millions of years could bring us (and all else in the universe) to what now exists. Whether one disagrees or agrees with evolution, I question how anyone can say that there is no designer.

Some feel that an intelligent designer used evolution. Some feel evolution is a mistake constantly making more mistakes and changing everything all the time all by accident. I wonder how anyone can explain how this can happen by accident and develop successful organisms since "geneticists estimate that  99 out of 100 mutations are harmful, and about 20 out of the 99 are lethal."

Then there are those who [chap. 14] state there is so much “statistical data that they were at last able to confirm what they had suspected all along: Mutations were not 99 percent harmful to the DNA and the organism; they were 100 percent harmful! It was discovered that in EVERY instance, mutations caused some kind of damage—always! Out of it all, the researchers learned that DNA coding in the genes simply will not tolerate much change. More than just the slightest amount will ruin the code and the organism will be greatly weakened.”

According to the Theory of Evolution life started when electricity, in some form such as lightening, charged some molecules existing in a chemical rich ocean soup and thus became cellular life. Of course no one can explain where these mythical molecules came from or the chemical rich ocean. In point of fact - there is absolutely no evidence that this ever occurred, and there is no evidence that it can occur since no one has been able to duplicate this mythical event in a lab - ever.
"Abiogenesis is the idea of life originating from non-living material (non-life). This concept has expanded a great deal as mankind’s understanding of science has grown, but all forms of abiogenesis have one thing in common: they are all scientifically unsupportable."  
"Modern ideas of abiogenesis can be very complex..........from deep-sea lava vents to meteoric impact sites and even radioactive beaches. In general, all modern theories of abiogenesis imagine some scenario in which natural conditions create, combine, and arrange molecules in such a way that they begin to self-replicate.  
These theories vary widely as to the nature of these conditions, the complexity of the molecules, and so forth. All share at least one common factor: they are implausible to the point of impossibility, based on established science, including a DNA molecule which can’t form without a preexisting protein.  There is no “prototype first cell.”...........Life either had a natural origin (abiogenesis) or a supernatural origin (intelligent design).
They've been able to get molecules to group together, but it isn’t life! Especially since no one has ever been able to generate more than four of the twenty amino acids needed for life. These “cells” are all lacking in all the things that make life possible, including a DNA molecule which can’t form without a preexisting protein.
Paraphrasing the quote at the beginning regarding Darwinism, and in line with abiogenesis. 
  • Has anyone observed the phenomenon — in this case, Evolution — as it occurred and recorded it?
  • Could other scientists replicate it?
  • Could any of them come up with a set of facts that,if true, would contradict the theory? 
  • Could scientists make predictions based on it?
  • Did it illuminate hitherto unknown or baffling areas of science?

"In the case of abiogenesis… well… no… no… no… no… and no.”'

My friend Mike Shaw of Shaw’s Eco-Logic once commented:
"When I was at MIT I used to drive them nuts with this simple question: Where does the information whereby the transfer RNA is able to decode the Messenger RNA sequence into a protein come from? After all, there are enzymes (proteins) that help synthesize the DNA and RNA sequences into their particular coding, thus creating those enzymes, right? As such, we have an untenable case of circular logic. Somehow, the nucleic acids just seem to "know" the proper sequence of their nucleotides; or, the protein (enzyme) seems to "know" the proper sequencing."

Protein molecules are amazingly complex, and are absolutely necessary for life. Furthermore, in order for a cell to function it takes 2000 protein enzymes. If life started in the ocean in some chemical rich soup, through some accidental electrical discharge then how did that cell, or group of cells, survive long enough to replicate themselves? That's foundational!

Evolutionary thought would require millions of years of mutations before the next step to propagation would come into being. If that’s so - how did they replicate? If we are to believe what proponents of evolutionary theory claim, then we have to recognize that these mythical cells would have died within seconds, minutes or days, but they would have ceased to exist long before they could have reproduced. How do I know that?

Let's go back to the foundational question once again!

If life could only advance from active cells in the ocean in some chemical rich soup, which came into being as a result of some accidental electrical discharge; how did that cell, or group of cells, replicate themselves to become what we are all now through a series of mutations occurring over millions of years?

As we explore this we must realize there is a very serious crack in the foundation of their theory - and logic. When you think this out correctly the very foundation for the explanation propounded by scientists gets even more complicated and incomprehensible. If such an event really did take place, the first order of business would not be propagation - the first order of business would be survival!

Survival means that this mythical cell, or cells, would have already had an advanced biological system in place allowing them to recognize the need for nutrition. In order for any of this to occur the cells would have to be self aware to some extent, no matter to how small a degree, which in itself would require some sort of advanced design. Which leads to the next obvious question - “How does matter become conscious of itself?”

Then along with the ability recognize the need for nutrition, it would also have to be able to recognize what was nutritional and what was not. These mythical cells would then need a system for absorption, i.e., some way to eat! That would then require a digestive system, which would require an internal biological mechanism allowing the organism to recognize and separate that which was nutritional from what would become waste during the absorption process. Then the cells would require an energy storage and utilization system, and along with the ability to recognize what was food, it would have be about to recognize, or see, where it was.  Then it would need a form of locomotion to get to it - and finally - after all of that, this mythical organism would require a system for waste elimination.

Then and only then would propagation come into play!

That's a definition of a complex organism with advanced biological systems completely in tack and functioning together harmoniously from the very first second of its existence. What organism could possibly survive long enough without these advanced fundamental functions that would allow it to live long enough to propagate?

But then we come to the next crack in the "science" and logic of Evolution: How many millions of years of mutations would it take to allow for enough development to allow for propagation? Millions of years and millions of small mutations, all of which would have to be beneficial mutations. So what happened in those millions of years between origin and propagation?

Does it seem rational this could possibly occur if it takes millions of years of tiny mutations to create a next step in the developmental process as scientists claim? And - once again - we are expected to believe this came about as an accident after an electrical discharge of some sort?

Okay, let’s say, for the sake of argument, it did happen - it still means the organism had to have some seriously advanced biological functions to survive past a very short time. If that’s the case, and it clearly must be, then doesn’t that imply planning and design? Doesn’t planning and design require intelligence?

Do we really think these advanced systems could come into existence at once without some predetermined design?

Which brings me back to the beginning!

Evolutionary thought requires millions of years of mutations before any of these absolutely necessary biological systems would come into being before the organism could advance to the next step of propagation. So assuming these organism’s survived, we have to wonder how any organism could know which tiny mutations were beneficial, or even needed, over a million years or so, and decide to save them for a next step, which presumably was another accidental mutation. The complexity of that kind of design would require some kind of organizational planning and implementation. With the rate of detrimental versus beneficial mutations it could not be accidental and still be beneficial!

Now let’s take a look at propagation!

Take a woman’s monthly cycle. It is amazingly complex! The right amount of chemicals, hormones and enzymes would have to come into play in exactly the right sequence of time in order to begin the cycle and finish the cycle. However, if a woman becomes pregnant during the cycle another whole set of chemical conditions would come into play. How could any organism know how to plan for two diametrically opposing end results?

Remembering that there are untold numbers of species in the world that have cycles unique unto themselves, that means that this would have to be done an incalculable number of times in an incalculable number of organisms and all be beneficial. One negative mutation would seemingly doom the organism. Yet, we are to believe this happens through a series of positive accidents that would overcome all of these deadly accidents! Isn't that a form of belief, i.e. faith? It does seem to defy logic...or science as it were!

How would any organism know what chemicals to develop over millions of years? How did the organism know that hormones and enzymes were needed along with other chemicals? How would the organism know how to organize them? How did the organism know which chemicals would work harmoniously together and in conjunction with enzymes and hormones? How would these organisms know how to ‘create’ them? 

And finally, how did the organism know what end result would follow without some sort of plan, and I defy anyone to explain evolution and the existence of that amazing biological complexity known as the human four stage sleep cycle, requiring a fully developed brain, with fully developed harmonious chemistry.

The human sleep cycle requires use of "the thalamus, hypothalamus, basal forebrain, pineal gland, and portions of the brainstem", and requires "neurotransmitters GABA and adenosine, sunlight working in conjunction with the circadian clock, and "hormones such as glutamate, histamine, and orexin" as the chemistry to make it all work.  How could that all happen progressively?  So, how could anyone sleep if this system wasn't completely in place from the beginning?  Read the whole article linked and then explain how anyone can possibly believe this could come into existence in stages, and by accident?  And that cycle varies with every species on the planet.  Unending complexity requires organization.  Effective organization isn't an accident. 

However, even with a design, how could incredibly small mutations be of value during the whole process of millions of years? In point of fact, it seems reasonable that these mutations would hinder continued existence, not enhance it. But even if you accept the idea of small changes over millions of years the question still remains: How could all of that come into being without intelligence behind it?

How could so many complex systems come into being all at once without some sort of design and an application of the design? Wouldn’t the presumption be that these cells already had an amazingly complex chemical make-up that would create an end result? If so, doesn’t that imply planning and design? Doesn’t planning and design require intelligence? And if these events actually did happen, and cells came into existence with all these complicated biological systems in place; what would you call it? Creation?

Dennis Prager wrote an article on June 18, 2013 titled, “Why Some Scientists Embrace the' Multiverse'”,  where-in he cites views held by prominent scientists regarding this universal complexity and just how fragile it is.

He quotes:

“Michael Turner, astrophysicist at the University of Chicago and Fermilab: "The precision is as if one could throw a dart across the entire universe and hit a bulls eye one millimeter in diameter on the other side."  
"The really amazing thing is not that life on Earth is balanced on a knife-edge, but that the entire universe is balanced on a knife-edge and would be total chaos if any of the natural 'constants' were off even slightly." Paul Davies, professor of theoretical physics at Adelaide University  
Steven Weinberg, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physics, and an anti-religious agnostic, notes that "the existence of life of any kind seems to require a cancellation between different contributions to the vacuum energy, accurate to about 120 decimal places. This means that if the energies of the Big Bang were, in arbitrary units, not: 1 followed by 118 zeros…but instead: 1 followed by 118 zeros and a 1, there would be no life of any sort in the entire universe."
Dennis goes on to say:
“Unless one is a closed-minded atheist (there are open-minded atheists), it is not valid on a purely scientific basis to deny that the universe is improbably fine-tuned to create life, let alone intelligent life. Additionally, it is atheistic dogma, not science, to dismiss design as unscientific. The argument that science cannot suggest that intelligence comes from intelligence or design from an intelligent designer is simply a tautology. It is dogma masquerading as science.”  
"The universe is far more massive and complex than previously thought. The observable universe boasts at least 10 times as many galaxies as originally estimated......This means that the cosmic census of galaxies, which has been conventionally pegged at around 100 to 200 billion, may be closer to a whopping two trillion individual galactic systems."....... “It boggles the mind that over 90 percent of the galaxies in the universe have yet to be studied".
Which brings me to what I consider a central point in our exploration of the Theory of Evolution.  Where and how did the theory really originate?

Darwin wasn't the originator of this theory, as one writer noted - "Darwin was primarily the enthusiastic collector of the ideas of others", and probably stole his theory from his grandfather Erasmus Darwin (1731-1802) who had "already had pretty much developed a full theory of evolution."

But it goes back much further to ancient Greece with Pythagoras, a searcher of enlightenment who traveled all over his known world. It's believed he was influenced by Hindu religious thinking and the transmigration of the soul - migrating from lower forms to higher forms. This pattern of thinking continued through the centuries to Darwin.
"The Hindus were Spinozas 2,000 years before the birth of Spinoza, Darwinians centuries before the birth of Darwin, and evolutionists many centuries before the doctrine of evolution had been accepted by the Huxleys of our time, and before any word like 'evolution' existed in any language of the world." - Sir M. Monier-Williams, Professor of Sanskrit, Oxford University
It appears the Theory of Evolution is hardly "bullet proof" and is in reality nothing more than a tenet of pagan religion, and an article of faith for non-believers.  Interesting dichotomy, don't you think? 

I can understand anyone’s reason for not subscribing to any religious group. The sanguinary history of the world’s religions has not done much to inspire confidence over the course of human history. So I can understand someone being non-religious, and I can understand why someone would believe that there may be a higher power that doesn’t interfere in the lives of humanity. I can understand why people might not be sure and proclaim they're agnostic - although I consider that to be pragmatic atheism.

What I can’t understand is how anyone cannot believe there must be a planner behind this phenomenally complex reality we call - existence! And that's why I say I believe in the Theory of Evolution because it scientifically proves that there must be an Intelligent Designer! A Creator!

I will leave it to you to decide for yourself if there is a benevolent God. But there must be a creator.

That’s foundational!   That’s “the basics”!