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Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Afghanistan, Biden, Reality, and the Wonderful World of Imagination

The difference between animals and humans?  The animals would never allow the dumbest of the herd to lead them! - Unknown By Rich Kozlovich
Sheer cowardice has always been a Biden hallmark, so it might at first glance seem to be why Joe Biden is now in hiding as Afghanistan's collapse, the biggest foreign policy failure since Vietnam, engulfs the news.

But evidence is mounting that something different is going on: the Biden team is splintering into some kind of internal warfare and trying to conceal its disarray...... The Bidenites aren't stupid enough to believe their own propaganda about the Afghan horror.......... something that can be gone and forgotten if they can stay away from the cameras for a few days.  They know that this is a defeat of epic proportions. So we are indeed seeing signs of an administration in disarray.

So what does Biden do?  He goes into hiding, with Jill Biden saying he "could ‘project his leadership’ from anywhere".  Big eye rolling smirk and a chuckle, or even a guffaw, is called for here. So like Mrs. Edith Wilson preventing access to her incapacitated husband, Jill is calling the shots, and Old Joe is clueless.   For eight years I thought Obama as the dumbest President ever, even surpassing Jimmy Carter, surrounding himself with people who competed to see who would be dumb and who could be dumber. Obama is now number two and Carter is three.  The Biden administration make the dumbbells in both of those administrations look like Solons.

Then we have Jen Psaki on vacation.  Really? Now when Old Joe needs his number one fabricator, equivocator and prevaricator? His spinner of yarns and teller of tales is "on vacation" leaving the heavy lifting to underlings!  Imagine that!  However, while Afghanistan may not be a priority for Jen, she did have time to make this video, clearly establishing this administration's priorities and mentality.  Not to mention their degree of competence.

Then we have Kamala Harris who reportedly is really upset with Old Joe as she thinks they're trying to pin the blame for this fiasco on her.  So, what do we have thus far.  Joe went into hiding, Jen went on vacation, Jill is in charge and Kamala is outraged she's going to be blamed, which must mean her bragging about playing a "major role in Afghanistan pullout", was a lie?  Imagine that!

Remember how the media excoriated George Bush for being at his Texas ranch, with Cindy Sheehan protesting outside his ranch outraged he wasn't at the White House at all times during the Iraq War?  No particular crisis, just not at the White House.  How many times has the media ripped into Trump for going golfing?  Can you imagine what the media would be doing now if Trump was President and he went on "vacation" at a time like this?  

Whose kidding who?  

They're all in hiding because they've been sitting in a self congratulatory echo chamber full of head nodding economic, military and policy dullards and incompetents telling each other how brilliant they all are.  All living in a media supported wonderful world of imagination.  

But now they're confused and frightened, because they're now discovering reality isn't a wonderful world of imagination.  Reality is hard, it's often brutal and reality requires someone other than a cowardly dullard, his ambitious wife, and a band of equally dull, ignorant incompetents to do the heavy lifting.  Imagine that!

It's one thing to be ignorant.  That's fixable by learning!  But these people are arrogant, and arrogant people are never wrong and will revel in their ignorance.  As for Joe, after his totally lackluster career, where he attempted to monopolize being wrong for almost 50 years in government, Joe is the most ignorant, arrogant and incompetent of them all, and that was known long before this fraudulent election.  And who really knows Biden's real condition today. 

I never bought into anything saying there was harmony in this administration. Or anything that resembles harmony, and the reason why is because there's no one who is actually in charge setting the agenda and parameters of activity.  When that happens there are power struggles where major egos and major differences of view and differences in agenda come into play.  When that happens you get disaster, not harmony.

Finally, do I hear 25th Amendment anyone?  And Kamala just waiting in the wings.  Any bets on how that must really make Jill and her acolytes all warm and fuzzy?  Any bets on how that makes the Democrat party cringe?  What about the rest of the nation?  The sane in America cringe in horror and fear at the thought.  Only left wing lunatics are pleased, since Biden isn't far enough to the left. But no matter how left you may be, eventually it will not be far enough as there are no boundaries on the left. 

But no matter what, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, this administration and this Democrat Congress is a clear and present danger to America, and to the world.

Imagine that!

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