Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Hubris: The undoing of great plans

August 17, 2021 By Howard J. Warner

After listening to President Joe Biden give his 20-minute speech explaining his decision to leave Afghanistan in the hurried way that has resulted in the fall of the nation (if we can call the tribal land such) I was compelled to end my half-year self-imposed exile from writing articles.  I had become fearful of the cancel culture and the woke antipathy that has overtaken our country.  But, watching the videos of the failure in Kabul has reminded me of the film during the fall of Saigon 50-years ago.  Have we learned anything from history?  George Santayana would be brought to mind as we relive this disgrace.

While all the experts point fingers and blame others it is time to understand the essential truth that caused the failure.  Undoubtedly the president was told that the Afghan military would be unable to maintain their ground without the support of the U.S. military.  Perhaps they did overestimate the ability of the Afghanis but this is not the problem. ............To Read More....

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