Friday, August 13, 2021

Jen Psaki’s utterly inane comment about the Taliban defies belief

August 12, 2021  By Andrea Widburg

Leftists are utterly detached from reality. They think people can magically change sex, accept that there are over 100 genders, put their faith in filthy and porous masks against infinitesimally small viruses, are certain that being lenient with criminals will lessen crime, and believe that socialism just hasn’t been done right. Given all that, perhaps it shouldn’t be so surprising that Jen Psaki, the most vapid and snarky press secretary ever, seemed to state in all seriousness that the Taliban need “to make an assessment about what they want their role to be in the international community”:

The Taliban are very clear about their role: It is to be a leading edge of a worldwide Islamic caliphate. Currently, they are marauding through Afghanistan, killing everyone who ever exchanged even a polite word with the Americans. When they’re done, we’ll see that the slaughter that followed America’s careless pullout from Vietnam was just a trial run for post-American bloodshed.

Another thing that the Taliban are clear about is that little girls make perfect sex slaves. I already wrote here about the way the Taliban have been demanding women for its fighters. Now, though, they’re going after the little girls:............To Read More....

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