Friday, August 20, 2021

UK Parliament Holds Joe Biden in Contempt and the Details Are Disturbing

By Bonchie | Aug 19, 2021

The embarrassment on the world stage continues under Joe Biden. Following the total collapse of Afghanistan and while in the midst of an ongoing, dangerously chaotic evacuation, the UK Parliament has voted to hold the President of the United States in contempt. That came after several impassioned denunciations on the floor that were covered by RedState previously.

How does it feel to be respected on the world stage again? Parliament holds Joe Biden in contempt over Afghanistan.   But while it's a travesty that things have gotten to this point, it's the details of what went on behind the scenes that led to this that are most disturbing. Earlier in the week, NSA Jake Sullivan shocked onlookers by announcing that Biden had not spoken to any world leaders about the pullout from Afghanistan. A dereliction of duty at that level is hard to fathom, though, it's become commonplace for a president who continues to run to Delaware instead of, you know, being president.........To Read More...

My Take - Quite frankly, I wouldn't be all that hot to tell them anything either, so I won't knock him for that.  The fact European leaders are openly holding him in contempt goes to show that even a blind monkey can find a coconut occasionally.  The man deserves to be held in contempt, but not by this bunch of self serving hypocrites.  Otherwise, I could care less what the Euro trash think. 




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