Monday, August 30, 2021

Democrat Insurrection

Democrats and their Cabal have tainted us all. It's time to shed the past and stand up for what God has given us...America. Elections do have consequences. A one-party democracy is no democracy at all

By ——--August 28, 2021

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I have learned through the years that Democrats announce their intentions by what they accuse the opposition of doing. When they accuse Republicans or Trump supporters of insurrection, they have insurrection planned. This time their quest for power took on a Machiavellian approach…a one-party democracy.

The Democrats were determined to win an election that they knew they couldn’t win. Trump was doing too good a job. They had a final agenda that started with Obama, and were going to force it on the American people legal or otherwise. They were pushed and financed by American corporate elitists (big media, big tech, big pharma, big business) that gave up on America decades ago.

Everything Democrats touch goes to hell

They left the Republican Party and drifted toward the Democrat Radical Left. The elite decided that American democracy was no longer working for them. The government was preventing them from ‘running roughshod over the American public.’ The elite never could abide with the principle of equal rights under the law. Having the same rights and freedoms as the ‘common folk’ was abhorrent to them. They chose China as their model to preserve their affluence. Finding friends in the radical Left of the Democrat Party, they both took over the party. They became…let’s call it a CABAL. You see and finance this Cabal every time you tune into CNN, MSNBC, or buy an iPhone, etc. Their buzz word became…globalism. They are now well into their plan to destroy this country as it was founded. One news commentator on Fox said it well…“What they stand for is satanic.”

Everything Democrats touch goes to hell…American prestige, our military, physical as well as fiscal health, education, international relations, employment, manufacturing, and energy independence. Millions of unvetted people and massive amounts of drugs are entering our country from totally open borders. The Democrats are spending big money, not in the billions, but in the trillions assuring a new dependent class, larger than it ever has been. The plan is to keep themselves and their corporate buddies in power, keep the people in line, and prepare us for a globalist takeover…a commufascist system...........To Read More....



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