Friday, August 13, 2021

American Armageddon

What started out as elite woke nonsense now warps everyone’s daily life. 

By August 11, 2021 

Americans are growing angrier by the day in a way different from prior sagebrush revolts such as the 1960s Silent Majority or Tea Party furor of over a decade ago.   The rage at the current status quo this time is not just fueled by conservatives. For the first time in their lives, all Americans of all classes and races are starting to fear a self-created apocalypse that threatens their families’ safety and the American way of life.   The border is not just porous as in the pre-Trump past. It is nonexistent. Some 2 million people may cross illegally in the current fiscal year—with complete impunity.  There is zero effort to stop them. 

Officials daily hector Americans to get vaccinated and tested for COVID. But they are mute about illegal entrants, some of them infected with the virus.

Have we ever had a president who made no pretense about destroying federal immigration law.......on housing evictions deliberately defied a Supreme Court ruling.......... he is insidiously dismantling the Constitution...........efforts to undermine the foundations of free-market capitalism. .............the government is still sending workers unemployment benefits that are more remunerative than the paychecks they would earn if employed............ labor-short employers cannot provide goods and services to American consumers............considering further extending exemptions for the repayment of $1.7 trillion in student loans........... amnesty will only further mainstream.......Inflation is roaring back as the administration is printing trillions of new dollars that do not reflect commensurate gains in productivity or population. 

Soaring prices are a direct result of incentivizing the unemployed not to work, while discouraging manufacturers and producers of food, gas, oil, timber, mineral, and metals. 

The crime wave likewise is not accidental. It is the logical result of deliberate nihilistic policies of releasing thousands of criminals from jails and prisons, defunding and defaming the police, and empowering woke mayors and prosecutors to contextualize crime as the fault of society, not of the criminal...............Race relations have regressed 50 years........No one knows whether our laws even still exist—or at least exist haphazardly depending on who breaks them. Thieves steal with brazen impunity. The police predicate arresting suspects on criteria that have nothing to do with breaking the law. 

Scared Americans have lost faith in the FBI, the CIA, the Pentagon, the CDC, and most of the federal bureaucracies that are as politicized as they are increasingly incompetent.

What started out as elite woke nonsense now warps everyone’s daily life. If we don’t wake up from wokeness, we will continue on our sure trajectory to self-inflicted, systemic paralysis—followed by civilizational collapse. ........To Read More....

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