Friday, August 20, 2021

Washington Post Gushes Over The Taliban Because They Are Not Trump - Yes, Seriously

Exactly who would look at the Taliban with a measure of admiration?! The paper in our nation’s capital, it seems.

By Brad Slager Aug 19, 2021

As the country is trying to come to terms with the level of absent leadership from our White House while a nation under our care spirals into a “Mad Max” dystopia seemingly overnight, there are a number of realities to grapple with as a result. One of the more frivolous but at the same time revelatory is that the Taliban leadership maintains a presence on some social media platforms. It is more than a case of curious optics that any Taliban spokesmen can have an operational Twitter account, as they overtake a nation in violent fashion within a week’s time frame. ............they resort to a level of fawning over the Taliban that creepily approaches fanboy status. It is something to behold.A movement rooted in traditional moral codes has become expert at wielding the West’s advanced communication technologies,” they say to launch their coverage. We have to take it on faith, we suppose, that “traditional moral codes” is a euphemism for justified killings. It is a curious use of the phrase in a discussion involving Donald Trump, considering the animosity leveled towards Americans of faith and The Evangelicals the past four to five years. Now suddenly moral codes almost sound noble.....To Read More....

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