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Thursday, August 12, 2021

Biden’s Sinking America

August 11, 2021 Dr. Michael Hurd

Before the year is out, nearly $10 trillion may have been added to the national debt from all the spending done by a “bipartisan” majority in the Imperial City.

Critics condemn them for saddling future generations with inconceivable debt. But it’s far worse than that. The damage is being done NOW — to US. It will destroy us, and in the process wipe out any possibility of a future for those generations 50 or 100 years down the road.

The reason is not just the spending; it’s what the government is actually DOING. Under the guise of an “infrastrucuture” bill, the legislation does things like mandate the elimination of fossil fuels on the highway within a decade. What do you think that will do, not just to personal travel, but to the ability of businesses to transport food and medical supplies? It doesn’t happen by accident, or by magic. And it will take more than magic or accident to restore the damage done when millions of people suffer, or even die, once these mandates take place..........To Read More....

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