Monday, August 16, 2021

We're Fleeing Afghanistan. Now What? With "My Take"

The surge of the Taliban and the ongoing collapse of the Afghan government is a tragic development for many Afghans, particularly women and those who have been associated with American forces.  It's also a disgrace and significant setback for both the Biden administration and for the U.S. itself. 

The withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan began with President Trump, who said Americans were tired of a war with no end in sight.  He was correct.  Americans were tired of seeing our brave young soldiers coming home with their arms, legs, and faces blown off or not coming home at all.  What was it for?  What was the purpose? 

Questions from family members are rightfully asked, "What did my son die for?"  "The life of our family is ruined.  The father of my children lost both legs and an arm...why?"  The stories are heartbreaking, and there are no convincing answers to the questions. ............To Read More...

 Slow Joe: Let the Parodies Begin - I had foresworn doing any more “Hitler Learns About. . .” parodies, despite the extreme temptation to do so, but here’s one using a different Downfall scene splicing together some of Slow Joe’s not-so-fine moments. “He keeps saying something about how Trump was Hitler. . .” ...............

The Shame of Joe Biden [with comment by Paul] - Joe Biden announced his decision to withdraw all military forces from Afghanistan, while explicitly deriding the idea that the Taliban would quickly take over the country. He was wrong. Now he has been reduced to pleading with the Taliban to be nice, lest they forfeit their entitlement to foreign aid. We have to go back at least to the Carter administration to find such pathetic behavior by a president. Having................

 Biden’s shameful Afghanistan pullout - In July, when Joe Biden announced that he would be pulling the U.S. completely out of Afghanistan, he said: “The likelihood there’s going to be the Taliban overrunning everything and owning the whole country is highly unlikely.” Biden isn’t bright. He never has been. But is he stupid enough to have believed it unlikely that the Taliban would, in short order, overrun Afghanistan and seize control of the whole country?......
Biden is about to follow Ford and Carter in the US Hall of Shame- The nightmare unfolding in Afghanistan rests squarely on Biden and joins in with his other appalling policies over the past seven months

My TakeThis tells the real story of Afghanistan and our withdrawal.  Exposure of a corrupt incompetent regime we held up for way too long.  Afghan President Leaves Nation as Taliban Reach Kabul, and I'm sure he's leaving with untold millions.  These guys were never going to form a stable government that could defend itself.  They're con artists.  Here's an excellent piece on the corruption and incompetence of the Afghan government and why the Afghan army was incapable of stopping the Taliban. 

This supports Pat Buchanan's view:

The complete, utter failure of the Afghan national army, absent our hand-holding, to defend their country is a blistering indictment of a failed 20-year strategy predicated on the belief that billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars could create an effective democratic central government in a nation that has never had one.

Then there's the usual clabber about some radical power filling the void we left behind, and in this case China.   Well,.... I hope so.  They deserve what they'll get.. So now what?  

Then the same old clabber that America's allies will be disheartened by this, such as Taiwan and Israel.  Well, unless they're living inside the vacuum inside of a light bulb they know Democrat administrations are losers.  But Israel and Taiwan aren't the same as Afghanistan because both of those countries created their own governmental systems, and both have defenders in the American power structure.  No one really cares about Afghanistan, and they've never had a stable governmental system.

But either way, it's time the world stopped "relying" on America to prop up their economies and their militaries.  Since WWII America has been holding their hands to keep them from falling down.  Well, we're not holding them up, they're dragging us down. 

Everyone can rail against how stupidly this pull out was done, and they'd be right, but lets understand that's a separate issue.  First, the pull out was the right thing to do.  Secondly, the pull out displays the stupidity of Biden and his entire band of blithering idiots, and lunatics in the Congress.   Not only was this done stupidly, it might even be considered criminal. 

This was a failure of mission.  From punishing the Taliban in order to catch Ben Laden, to nation building and social engineering in a nation that can't be engineered out of being a medieval tribal society infected with Islam.  It only took 20 years to understand that?  

Here's the reality we need to embrace.  If you're a moral person you must be concerned about what's happening, and going to happen, to the people of Afghanistan.  If you're a rational person you have to recognize what's going to happen isn't our fault and it isn't our responsibility to fix it, because no one can fix it.  The Taliban aren't an unknown quality.  The Afghanistan tribes and people know who and what they are and what they're going to do when they take over, and they let them.  

They chose not to "fix" their problem.   The consequences are now on them.  Unless of course you're a leftist losers like Liz Cheney who claims Trump bears ‘very significant responsibility’ for Afghanistan ‘disaster’, and  FOXNEWS Wallace who attacks Trump administration.  But here's reality, a reality the left and the media is trying desperately to obviate:  Biden 100% Owns Afghanistan — Has ‘Blood on His Hands’ and Lesson of Afghanistan Debacle: No More Nation Building!


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