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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

My Gazette: Speaker Johnson

By Rich Kozlovich

There's a lot here filling in all the information and/or speculatory gaps in fact, history, and logic.   Let's start with who and what Mike Johnson really is.  I've called him a mole and the reasons moles are so dangerous is you don't know they're moles until they get power.  And then it's too late.   Also, there's a lot of talk about Greene, but she shares the same quality that Ulysses S.  Grant had.  She fights.  Johnson has totally capitulated to the Democrat party, and as Silvio Canto, Jr. notes, This is not your 1992 Democrat Party, saying:

Back in 1992, then-presidential candidate Bill Clinton had his Sister Souljah moment when he publicly confronted a black woman who made a racist remark. Clinton was right in challenging such a remark and benefited politically because those were the days when the Democrats could say those things.  Could President Biden issue such a statement today calling out people who say "Death to America" or "We are Hamas"? Just read what The White House said.....Today's Biden party is afraid of Muslim Arab American voters in Michigan, immigration activists, and Democrats who are letting crime run rampant in our cities.

This who Speaker Johnson is now in bed with, this must be who he is. 


Mike Johnson Devil’s Best Disguise To Date - By Judi McLeod ——--April 23, 2024 - God save us from 'devout Catholics’ like Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi and self-described Christians like Mike Johnson, now claiming that “God Told Him to Fund Ukraine.” Satan’s full ‘Easter Parade’ of Anti-Christian players still dominating the “NEWS”, three weeks after Easter Sunday continues non-stop, but compared to his latest players like ‘# Nun’, Rihanna are old hat compared to Christian Speaker, ’widdle’ Mikey Johnson— Satan’s Best Disguise in the parade to date.....

Meet The New Boss, Mike Johnson, Same As The Old Boss - Jeff Crouere | April 22, 2024 -  Mike Johnson and other “Deep State” operatives in Congress, foreign wars take precedence over the needs of the American people.   It has happened again, a once promising Republican House Speaker has turned into a “Deep State” operative. Yes, House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA), has followed in the footsteps of former Republican House Speakers John Boehner, Paul Ryan, and Kevin McCarthy. All these former House speakers were once labeled “conservatives,” but after assuming the top position in Congress, their policies changed, resulting in grassroots anger. Unfortunately, none of these House Speakers cared about hard working Americans, both Republicans and Democrats. Instead, they were far more concerned about doing the bidding of the “Deep State.”.......

A Traitor Worse Than Benedict Arnold: Speaker Mike Johnson Betrays the American People Again - Charles Wills | April 22, 2024 - Johnson hasn't kept any of his promises, and he has proven, beyond a shadow of doubt, that he is an enemy of the American people.  After being elected Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson said that "Congress must win back American's faith. Their faith is at an all time low". Johnson promised to work to win back the faith of the American people in Congress. Since then, Johnson has flagrantly violated the trust of the American people multiple times. Johnson joined with traitorous Democrats and Republicans in Congress to fund abortions, foreign wars, bio warfare labs, the transgender movement, and the teaching of homosexuality to our children.......

Betrayal and the Democrats - David Prentice April 18, 2024 -  Democrats are committed to upending all of our institutions. This is betrayal. The story of Judas Iscariot is the archetypal story of betrayal, fascinating and terrifying at the same time.  It's fascinating, because Judas Iscariot was the Apostle who betrayed Jesus to the Pharisees for 30 pieces of silver. He felt so guilty afterwards that he tried to give the silver back.  It's a terrifying story because Jesus was tortured and put to death and then Judas hanged himself.  The field where Judas died became known as the field of blood at the time of the New Testament writings. It was a terrifying end to a horrific story. ........ 
Byron Donalds: ‘Incredibly Disappointing’ - Reps. Byron Donalds (R-FL)  and Chip Roy (R-TX) slammed Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) for violating the Hastert Rule after the $60 billion Ukraine aid bill passed on Saturday without a majority of Republican support. The longstanding rule directs that a Republican speaker will only put legislation up for a floor vote if a majority of the GOP conference supports it. The rule is meant to prevent a GOP speaker from colluding with Democrats to pass bills. But most of the GOP did not back the Ukraine bill.......

Trump Thanks Young GOP Group for Exposing Never-Trumper in Speaker’s Office - Wendell Husebø Former President Donald Trump expressed appreciation in a signed note to the Washington, DC, Young Republicans (DCYR) for exposing a never Trumper in House Speaker Mike Johnson’s (R-LA) office who opposed the club’s endorsement of Trump. Trump’s note was in response to emails exclusively obtained by Breitbart News that outed Johnson’s Director of House Operations Hannah Fraher for expressing unfounded concerns about the club’s endorsement of Trump......

Mike Johnson’s Betrayal Puts America on Collision Course with Nuclear Power Adversaries - Lee Rizzuto Republican Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Mike Johnson is joining with the Democrat minority to pass a supplemental spending package of foreign aid without the will or consent of the Republican House majority elected by the people of our country. He brazenly pushed through a “rule” to establish guidelines that essentially rigged the vote before it even takes place on Saturday, setting up what is likely inevitable passage of this spending package. This spending bill is not like any other we’ve seen. It provides billions of dollars of additional free aid and military support to Ukraine as they continue their losing war with Russia. If Mike Johnson and Joe Biden want a war with Russia, they should bring up a vote in the House to declare war. Otherwise, we are supporting a rogue and desperate military campaign against a giant nuclear power........

Jim Banks: Johnson ‘Handed the Speaker’s Gavel Over to the Democrats - Hannah Knudsen America needs a House and Senate filled with members who are aligned with “Donald Trump’s America first agenda,” Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) said during an interview on Breitbart News Saturday in which he said that Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) essentially “handed the Speaker’s gavel over to the Democrats.” Banks discussed Johnson flip-flopping on Ukraine aid and discussed one of the more shocking developments over the last week......


FISA Warrant Requirement Gets Last-Ditch Revival Push - By  Daniel Chaitin - The GOP lawmaker who objected to the final passage of a bill that would reauthorize Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) is urging colleagues to join her in an eleventh-hour push to stop it unless one major change is made. Rep. Anna Paulina Luna (R-FL) sent out a letter to Republicans and Democrats this weekend urging them to oppose the reauthorization legislation, at least until a warrant requirement is added to address concerns about FISA abuse and privacy.

 Eighty-Six House Republicans for Warrantless Surveillance of Americans - Sean Moran Eighty-six House Republicans on Friday voted against an amendment to require a warrant for surveillance of Americans’ communications. Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) proposed an amendment to the Reforming Intelligence and Securing America Act (RISAA), a bill that would reauthorize Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). Section 702 is a law that is meant to target foreign adversaries, but often surveils Americans’ private communications without a warrant.......

30 Senate Republicans Vote to Expand, Continue Warrantless Surveillance - Thirty Senate Republicans, on Friday night, voted to continue warrantless surveillance and even expand the FBI’s surveillance authority.The Senate passed H.R. 7888, the Reforming Intelligence and Securing America Act (RISAA), 60-34, with 30 Senate Republicans voting to reauthorize Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). Section 702 is a surveillance authority that is meant to target foreign adversaries but often surveils Americans without a warrant......

If Congress considers the American people their enemies, then they must be our enemies.America has been stripped of her power and left floundering by the enemies of Liberty, Freedom, Independence, and Justice.   The recent renewal of section 702 of the Patriot Act, that strips all Americans, except members of Congress, of the right to freedom from unreasonable surveillance and search by government agencies, was not another shot across the bow of the good ship America. On the contrary, the renewal of section 702 was a torpedo, launched by the two submerged (covert) enemy vessels, Democrat and Republican, on the good ship America. The torpedo scored a direct hit on the good ship carrying our Constitutional Rights........

House Amendment to Require Warrant to Surveil Americans Fails In Tie Vote - The House voted Friday to renew the federal government’s authority to surveil Americans without a warrant. Minutes earlier, an amendment to require a warrant for the surveillance failed in a tie vote. The Republican-controlled chamber ultimately voted 273-147 to renew Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) for two additional years.  The section is set to expire on August 19 and the Democratic-controlled Senate must also vote to approve it before that deadline. The pro-privacy amendment was proposed by Rep. Andy Biggs, R-AZ. It failed in a stunning 212-212 vote. As The Hill noted, “In the House, a tie loses.” .....

The Deep State and the Biden regime are at war against the American people - April 14, 2024 By Patricia McCarthy  -  Who would or could have predicted that our own representatives in Congress would vote to allow the government to spy on American citizens without warrants?   Of course, all the Democrats voted to extend the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). The Democrat party has fully morphed into a Marxist cabal, ready and willing to impose tyranny on American citizens.   But how do we explain the Republicans who capitulated to the left and voted 'yes' for the two-year extension?  Even House Speaker Mike Johnson, and Reps. Matt Gaetz and Anna Paulina Luna flipped.   They will say it was the lesser of the evils, two years instead of five, but that is no excuse.  The bill to extend should not have passed and Rep. Andy Biggs’s amendment to require warrants if it did should have passed, but did not.   It seems that small-government, conservative, Americans have very few actual representatives in Congress.   Who would or could have predicted that our own representatives in Congress would vote to allow the government to spy on American citizens without warrants?  .......


How Do You Solve a Problem Like Mike Johnson? Brian C. Joondeph -  Ousting Johnson for allowing the Ukraine aid bill to go through is suicide for the GOP, and will cost them the White House, too. ....... He follows the pattern of past GOP SpeakersBoehner, Ryan, McCarthy, and now Johnson. It seems Republican voters continue to ask and vote for a medium-rare steak only to be served a burnt, inedible slab of meat..... if Johnson is ousted and Democrats take control of the House, Trump's November election is over....Remember the U.S. Supreme Court decision on “insurrection” claimed by the Colorado Supreme Court? The March 4 decision stated:  The Constitution empowers Congress to prescribe how those determinations should be made. The relevant provision is Section 5, which enables Congress, subject of course to judicial review, to pass “appropriate legislation” to “enforce” the Fourteenth Amendment.  In other words, Congress, by a simple majority, can pass a bill claiming that Trump is disqualified from the election due to being an “insurrectionist.” That would be the first order of business by a Democrat-controlled House. The Senate would pass the House bill and President Biden would sign it.  If you don’t believe the Democrats would try to disqualify Trump in this manner, a bill introduced by Democrat Rep. Jamie Raskin is already teed up..... 

'Repulsive:' MTG Goes Scorched Earth After Massive Ukraine Aid Package Approved - Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) doubled down on her efforts to oust House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) after he voted in favor of a $60 billion Ukraine aid package on Saturday. Greene went scorched Earth on the House of Representatives and Johnson in a fiery statement following the vote, in which 101 Republican House members voted in favor of the Ukraine aid bill with 112 voting against it.  “This is a continuous sick business model that the American government continues,” Greene said, accusing the federal government of funding foreign wars using taxpayer money. .....

Rep. MTG Accuses Speaker Johnson of ‘Complete and Total Surrender’ to Democrats - Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-GA, penned a lengthy letter to her fellow Republican members of Congress railing against House Speaker Mike Johnson, R-LA, whom she filed a motion to oust last month. “Before we left for Easter break, I filed a motion to vacate Speaker Mike Johnson after he passed the second minibus,” Greene wrote in the letter. The Republican congresswoman described that the spending bill “broke our conference rules and the promises we made to our voters.”  “We elected Mike Johnson in late October after three-and-a-half difficult weeks trying to decide on a new Speaker of the House,” she described. “Mike Johnson sent us all a letter making his promises to us as to what type of Speaker he would be and outlining his plans going forward.” “Mike Johnson has unfortunately not lived up to a single one of his self-imposed tenets..........."

Paul Gosar Becomes the Third Republican to Throw Support Behind Motion to Vacate Speaker Johnson - Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) announced he would join Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) in co-sponsoring Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s (R-GA) motion to vacate House Speaker Mike Johnson. Gosar issued a statement on supporting the Motion to Vacate the Speaker. “Nearly 11 million illegal aliens have crossed our southern border in the past three years. My congressional district in Arizona, ground zero for the invasion, is getting pummeled by the surge of lawbreakers. These illegal aliens have brought violent crime, deadly drugs, human trafficking and are depleting resources and services meant for U.S. citizens. In fact, every state has become a border state. Communities across the country are being ravaged, families are being destroyed and Americans in need are being ignored. Congress cannot continue to turn a blind eye to the consequence of Biden’s disastrous open border policies, nor can it idly wait for Biden to halt this invasion through executive fiat. Congress has the responsibility to solve this crisis,"..............

Rand Paul: Mike Johnson Officially No Longer Republican Speaker - House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) no longer represents the Republican House majority after he betrayed conservative ideals and worked with the Democrats to pass the President Joe Biden-endorsed Ukraine aid agenda, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) declared Friday. In an unprecedented move, Johnson worked with House Democrats this week to force Ukraine border defense funds toward a full House vote on Saturday:......

Meet the 55 Republicans Who Stood up to Speaker Johnson and Democrats - Speaker Mike Johnson needed the help of Democrats to advance his nearly $100 billion foreign aid package. 151 Republicans and 165 Democrats voted in favor. 55 Republicans voted against the massive taxpayer-funded package. The bill would provide funding to Ukraine and Israel but not a single penny is included to secure the borders of the United States........
Tax Day 2024 is only a prelude of what’s to come if Joe Biden stays for another term - April 15, 2024 b By Olivia Murray - The “Big Guy” wants a whole lot more than 10% this time. Is this year’s tax season the calm before the real storm? Sure, it doesn’t feel like a calm (is anyone else seething or is it just me?), but compared to what Joe Biden has coming down the pike if he manages to “win” another election…. The details are below, from Grover Norquist today at Fox News:.....
Congressional Spending Goes Full Weimar - April 18, 2024 By Jeff Lukens - It has become a speculative game in the blogosphere to predict what black swan calamities could lead to a breakdown in civil order and the imposition of some form of martial law.  Wars and rumors of war abound.  We have already seen a container ship mysteriously knocking down a bridge and closing a key port.  Other such scenarios include massive cyber-attacks that shut down the grid and block communication and transportation networks nationwide.  The speculation on the variations of such events is virtually endless. However, one crisis is no black swan and is entirely expected, already happening, and growing in scale by the day.  That would be the ballooning debt crisis.  If Washington does not change its free-spending ways, the debt will become a catastrophe of devastating proportions that will tear the nation apart.  So long as Congress continues its multi-trillion-dollar deficit spending, we will have a financial death spiral, similar to events a century ago in the Weimar Republic of Germany......
Wealth and Redistribution - By Lars Møller - Why should any living person dwell on the French Revolution? Well, there is more to it than picturesque Parisian backdrops, powdered wigs, and peculiar costumes. On the other hand, the powerful image of a blood-spattered guillotine may give us a hint! In deference to true wisdom, let us therefore take the opportunity to quote the Spanish-American philosopher George Santayana: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Although we tend to congratulate ourselves on living in a so-called “knowledge society,” school education is in decline. The development is practically the same throughout the West. In any case, knowledge is very unevenly distributed in society. The academic standards of present-day curricula in both primary school and university are being lowered in favor of politicization and indoctrination. The principles of “diversity, equity, and inclusion” are at variance with the classical ideals of academia.......
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who threatens Democracy the most this Fall? -  April 8, 2024 by Ned Cosby Once again, we’re told that democracy is on the ballot in this election, and this time that may actually be true.............A funny thing happened on the way to the fall election last week. Another presidential candidate, Robert F. Kennedy, Junior, was interviewed by Erin Burnett on CNN’s show OUTFRONT. Burnett’s mission was to get Kennedy to agree with all the king’s horses and all the king’s men that Trump was an existential threat to democracy. His response did not match her expectations:............ Listen, I can make the argument that President Biden is a much worse threat to democracy..... 
Mike Johnson’s Spending Bill Includes $300M for Border Patrol — in Ukraine!!!  - John Binder A spending bill backed by House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) includes hundreds of millions of dollars in American taxpayer money for border patrol agents in Ukraine as illegal immigration at the United States-Mexico border remains at record levels. The spending bill, which 151 House Republicans helped 165 House Democrats advance on Friday, would see more than $95 billion sent to foreign countries — including about $61 billion to Ukraine amid its ongoing war with Russia.......

Democrats Wave Ukrainian Flags, Cheer 'Ukraine!' After House Passes $60 Billion Aid Package - After the House of Representatives passed its massive $60 billion aid package for Ukraine on Saturday, Democrats waved Ukrainian flags on the House floor— signifying their anti-America first agenda.  210 Democrats voted in favor of the bill— with none voting against it— as America’s own borders are being overrun and overwhelmed by illegal immigrants.  Rep. Cory Mills (R-FL) pointed out that those who voted to send Ukraine another massive check of U.S. taxpayer funds are the same radical Leftists who oppose supporting U.S. border security.......

Betrayal Complete: Mike Johnson Teams with Dems, Violates House Rule to Pass $61B Ukraine Aid - Bradley Jaye - Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) delivered President Joe Biden a $61 billion gift on Saturday afternoon, reversing his months-long pledge to never advance foreign aid without first securing America’s border.Multiple Democrats — and possibly a few Republicans — cheered; shouted, “Ukraine;” and waived Ukrainian flags as the Ukraine aid vote closed. “It is in violation of decorum to waive flags on the floor,” Johnson scored Democrats........

In Congress, US Border Security Takes Back Seat to Foreign Bailouts - Simon Hankinson / RJ Hauman / Worst of all is the appropriations process, where the trees are so dense you forget what a forest is. But as the now-deceased Notre Dame fundraiser James Frick said, “Don’t tell me where your priorities are. Show me where you spend your money, and I’ll tell you what they are.” In a recent poll of swing-state voters, only 11% said it was more important to continue funding Ukraine than to secure our own border. Americans have already spent up to $113 billion helping Ukraine so far and the Biden administration is demanding $60 billion more now. However, as Homeland Security Committee Chairman Mark Green, R-Tenn., writes, the Biden administration is asking for less money to protect the U.S. border, despite an unprecedented surge in illegal immigration.......

Rats Are the Tip of the Iceberg

By Rich Kozlovich 

My regular readers know I was an exterminator for over 40 years, and owned my own company. The pest control industry, just like the rest of the world, without really paying attention to what's going on has been going woke, slowly but inexorably.  We're now Pest Management Professionals, Entomological Consultants, and Environmental Specialists, many embracing and specializing in Integrated Pest Management or Green Pest Control, which is a lot of hooey.  

But Mike Royko, the legendary Chicago journalist,  wasn’t impressed with anyone’s image of professionalism unless they “kilt” the bugs saying:

“I preferred exterminators because that was specific. Pest control could mean anything from a school teacher to a tavern bouncer.” 

On April 22, 2024 Milt Harris published this piece Politicians Are Not The Only Dangerous Rats In New York City saying:

We can only pray that in future elections, the memory of these deliberately deceitful and politically motivated money dumps will be remembered, and more responsible people will be elected.

Well Milt, while I think everyone agrees, I also think that's a prayer that's going to be wasted as this is New York City, and it's a mess that can't be fixed. His article deals with the massive rat infestation that has always .....always ..... plagued NYC, and every major city in the world.  The sewer systems are nutrient rich environments, and the sewers give them totally unrestricted access to every street and every building in these cities, and so what did NYC do to fix this?  They banned rodenticides.  

The National Pest Management Association has an annual Legislative Day in Washington D.C. and I went the year after the city passed a ban on rodenticides and guess what.   There were rodent burrows in the lawns everywhere.  Imagine that.  

Well, now NYC is facing a public health issue, and we need to outline a bit of history and reality.   The bubonic plague.  We have plague cases every year in the United States, and if diagnosed correctly and quickly, it can be treated effectively.  If not, people suffer, or even die.  But that's not the biggest concern.  There's a genetic difference between the form of plague the world is now experiencing and the Black Death, which is far more virulent.  Harris writes:

The Black Death was a devastating event that k...

In October 1347, the second pandemic, also known as the Black Death, arrived in Messina, Sicily. It is believed to have spread from Central Asia through fleas on rats that were on board Genoese ships. This caused a rapid and widespread wave of plague infections that swept across most of Europe like wildfire.

Rats carry diseases, and fleas!  Fleas transmit those diseases such as typhus.  In 2018 it was reported there were "57 cases of flea-borne typhus in Los Angeles County.... nine cases of flea-borne typhus associated with downtown Los Angeles, and six of those cases were in people experiencing homelessness."

All these anti-pesticide initiatives come at a cost, and that cost is in human life.  

Multiply that with the vast amount homelessness in these major cities, combined with mass unrestricted immigration the Biden administration is imposing on the nation, many of whom are bringing diseases with them, and we're going to see very real pandemics, not like the false covid pandemic which had a 99.7% recover rate.   As eported:

Diseases that had been eradicated in the US  are going through shelters and into neighborhoods once again.  The swarms of migrants flooding into the US are bringing much more than just financial problems and a rise in crime. They’re also causing a resurgence in diseases that America has mostly eradicated. Sanctuary cities are reporting outbreaks of measles and tuberculosis among the undocumented in shelter facilities and schools, where illegal immigrant children are not required to be vaccinated. Some officials are concerned that this is only the beginning..... 

As of April 5, there have been 57 confirmed cases of measles since March, Newsweek reported. “The majority of cases have been linked to the city’s largest migrant shelter in the Pilsen neighborhood.” The Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH) said there are plans to give second doses of the measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) vaccine to affected shelters and that of the 57 cases, 33 are children under five years old.

In Chicago they're now seeing cases of TB.  Understand this.  In the rest of the world they face a more virulent and vaccine resistant variety of TB, and I have no doubt that's the form they're facing now. 

In New York, TB and measles aren’t the only diseases to worry about. Polio is popping up, as well. The last confirmed case, prior to last summer, was in 1990. Commissioner Ashwin Vasan said only about 50% of migrants arriving in the Big Apple are vaccinated, but when it comes to polio, the vaccination isn’t the only concern, it’s how they received it.   In the US, polio vaccines are injections, but a lot of other countries use an oral vaccine that has the live virus and can be spread through feces into the sewer system.

 “When we see one case of paralytic polio, that means there are probably hundreds and hundreds of cases that are out there in the community but not diagnosed, because 75% of the cases are asymptomatic”...... In the Big Apple, the TB rate is 6.1 cases per 100,000 and is more than double the national rate, detailed The Post. “Close to nine out of 10 (88%) of these TB cases are people born outside the United States.”.....We have open borders with all sorts of people coming in from countries from all over the world bringing in various illnesses, viruses, disease and bacterial infections.”

We need to stop being stupid and recognize all these leftist agendas are abject failures, unless of course the goal is to eliminate 7.5 billion people in the world.  If that's the goal, then they're right on track.  

Is Foreign Aid the Beginning of the End for Speaker Mike Johnson?

The future looks bleak for the speaker of the House.

by @ Liberty Nation News, Apr 20, 2024 Tags:Articles, Opinion, Politics

The House of Representatives opted Friday, April 19, to advance billions in foreign aid to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan to a final vote on Saturday. The package received truly bipartisan support – and, for that matter, bipartisan opposition. But now House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) is under fire once again from some in his own party for relying on the Democrats to get things done.

Funding Foreign Wars

Speaker Johnson revealed a handful of bills earlier in the week, including three that would send $26.4 billion to Israel, $60.8 billion to Ukraine, and $8.1 billion to “counter China in the Indo-Pacific,” which largely means sending money to Taiwan. The Israel measure also includes just shy of $10 billion to address Palestinian humanitarian needs, a caveat Democrats demanded in return for their support.

What it does not include, however, is an increased in funding or stricter policies for US border security, and that was a sticking point for many of the 55 Republicans who opposed the measure in Friday’s floor vote and all three of the GOP committee members who voted against it late Thursday night.

While the trio of funding bills didn’t address US border security, a separate measure in the package does, though it failed to clear the committee on Friday. Speaker Johnson said the House would still consider it under a suspension of the rules this weekend, but that means it will require two-thirds support to pass – a tall order for an “aggressive” border security bill with such a narrow GOP majority.

Another bill aims to address other Republican foreign policy priorities. For example, it would allow the sale of frozen assets of Russian oligarchs to fund Ukraine, potentially require the sale of TikTok to a company not owned by the Chinese government, and authorize stricter sanctions on China, Russia, and Iran.

Whatever bills from this set pass the House will be combined into a single package before heading for the Senate. President Biden said he would sign the package into law and called on both chambers to act quickly, as Congress is scheduled to be in recess next week.

Which Is Worse, the Math or the Politics?

The spending bills have so far proven to be quite bipartisan, yet those who oppose the funding of foreign wars with US tax dollars – or, in some cases, those who are quite alright with it so long as they get some border security out of the deal – accuse Speaker Johnson of, for lack of a better term, colluding with the Democrats behind their backs. The committee vote was 9-3, with all four of the Democrats voting in support, and more Democrats supported the bill Friday than Republicans, so surely that means Johnson’s in cahoots with the enemy, right?

New banner Liberty Nation Analysis 1 

That’s certainly the way some Republicans are presenting it. Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY), one of the three House Rules Committee Republicans who voted against the spending package – not because it funds foreign wars, but because it didn’t come with a border security rider – said as much Thursday. “Unprecedented: Speaker Johnson plans to pass the rule for the $100 billion foreign aid package using Democrats on the Rules Committee,” Massie declared on X. “Is he working for Democrats or Republicans now?” Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) chimed in with: “Never happened before that minority party has carried a rule vote.”

But is that what actually happened? It doesn’t take a math whiz to look at the 9-3 committee vote and the fact that all four Democrats on the committee voted in support of Johnson’s bills to determine that more Rules Committee Republicans voted in favor of it than voted against, or, for that matter, that the bills drew more GOP votes in committee than Democrat. After all, that nine total minus four Democrats equals five Republicans is far from a complex calculation – it’s an equation most first graders could solve!

Then there’s the 316-94 floor vote on Friday. Yes, once again a higher percentage of Democrats supported this than Republicans – and, this time, a higher raw number of Democrats supported it. But, also once again, more Republicans voted in favor of the bills than against – almost three times as many this time, in fact.

The Beginning of the End for Speaker Johnson?

Wherever one stands on the idea of sending US tax dollars to fund foreign wars – and whether it makes good or bad policy – spinning the Republican speaker as a Democrat tool because of the vote results, in this case, is terrible math and politics alike. It just doesn’t add up. One could just as easily level the same accusations at the more hard line Republican holdouts had the Democrats decided to stand united against anything GOP Speaker Johnson proposed.

For Johnson’s position as speaker of the House, however, none of that may matter. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) and the two colleagues she has rallied to her cause already, Reps. Thomas Massie and Paul Gosar (R-AZ), are apparently committed to removing him as speaker regardless of how this vote-filled weekend goes. Thanks to the spending packages, though, others are beginning to lean in that direction as well.

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO), who just a day earlier said she didn’t want to put the House through the chaos of another vote to vacate, now predicts that “this could be the beginning of the end for the speaker.”

Read More From James Fite

How Do You Kill 7.5 Billion People?

By Rich Kozlovich

Let's start with this foundational fact.  Environmentalism, leftism, socialism, and a host of other ism's are in fact neo-pagan secular religions of death, and cultural suicide, and green paganism.   On April 20, 2024 Ray DiLorenzo published this piece,  How Do You Kill 7.5 Billion People?, saying:

Globalists want us dead. The World Economic Forum (WEF) has stated many times in print and in speeches that the planet is overpopulated and that its survival depends on controlling climate change, reducing population, controlling food supply, and our bad habits like owning cars.  This has not been an easy article to write or research. Many people and entities that we trusted are suspected of such depraved activity; it would be difficult to find an equal in human history.........You start by frightening people and creating an atmosphere of crisis.

He went on to cite Jane Goodall, who felt all our environmental problems were due to entirely too many people, and the world needs to reduce it's population to a level that existed 500 year ago.  The means eliminating 7.5 billion people. And that's from the "moderates" in the green movement.  The radicals want mankind eliminated, and understand this, the moderates never attack them for their views.  

We're doomed, doomed I tell you.  At least that's the Never Ending Story of the left.  

We're running out of fossil fuels, which has been proven not only wrong, but stupid. We have massive traditional energy sources, including oil.  Oil isn't a fossil fuel.  I subscribe to the abiotic abyssal abiotic theory of petroleum, which means oil is a naturally occurring substance emanating up from the Earth's crust, and renews itself constantly, as has occurred in some previously depleted wells.

Global warming will destroy the world.  Only now it's anthropogenic climate change.  Why  Because reality just refuses to play by the rules and follow their seriously flawed computer models, which have now all been shown to be false. 

Then there was covid, which had a 99.7% recovery rate, and make no mistake, all that quarantining, masking, shots, social distancing, lockdowns were nothing short of a test run for some other "crisis" event to control every aspect of human activity.   The Asian Flu of 1957/58 was probably far worse, and I remember those years, and no one thought to close the schools, businesses, and shut down the world.  But in those days the world wasn't being run by treasonous left wing misanthropes.   As the author says, "covid was the flu with better marketing". 

At the end of WWII the world's population was approximately two billion people, and it took thousands of years to get there.  In less than 75 years the world population has soared to just under 8 billion people.   How did that happen?  Chemistry, as in pesticides, fertilizers, medicines, food production, and most of all, energy.  Vast amounts of readily available inexpensive energy, all of which the left, especially the World Economic Forum, the United Nations, and the World Health Organization wants to seriously restrict.   

Force everyone to take shots they're calling vaccines, when in reality, they are not true vaccines, but gene altering chemical compounds that has had a massively negative impact on public health, and will continue to do so for decades to come.  Force everyone into cities with walking distance to get all they need, called "15 minute neighborhoods". That makes it so much easier to track what you do, and who you do it with.   Force everyone, except the elite, to eat bugs instead of meat, pass curfew laws, keep humanity dependent, but most importantly, keep them scared and complaint.

In this environment, they will have control over the population. Abortion up until the time of birth, or even after, will be just fine. Encouraging homosexuality, and transgenderism, the mutilation of young people, and/or surgical sterility will greatly improve anyone's social credit score. Yes, there will be a social credit system. They know how to do it. China has taught them well.u get the idea. It was better that way. It keeps the populace scared and compliant.

In my lifetime we've gone from the idea that a moral and responsible population cares for those with depression, going deaf, mental issues, or can't get around without a wheel chair.   Well, no longer!  Under the regime, a socialistic central planning world wide system of governance the left wishes to impose on humanity, if you can't see, can't take care of your daily needs, "can't fill out forms or use a computer, have PTSD, autism, dyslexia, ADHD, and any problem communicating with people", your a candidate for euthanasia.  After all:

"Yuval Noah Harari, one of the WEF's top advisors, calls these people  'useless eaters.' That is, people who will have no useful purpose in the 4th Industrial Revolution they are so looking forward to."

So, it's okay to just kill them, and we know it can be done, China has shown them the way, the nation Klaus Schwab, the head of the WEF, thinks is the ideal form of government. 

The author goes on to discuss euthanasia, and the value that has in organ transplants, a vastly profitable business, so it's now being encouraged, and will be encouraged all the more, and I'm willing to bet the euthanasia propaganda will state in the public education system, starting in grade school.  The author even suggests:

I would imagine, in the future, convincing a loved one to end it all may mean a cash payment, a higher social credit score, or awarded better housing.

A research paper in Canada concluded that euthanasia could dramatically reduce healthcare costs. In Holland, there is a suggestion to make euthanasia available for people over 70 who are feeling just 'a bit worn out'. (Expose)

It is legal in Canada, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Colombia, Spain, New Zealand, Portugal, Ecuador, and parts of Australia. It is also legal in several U.S. states, although it's called medical-aid-in-dying (MAID): Oregon, Washington, Montana, Vermont, California, D.C., Hawaii, New Jersey, Maine, and New Mexico. It is pending in: Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Missouri, Tennessee, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New York, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island.

A doctor offered death-by-doctor to a woman who just wanted a wheelchair ramp to her home.

He ends his article with this admonishment:
Learn how to say NO! As Reagan used to say, "Trust, but verify." In this case, the government, all medical authorities, and the media. By all means, verify what you are told, use your own good judgment, and always trust in GOD!

Trump and the Flat Tax?

April 23, 2024 by Dan Mitchell @ International Liberty

There’s going to be a big tax fight in Washington next year, regardless of who wins the House, the Senate, and/or the presidency. That’s because major portions of Trump’s 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will expire on December 31, 2025.


Will those tax cuts be extended? Will they be expanded? Will they be curtailed? Politicians will be forced to choose.

In general, I’m rather pessimistic about the outcome for the simple reason that there’s been a huge increase in the burden of government spending.

I wrote about that problem two days ago and highlighted how politicians used the pandemic as an excuse to permanently increase the cost of government.

One result of all that wasteful spending is that we now have enormous deficits. And even though I don’t worry much about red ink (the real problem is spending, not how it’s financed), the practical reality is that it is well nigh impossible to have good tax policy when there is bad spending policy.

But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. In an article for Bloomberg, Stephanie Lai, Amanda L Gordon, and Enda Curran write about the advice Trump is getting on tax policy.

Donald Trump is under pressure from economists in his circle to embrace a flat tax rate… The efforts demonstrate how people around the former president are already lobbying for their preferred economic policies ahead of a potential second term where both taxes and tariffs will be top priorities. …Forbes said…he is advocating for Trump to support a flat 17% tax rate for all income brackets with “generous” exemptions… For a family of four, he said, he would suggest the first $54,000 of income be exempt from federal income tax. …Whoever wins the White House in November will be forced to negotiate a tax deal next year because key portions of Trump’s 2017 tax cuts — including individual rates — expire at the end of 2025. That will set up a complex negotiation — particularly if control of Washington is split between Republicans and Democrats… Trump has not detailed what his tax plan would look like.

I’m glad that people are pushing Trump to be bold on taxes, but that advice needs to be augmented by a big push to make him better on spending.

Alas, that’s one of his worst areas.

Not as bad as he is on trade, but he record on spending is nonetheless mediocre. And that was the case even before the pandemic spending orgy.

The bottom line is that Trump needs to change his mind on entitlements if we want to have any hope of better tax policy. I won’t be holding me breath.

Chronic Absenteeism is Becoming a Post Pandemic Problem

The perfect storm of economics, apathy, and the inability to cope.

by @ Liberty Nation News, Apr 23, 2024 | Articles, Education, Opinion

Ah, the well-orchestrated ditch days by students in the US public school system were often legendary. Tales to not tell your children but recall the glory days with pals at the reunion. Contrary to a high school student’s deep-felt belief, parents always knew. But now moms and dads are complicit in allowing children to stay home on a whim, and absenteeism has become a post-pandemic epidemic.

Between the 2018-19 and 2021-22 school years, there was an alarming 91% spike in skipping school, and an estimated 6.5 million students are chronically absent compared to before the pandemic. Yes, this generation is becoming an unwelcome statistic.

Nat Malkus, senior fellow and deputy director of AEI’s Education Policy Studies, created a “tracker” and is one of the many public school researchers beginning to panic. Chronic absenteeism, which refers to the number of students who missed at least 10% of a school year, has grown considerably – (15%) from 2018 to 28% in 2022 – according to the American Enterprise Institute (AEI).

Most experts are pointing to COVID as the culprit, but other factors also play into the continual failure of the education system.

Um, the Pandemic Is Over

Forensic psychiatrist Carole Lieberman explained to Fox News Digital the ripple effect of absenteeism:

“The economic impact of school absenteeism is tremendous — both in terms of the ultimate earning power of the absentee students and on the overall economy. Absenteeism leads to kids not doing well in school, which discourages them and causes many to drop out before being graduated from high school. Most of these end up in dead-end, low-income jobs.”

Well, that does not bode well for future solid American citizens. So, one must ask, why now? There are no mandatory closures. Today’s public schools are mostly woke, hand out hugs and participation trophies, and coddle their charges. But instead of heading to school to be glorified during education, students are allowed to stay home for mental health days, and no one blinks an eye.

Is basement dwelling a goal?

“We simply cannot accept chronic absenteeism as the new normal,” White House Domestic Policy Council Director Neera Tande said at a recent event. “Students have to be present if they are to learn.”

Absenteeism Is a Layered Problem

This new rise in skipping school doesn’t have just one cause, though. That’s what another detailed study from the Times Union came up with as well after a deep dive into 17 school districts in the Empire State. After interviewing school administrators and teachers, the publication relayed the following:

“The confluence of being allowed in the past to attend classes from home, the ability to play online games together from separate homes, and the addictive nature of social media and its impact on student sleep appear to be playing a role in the increase, according to various school officials. Parental struggles with getting middle and high schoolers to attend can bleed into the rest of the household, causing younger siblings to also remain home.”

Unfortunately, bad habits allowed during the pandemic – staying home and not being accountable – have become the norm. The study also showed that a small percentage of children don’t show up at all: A growing group of (303 students) out of the 17 districts missed 100 days or more in one school year.

Antonette Bowman, a former teacher who writes the “Raising Americans” Substack, believes that fear is also a driving factor for parents who keep kids at home:

“While students skipping school is nothing new, COVID-19 and problems arising from pandemic learning, cultural polarization, and school shootings have likely exacerbated the truancy crisis. Those dynamics have stoked fears and distrust, weakening the cornerstone ties between homes and schools, and undermining the willingness of students to attend school and the motivation of parents to send them there.”

Another factor, albeit a small one, is teacher absenteeism. Interruption in daily classroom learning not only sets students back but also has another domino effect as well: Other instructors in the same school are calling off. Maybe teachers embracing ditch day has to do with their mental health days after trying to instruct through COVID.

Or they see the once-invisible writing on the wall. School districts nationwide are running out of those federal COVID handouts. That coupled with ridiculously high inflationary costs, and perhaps more than a few poor spending decisions, have administrators laying off teachers. And some parents reveled in homeschooling and praising the fortunes of COVID in allowing them to get far away from the crazy PTA and school board meetings and being labeled a domestic terrorist by Joe Biden’s FBI.

All of these factors have affected the decline in student attendance in school. Now it’s time to do the heavy lifting and get America’s kids back on track.

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Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Lighting A Candle

By Rob Pue @ Wisconsin Christian News 

I believe America is at a tipping point. Most Americans realize there is something deeply wrong with the nation we live in. Even non-Christians have had all they can take of the Leftists’ “woke” agenda, and especially of the vilification of common sense when it comes to our children.

In recent years, we’ve seen parents who object to pornographic books, drag queens and the LGBTQP+ movement indoctrinating their children labeled as “the most dangerous threats to our democracy,” and also called “domestic terrorists.” In reality, the opposite is true. Those who push for the normalization of sexual deviancy, homosexuality, pedophilia and the mutilation of the minds and bodies of our children are the real predators, and they have many allies, now baked in to the curricula of our public schools and celebrated wholesale in cities and small towns all across the USA.

In 1963, “45 Communist goals to take down America” were read into the Congressional record. Among them: “break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in the media;” “present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as ‘normal, natural and healthy;’” “infiltrate the churches;” “discredit the family as an institution;” “Encourage promiscuity and easy divorce;” “emphasize the need to raise children away from the ‘negative’ influence of parents.” And here we are today, with all of those Communist goals to take down America achieved.

June is coming quickly. In the year 2000, Bill Clinton declared the month of June as “Gay and Lesbian Pride Month.” Since then, “Pride Month” has spread around the globe, but it doesn’t end when July 1st rolls around. Today, the LGBTQP+ monster — and now the “transgender” abomination — continues all year long. Through organizations like the “Human Rights Campaign,” their agenda is forced down the throats of companies and corporations, so that they must either endorse and financially support this sexual deviancy and the myriad of mental disorders associated with it all, or be publicly shamed, boycotted and labeled as “homophobic” and now, “transphobic.”

But those pulling the strings behind the scenes are pushing even harder and never stop their assault on all that is normal, natural and God-ordained. Today we have the “Transgender Day of Vengeance.” We have a new multi-billion dollar industry within the medical industrial complex, to forever mutilate and sterilize young children with hormone-blocking drugs and so-called “gender affirming surgeries” that destroy young children and maim them for life. Josef Mengele would be proud.

For many years, I’ve joined my Christian friends on the streets during “Pride parades,” to stand as a witness for Christ and God’s natural design for marriage and family. I’ve attended some of the largest “pride” festivals in the country, where it’s been 100 Christians trying to reach a half-million sodomites and their allies. I’ve witnessed thousands of young children exposed to sexual deviancy in the streets of American cities. Young children participating with their homosexual parents in these parades. Young children viewing simulated sodomite sex acts involving completely- or mostly-naked men and women in broad daylight. Young children, whose parents give them dollar bills to stuff in the “g-strings” of nearly-nude drag queens, dancing provocatively in front of adoring crowds of hedonists.

With the exception of a handful of times, attempting to reason with or even have a meaningful conversation with the sodomites and transgenders has been futile. The police see the Christians as the enemies, and they protect the perverts. The sodomites blow bullhorns directly into our ears as we try to speak. They beat drums, blow trumpets, yell and scream like demons, to keep our words from going forth. When we use signs with messages of common sense, hordes of deranged sodomites descend upon us, covering our signs with rainbow flags at a minimum... destroying our signs, and attacking us physically most of the time. And Christians being attacked at these events has been — every time — the greatest form of amusement for those charged with the duty to “protect and serve.”

Sadly, the vast majority of American pastors and churches have remained mute, and have allowed all of this to grow to enormous proportions, so that today, you can go nowhere without being assaulted by homosexual or transgender propaganda and vile displays of debauchery. The rainbow flag is a symbol of conquest. No one can argue that the devil and his minions have won this culture war, because the pastors and churches have been too cowardly to do ANYTHING. Correction: I shouldn’t say the churches haven’t done anything... the last “pride” parade I attended included no less than forty churches participating IN the parade, with banners on their floats expressing sentiments like “God thinks you’re fabulous.”

But people are fed up with all this. Most of us have had enough of these mental illnesses being pridefully celebrated and we’re now forced to celebrate this perversion under penalty of law. Some have suggested there be a “Straight Pride” parade. But heterosexual people do not celebrate the fact that they’re heterosexual, nor do they flaunt their sexuality in public, in front of children. And what would a “Straight Pride” parade even look like? A bunch of normal people walking down the street? And further, if anyone even tried to arrange something like this, they’d be viciously attacked and vilified in the mainstream media and compared to “Nazis.” You know that would happen.

Several years ago, my friend, JR Harrison, who leads the Natural Family Foundation, came up with the idea of celebrating “Natural Family Month” — from Mother’s Day to Father’s Day. The first week would be a celebration of Mother’s Day. The second week would be a celebration of children. The third week would be a celebration of grandparents. The next week would be a celebration of extended family, and it would all culminate in a celebration of Dads on Father’s Day.

JR has created a website,, where he lays out the plan, and offers a pledge people can sign to affirm their support of God’s ordained design for the NATURAL family: one biological man married to one biological woman united in a monogamous marriage for life, bearing and raising Godly children in the fear and admonition of the Lord. There’s overwhelming scientific evidence showing that children thrive within the Natural Family. There’s much less poverty, mental illness, drug use, rage and rebellion, and children grow up to be much happier and well-adjusted adults when raised within the Natural Family.

Last June, I came up with an idea, but it was too late to put into action then. This year, thanks to other ministry friends, the idea is coming to fruition — and God has greatly blessed this plan, which focuses on “lighting a candle” instead of cursing the darkness. Mind you, in prior years as we went to witness for Christ at these sodomite events, we weren’t “cursing” anyone. We were there to shine the light of Christ and have meaningful, thoughtful and loving conversations with those so lost and deceived by Satan. Unfortunately, in this sort of environment, our little band of Christian brothers and sisters were no match for the demonic spirits inhabiting a half million people — including city government leaders, police officers, pastors and churches.

So this year, we’re preparing something totally different, for June 29th. That’s the day the “drag queens” will be performing in a downtown family park. Once again, men will be dressed as outrageous prostitutes and will be dancing and gyrating in sexually suggestive ways in front of little children. They’ll also be dressing little children in “drag” and teaching them how to “strut their stuff” in front of the adults there.

But on this same day, a few blocks away, at another city park, we will be hosting a Natural Family Festival. This is our attempt to “light a candle” in this community and as I wrote in my article last year, to “show them what a natural family is.”

The mayor of the city has agreed to open our festival with a speech on the value of families...natural families. We will have other excellent speakers to encourage people to cherish the institution of the family...the Godly foundation for a Godly nation. And then we’ll have activities, for children and adults. But not just any sort of activities. This is not some sort of “carnival” with silly stuff and meaningless games. All of the activities we have planned are designed to bring families together and to honor God’s design for the natural family...again, one real man and one real woman, united in marriage and bearing and raising children for the glory of God.

One activity will involve children and their parents learning to plant and grow things. We’ll provide small flower and vegetable plants, soil and pots, so children can work together with their parents to grow something. Once planted, we’ll have a little sign that reads “I love my family” that they can decorate their pot with.

Another activity will include boys working with their dads to build a simple birdhouse or bird feeder. Again, this activity is meant to connect fathers together with their sons and build something — achieve something — together.

At another station, we’ll be doing a bigger project, to involve the older children. Under the supervision of expert builders, young teens will be building an actual house — a playhouse — throughout the day. This will provide an opportunity for dads to work with their teenagers and actually learn to build a HOUSE! When it’s completed, we’ll draw one name from among those who worked on the project and the winner will win the playhouse... here again, we’re connecting dads with teens, and teens will learn they can build and achieve something of great significance, with their own two hands, alongside their dads.

We’ll also set up a lemonade stand... but not just any lemonade stand. Next to our stand, we’ll have a “Help Wanted” sign, and children ages 5-13 can sign up for half-hour segments to work at the stand. We’ll supply the lemonade, cups and ice. Kids just need to sign up and show up for “work.” At the end of their shift, they get to keep what they’ve earned. This teaches kids how to “get a job,” and the satisfaction of learning to work, and how to earn money.

And we all know the “drag queens” offer “story time.” We’ll have story time too. But OUR stories will come from the old McGuffey Readers, which are filled with uplifting, positive stories of families...with the gospel message woven throughout. And here’s the best part: the stories will be read by GRANDPARENTS. So, we’ll be connecting the oldest generation with the youngest generation, and these grandparents will also share the wisdom of their own life’s experiences with the young kids who listen. I strongly believe we need to return honor and VALUE to our elders, who are so easily forgotten and minimalized in today’s culture.

We’ll also have a petting zoo, pony and cart rides, other craft opportunities for kids and their parents to create and build things together, and we will have acappella music sung by families from our local Mennonite community. So instead of silly songs, comedy and frivolous “entertainment,” we’ll be offering beautiful music — hymns sung together by FAMILIES. There will also be a mobile Creation Museum, showing how God created the world in six days, and how the first family began.

This will be an opportunity to turn the hearts of the fathers back toward their children. To re-connect the grandparents with their grandchildren, for moms and daughters to connect in substantial ways, to hear meaningful stories of how God designed the family to really be. To HONOR our parents, our elders, and get our young people out of the clutches of pop culture and turn THEIR hearts back to respecting themselves, each other and their mothers, fathers and families.

Friends, as goes the church, so goes the family. Sadly, our churches have failed to build solid God-honoring families. But also, as goes the family, so goes the nation. And we can all easily see how desperately our nation needs strong families again — free of the shackles of mindless TikTok videos and gaming and soul-sucking electronic “entertainment” and social media.

We’re offering a clear and stark alternative. This community will have the opportunity to see two completely different worldviews on the same day just a few blocks apart: the celebration of sodomite “pride,” “drag queen” perversion and sexual grooming of children versus the wholesome, NATURAL FAMILY the way it used to be; the way God designed it to be and the way it should be. In the end, I believe the people of this small town will be deeply impacted and I pray that hearts are deeply touched and transformed as we will show them and demonstrate to them what a natural family is. We’re lighting a candle, rather than cursing the darkness and it’s my hope that other people, in communities all across this nation, will grab ahold of this vision and put together Natural Family Festivals for their own towns. If you’d like to learn how you can easily do this in your town, please contact me (

Racism is a Corrupt Scam Destroying America

By Rich Kozlovich

 On April 22, 2024 Robert Weissberg published this piece, Black Wars of Liberation Come to America, saying:

Main Image

Secretary of State Antony Blinken recently appointed Zakiya Carr Johnson as the State Department’s Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer. Her mission, according to Blinken, was to help build a workforce that reflects America. .....Blinken justified this diversity effort in terms of national security, saying, "We will continue to pursue this mission aggressively, because recruiting, nurturing, and promoting the most capable workforce possible is critical to our national security."

What a load of horsepucky.  This person hates America, calling it a "failed historic model" that needs torn down, along with all the traditional values that made America great, and says all of America's problems are the result of white supremacy, structural racism, patriarchy, and heterosexism.  In other words Johnson wants to punish people for being white, turn all power over to blacks, destroy the nuclear family, and promote homosexuality.  

What could possibly go wrong?  

We have seen this movie before when African and the Caribbean blacks seize power from white colonial rulers and blacks replace white civil servants and gain control over the economy. It's a disaster for whites, but also for blacks.......she would institute new rules to replace its “white” culture. Gone would be a culture that stressed punctuality, strict rules regarding English grammar and language, and merit as measured by written tests for promotions. This is about power, not improving national security. Guaranteed, white government employees would find this new regime oppressive, just as Zakiya Carr Johnson finds the current atmosphere oppressive. This would be a revolution.  

The number one problem for blacks in America is other blacks. Not whites, not discrimination, not past history, it’s black attitudes and liberal solutions that excuse a lack personal responsibility.

When black kids abuse other black kids who are doing well in school as “acting white” you have to ask: Where did they get that from? Their parents? Their culture? Those who profess to be black leaders?  America's major cities are almost exclusively being run by blacks, and they're all far left wing racists, and guess what?  These cities have been turned into economic disasters and crime ridden sewers.  

Andrea Widburg ran this piece on April 21, 2024, A wheelchair-bound girl is beaten, and we need to talk about it, and this video is really disturbing showing the merciless beating of a poor young black crippled wheelchair bound girl being beaten, and done so by other black girls.  

Name one nation anywhere on the planet that's controlled by blacks where this is any different.   

"Today South Africa experiences high levels of poverty, crime and many vital public services barely work."

Since 1950 there have been 492 coups, some successful, some not.  But 220 of those were carried out in Africa. There are 54 nations in Africa, and 45 of them have had coups in that time period.  Of those coups that are successful; most of them only hold power for less than seven years. 

For good or ill, I've always seen the world a little differently than everyone else. In 1960 I was 14 and worried about the oil crisis. It didn't happen for another 13 years.   I've watched America's race issue play out from the late 50's and it was clear the "coloreds" were treated badly, and contrary to most white thinking at that time, I agreed that was wrong, and needed to be fixed.  Then "negroes" organized to bring about fair treatment.  After that "blacks" demanded preferred treatment!  They were followed by "African Americans" who demanded the power to control everything based on race, or else!  Demanding "compensation" in one form or another because they had ancestors who were slaves.  Okay, then lets start with the Africans and Arabs who enslaved their ancestors in the first place.  

Approximately 620,000 young white men lost their lives in the Civil War to end slavery in America.  A massively high price which no other nation in the world throughout all of human history has ever paid to end injustice!  Certainly not the African nations that did the actual enslaving, nor the Arab nations that thrived on the slave trade, which is still going on in Africa.  And they're demanding "compensation" from people who are descendants of people who never owned slaves, and whose ancestors weren't even in America when there were slaves. 

The "race industrial complex" is a fraudulent scam to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion,  is irrational!  It's leftist philosophy without form, acceptance without accomplishment, and incompetence without consequence, and it's destroying America, along with western civilization.  Over recent years we've seen constants that are in my view, bizarre!  Academic standards are a joke.  Scholarly integrity is a blatant falsehood.  Scientific integrity has been bought with government grant money.  The left destroyed all that and replaced it with corruption of thought.  

The story is a sad commentary on the cultural degradation that's destroying America, and the left, the race hustlers, and the Democrats own it all, and I think the vast majority of people could care less what these leftist misfits think or say.   The time when academia, the media, and leftists bureaucrats will pay for its folly is coming, and not from the right.  There are no boundaries on the left, and soon it will be impossible for these nitwits to be able to satisfy the  demands of the next level of leftist maniacs.  Violent leftist maniacs. 

What's holding it all together is the economy, and if things continue as they are, that's going to tank. If or when that happens it seems clear to me we'll come to a "them or us" civil explosion. Then decent people on both sides will be forced to choose, and based on historical precedent, when a society falls apart in that manner, there will be no mercy, as it's always the most radical who lead the mayhem, and I'm not optimistic.