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Tuesday, February 28, 2023

P&D Today

Fixing Education in America is Job One

De Omnibus Dubitandum

By Rich Kozlovich 

Dilbert, RIP?

There's an awful lot today, and I've been on a roll with three commentaries of my own.  But the one thing all this has in common is America is in crisis.  We're seeing how the Democrats, especially starting during Obama's term, have done everything possible to destroy harmonious race relations in America turning it into a violent out of control excuse for criminal behavior, and anyone who says that is a racist and must be punished.   Truth notwithstanding.   Just like math, truth is racist, but in these days, All Things Great and Small ....... Are Racist!

The Link I've highlighted is a post everyone needs to read and My Take on it was:

What does a nation do when those who've been empowered to enforce the nations laws, are breaking those laws, and doing it with complete knowledge and understanding of what they're doing? This is a long and complicated read, but a necessary one.  When anything gets this complicated, and there's a secret government/private enterprise mix, it's probably criminal.  And it appears this not only involved criminal activity by the bureaucracy, but also elected officials.  I can't see how this isn't a clear RICO violation, but it's worse than just criminal. It's treason, or at the very least a conspiracy to commit treason.  

We're facing  criminal conspiracies involving the federal government and private enterprise on such a scale, and so destructive, it boggles the mind.  I was involved in my industry's affairs for over 25 years and worked with some spectacularly talented people, all of whom would laugh when I used to say, "Everything is a conspiracy".  It became a standing joke among us, good humor among friends, but, no one's laughing any longer.  So, why did I believe "everything is a conspiracy" for so many years?  I read a history book occasionally, and there's nothing new under the sun.


  1. It’s Because of Their Mothers By Mychal Massie
  2. January Sixth Video Tapes Will Be America's J'Accuse! By Rich Kozlovich
  3. The Founding Fathers Greatest Error? Lifetime Appointments to the Federal Judiciary! By Rich Kozlovich
  4. Forgiveness For Covid Tyrants? Not in This Lifetime! Part III By Rich Kozlovich
  5. Don't Believe The Geniuses Claiming To Know Our Energy Future By Francis Menton


  1. Election Integrity and the Wrath of Khan
  2. Meet The Partisans Who Wove The Censorship Complex’s Vast And Tangled Web
  3. Surprise: More Right-Wing 'Conspiracies' and 'Misinformation' Being Confirmed by Factual Evidence
  4. More Government = More Corruption
  5. Deficit Spending and Inflation
  6. Writers of the World, Denounce! Progressive activists repeat the sins of the past
  7. What's behind the push for electric vehicles?
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Election Integrity and the Wrath of Khan

Do we want fair and honest elections, or do we want a system where the best cheater wins? We are the people, and it is time to make our voices heard. 

By ——-February 28, 2023

On February 16, the sheriff of San Joaquin County in central California arrested Lodi City Councilman Shakir Khan on charges of election fraud, among others. Interested parties can watch a comprehensive press conference on the arrest and how it came to be. This arrest is probably the first in decades, if ever, of a case showing systemic manipulation of our election systems to successfully affect the outcome of an election.

The sheriff proved beyond a shadow of doubt just how insecure our election systems are. A single individual taking advantage of our flawed systems added a large number of fake voters to the voter rolls, received ballots for those "voters", and then returned dozens, if not hundreds of fake ballots and had them accepted and counted in a recent election.........To Read More...

Meet The Partisans Who Wove The Censorship Complex’s Vast And Tangled Web

Author Margot Cleveland profile By Margot Cleveland February 28, 2023

While federal funding is not solely responsible for the rapid expansion of the Censorship Complex, it is the most troubling because our government is using our money to censor our speech. 

While the “Twitter Files” and the Washington Examiner’s coverage of the Global Disinformation Index have revealed an expansive Censorship Complex that seeks to silence Americans for money, politics, ideology, and power, much still needs to be unraveled.

A search of government contracts and grants for the eight fiscal years from 2016 through today for the keywords “misinformation” or “disinformation” reveals 538 federal government grants and 36 contracts were awarded to a wide range of academic institutions and non-governmental organizations..............To Read More.....

My Take-  What does a nation do when those who've been empowered to enforce the nations laws, are breaking those laws, and doing it with complete knowledge and understanding of what they're doing?

This is a long and complicated read, but a necessary one.  When anything gets this complicated, and there's a secret government/private enterprise mix, it's probably criminal.  And it appears this not only involved criminal activity by the bureaucracy, but also elected officials.  I can't see how this isn't a clear RICO violation, but it's worse than just criminal. It's treason, or at the very least a conspiracy to commit treason. 

It’s Because of Their Mothers

By Mychal Massie February 27, 2023 @ Daily Rant

America has become the epicenter of denial for the behavior of those who embrace the falsity of there being such a thing as skin colors that are either excusable or accusable for all ills, depending upon, which side of the system of belief you subscribe to.

A video a six-foot-six-inch, 270-pound student savagely beating a female teacher even after he had beat her into unconsciousness emerged just a few days ago.  A horrific video of two boys beating an 9-year-old little girl on a school bus, while neither the two adults on the bus, the bus driver nor another student lifted a finger to help the small child.  There are animalistic young men traveling in what amounts to wolf packs walking up to vulnerable person(s) – smashing them in the face with all of their might in an effort to knock them out.  Points and bragging rights were awarded to the person(s) who succeeded with just one punch.  Videos of a pack of school children beating and kicking a defenseless little boy are beyond sickening.  And let’s not omit the bi-pedal animal who walked up to barely ambulatory elderly gentleman and clubbed him as hard as possible in the face with his fist.  I could fill a novella with examples of attacks like this.

But, the question that begs an answer is why are these hoodlums with supposed to be African names that not even real Africans use (my Christian friend in Nigeria is named Roger for example); not “Apsolusa Mpoo-poo Du Dew Jones” – sarcasm absolutely intended.

I’ve concluded that the rage exhibited by these young men is directly attributable to the bitterness, rage and hatred their mothers act out and verbalize every day.  I’ve seen, as have many of you, videos of these women behaving like animals in the jungles their so-called people supposedly come from.

Their mothers transmit such rage and aggressive hatred because of the life they live. There are emotional and mental consequences for the over 21 million women, for whom being a crayon color is more important than embracing modernity.  Bitterness becomes a way of life when they see two or three of the daddies of their children riding around in car, when they’re forced to take a bus or subway.  Living in squalor amidst never declining levels of crime takes a toll, especially if they’re honest enough to realize they could have made something better out of their lives.  Poor hygiene, squalid living conditions, nothing to look forward to that remotely resembles success generation after generation, engenders hopelessness and bitterness that metastasizes into rage that must be vented.

These young men and young boys grow up watching and hearing their mothers endless rage-filled outbursts. You don’t just shrug off the rage these young men see and experience every day.  The same goes for the young girls as they’re growing up.  Even in quasi-clean neighborhoods the reality is the same when it comes to hopelessness of life.

We need not be students of Aristotelian mimesis to understand their behavior is the reality of their lives, which simply stated is ‘pain.’

In an April 1, 2014 article titled: “Unladylike Black Girls Isn’t A Cultural Norm,” I quoted Monique Morris, co-founder of the National Black Women’s Justice Institute, in Oakland CA., dismissing accountability for these female children.  Morris said: “Black girls are getting into trouble at school for just being who they have to be.”  HAVE TO BE?  Are you kidding me?

Morris continued:  

“The majority of black girls who have been suspended got kicked out for being loud, even if they weren’t being disrespectful.  It’s cultural for black girls to speak up, and they’re going to fight back if something is wrong.”  

Such a comment that denies the truth of reality exemplifies how far these people are willing to go to avoid personal responsibility.

In a June, 2017, syndicated piece, I wrote that the poor impulse control in the classroom by these young girls was being assuaged by claiming the girls were being stereotyped.

Trying to make bad behavior a cultural norm is not a corrective step.  It’s not stereotyping when they are: 

“aggressive, promiscuous and defiant. … [as I wrote at the time] Black girls are 6.1 times more likely to be expelled from school than white girls.  To make matters worse, they are 2.5 times more to be expelled without educational services.”

I say, if they behaved themselves and acted like human beings they would be able to fully use the classroom resources.  Even so, why are they not encouraged to utilize the public library?  Or, is that kind of behavior culturally unacceptable, because it carries a connotation of personal responsibility.

Hiding behind immature excuses, rejecting modernity and acting as though there were no consequences for reckless abandon is simply the answer to how can a person best underachieve and reduce all hope of self-advancement?

I further argue that the rage embodied and exhibited by these women is nothing short of demonic and only a fool would argue to the contrary.

When a child, especially a male child, grows up without a father they take on the qualities and characteristics of the environment around them.  This isn’t rocket science.  The young men model what they see and emote the disregard for life from abortion to no respect for life to fathering children out of wedlock, continuing generational absence of propriety and responsible behavior.

Mychal Massie

About the Author

Mychal Massie

Mychal S. Massie is an ordained minister who spent 13 years in full-time Christian Ministry. Today he serves as founder and Chairman of the Racial Policy Center (RPC), a think tank he officially founded in September 2015. RPC advocates for a colorblind society. He was founder and president of the non-profit “In His Name Ministries.” He is the former National Chairman of a conservative Capitol Hill think tank; and a former member of the think tank National Center for Public Policy Research. Read entire bio here

Writers of the World, Denounce! Progressive activists repeat the sins of the past

James Kirchick February 21, 2023

Perhaps the most enduring of communism’s many ignominious contributions to Western intellectual life is the collective letter of denunciation.

In 1958, after the writer Boris Pasternak won the Nobel Prize in literature, the presidium of the Union of Soviet Writers voted unanimously to expel him in a move that was reported on the front page of The New York Times. According to this governmentally controlled body, the author of Dr. Zhivago had committed “treason with regard to the Soviet people, the cause of socialism, peace, and progress paid for by a Nobel Prize in order to intensify the Cold War.” Articles in Literaturnaya Gazeta, an official organ of the union, denounced the Jewish author as a “Judas” and likened him to a “snake” that had emerged from the “poetical dungwaters of lyrical manure.”

In 1969, the union expelled another author whose work challenged the Soviet regime, Aleksander Solzhenitsyn, for “antisocial behavior.” The following year, Solzhenitsyn, like Pasternak before him, won the Nobel. In an angry statement, also reported on the front page of the Times, the union decried how “works by this writer that were illegally taken abroad and published there have long been used by Western reactionary circles for anti-Soviet aims.”

In 1973, an open letter signed by 40 members of the Soviet Academy of Sciences denounced the physicist Andrei Sakharov for his criticisms of Kremlin human rights abuses, which, they alleged, had found favor with “the most reactionary imperialist circles” abroad. Sakharov, too, won the Nobel Prize (for peace) two years later, only for 72 members of the academy—a full third of its membership—to sign a florid statement declaring that the award was “of an unworthy and provocatory nature and is blasphemy against the noble ideals cherished by us all of humanism, peace, justice, and friendship between peoples of all countries.”.........To Read More....

Monday, February 27, 2023

January Sixth Video Tapes Will Be America's J'Accuse!

By Rich Kozlovich

America is facing an existential crisis where insanity is now lauded as greatness, and that "greatness" has so many names. The Great Reset, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Social Justice, Racial Justice, Environmental Justice, Economic Justice, and more, all of which are destructive to the world's economy and social structure.

The natural function of the human mind is to see patterns, and the patterns of life keep repeating over and over again.  But if we never read a history book, how can we possibly see those patterns?  History is everything, because truth and time are on the same side.

So, let me ask.  How many know who Alfred Dreyfus was?  His story is compelling and profound. He was a loyal competent French army officer who in 1894 was falsely accused of treason, tried and convicted. Here's the story.

Emile Zola, a famous and well respected French writer, who had to leave France after publishing J'Accuse!, railed against the outrage perpetrated by the French government in a show trial where Dreyfus was found guilty of treason and sentenced to life imprisonment (a predetermined sentence) to Devils Island (one of the most horrible prisons in history) largely based on secret testimony from other officers and of handwriting experts of a document that clearly wasn't written by Dreyfus.  Yet they managed to come up with assertions this "lack of resemblance between Dreyfus' writing and that of the bordereau was proof of a 'self-forgery,' and prepared a fantastically detailed diagram to demonstrate that this was so."

Later, a general staff officer, Lt Colonel Picquart, found evidence the treason was committed by another officer, Major Ferdinand Walsin Esterhazy.  He was warned by generals to conceal this information, which he refused to do, and was punished by his superiors and even accused of forging the information that showed Dreyfus innocent and Esterhazy guilty.  Yet, it was clear who the traitor really was, but in order to protect this traitor they had to make sure the Dreyfus conviction remained:

"Major Hubert-Joseph Henry forged documents that made it seem as if Dreyfus were guilty, and Picquart was reassigned to duty in Africa. However, Picquart's findings were communicated by his lawyer to Senator Auguste Scheurer-Kestner, who took up the case, at first discreetly and then increasingly publicly. Meanwhile, further evidence was brought forward by Dreyfus's family and Esterhazy's estranged family and creditors. Under pressure, the general staff arranged for a closed court-martial to be held on 10–11 January 1898, at which Esterhazy was tried in camera and acquitted, and Picquart was detained on charges of violation of professional secrecy."

The uptake of all this is the French elite rigged the trials of both the innocent man Dreyfus, the guilty man Esterhazy, and a man of courage and integrity, Picquart.  All in order to get the verdicts they wanted.  In reality, the only thing Dreyfus was guilty of was being Jewish, and the only thing Picquart was guilty of was putting honor, truth and justice ahead of going along to get along.  Everyone else involved in this whole affair were criminals, including the judiciary.

So, why is this important?  

This is the pattern we're seeing as we watch the Congress, the American judiciary, the FBI, the Department of Justice twist reality and truth to get the outcomes they're wanting for the January Sixth prisoners and those convicted of crimes they never committed.  As the tapes become public, this will become the America's J'Accuse!, and as the new committee dealing with this exposes the lies, corruption and what I can only call outright treason over this January Sixth affair, this will be America's Dreyfus Affair.

This is a far bigger disgrace than what the French government did to Dreyfus, because this is America, and is far bigger and more far reaching to the destruction of the rule of law.  These government agents need to be accused of the crimes they've committed, tried for those crimes, and punished for those crimes, and the departments and agencies behind all this need to be purged.  J'Accuse!


The Founding Fathers Greatest Error? Lifetime Appointments to the Federal Judiciary!

By Rich Kozlovich

How many Founding Fathers were there?  There were 115 Founding Fathers.  Shocked me also.  I ask this because I read the article, by Andrea Widburg, Biden is establishing radical leftist, anti-Constitution control over the federal judiciary, and commented on the need for a 28th Amendment, and listed what should be in it saying:

It's time to fix the one really big error made by the Founding Fathers, lifetime tenure of the federal judiciary. It's time to pass a 28th Amendment creating age and term limits for the federal judiciary, and if possible, all federally elected officials. If we can't have both, at least get age and term limits for the federal judiciary.

There are three levels of the federal judiciary- the District level, the Appeals level and the Supreme Court. Each level should have a ten year limit with a review after five years requiring a majority approval by the Senate. At each level each nominee would have to go through the same process, even if nominated to a higher court before they finish their term in a lower court. If their term runs out and they’re not nominated to a higher court they may be nominated at some point in the future.

No jurist can return to a lower court if their term runs its course at a higher level, and no jurist can ever be appointed to a court if their nomination to any court has ever been rejected by the Senate. No jurist may serve after the age of seventy. And make 9 Justices a Constitutionally fixed number to avoid the kind of court packing Joe Biden and the Democrats are attempting to do.

Pass this 28th Amendment, repeal the 16th and 17th Amendments, and everything else will fall into place.

A reader came back saying:  

It wasn't really an error when average lifespan was less than 40.

Well, depending on the situation, I'm not impressed with average lifespan arguments because average lifespan is misleading.  Well up into the 20th century Child mortality was high. My grandmother had seven children and two died before the age of three from pneumonia.  So while he was right about the "average" lifespan, normally, the lifespan was, and is, the "Biblical four score and ten", and a lot of people lived that long. However, as I said, his argument intrigued me so I took some time to find out how long the Founding Fathers lived, all 115 of them.

Many of the Founding Fathers lived long lives, however, two died in their thirties, the youngest 30 dying at sea.

  • 15 died in their forties. 
  • 24 died in their fifties.
  • 37 died in the sixties,. 
  • 20 died in their seventies.
  • 12 died in the eighties.
  •  4 died in their nineties,  the oldest being 96. 

Their average life span is rounded off at 64. 

  • If you eliminate all those who died in their thirties, forties and fifties, that leaves 74 Founding Fathers with an average life span of 73. 
  • If you eliminate those who died in their sixties, that leaves 37 with an average lifespan rounded off at 77.  
  • If you eliminate those who died in their seventies, that leaves 16 with a rounded off lifespan of 86. 

As I said, his argument intrigued me, however, in none of the arguments presented in the Continental Congress for or against lifetime appointments, was life span ever bought up. The argument was all about unbridled power.  

That was the argument.  That was the issue, and it was fought vigorously, and the arguments used by those who fought against lifetime appointments were absolutely prescient.    It's time to put age and term limits on the federal judiciary. 

What's behind the push for electric vehicles?

February 27, 2023 By Jeffrey Wright

The modern internal combustion engine is an engineering marvel.  These power plants run incredibly clean. According to the EPA, overall gasoline car tailpipe emissions are now about 98% - 99% less than for cars in the 1960s.  Many current gas-powered cars get well over 35 miles per gallon and have highway ranges of over 500 miles.  Refueling takes five minutes and there are 115,000 gasoline stations in the U.S.

So why the huge push by the U.S. government to convert to electric vehicles?  It is curious given that EVs are actually inferior to gas vehicles for most uses. (Perhaps a case could be made for hybrid vehicles in short-range, high-density urban settings).  Also, beyond vehicle performance, there are other serious negative side effects of this EV conversion.  To recap, here are some of the problems with widespread conversion to EVs:  Environmental Damage..........Rare Earth Mineral Mining Problems ......... Performance Shortfalls.....More Expensive to Purchase..............Dangerously Heavy ............Stress on the Grid..................To Read More......

  • Charging Woes Plague Electric Vehicle Owners as Biden Administration Seeks to Expand Network of Stations, Michael Foster - White House announced a series of executive actions this month to create a national charging network for electric vehicles, even as EV owners and reviewers have continued to note short travel ranges, long charging times, and difficulty finding charging stations. A February 15 White House press release indicated that Tesla Motors will “open a portion of its U.S. Supercharger and Destination Charger network to non-Tesla EVs, making at least 7,500 chargers available for all EVs by the end of 2024,” including at “least 3,500 new and existing 250 kW Superchargers along highway corridors.”...........

Deficit Spending and Inflation

February 26, 2023 by Dan Mitchell

In this segment from a December interview, I explain that budget deficits are most likely to produce inflation in countries with untrustworthy governments.*

The simple message is that budget deficits are not necessarily inflationary. It depends how budget deficits are financed. If a government finances its budget deficits by selling bonds to private savers and investors, there is no reason to expect inflation.  But if a government finances its budget deficits by having its central bank create money, there is every reason to expect inflation. So why would politicians ever choose the second option? 

For the simple reason that private savers and investors are reluctant to buy bonds from some governments. And if those politicians can’t get more money by borrowing, and they also have trouble collecting more tax revenue, then printing money (figuratively speaking) is their only option (they could restrain government spending, but that’s the least-preferred option for most politicians). Let’s look at two real-world examples............To Read More....

Democrats and Republicans Are Both Deluded About the Nation’s Fiscal Outlook, By James C. Capretta February 24, 2023 - The competing budgetary myths of Democrats and Republicans are two sides of the same coin. Both want to be seen as defenders of the middle class, and so they pledge to restrain deficits and debt without imposing any costs on families of average means. To hit spending and revenue targets, they contend that sacrifice is only required by less favored constituencies, although they differ on who should be on the receiving end of this concentrated fiscal pain. The problem for both is that, with the budget outlook deteriorating rapidly, their tales are becoming more implausible by the day. Voters may not mind in the short run, but eventually, reality will catch up. At that point, it will become clear that both parties have been peddling wishful thinking instead of serious plans because a sustainable fiscal course correction will require new policies that affect large numbers of Americans...............

Surprise: More Right-Wing 'Conspiracies' and 'Misinformation' Being Confirmed by Factual Evidence

Guy Benson Guy Benson  February 27, 2023

Let's begin with the important point that dangerous misinformation and conspiracy theories are, in fact, real problems that seem to be gaining momentum in American politics.  The Left flatters itself by pretending this phenomenon is, more or less, the sole or overwhelming province of the Right, all while indulging or embracing their own falsehoods.  

But these things do exist, on both sides, and they really do threaten to warp our collective sense of reality by injecting poisonous forms of paranoia into our discourse and polity.  But here's what also erodes trust in institutions, and degrades the importance of truth, within American society: Partisans and ideologues, posing as neutral arbiters, arrogantly declaring ideas or allegations with which they disagree to be "misinformation" and "conspiracy theories" -- not just debatable or controversial, mind you, but factually wrong, and dangerously so.  This goes beyond dishonesty; it's irresponsible...........To Read More.....

Forgiveness For Covid Tyrants? Not in This Lifetime! Part III

By Rich Kozlovich 

I've had an interesting life, and like most people it hasn't always been good and it hasn't always been bad, but it's been interesting, because I've had the privilege of knowing a great many interesting people.  Some were prominent, some not so prominent and some just regular people who were interesting in many ways, but they were all good people that enriched my life and views of reality.  

I was a member of the structural pest control industry for forty years, and was prominent in my industry's affairs, but I don't care how smart you are, how well read you may be, or how much experience in life you may have, we all need mentors.  We need the balancing effect of other people's personalities in our lives.  I made a point of having mentors.  They help us avoid stupid in our lives.  But people being people, I've nonetheless, over the course of my life, did my share of stupid things.  So, I tried to pay attention to all those stupid things in order avoiding doing them over again.  

But we're not alone in stupidity.  A lot of people do a lot of stupid things, so, I've also tried to pay attention to the stupid things others have done in order to avoid making the mistakes they made.  But are the stupid things people do in their lives done because they're stupid, or just ignorant?  Or perhaps it's something worse?  We'll come back to that.

But there's a difference between stupid and ignorant.  Ignorant means we simply don't know, and that's fixable by learning, so the goal is to fix our level of ignorance as much as possible by learning.  But we will never stop being ignorant, because there's just so much out there we will never know.  We just can't absorb it all, so we need to focus.

Stupid can't be fixed, so that ends that line of discussion.  

I've been an avid reader all of my adult life, and I love reading history books, some of which is drudgery because there are some really fantastic historians out there who just aren't great story tellers.  But if you don't read them, you just can't get the information necessary to get the correct understanding.   Even then, if you read all there is on a subject I keep finding there's one pattern that keeps reoccurring. 

Ideology overrides intelligence, facts and common sense.  It's absolutely true that ideology makes smart people dumb.

The natural function of the human mind is to find patterns.  For me, my focus has always been on why people do what they do.  So, the greatest fix for my ignorance came from history books.  The patterns of life keep repeating over and over again, and history books expose us to those patterns.  There really isn't anything new under the sun, but we must be willing to see them. And that's the problem.  

We'll come back to that.

In my younger years I read history with little concern about dates.  I wanted to know why people did the things they did, so, I thought it didn't matter when they did it?  The more I read the more I realized how important dates were to understanding what they did, why they did what they did, and to whom.  Time frames had a lot to do with all of that, and so I paid much closer attention.  

Okay, so, where's all this going you ask?  We're getting there.  

We've discussed stupid, we've discussed ignorance, well, what's worse?  How about corruption?  Let's start with this quote:

“Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men, even when they exercise influence and not authority; still more when you superadd the tendency of the certainty of corruption by authority.” Lord Acton

Why is that?  I think this quote from Frank Herbert, who wrote the Dune series of books, actually gives us part of the answer as to why power corrupts, and not just the corruptible, but those already corrupt.

"All government suffer a recurring problem:  Power attracts pathological personalities.  It is not that power corrupt but this it is a magnet to the corruptible."    

But there must be good and incorruptible people who are drawn to government?  There are!  So what goes wrong?  I think I have the rest of the answer.


The longer good people remain in powerful positions it dilutes their courage and character.  Let's not delude ourselves.  When someone is in power they will have to make decisions they don't like or agree with because effective government requires a degree of compromise, and although they may be small compromises, all those small compromises become a large burden on their character that dilutes their level of incorruptibility, and that's true of the best of us.  

As time goes by some degree of corruption of good and honest leaders is inevitable.  That's why we need term limits for those who govern and judge. 

Many years ago a friend told me of a minister who asked his congregation if sin was fun.  And of course everyone went out of their way to proclaim how it wasn't.  He smiled and said, "Of course sin is fun! If it wasn't fun so many people wouldn't be doing it."  That's called clarity!  We must define reality properly if we're to deal with it, otherwise we're incapable of navigating a correct course.  

Definition leads to clarity and understanding, after that, we have a clearer vision for setting the correct course needed to be taken because understanding gives us a destination.  Even if course corrections are needed, the destination, or goal if you will, is still fixed.

  • From the beginning of this "pandemic" I've taken the position the data predictions were false and based on computer modeling.  That was true.  
  • I've taken the position all these mortality rates they presented were lies.  They were.  
  • I took the position social distancing, lockdowns, and masks were not only absolutely unnecessary but damaging to society. They were.  
  • While not being opposed to these "vaccines" originally, I took the position these vaccination mandates were unnecessary as naturally acquired herd immunity was more effective.  That was true. 
  • Although I've been a pro vaccination guy all of my life defending vaccines, we learned these were not legitimate vaccines, as they failed to immunize people and didn't prevent transmission.
  • These false vaccines are gene altering chemical compounds that made those who took them more receptive to these viruses.  More importantly, they were seriously detrimental to the health of those who took them.  

These "leaders" took stands that are killing people. We're now we're seeing people, healthy people, dropping dead all over the world as a result, and these people in powerful positions are still demanding mandates, and they not only lied about alternative treatments, they prevented others from talking about them through censorship and even threats of losing their jobs, their license to practice medicine and even being criminally charged.

They were not ignorant, and they're not stupid, and why they did what they did will be for history to unravel, but what they did we now know absolutely qualifies as criminal.  That makes them corrupt. 

These people must be exposed and charged with crimes against humanity, or at the very least, depraved indifference.  Are we going to see that happen?  We can only hope. 

There must never be any amnesty for Fauci, the man who claimed he can defend everything he's said and done, and then demonstrated that when testifying ‘I don’t recall’ 174 times.  And that includes the rest of his corrupt cabal, including medical institutions, and practitioners, big pharma, elected government officials, and the deep state bureaucrats.   

Any previous protections Congress has passed for these people must be revoked, then let truth, justice and the American way expose the criminal realty they've perpetrated on humanity.

How long has the truth been available to everyone?  As my readers know I save articles on every issue that confronts mankind, and this one is one of the worst.  

The articles listed below substantiate everything I've said here, and everything I've said in the past, and some of them go back to 2021, so everyone needs to ask all these criminals:

"How could you not have known the truth?  If you did know the truth, when did you know it? And if you knew the truth, why didn't you proclaim it?"

As for my former science friends who took umbrage with my views.  Get over it! No Covid Amnesty!  Ever!

No Amnesty In This Lifetime!!

  1. Forgiving the Medically Brainwashed in the Post-COVID Era 
  2. The Pandemic Tyrants Don't Deserve Forgiveness 
  3. Granting ‘pandemic amnesty’ would be like opening Pandora’s Box
  4.  Seeking Justice for Covid Crimes
  5. COVID Amnesty? How About Unconditional Surrender?
  6. Amnesty for COVID Fascists? GO TO HELL.
  7. Declaring a pandemic amnesty would be like forgiving the Holocaust
  8. The Merits of Pandemic Amnesty
  9. Now the Disgraced COVID 'Experts' Want 'Amnesty'? 
  10. Moms for Liberty: ‘No Amnesty for the People That Committed Crimes Against Children’
  11. There Should Be No Covid Amnesty
  12. Pfizer Bribed Nigerian Officials in Fatal Drug Trial, Ex-Employee Claims - CBS News
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Adverse Vaccination Reactions

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Censorship, Tyranny, Insanity
  1. Top White House COVID Adviser Finally Reveals the Truth: ‘There’s No Study in the World That Show Masks Work That Well’
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Science Can't be Trusted

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The Unvaccinated and Unmandated

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  4. A tale of two countries – one with C19 deaths of 3,272 per million people, the other just 15 (hint: the US is one of the two countries 
  5. C19 Summary data for the 21 countries with populations of more than 68 million (