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Monday, February 27, 2023

The Solution to Ballot Fraud

February 27, 2023 By Jay Valentine

The irresistible force is mail-in ballots, nonexistent signature verification, phantom voter rolls, a feckless Republican Party, Republican governors donating tax money to a George Soros–funded entity to clean voter rolls — election commissions changing ZIP codes so mail-in ballots stack up — courts refusing to remove dead people from voter rolls unless they miss two consecutive elections, and a Republican presidential candidate who thinks he can win with ballot-harvesting.

What could go wrong in 2024?

In 2000, the national realization was that election fraud is industrial-scale, committed by election commissions or with their acquiescence.  It is a sovereign crime. The 2020 realization is that voter integrity teams cannot remove phantoms from voter rolls — even with death certificates.  This irresistible force will not dissipate.  Wisconsin advanced the state-of-the-scam to further flood voter rolls with anyone claiming existence.  Forty years of Republican acquiescence and temerity brought us here — the end of free and fair elections.  Election fraud is baked into every state's voter rolls — protected by government. This week, we demonstrated a solution......Now we are demonstrating the power of Fractal analysis....... Visibility to evil drives social change.   It's our turn!.....To Read More.....

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