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Friday, February 24, 2023

What's the End Game? How Much Will it Cost? How Does This Benefit America?

By Rich Kozlovich

Over this last week I've been reading an amazing amount of analysis of what Putin called a Special Military Operation, but most of it is from paid subscription sites.  This Special Military Operation, is now a war, a real war, undeclared war, and it's a mess.

We have one participant, the Russian Federation, which isn't really a national state, or stable.  There's no singular national identity, language, or ethnicity, facing international condemnation and economic sanctions for their undeclared  and unwarranted war on Ukraine.  A federation filled with a stunningly corrupt and murderous ruling elite repressing anything or anyone who has the courage to stand up to them.  

It's a mess, and my readers know I wouldn't spend ten cents or one drop of American blood to save Ukraine, and it's stunningly corrupt government, which has been lining the pockets of the Biden Crime Family for years.   The Ukrainians knew this was coming, but instead of arming themselves, and letting the world know they were ready, they corruptly filled their own coffers, and are now begging the rest of the world to fund them.  This is a European problem.  This is a Ukrainian problem.  All of which is a problem of their own making.   They're responsible, and let them fix it or not.  

At any rate, below are articles I think ask foundational questions that can't be answered honestly by the Biden administration, or the Uniparty hawks.

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