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Monday, February 27, 2023

The Need For a 28th Amendment Becomes More and More Apparent!

By Rich Kozlovich

I think we need to thank Joe Biden.  Really, I do!  And the reason why is he's nominating people for important federal positions and the federal judiciary that are absolutely unqualified, and in many cases, to put it kindly, strange, and the Democrats are approving them.  He hired Sam Brinton, and the left thinks you're the problem:

"The rest of us all wondered what kind of vetting process was involved when this person was identified as the most qualified individual to oversee America's nuclear policies.  "BIGOT!" they screamed at us when we gave the natural side-eye to this obviously disturbed individual."

That's why we need to thank Ole Joe because it's now clear and obvious, even to the most casual observer, the only people more dangerous to America than the Russians, Iranians and the Chinese, are the American left, and Ole Joe's nominees represent the epitome of that failed, irrational, misanthropic and morally defective philosophy of leftism.  But these people can be fired, and when an administration changes, appointed employees are gone.  However, that's not the case for the judiciary. 

I love watching Senators Kennedy, Hawley, Cruz and Blackburn when they question these misfits Biden is nominating for positions in the federal government, and the federal judiciary. They're questioning demonstrates just how corrupt, incompetent and unqualified these people truly are. 

With a few exceptions, most of them aren't very bright or very knowledgeable, and those he's nominating for the federal judiciary are three things.  They are en mass; 1) Radial leftists. 2) Anti-American, and 3) because they're young, they'll be making decisions that are absolutely destructive to the Constitution and the American people for the rest of the lives, and no one can do anything about it because the Founding Fathers foolishly created lifetime appointments for the federal judiciary, with the reasoning lifetime appointments would prevent partisanship, which the members of that Convention battled over.  

The wrong ones won and those who lost were absolutely prescient, as everything they feared has come to pass.

Senator Kennedy asked one nominee if she knew what the Second and Fifth articles of the Constitution were.  She didn’t know.  He asked another nominee to tell him about New York Times v. Sullivan.  He thought it was a first amendment issue, but he didn’t know anything about it otherwise.   

Even the bug man knows what the Second and Fifth Articles of the Constitution are about, and absolutely knows New York Times v. Sullivan was a landmark First Amendment case, and one that needs to be revisited in my opinion.  I've been a structural pest control professional for forty years, with absolutely no formal legal training whatsoever, so you have to ask yourself, if a bug man knows these things how can graduates of law schools, seeking positions in the federal judiciary no less, not know the answers to these questions? 

Finally someone is really stepping up to challenge this insanity.  Rubio Places Hold On Biden Nominee For Allegedly Covering Up Sexual Assault.  

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla) is vowing to stop seven Biden Administration nominees, including one who allegedly ignored sexual assault accusations........Rubio announced on Friday that he is placing a hold on the former mayor of Los Angeles........amid allegations that he covered up a sexual assault committed by a top aide.  The other six nominees Rubio is attempting to stop include a pro-abortion extremist and someone who did legal work for a country where human rights are abortion extremist, someone with no diplomatic or investment experience, and an individual who has supported a policy of engagement with Cuba’s murderous dictatorship. I will not turn a blind eye to these absurd nominations, which will hasten America’s decline,” Rubio said. ..

Biden has been nominating political hacks with either no experience, are radical anti-America leftists, or have been abject failures, just like Buttigieg and  Eric Garcetti, and those who are stunningly strange like Samuel Otis Brinton, and doing so for a good reason.   That's the Democrat party!  

Every judicial nomination Biden makes must be challenged with every legislative tool available to Senators, and they need to start openly attacking the Democrat members of the Judicial Committee, as did Senator Cruz in this video. 

Let's have no doubt about what leftists want.  Total and complete domination of America.  They're destroying any potential for harmony and making tribalism the structure of American culture.  They loath everything that made America great, and are doing everything they can to replace the American culture with Marxist totalitarianism.  

For those who read history books this has been well known and obvious, and it's been going on for over 125 years, but now the public is finally seeing who and what these misfits are, what they're all about, and how dangerous they are to freedom and the continued existence of the Constitution of the United States, the greatest secular document ever produced by man, which America's law schools and the federal judiciary has been undermining for most of the twentieth century.

The need for age and term limits on the federal judiciary has never been more obvious, and we can thank Joe Biden for that.

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