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Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Meet The Partisans Who Wove The Censorship Complex’s Vast And Tangled Web

Author Margot Cleveland profile By Margot Cleveland February 28, 2023

While federal funding is not solely responsible for the rapid expansion of the Censorship Complex, it is the most troubling because our government is using our money to censor our speech. 

While the “Twitter Files” and the Washington Examiner’s coverage of the Global Disinformation Index have revealed an expansive Censorship Complex that seeks to silence Americans for money, politics, ideology, and power, much still needs to be unraveled.

A search of government contracts and grants for the eight fiscal years from 2016 through today for the keywords “misinformation” or “disinformation” reveals 538 federal government grants and 36 contracts were awarded to a wide range of academic institutions and non-governmental organizations..............To Read More.....

My Take-  What does a nation do when those who've been empowered to enforce the nations laws, are breaking those laws, and doing it with complete knowledge and understanding of what they're doing?

This is a long and complicated read, but a necessary one.  When anything gets this complicated, and there's a secret government/private enterprise mix, it's probably criminal.  And it appears this not only involved criminal activity by the bureaucracy, but also elected officials.  I can't see how this isn't a clear RICO violation, but it's worse than just criminal. It's treason, or at the very least a conspiracy to commit treason. 

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