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Wednesday, February 22, 2023

P&D Today

Fixing Education in America is Job One

De Omnibus Dubitandum

By Rich Kozlovich 


It's a really short list today, but I think a good one.  I particularly like Barry Brownstein's commentary on tribalism, which I covered I think quite well in my commentary, America Isn't the World, and The Left Hates America!.  The goal of the left is to tribalize, or Balkanize America, in order to destroy America.  

All this clabber about human compassion for all these migrants is nothing but a smoke screen, hiding the fact they're using our own values against us, in order to destroy us.  The left is like rust.  It never sleeps, and it's an insane mental condition with no moral foundation other than hate, envy, greed, lust and violence.  The left is an unending volcano of hate.

Academia is a cancer that  has been infected going back to the 1920's, so when the Frankfurt School Marxists fled Germany and became ensconced in American Universities they weren't in an isolated and hostile environment.  

While academia was already infected, the contamination was completed during the 60's riots, and anyone who didn't go along actually had to fear for their safety.  And they capitulated.  Never delude yourself into believing all this crap about intellectual integrity and intellectual independence from academics.  With the except of a brave few, they, much like junior officers in the military lack a backbone and the fortitude to be the rock in the current standing against the tide of insanity from superiors or their peers. 

They then all worked to turn public education into an singular movement to make education a tool for leftist propaganda, with teacher's unions at the heart of this.  Another good reason to outlaw public employee unions.  All of which has been supported by an incompetent and corrupt media, which was also infected going back to the 1920's and we know that because of the release of the Venona Intercepts in 1996.  We also know from those intercepts academia, education, Hollywood, the unions, and most importantly, the federal government were all thoroughly infested. 

They and the Chinese Communist Party, that's buying it's way into America's universities and businesses, are doing so in order to spy on America, mold American thinking and steal everything they can get their grubby little hands on.  Stop letting Biden, the left and this Russo/Ukrainian War blindside us.  China is the enemy, and far more dangerous that Russia, and even more dangerous than was the Soviet Union, and the reason why is because American culture is no longer the America of the cold war, and the only enemies more dangerous than the Chinese, are Americans. 

Weaponizing Everything, Including Lawyers and Balloons: China's 1999 Manual for Defeating America

Also, I posted this piece, Meet the ISIS Bride Who Is the BBC’s New Hero and Martyr on the 14th, who was crying to come home.  Well, I didn't think the Brits had it in them.  They said no!

In the meanwhile, enjoy. 




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