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Monday, February 27, 2023

Forgiveness For Covid Tyrants? Not in This Lifetime! Part III

By Rich Kozlovich 

I've had an interesting life, and like most people it hasn't always been good and it hasn't always been bad, but it's been interesting, because I've had the privilege of knowing a great many interesting people.  Some were prominent, some not so prominent and some just regular people who were interesting in many ways, but they were all good people that enriched my life and views of reality.  

I was a member of the structural pest control industry for forty years, and was prominent in my industry's affairs, but I don't care how smart you are, how well read you may be, or how much experience in life you may have, we all need mentors.  We need the balancing effect of other people's personalities in our lives.  I made a point of having mentors.  They help us avoid stupid in our lives.  But people being people, I've nonetheless, over the course of my life, did my share of stupid things.  So, I tried to pay attention to all those stupid things in order avoiding doing them over again.  

But we're not alone in stupidity.  A lot of people do a lot of stupid things, so, I've also tried to pay attention to the stupid things others have done in order to avoid making the mistakes they made.  But are the stupid things people do in their lives done because they're stupid, or just ignorant?  Or perhaps it's something worse?  We'll come back to that.

But there's a difference between stupid and ignorant.  Ignorant means we simply don't know, and that's fixable by learning, so the goal is to fix our level of ignorance as much as possible by learning.  But we will never stop being ignorant, because there's just so much out there we will never know.  We just can't absorb it all, so we need to focus.

Stupid can't be fixed, so that ends that line of discussion.  

I've been an avid reader all of my adult life, and I love reading history books, some of which is drudgery because there are some really fantastic historians out there who just aren't great story tellers.  But if you don't read them, you just can't get the information necessary to get the correct understanding.   Even then, if you read all there is on a subject I keep finding there's one pattern that keeps reoccurring. 

Ideology overrides intelligence, facts and common sense.  It's absolutely true that ideology makes smart people dumb.

The natural function of the human mind is to find patterns.  For me, my focus has always been on why people do what they do.  So, the greatest fix for my ignorance came from history books.  The patterns of life keep repeating over and over again, and history books expose us to those patterns.  There really isn't anything new under the sun, but we must be willing to see them. And that's the problem.  

We'll come back to that.

In my younger years I read history with little concern about dates.  I wanted to know why people did the things they did, so, I thought it didn't matter when they did it?  The more I read the more I realized how important dates were to understanding what they did, why they did what they did, and to whom.  Time frames had a lot to do with all of that, and so I paid much closer attention.  

Okay, so, where's all this going you ask?  We're getting there.  

We've discussed stupid, we've discussed ignorance, well, what's worse?  How about corruption?  Let's start with this quote:

“Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men, even when they exercise influence and not authority; still more when you superadd the tendency of the certainty of corruption by authority.” Lord Acton

Why is that?  I think this quote from Frank Herbert, who wrote the Dune series of books, actually gives us part of the answer as to why power corrupts, and not just the corruptible, but those already corrupt.

"All government suffer a recurring problem:  Power attracts pathological personalities.  It is not that power corrupt but this it is a magnet to the corruptible."    

But there must be good and incorruptible people who are drawn to government?  There are!  So what goes wrong?  I think I have the rest of the answer.


The longer good people remain in powerful positions it dilutes their courage and character.  Let's not delude ourselves.  When someone is in power they will have to make decisions they don't like or agree with because effective government requires a degree of compromise, and although they may be small compromises, all those small compromises become a large burden on their character that dilutes their level of incorruptibility, and that's true of the best of us.  

As time goes by some degree of corruption of good and honest leaders is inevitable.  That's why we need term limits for those who govern and judge. 

Many years ago a friend told me of a minister who asked his congregation if sin was fun.  And of course everyone went out of their way to proclaim how it wasn't.  He smiled and said, "Of course sin is fun! If it wasn't fun so many people wouldn't be doing it."  That's called clarity!  We must define reality properly if we're to deal with it, otherwise we're incapable of navigating a correct course.  

Definition leads to clarity and understanding, after that, we have a clearer vision for setting the correct course needed to be taken because understanding gives us a destination.  Even if course corrections are needed, the destination, or goal if you will, is still fixed.

  • From the beginning of this "pandemic" I've taken the position the data predictions were false and based on computer modeling.  That was true.  
  • I've taken the position all these mortality rates they presented were lies.  They were.  
  • I took the position social distancing, lockdowns, and masks were not only absolutely unnecessary but damaging to society. They were.  
  • While not being opposed to these "vaccines" originally, I took the position these vaccination mandates were unnecessary as naturally acquired herd immunity was more effective.  That was true. 
  • Although I've been a pro vaccination guy all of my life defending vaccines, we learned these were not legitimate vaccines, as they failed to immunize people and didn't prevent transmission.
  • These false vaccines are gene altering chemical compounds that made those who took them more receptive to these viruses.  More importantly, they were seriously detrimental to the health of those who took them.  

These "leaders" took stands that are killing people. We're now we're seeing people, healthy people, dropping dead all over the world as a result, and these people in powerful positions are still demanding mandates, and they not only lied about alternative treatments, they prevented others from talking about them through censorship and even threats of losing their jobs, their license to practice medicine and even being criminally charged.

They were not ignorant, and they're not stupid, and why they did what they did will be for history to unravel, but what they did we now know absolutely qualifies as criminal.  That makes them corrupt. 

These people must be exposed and charged with crimes against humanity, or at the very least, depraved indifference.  Are we going to see that happen?  We can only hope. 

There must never be any amnesty for Fauci, the man who claimed he can defend everything he's said and done, and then demonstrated that when testifying ‘I don’t recall’ 174 times.  And that includes the rest of his corrupt cabal, including medical institutions, and practitioners, big pharma, elected government officials, and the deep state bureaucrats.   

Any previous protections Congress has passed for these people must be revoked, then let truth, justice and the American way expose the criminal realty they've perpetrated on humanity.

How long has the truth been available to everyone?  As my readers know I save articles on every issue that confronts mankind, and this one is one of the worst.  

The articles listed below substantiate everything I've said here, and everything I've said in the past, and some of them go back to 2021, so everyone needs to ask all these criminals:

"How could you not have known the truth?  If you did know the truth, when did you know it? And if you knew the truth, why didn't you proclaim it?"

As for my former science friends who took umbrage with my views.  Get over it! No Covid Amnesty!  Ever!

No Amnesty In This Lifetime!!

  1. Forgiving the Medically Brainwashed in the Post-COVID Era 
  2. The Pandemic Tyrants Don't Deserve Forgiveness 
  3. Granting ‘pandemic amnesty’ would be like opening Pandora’s Box
  4.  Seeking Justice for Covid Crimes
  5. COVID Amnesty? How About Unconditional Surrender?
  6. Amnesty for COVID Fascists? GO TO HELL.
  7. Declaring a pandemic amnesty would be like forgiving the Holocaust
  8. The Merits of Pandemic Amnesty
  9. Now the Disgraced COVID 'Experts' Want 'Amnesty'? 
  10. Moms for Liberty: ‘No Amnesty for the People That Committed Crimes Against Children’
  11. There Should Be No Covid Amnesty
  12. Pfizer Bribed Nigerian Officials in Fatal Drug Trial, Ex-Employee Claims - CBS News
  13. They Knew: Dr. Aseem Malhotra Says WHO Warned of Dozens of Major Adverse Reactions BEFORE the Jabs Were Rolled Out
  14. REPORT: Canadian Doctor Says College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario Suggests Unvaccinated Patients are Mentally Ill and Should be Put on Psychiatric Medication (VIDEO)  
  15. The Lancet bows down to the COVID cult
  16. Alyssa Farah Griffin Brags She Had to Work Behind Trump’s Back to Keep Her Buddies Fauci, Birx on TV
  17. Deborah Birx Openly Admits to Lying About the COVID Vaccines to Manipulate the American People 
  18. The Left Were the Mad Scientists, We Were Their Lab Rats
  19. Conservative Euro MP: No ‘Pandemic Amnesty’ for ‘Freedom Deniers’ and ‘Lockdown Abusers’
  20.  Public Health Officials Turned a Treatable Pandemic Into a Pandumbic
  21.  Vested Commercial Interests’ and ‘Bad Science’ Drove Feds’ Pandemic Response
  22. 39 States Mandated Masks. Now a New Study Shows Masks Don’t Work.

Adverse Vaccination Reactions

  1. Eggs and weather cause blood clots; ‘stroke season’; and ‘sudden cardiac arrest’ forms for high schoolers  
  2. DEMOCRAT PROMISES: Baby-Killing, Satanism & Deadly Vaccines 
  3. Ed Dowd: “I’m 100% Convicted That the Vaccines Are Killing People”
  4. Cause Unknown: The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths
  5. New Poll Shows 34% of Americans Were Somehow Injured by Covid-19 Injections
  6. ABC News Executive Producer Dies Suddenly of a Heart Attack at Age 37
  7. Are you connecting the pandemic dots yet?
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  9. Got a weird COVID-19 symptom? You’re not alone
  10. Conservative Show Host Dori Monson, Who Died Suddenly on New Year’s Eve, Had Adverse Reaction to Covid “Vaccine” Following Second Dose.
  11. VAERS Summary for COVID-19 Vaccines through 10/21/2022 – VAERS Analysis
  12.  Globalist Middle-Managers Are Panicking as the “Vaccine” Narrative Crumble
  13.  As Vaxx-Weakened Immunity Explodes, Expect Three Things From Government to Cover it Up
  14. Top Doctor Details Vaccine Injury, Shakes Australian COVID Regime
  15. Rand Paul: How Many Vaccinated People Still Got Covid? ‘So Many Lies; I Will Hold Fauci Accountable
  16.  Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine Linked to Blood Clotting: FDA
  17.  5-TIME “Vaccinated” CDC Chief Rochelle Walensky Gets Covid AGAIN After Taking Pfizer’s “Anti-Viral” Treatment Paxlovid 
  18. Last October, Author Julie Powell Celebrated The Deaths Of Anti-Vaxxers: Now She’s Dead (Guess What The Cause Is)
  19. New Stats on COVID Deaths Debunk White House Narrative About the Vaccine
  20. Spike Protein Disrupting Immunity in Millions After COVID Infection or Vaccination: Here’s How It’s Being Treated
Censorship, Tyranny, Insanity
  1. Top White House COVID Adviser Finally Reveals the Truth: ‘There’s No Study in the World That Show Masks Work That Well’
  2. The Twitter Files: Rigging the COVID Debate
  3.  The “Vaccine” Itself Is Our Best Convincer in Shifting People From Believing the Narrative to Seeing the Truth
  4.  Emails Show Facebook Suppressed ‘Often True’ Information on Coronavirus Vaccines
  5. Dr. Joseph Mercola: Shocking Lab Investigation of Covid “Vaccines”
  6. ‘America First Legal’ Publishes Litigation Documents Revealing CDC’s Mask Guidance for Schoolchildren was Motivated by Political Polling Rather than Science 
  7.  Behind RVM – Maria Zeee Shares Her Story And How To Use Independent Media To Get The Truth Out (VIDEO)
  8. COVID Communism Has Been Contagious
  9. Hollywood is on their high horse, once again, it’s about the ‘vaccine’
  10. When Government and Big Pharma Use Bully Tactics to Force the Public Into Submission
  11. 'Science' Foundation spends millions to censor 'populist' ideas on social media
  12. Harvard epidemiologist: Major study demolishes case for vaccine passports 
  13. Warning From Ed Dowd: 7,500 Americans Are Killed or Disabled EACH DAY as Jabs Take Heavy Toll
  14. UFC Hall of Famer Dies Suddenly of a Heart Complication at Age 45
  15. Democrats Declared War on Democracy Through COVID Tyranny
  16. COVID Communism Has Been Contagious 
  17. Doctor: Police put me in psych ward for COVID 'misinformation' 'These are really Soviet-style psychiatry methods' 
  18. China: More Deaths by ‘Zero-Covid’ than Coronavirus in 6 Months  
  19. China to Expand Quarantine Camps in Guangzhou by Tens of Thousands of Beds  
  20. China descends into a COVID lockdown hellscape 
  21. Dr. Jay Bhattacharya Laments How Little The Medical Establishment Has Learned From China's Covid Disaster
  22.  Maria Zeee: URGENT! The WHO Is Now Meeting in Secret to Overtake Your Constitution! – Jame 
  23. The Unigovernment 
  24. The Storm is Over

Science Can't be Trusted

  1. BREAKING: FDA Rushed Approval for Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine to Enable Vaccine Mandates
  2. Accelerating the Awakening: “COVID 1984 Was the Best Gift They Could Have Given to Us”
  3. Pfizer CEO ‘surprised’ that ‘they’ suggested mRNA technology in the Covid shot
  4. Pfizer and Moderna to launch study to determine long-term effects of covid-19 vaccines
  5. Why the Unvaccinated Are Concerned About Close Contact With COVID-19 Vaccinate
  6. High-Level FDA Officials Quit Over Biden Administration Meddling
  7. FDA tries to weasel out of ever claiming it told people not to take ivermectin
  8. History of Remdesivir in Timeline - Popular Timelines 
  9. Huge: World Eminent Cardiologist Abdullah Alabdulgader Calls for Suspension of mRNA Jabs 
  10. COVID: Who Was Right?
  11. Finland Exposes Massive Covid Reporting Scandal: Nearly 40% of “Covid Deaths” Were Fraudulent    
  12. Why you can’t trust ‘the science’ about anything anymore 

The Unvaccinated and Unmandated

  1. Early Death Crisis Continues — But Not in Countries That Did Not Heavily Use mRNA Covid Clot Shots
  2. Medical ‘experts’ struggle to explain Africa’s very low Covid vaccination and death rates 
  3. The Question That Terrifies Branch Covidians: Why Has Covid Spared Africa Where Only 6% Are
  4. A tale of two countries – one with C19 deaths of 3,272 per million people, the other just 15 (hint: the US is one of the two countries 
  5. C19 Summary data for the 21 countries with populations of more than 68 million (

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