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Tuesday, February 21, 2023

A trip to Huntsville was an eye-opening experience, but left me with questions

February 19, 2023 By Olivia Murray

After eight years in the barren and brown Tucson desert, I missed the rain and the change of scenery brought by seasonal changes. Plan A was a return to my childhood home, the Portland area of the Pacific Northwest, but that was DOA as it’s been consumed by Marxists with their lawless and degenerate culture. Plan B was a move to the South — I’ve been in Tennessee ever since.

For some context: as long as I can remember, Portland has always had a homeless population; although it was never what it is now. (I kid you not, during a 2021 visit, my brother, who still lives in the area, had to dodge bums as they staggered across the freeway on-ramp as if they were cones on a driving course.) Tucson is no different than the “progressive” Portland — maybe even worse given its proximity to the border — it’s chock-full of drugged-out delinquents. Suffice to say, shoeless zombies and filthy public spaces aren’t a novel sight......... To Read More....

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