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Friday, February 17, 2023

California's Predicted Fiscal Firestorm Has Arrived

By Victoria Taft February 16, 2023 

California’s fiscal wildfire is here. The flames are licking the highest levels of the state capitol in Sacramento. The flames surround the Democrat super majority-run legislature.  Democrats’ profligate spending, greed, and lack of imagination on how to run America’s most populous state have been disastrous. An investment research group says California’s “tax policy is killing the Golden Goose in the Golden State.” And that’s not the only problem............

 If you were trying to ruin a state you couldn’t do better than Governor Gavin Newsom and the Democrats.

Covid waste
Billions lost
Billions misspent
Pricing out middle-income earners
Trains to nowhere
Universal mail-in ballots begging for fraud
Dumb fire policies
Hot and cold running druggies camping on the streets
Teachers who don’t show up
Free stuff for people who broke the law to get here
Letting criminals out of jail/prison
Ordering cops not to do their jobs
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