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Thursday, September 30, 2021

P&D Today

By Rich Kozlovich 

Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

America in Crisis: Here's Where We Are Now!

 Truth is the sublime convergence of history and reality.  Everything we're told has a historical structure and foundation.  Everything we're told should bear some resemblance to what we see going on in reality.  If what's presented to us fails in either of those categories, it's wrong.  All that's left to do is develop the intellectual argument to show why it's wrong.  
By Rich Kozlovich

It's clear America's top three leaders are mentally a mess.  A President that's clearly mentally incapacitated, and Vice President that is brain dead, and a Speaker of the House that's vicious and corrupt, with corruption being a common denominator for all of them.   What one conservative activist called them,  "The Three Stooges".  The big difference?  The Three Stooges were harmless except to themselves. 

Since January they've thrown away our energy independence, promoted insane "Green New Deal" regulations, eliminated any concept of immigration control, created a police state over vaccine mandates, lockdowns, social distancing and masks.  Crime has exploded as a result of their minions within the Democrat party demanding the nation defund our police forces, and in some areas prosecutors refusing to prosecute criminals.  They embrace a total lack of morality with their efforts to promote abortion and make the nation pay for it, not only here, but abroad.  They're corrupting school curriculum, starting with Kindergarten, promoting socialism, racial disharmony and a gay agenda.

Bureaucrats have been out of control for a long time, it will now worsen with the federal government and local governments, as Marc Morano of CFACT points out:
They've done everything in their power to get Americans to help strip all Americans of their Constitutional rights, and this is just the start of what they want.  If they pass their budget they wish to fine companies $700,000 for every employee that's not vaccinated.  Their budget will destroy the work ethic of our young and eventually destroy the nation economically, morally, ethically, militarily and the media, brain dead celebrities, RINO's and all who hate America will applaud and praise them.  

The divisions they've created will not go away easily and I wonder if even an election can fix it, as America is now at war with itself at a foundational existential level, and it all starts with education.  We really need to start a massive program of accurate historical training for our children and the citizenry to end all the false narratives leftists have inculcated in our society.   

The Rising Tide of a World Revolutionary War

by | Sep 26, 2021 |

Following a violent storm sometimes comes a most beautiful rainbow. The rainbow is a symbol of God’s covenant to man, declaring that he will never again destroy nearly all of humanity by a cataclysmic flood. It reassures us that, despite the natural tendency of man towards depravity, God promised He would never again (save Noah’s family) wipe us off planet Earth.

What God did not promise is that man would not cause great harm to his own kind. Indeed, we have seen the rise and fall of many nations, each warring against one another and exploiting the other’s weaknesses, strengths, and resources. Throughout history, we have seen stories of betrayal and deceit, aggression and hate of one kingdom against another, and even families against their own members. Many people interpret the present woes to be “the end times,” not fully understanding the words spoken by God in the Bible regarding the great tribulation, the rise of a final antichrist (yes, already many antichrists have come), and the Second Coming of the Son of Man.

Without delving into a deep and highly controversial theological discussion, let me suggest that more is yet to unfold before the final Day of Judgment when Christ returns to earth. Some events are clearly spelled out as prerequisites to Christ’s return. Other events are related in less-than-clear symbolic language. Whatever position you hold on the “last days,” and even if you don’t accept the authority of Scripture, you will benefit much from observing and interpreting the visible signs of things unfolding in our lives here and across the globe.…............To Read More....


Joe Biden Must be Impeached, While Aftermath Remains Uncertain

America, Awash in Socialist Cretins, Must Roll Up Sleeves for Battle

By —— Bio and Archives--September 29, 2021

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A fiery political advocate or crazed humanistic zealot are unfit for elected office. This explains why both Biden & Pelosi’s self-righteous tenures are pompous failures. Instead, what’s needed is a different kind of personality who appears to be fading away—the Statesman. In considering history’s great leaders, the past is littered with mad partisans utterly convinced they owned the secret blueprint of the universe. 

Instead, all of these prejudiced souls either birthed failed revolutions, or died trying—at enormous cost to their societies. For example, Joe Biden ignored his generals while leaving Afghanistan which will cost perhaps hundreds of thousands of their lives, including Americans. He must be impeached—even if Kamala is untenable. Sadly, if Biden’s impetuous folly proves anything, it’s that he doesn’t care about the suffering or lives of American citizens or allies. Baleful. 

Historic Hallmarks of Tyranny

Around tyranny are certain historic hallmarks. First, the need to relax or abolish the rule of law. Second, an indifference to human suffering or death. Third, the concept that these leaders are “great men” or women, under no rules, given their purity of spirit, and need for freedom. Fourth, that republicanism is too costly, being the kind of government with checks and balances, which cannot be risked. Fifth, that a new way of life on earth is being established that will end all suffering, want, greed, and wars, etc.

But consider how leaders act when they are convinced they’re called to master humanity. Overall, the signal trait of leftist masters is overwhelming incompetence. Consider Joe Stalin, a clinically paranoid man without leadership training, who organized the Great Purge, targeting independent farmers, and his own communist party, resulting in 5 million deaths.

Not to be outdone, equally untrained Chairman Mao’s Great Leap Forward communalized farms, resulting in 40 million deaths. Both leaders murdered their own party officials, and pursued ethnic cleansing, creating terror, torture and murder. But how did either man serve his society? Carl Schmitt, in his Theory of the Partisan, uses Clausewitz’ book Vom Kriege—‘On War’, writing: “Its formula of/for “war as the continuation of politics” is the theory of the partisan in a nutshell. This logic would be taken to its limit by Lenin and Mao Tse-tung…” (summary & book) .........To Read More..... 

More from the Canada Free Press

How Biden and His Supporters Became Three-Time Losers

By Rev. Michael Bresciani

Even though the Gateway Pundit declared that the Arizona audit report was “watered down” – the report was solid enough to sink the Biden ship in at least one state. There are more states now considering re-examining their own 2020 election results.

That is Biden’s first big loss, but forensic audits being sought in other states may be able to totally shift the outcome of the 2020 election.

The loss then, is the very cheating itself, which may say more about Biden’s voters than Biden himself.

Will This Year’s Flu Nudge COVID-19 Off Government & Media Scare Charts?

By Judi McLeod

Will the Common Cold, about to return in the yearly Influenza Season in the northeast,  nudge COVID-19 right off the government and media Scare Charts?

QUESTION: Will cough and sneeze victims of the Common Cold soon be flooding hospitals health authorities tell us are already overwhelmed by COVID victims?

QUESTION: With documented proof available that the PCR (polymerase chain reaction) Test cannot differentiate between COVID, the common cold and flu—HOW IN SAM HILL CAN HOSPITAL STAFF DISTINGUISH WHO HAS COVID AND WHO HAS FLU?

America Quickly Losing its Societal Mind as Absurd Contradictions Signal Certain Death

By Kelly O'Connell

American Greatness: America’s original focus on faith and logic were tied to our greatness, as the foundation of a rational God became core for a linear society, seeking fairness and prosperity. But now every variety of contradiction, neuro-sickness and hypocrisy is extolled by liberals. Their Democrat Party, like an aged grand yacht, sinks aflame as they rage on the decks, dashing to and fro in ecstatic madness, while submerging into oblivion. And as we watch, Joe Biden as a Mad Captain Ahab and Nancy Pelosi as fatally compromised Queen Jezebel encapsulate our plight.

'Let’s 'elect' an old incoherent medical patient as the next president'
By Jon Rappoport

After all, they would need him to sign all sorts of insane executive orders, and no one in his right mind would go along.

If Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Mark Milley, thought Trump was mentally unstable—-forcing him to tell a Chinese official he, Milley, would warn him if the US was about to launch a nuclear strike against China—-what is Milly thinking now—-with Biden in the Oval Office?

What is Milley telling his Chinese counterpart?

By Jeff Crouere

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic was unleashed on the world from China. The evidence is now growing that the bioweapons laboratory in Wuhan, China was the original source of the virus. If this theory is true, the virus was either accidentally or intentionally released on an unsuspecting world.

Of course, the government of communist China is not cooperating with an investigation into the origins of COVID-19, so the world may never know the truth. The mere fact that China is blocking this investigation should lead everyone to question what China is trying to hide.

Scholars: Avoid term ‘Jedi’ for ‘Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion’ because whiteness, masculinity

What does it say when a journal such as Scientific American prints an article denigrating fictional characters in the name of social justice and diversity?  That’s just what happened to the Jedi, that far-away Galactic Republic’s peace-keeping guardians from the Star Wars franchise.

A group of five (!) academics claim using “JEDI” as an acronym for “Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion” is a boo-boo as the nigh-mystical beings comprise an “exclusionary cult” that is “prone to (white) saviorism” and utilize “toxically masculine approaches to conflict resolution” such as the “phallic” lightsaber.

If all that isn’t unsettling enough, the whole Star Wars franchise is fraught with uncomfortable matters of culture.................Read the full piece.

There Is a Cold War With China, Whether Biden Admits It or Not

  Articles, International, Opinion @ Liberty Nation News,

How can Joe Biden’s administration ever confront the Chinese effectively when it is in denial? Like it or not, the United States is in a Cold War every bit as intense as the 45-year conflict with the Soviet Union. Telling the U.N. General Assembly on Sept. 21 that America has no desire for a “new Cold War” with China, as noble as that may sound, is a little late. Liberty Nation assessed the president’s address as unremarkable, but dismissing the struggle with China because your team has no appetite for it denies reality.

Espionage City

In an opinion piece written for Fox News, Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) made this point. He characterized the Biden speech as a plea to the international community to understand that the United States does not want another Cold War. The senator explained that:

“Unfortunately, whether we seek it or not, Communist China has waged a Cold War against us for years. Our only choice is to win or lose. Last century, our Cold War with Soviet Russia was a decades-long struggle between two great powers for global economic, military, technological, and ideological supremacy. Can there be any question that we’re engaged in such a confrontation with Communist China? From Djibouti to Italy, Malaysia to Iran, and Afghanistan to Sri Lanka, China seeks to corrupt and recast the international system in its rotten image. China’s Belt and Road Initiative is one of the most ambitious imperial power plays ever conceived.”

Cotton went on to say, “Moreover, for 30 years, the CCP has waged an economic war against America through product dumping, intellectual-property theft, and industrial sabotage.” The truth of the senator’s message is at the heart of the White House’s fundamental foreign policy flaw. The administration’s diplomatic crowd approaches China as it wished it were and not how it is. Beijing’s warfare is not subtle. In their article for The National Law Review, David Laufman, Joseph Casino, and Michael Kasdan wrote:

“Over 80% of all cases charged as economic espionage (i.e., cases involving the theft of trade secrets by or on behalf of the Chinese government or its instrumentalities or agents) involve China, and 60% of all trade secret cases involve China.”

China’s blatant theft of U.S. high-tech intellectual property has not gone unnoticed. As a February 2020 article in The Guardian pointed out, “The FBI … identified China as the biggest law enforcement threat to the United States, and its director said Beijing was seeking to steal American technology by ‘any means necessary.'”

Hacking Away

In addition, amid the U.S. battle against COVID-19 in early 2020, the FBI identified China as the culprit that hacked into computers to steal or corrupt research of laboratories working on a cure for the deadly virus. Even at the very height of the Cold War, the Soviet Union did not engage in such a fierce level of hostility against the United States. So why does China get a pass from the Biden team?

Nor is China’s military challenge to the United States and its allies a secret. For several years the People’s Liberation Army Navy forces have been openly threatening neighbors in the South China Sea. As Liberty Nation reported on Beijing’s bellicose activities in the Indo-Pacific:

“The South China Sea is one arena in which the competition is unquestionably existential … China’s aggressive actions have become more blatant and potentially deadly. Recent reports by the US State Department show China’s repeated harassment and provocative actions aimed at a Malaysian state oil company exploration vessel. The State Department called the activities ‘bullying’ and ‘destabilizing.’ One case of the Chinese threatening behavior included harassing a Philippine naval ship and sinking a Vietnamese fishing boat.”

China Holds Celebration Of 70th anniversary Of Tibet's Peaceful Liberation

(Photo by Chang Chuan/VCG via Getty Images)

During the 45-year Cold War of the last half of the 20th century, the Soviet Union attempted to subjugate half the world with a vicious and deadly campaign to bring developing nations into its communist sphere of influence. How was the Soviet Union’s behavior any different from Beijing’s focused and aggressive attempt to spread its influence throughout Africa and elsewhere? The CCP is staking out geopolitical footholds that surround the United States and putting America’s national interests in significant jeopardy. To increase the military dimension of the CCP’s hegemonic plans, the People’s Liberation Army has increased defense spending substantially, generating a massive build-up of conventional and nuclear weaponry not seen in recent memory. Reuters reported in July 2021 that:

“The Pentagon and Republican congressmen … aired fresh concerns about China’s build-up of its nuclear forces after a new report saying Beijing was building 110 more missile silos. An American Federation of Scientists (AFS) report … said satellite images showed China was building a new field of silos near Hami in the eastern part of its Xinjiang region.”

China’s behavior toward the United States and its allies can be characterized as war-like in every respect. The Biden administration is meeting Beijing’s aggression more with denial than with a firm challenge. China is waging a Cold War with the United States as devastating as the concept Bernard Baruch had in mind when he coined the term in 1947 referring to the Soviet Union. The United States didn’t start the current conflict, and it’s far from “new,” as Biden said. Like it or not, President Biden, the Cold War with China is in session now and it is deadly real.

The views expressed are those of the author and not of any other affiliation.

Read more from Dave Patterson.

A challenge to Democrats' abortion-worship...from the left?


The Squalid Socialist State, Goal Achieved!

by | Sep 27, 2021 |

Today, it is accepted that Biden’s administration is not only inept but dangerous. While drowning in its own stupidity, Biden still insists on its success in his masterful Afghanistan withdrawal, the Covid-19 scam, and the open border over which floods of disease-infected third world illegals. This administration is dangerous to a Republic form of government; indeed, its aim is to destroy it and impose Marxism........…To Read More...

Joe Biden’s America

By Anna L. Stark

This is Joe Biden's America, which is not the America we grew up in, not America as it was founded, and not the America that anyone would recognize: 

Editor's Note:  What follows are 16 points of tyranny.  RK)

That's Joe Biden's America.  Not an America anybody wants, voted for, or is willing to tolerate.  The 2022 midterms can't come soon enough..........To Read More....

Cartels delighted with Joe Biden's Del Rio border mess, vow to take out Border Patrol with more fake news

As Joe Biden was creating his border mess in Del Rio, Texas — drawing in thousands of illegal migrants, releasing them scot-free into the interior of the country, and then blaming the Border Patrol for doing their jobs — it wasn't just border town residents and U.S. citizens further inland who were watching the hideous spectacle on television.  Turns out Mexico's cartels were watching, too, and have decided that Biden has handed them the perfect tool.

According to independent journalist Lara Logan:..........American Greatness and the Daily Wire both have good summaries of what is going on here..........To Read More.......

Decoding the Democrat Fantasy of Open Border


Commentary: Three Proposed Solutions for Regaining Our Digital Liberty

By Ilana Mercer

It is inarguable that by financially crippling, socially segregating, and digitally banishing politically irksome people and enterprises, the big tech cartel is flouting the spirit, if not the strict letter, of the Civil Rights Act.

For how do you make a living if your banking options increasingly are curtailed and constantly threatened, and your ability to electronically communicate with clients is likewise circumscribed?

Do you go back to a barter economy (a book for some bread)? Do you go underground? Cultivate home-based industries? Do you keep afloat by word of mouth? Go door-to-door? Return to stamping envelopes? How can you, when your client base is purely electronic?

Telling an individual he can’t open a bank account because of his beliefs and opinions teeters on informing an innocent victim he might not be able to make a living, as do other, politically more polite Americans, despite his innocence: Our only “offenses” as dissidents are thought crimes: speaking, or typing or wafting unpopular, impolite words into the air............. To Read More...

We Are Governed by Children

By Bonchie | Sep 28, 2021

Sometime around mid-day last Friday, as the headwinds blew strongly against the $3.5 trillion reconciliation boondoggle, the White House and their allies in Congress decided on a new messaging strategy: Just say it costs nothing.  Yes, in the fantasy world our political leaders inhabit, $3.5 trillion “costs zero dollars.” That was the line Joe Biden dropped on September 25th. Worse, the media have run with that idea, arguing into absurdity that tax cuts that let you keep more of your own income “cost” money but huge, multi-trillion-dollar spending bills are somehow free because of tax hikes that may or may not produce what is claimed..........To Read More....


Can There Be Any Doubt That Hillary Was Behind The Trump/Russia Collusion Hoax?


I feel that I should comment on the indictment of lawyer Michael Sussman by Special Counsel John Durham while the issue is still current. Very likely you have already read extensively about Durham’s indictment of Sussman, which came down on September 16. Sussman was one of the lawyers, although not the head lawyer, at the firm of Perkins Coie, who worked for the DNC and the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign in 2016.

This indictment is another instance by which we are learning step by step how the Democratic powers and their press side-kicks, through strict control of a “narrative,” think that they can get a critical mass of the American people to believe literally anything, no matter how preposterous. And to a remarkable extent, they are right.

From mid-2016 to mid-2019, we had about three years of non-stop Russia! Russia! Russia! obsession from the Democratic Party and its media adjunct. The stories advancing the narrative numbered in the thousands, and ultimately turned into nothing when Special Counsel Robert Mueller finally issued his report at the end of that period. But how did this whole thing get going and continued for such a long period of time?

On its face, the Sussman indictment appears to be a very odd bird, and by itself not a particularly significant one. The charge is a single count of “lying to the FBI” (18 U.S.C. Section 1001). This statute is a favorite of the feds because almost anyone dumb enough to talk to the FBI can be tripped up on something. The defendant is a relatively small fish in the school of barracudas who had to have been involved in orchestrating the “Trump/Russia collusion” hoax in the 2016 election and thereafter. The “lie” in question is on the seemingly peripheral issue of whether Sussman was working for a client, i.e., the Clinton campaign, or just reporting to the FBI as a public-spirited citizen. Could the FBI really have been fooled about that? And is this really the best they’ve got?

On the flip side, there are some serious indications — although we can’t know for sure — that there is more coming. The indictment gives a substantial narrative of the facts constituting the alleged crime, which is unusual and unnecessary for this sort of indictment. Those facts give plenty of support for a potential inference that the communication to the FBI was part of an orchestrated Clinton campaign initiative to get an easily-compliant press to report the beginning of a federal investigation against Trump. The press wouldn’t just report some unsubstantiated made-up story from the campaign, but if the FBI was investigating, now that would be a story. So the FBI needed to be enlisted, for the benefit of one campaign against the other.

Could that really have occurred without the candidate’s knowledge and approval?

And then separately, we have the previously-little-noticed matter of the departure of Marc Elias from Perkins Coie on August 22, just three weeks before the Sussman indictment. Here is Perkins Coie’s announcement of the Elias departure. Elias was the lead lawyer for the Clinton campaign and DNC in the 2016 cycle. Supposedly, the reason for the departure was to give Elias “the independence to broaden [his] advocacy and types of matters on which [he] works.” In other words, we are supposed to believe that, while at Perkins Coie, Elias had sufficient independence to do political work up to and including representing the DNC and the Clinton presidential campaign, but now he needs to leave to do some other and presumably more important election law work that just can’t be done at Perkins Coie? Not likely. More probably, Elias is in negotiations with Durham; and Perkins Coie didn’t want to see one of its current partners indicted, let alone plead guilty to something.

In case you need any reminding, Hillary was very personally and actively involved in publicly promoting the idea, both at the time of the 2016 campaign and thereafter, that Trump was somehow working with or for Putin and Russia. The earliest accusation by Hillary herself on the subject that I can find appeared in the New York Times on September 5, 2016, about two months before the election. In July of that year, there had been a release of a collection of DNC emails, which had showed the DNC co-ordinating with the Clinton campaign to disadvantage Bernie Sanders in the 2016 primary season. The DNC email release was often attributed in the press to a Russian hack, although I have never seen any proof of that, and I’ve always thought that the better theory was a leak by an unhappy (and probably Bernie-supporting) DNC insider. Anyway, here’s Hillary in July 2016:

“It’s almost unthinkable,” Mrs. Clinton said on Monday, referring to what she called recent “credible reports about Russian interference in our elections.” . . . “We’ve never had the nominee of one of our major parties urging the Russians to hack,” Mrs. Clinton said in a news conference. . . . The comments, Mrs. Clinton’s most extensive yet on one of the more unusual subplots of the presidential campaign. . . .

The meeting between a Clinton campaign lawyer and the FBI set forth in the Sussman indictment took place on September 19, 2016. The story allegedly weaved by Sussman at the FBI meeting, about supposed communications between Trump and Russia’s Alfa Bank, and an FBI investigation of same, became public in a story in Slate on October 31. But meanwhile, at the October 19 presidential debate Hillary used the occasion to make an explicit accusation against Trump of being a “puppet” of Vladimir Putin. That accusation was not specifically connected to the July 2016 DNC “hack.” From Reuters, October 19, 2016:

During Wednesday’s presidential debate, Trump said he did not know Putin but would likely get along better with the Russian leader than Clinton, a former secretary of state. . . . Clinton responded: ”Well that’s because he’d rather have a puppet as president of the United States.”

After the election, and even more so after the inauguration in January 2017, the press started going crazy with the Trump/Russia collusion story. In a post on March 2 of that year, I noted that “the New York Times has easily had several dozen articles since the election about the supposedly nefarious relationship between President Trump and/or his team and Russian officials.” Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller was appointed in May of that year. And through it all, Hillary Clinton was very much personally involved in fanning the flames of the Trump/Russia collusion story. For example, from the Washington Post, September 12, 2017:

USA Today's Susan Page, in an interview published late Monday night, asked Clinton whether she thought Trump associates colluded with Russia. And Clinton broke with many in her party by offering a pretty unvarnished answer in the affirmative. “There certainly was communication, and there certainly was an understanding of some sort.” . . . .

And who can forget Hillary’s op-ed in The Washington Post on April 24, 2019, commenting on the Mueller Report shortly after its issuance:

[T]he president of the United States has proved himself unwilling to defend our nation from a clear and present danger. . . . This is . . . an administration that refuses to take even the most minimal, common-sense steps to prevent future attacks and counter ongoing threats to our nation. . . . [U]nless he’s held accountable, the president may show even more disregard for the laws of the land and the obligations of his office. He will likely redouble his efforts to advance Putin’s agenda . . .

So will the Durham investigation actually get to Hillary? After all, merely accusing the opposing campaign on no basis whatsoever of being in cahoots with Russia would not be a crime. Enlisting the FBI on false pretenses in advancing the accusation would be a crime. But of course, Hillary did not meet with the FBI herself. Reaching her will require the cooperating testimony of an Elias or a Sussman or both. Will they turn?

Meanwhile, as I commented repeatedly while it was going on, the idea that Russia was working to advance Trump as President over his Democratic rivals never made a bit of sense. From my post of February 25, 2020:

There is zero chance that Putin prefers President Trump over any of his potential Democratic opponents. The reason is simple. All of the Democratic candidates propose to hobble and cripple the U.S. fossil fuel industry. Trump supports the expansion of the U.S. fossil fuel industry. The U.S. fossil fuel industry is what has driven down the price of Russia’s oil and gas exports by about half in the last several years, costing Russia and Putin hundreds of billions of dollars, and severely restricting Russia’s ability to continue to be a player on the world stage.

And now that Vlad has a Democrat back in the White House, the suppression of the U.S. energy economy, to the benefit of Russia, is back in full swing. According to data from the U.S. Energy Information Agency, Russia’s exports of oil and related products to the U.S. have surged during 2021, up to 847 thousand barrels/day in the latest reporting month of June, up from 453 barrels/day in February, immediately after Biden took office. Russia has moved into second place among nations who export oil to the U.S., behind only Canada and well ahead of any member of OPEC. ( Saudi Arabia is in a distand third place at 576 thousand barrels/day.)

Here is the EIA chart of U.S. imports from Russia of “crude oil and petroleum products” in thousands of barrels per day from 2004 through June 2021. You can make your own judgment on whom Putin would rather have in office.

Screen Shot 2021-09-28 at 11.50.48 PM.png


Former Trump officials dispute Milley's version of events on China call

By Mike Brest September 29, 2021
John Ratcliffe and Mike Pompeo disputed Gen. Mark Milley’s recounting of the situation surrounding his controversial call with his Chinese counterpart.
Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, spoke with Gen. Li Zuocheng of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army in late October and early January to dissuade them of a possible attack. The details of the call, including Milley's promise to warn Li of an incoming attack, which led to allegations of treason, were revealed by Watergate reporter Bob Woodward and Washington Post reporter Robert Costa in their new book Peril...........Milley guaranteed to the House committee on Wednesday that the intelligence that China was concerned about a possible attack was in the president's daily brief and was provided to the vice president, director of national intelligence, the CIA director, and the secretary of defense.

Both Ratcliffe, then the director of national intelligence, and Pompeo, then the secretary of state, have rebutted that they were in the loop regarding the calls.............Similarly, Pompeo told SiriusXM’s The Megyn Kelly Show that he has “no recollection of Gen. Miller briefing me in the way he described.” He also claimed that “it’s certain” he didn’t tell former Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows because “Meadows would have called me immediately.”...........To Read More....

Biden’s Budget: Affordable Isn’t Sensible

September 29, 2021 by Dan Mitchell

A couple of days ago, I shared the most-recent data about “actual individual consumption” in nations that are part of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

My goal was to emphasize my oft-stated point about people in the United States enjoying higher living standards – in large part because European nations are saddled with a bigger fiscal burden of government.  President Biden, however, wants to make the United States more like Europe.

What’s happening this week in Congress may determine whether he succeeds. Since I’m policy wonk rather than a political pundit, I don’t pretend to have any great insight on matters such as vote counting.

But I feel compelled to warn that adoption of Biden’s plan would have a negative economic impact.

And I’m not the only one raising alarm bells.

Professor Greg Mankiw of Harvard opined for the New York Times about Biden’s fiscal plan. He starts be noting that Biden’s plan is affordable.

President Biden and many congressional Democrats aim to expand the size and scope of government substantially. …People of all ages are in line to get something… If there is a common theme, it is that when you need a helping hand, the government will be there for you. …Western European nations have more generous social safety nets than the United States. The Biden plan takes a big step in that direction. Can the United States afford to embrace a larger welfare state? From a narrow budgetary standpoint, the answer is yes.

But affordable is not the same as sensible.

He points out that a bigger government will mean a smaller economy.

The costs of an expanded welfare state…extend beyond those reported in the budget. There are also broader economic effects. Arthur Okun, the former economic adviser to President Lyndon Johnson, addressed this timeless issue in his 1975 book, “Equality and Efficiency: The Big Tradeoff.” …As policymakers attempt to rectify the market’s outcome by equalizing the slices, the pie tends to shrink. …Which brings us back to Western Europe. Compared with the United States, G.D.P. per person in 2019 was 14 percent lower in Germany, 24 percent lower in France and 26 percent lower in the United Kingdom. …In other words, most European nations use that leaky bucket more than the United States does and experience greater leakage, resulting in lower incomes. By aiming for more compassionate economies, they have created less prosperous ones.

And less prosperous economies mean lower living standards, as honest folks on the left (such as Okun) openly admit.

That’s bad news for everyone, including lower-income people who theoretically are supposed to benefit from the various new and expanded redistribution programs in Biden’s fiscal plan.


Yes, they may get money from government in their pockets in the short run, but even a small reduction in economic growth will lead to larger income losses in the long run.

The bottom line is that the American experiment has been successful. Why put it at risk by copying nations that aren’t as successful.

After all, you don’t want to “catch up” to countries that are lagging.


President Biden Governs Through Obvious, Ham-Fisted Lies

Biden’s most recently revealed Afghanistan lie is just the latest in a string of outright falsehoods and deceptions the White House is resorting to in the face of failure.

The left's three-pronged assault on America: COVID, the border, submission to China

September 29, 2021 By Patricia McCarthy

Joe Biden allegedly got his third jab on live TV on Monday.  He was already "fully vaccinated" and still wore a mask.  Does that give anyone confidence in the vaccine?  

Then he said he would not allow us to return to normal until 98% of all Americans are vaccinated!  While the CDC is sure to approve the vaccines for ages five and up before the end of the year, despite the hundreds of thousands of vaccine injuries and deaths.......Biden..........He understands nothing about science, certainly not the science of virology or epidemiology.  He reads words from teleprompters others have scripted.  He has no grasp of the meaning of the words he is reading.

The man and his minders are a plague upon America far more devastating than COVID.  COVID is the hoax to which they, the global elite, have hitched their wagon, the pseudo-plague that will bring all of us rubes to our knees.  Some Australian states have capitulated, devolving into a functional tyranny.  Police attack persons on the street without a mask or even for leaving their homes.  

Are those Stalinist tactics coming here?  Quite likely in some states, despite the fact that all their lockdowns, mask requirements, and vax mandates have made not an iota of difference in the number of cases of those allegedly diagnosed with COVID.  The Los Angeles City Council just unanimously passed a resolution requiring proof of vaccine to enter all indoor venues, including grocery stores!  This is madness.  This is medical tyranny.  This is not about anyone's health.  As Dr. Aaron Williams commented on Laura Ingraham's program, "this is psychological warfare, not evidence-based medicine."  Are detention camps for the unvaccinated next?..........

We all have to worry that Biden might be a tool of the CCP.  His son's laptop, chock-full of proof of his criminal enterprises involving his father, has been authenticated.  The Bidens have been greedy and corrupt for fifty years, yet this was the man the left engineered, illegitimately, into the Oval Office.  And now he is an embarrassment, a wrecking ball. 

He and his "people" hated and feared Trump so much that they masterminded this buffoon into the presidency.  And now all Americans must suffer the consequences of their treachery.  A million unvaxxed, untested migrants have been welcomed into the U.S. over the southern border.  Twelve thousand unvaxxed, untested  Haitians were just released into Texas.  

Soon a hundred thousand or more unvaxxed and untested Afghan refugees will be here, stalking American women in gangs, as is their wont.  They will likely be released because molesting women in groups is a cultural norm in the land of their birth — just as the rioters of the summer of 2020 were all released, uncharged with any crimes, while people who were even remotely present in D.C. on Jan. 6 have been in solitary confinement for months......

China made the Bidens wealthy by nefarious means; the Chinese purchased him. 

Joe Biden is the Democrat left's poison pill, their front in their plan to "transform," as in destroy, America as founded.  He will never cross China.  The media will never cross Biden.  For nearly two years, they have banned and buried all information counter to the administration's directed narrative on COVID.  They suppressed all information on inexpensive early treatment. ........... Americans need to begin fighting back now against Biden's spending propositions, against all of the COVID mandates, especially the vaccine mandates.  ..............To Read More....

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

The Myth of Global Warming Disasters

By Rich Kozlovich

It's amazing, everyone with a degree in anything is now "an expert".  Kind of like Hollywood celebrities like Whoopie who declared Dr. Jill Biden is a great doctor and should be Surgeon General.  Of course Jill's  PhD. is in education, not medicine.  But what' as silly fact like that have to do with narrative?   

These "stars", or even better, sports celebrities.  That means they've immediately become "experts" on science, medicine, social engineering, and ...well...who knows what all, but whatever the leftist social narrative of the day will be, even if it's diametrically opposed to yesterday's leftist narrative of the day...... they'll be for it.  But tending bar is what really creates a deep understanding of how the world should work.  Just ask AOC. 

California "experts" hype sea level rise by 2050 50+ times greater than actual data shows by Larry Hamlin notes:

The Orange County Register has published in the last month 3 climate alarmist hyped articles (the latest article is shown below) which grossly exaggerate claims by California "experts" that the state's future coastal sea level rise by 2050 might be 3.5 feet or maybe 6 feet or maybe 7 feet by 2100 or maybe 10 feet by 2100.

The rate of California’s coastal sea level rise is not a mystery but is in fact clearly documented by NOAA measured tide gauge data going back more than century.  This ridiculous coastal sea level rise guessing game by the state’s “experts” is based solely upon using flawed and failed UN IPCC computer climate model scenarios while deceptively and dishonestly ignoring more than 100 years of actual NOAA coastal sea level rise tide gauge recorded measurements at numerous California locations that  demonstrate the rate of coastal sea level rise remains consistent with past periods and is not increasing despite decades of failed climate alarmist assertions otherwise. This absurd political guessing game of the states future coastal sea level rise is illustrated below from the 3 successive Register articles starting with the most recent as noted above.

Computer models aren't science.  They're part of science, but under no circumstances are they, or should  they be, foundational in promoting public policy.  The intent of computer modeling was a fast way of testing hypotheses, take look at the outcome, and then proceed to either abandon a hypotheses or look for real science, meaning observable, recordable and replicable facts that supports the model.  

In the hands of these activist "experts" computer modeling is "game boy" science.  Garbage in garbage out, and is being deliberately misused to generate conclusions lacking real scientific data, which they then claim is "science", which we need to follow.

A few years ago Global Warming Religionists were claiming the Great Barrier Reef was doomed by Global Warming which would cause the rise of the oceans, both of which has been shown to be provably false.  As we see, another Global Warning bit of scare mongering is biting the dust, the "Great Barrier Reef is experiencing ‘record high’ levels of coral coverage."

Former JCU marine physicist Peter Ridd says the Great Barrier Reef is currently experiencing a “record high coral reef.” “This is data accumulated for some time, which … shows that it’s actually on a record high coral reef,” he told Sky News Australia. "The Great Barrier Reef is home to more corals than it was when the record began in 1985. “There are twice as many corals as a giant cyclone passed through a reef around 2011 and 2012. This record-high coral cover has three catastrophic unprecedented bleachings in the last five years. It seems that there was an event. “So you have to wonder if these bleaching phenomena were probably as devastating as these experts claimed.”

They weren't, any more than the Polar Bear was threatened, and I have no doubt in my mind they're aware of it.  Make no mistake about it.  Any nation that embraces all the Global Warming, Climate Change clabber is in for trouble, especially when it comes to energy as shown in this piece,  Fossil-Free Energy: India's Aluminum Industry In Peril

“Aluminum smelting requires uninterrupted power supply for production, which can be met only through in-house captive power supplies. The reduction in coal supplies, without any advance notice, has brought the industry to a standstill as it has been left with no time to devise any mitigation plan to continue sustainable operations.” (Aluminum Association of India, below)

Sometimes it’s not easy to follow up your words with actions. This is particularly true when a large economy based on fossil fuels is threatened by an anti-energy mentality trying to substitute dilute, intermittent energies for dense, reliable ones..........But what the political leaders do not realize is that sustaining modern civilization requires continued use of fossil fuels to meet some, if not almost all, of our most basic needs...........

Global Warming is a part of the leftist secular religious movement, along with abortion, destruction of the family, destruction of the world's economy and the elimination of about five billion people.   Why is that so hard to get? 

Why Aren't Men Going To College?

Do disappearing college males know something we don’t?

Recent reports that the male percentage of the U.S. college population has fallen to 40%, the lowest ever, have generated predictable concerns. If, as it is often said, today’s young people will need at least a bachelor’s degree to be successful in tomorrow’s economy, then the reluctance of so many men to pursue one would seem to be a threat, both to themselves and to the larger society. How will the coming contingent of low-educated men fare in an increasingly technological world? And how will the relatively high number of successful women find enough husbands to form families and nurture successive generations?

Yet history teaches that trends that at first seem irrational, anti-social, or even self-destructive can sometimes reflect an underlying wisdom. Certainly, those families that abandoned the relative security of ancient Italy for the Roman Empire’s more distant provinces ended up far less vulnerable to the later barbarian invaders. Similarly, many of the medieval patients who defied their doctors’ orders and declined the standard bloodletting treatment likely saved their own lives. Coming closer to the present, those investors who did not go along with the “can’t miss” margin account strategy so popular on Wall Street in the summer of 1928 had good reason to congratulate themselves just a year later.

Could something similar be happening with the growing number of young men who refuse to go from high school on to college? Are they smarter than they appear? Judging by the reader comments attached to the various alarmist articles on declining male enrollment, a good number of their countrymen suspect they are.

Political future #1...........Political future #2...........An abusive and uncaring educational system.......... Useless coursework............. In 2005, Dr John Ioannidis, co-director of Stanford University’s Meta-Research Innovation Center, published an influential study which showed that much of what for passes for ”settled science” in medicine, biology, economics, education research, the social sciences, and other university disciplines cannot, in fact, be replicated. In other words, by the ultimate test of scientific validity—getting the same result from repeating the same experiment—a lot of what professors teach their students isn’t true.  Indeed, concerns about what is called “experimental irreproducibility” have been growing for nearly a decade. In 2012, scientists at the biotech firm Amgen found they could confirm the results of only six of 53 supposedly landmark cancer studies published in prominent journals. Four years later, Nature conducted an online survey of scientists, 70 percent of whom said they’d tried and failed to reproduce their colleagues’ published findings.

But when the academy is enrolling 50 percent more women than the opposite sex, young men are clearly trying to tell us something important. And those school officials who continue to respond by just tinkering on the margins are grossly failing in their duty to the larger society........To Read More....

The Modern Liberal-Democrat-Progressive-Socialist Orwellian Dictionary

Liberal dictionary rule of thumb: If a term doesn't suit the leftist purpose, focus group test to find the most favorable terms of the times and rename the reviled thing, and that will fix the entire problem for awhile.  

The new name will likely be diametrically opposed in literal meaning to the thing you are applying it to - just ignore that fact and keep applying the new name over and over and over - this is the key to success!

By Rational Db8 

  • Fake, but accurate.  Remember - if it feels true (to a liberal), it is true - even when the examples used are proven totally false!  #HandsUpDon'tShoot #FakeNews #MattressGirl #RapeCulture #MeToo
  • Free speech = only speech that the liberal agrees with - anything else is clearly "hate speech" and must be suppressed and stomped out by any and all means necessary.
  • Right wing = Racists. Make that EEEEEEeee-vil Racists.
  • Left wing = bleeding hearted tolerant compassionate wonderful rational scientific caring loving people who just want the best for everyone and their CHILLLLLLLLLdren.
  • My opinion isn't opinion, it's fact even if I can't begin to prove it.  Your opinion, however, is clearly fantasy based hateful wishes with no basis in reality.
  • It's for the chilllldreeennnnn = Pull your heartstrings and make you look evil while we kick the can down the road for someone else to deal with after I am gone.
  • 'Lawfully'Doesn't = 'Legally' the Obama Administration tells the  Supreme Court
  • Affordable Health Care Act = Nobody can afford it but the most wealthy who don't need it, but hey, the name helps us sell it to you rubes, and the special interests get rich off the program so they're happy, and we get to claim we did something for the PEEEEE-pul again!!
  • Fox News = EEEEEE-vil incarnate propaganda machine.
  • Liberal Mainstream Media = fountain of truth and reality.  Even more so for sites like Truth Out, Mother Jones, The Daily Beast, and Huffington Post - they are the keys to wisdom!
  • Utterly anemic job growth that cannot even keep up with population growth = historic 75 months of job growth.
  • Stereotypes = if conservatives use them, they are hate speech and EEEEEeeeee-vil.  Liberals never use stereotypes, only accurate descriptive generalizations. 
  • Irony (definition): the idea that a man is a woman because he says so, but a Republican isn't allowed to use a nickname or he must be hiding something and untrustworthy.
  • Liberal apology = “I'm sorry that this has been confusing to people and has raised a lot of questions, but there are answers to all these questions.” (end of apology)
  • Liberal politician:  "I take responsibility" = I have no intention of accepting any blame or consequences for these actions, but since I said the magic words, you have to quit pestering me about it and feel sympathy for me instead.
  • Having one nuclear bomb, doesn't equal having a nuclear bomb (h/t John Kerry)
  • Troll = anyone who disagrees with me, even when I held the opposite position mere minutes ago.
  • Swiftboating = when Conservatives tell the truth about liberals who lie about their military service, or any other liberal/progressive/socialist/Democrat who lies about an issue.
  • "The Science is Settled" or "It's not debatable," etc., = anything they WISH were true but haven't the facts to support.
  • Obstructionist = When Republicans-Conservatives refuse to yield completely, without the possibility of compromise, to Democrat desires.
  • Bipartisanship = When Republicans cease being obstructionist and agree completely to the Democrat-Progressive-Liberal desires.
  • Tolerance = Even when you disagree with us, we still let you live, don't we?  Too bad it's only in the back of the bus, suck it up and thank us profusely or we may change our minds. (h/t Barack Obama, who kindly informed us this was the case.) 
  • "Of the people, for the people, by the people":  clearly means "We the few, will tell the rest of you, exactly what to do."  AND we don't have to do what we insist YOU do. 
  • Hacking cyber theft = "data exfiltration."
  • An own goal or major entirely preventable error that gets people killed = 'The Fog of War.'
  • Income you earn and the government allows you to keep = tax expenditures
  • It's rude to refer to transgendered people getting sex reassignment surgery - such procedures should be called gender confirmation.,
  • Budget Cut = A definite budget increase, but slightly lower than had been planned.
  • Lies = Fabrications and Inconsistencies.  Sometimes they're even "fake but accurate!"  Or now "fake but morally right!" (a la Ocasio-Cortez)
  • "Doing something" = 
    • 1)  Give a Speech;  
    • 2) Tweet a picture of a woman with a sad face holding up a hash tag.  (h/t Michelle Obama)
  • Liberal Opinion = Definition of meaning or fact.
  • "Owner" = out, now you're a "governor."  You can no longer "own" a sport's team, as that means slavery... So never mind if you buy the team and have nothing to do with managing it, now you're presto chango a "governor."  Who cares that the new term in no way reflects reality!!
  • Illegal aliens = new lifelong Democrat voters.
    • b) non-citizen (per recent change at Library of Congress)
    • c) People who are not, shall we say, fully documented, of U.S. citizens (h/t Pelosi).
  • Undocumented minors = Illegal alien young men with gang affiliations and criminal records.
  • Felon or Convict =  “person who committed a crime” and “individual who was incarcerated” (per Justice Department) because somehow magically the definition of the word is less offensive than the word.
  • Criminal = Justice Involved Individual.  Previously known as a "legally-challenged Individual," but that was too prejudicial.  Perhaps the term should be: "undocumented moral authority."
  • Honor a heroic or national figure like Neil Armstrong, Rosa Parks, etc. = present a picture of Obama.
  • Celebrate Easter = publish a photo of the Obama family.
  • History = 
    • 1) whatever we decide at the time to say it was 
    • 2) whatever spin benefits us politically.
  • Liberal think tanks are intelligent and factual.  Conservative think tanks are an oxymoron, and a propaganda arm of the Right Wing charged with fabrication, invention, and deflection.
  • Free speech = hate speech U. California students remove offensive American flag from 'inclusive' space
  • American flag = offensive hate speech
  • Inclusive or Non-offensive = anything that agrees with liberal/progressive/Democrat/socialist opinions.
  • War = "Overseas Contingency Operation."
  • Democrats are never involved in wars, only Overseas Contingency Operations.
  • Terrorist attack on U.S. soil = "work place violence."
  • Terrorist = "Unlawful Enemy Combatant."  Oops, strike that, it's out.  Now they are “Unprivileged Enemy Belligerents."
  • ISIL Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) = not Islamic.
  • Foreign invasion of sovereign nation = 'Um . . . uh . . . to act, uh . . . to cross the border in an unauthorized way."  

In fact, it couldn't be clearer:  Kinetic military action in response to man-caused disasters is going to produce unprivileged enemy who may cross the border in an unauthorized way to participate in non-Islamic workplace violence immediately preceded by the rallying yell "Allahu Akbar!"  Doublespeak at it's best, Orwell is rolling in his grave.

Hum.... I guess a bank robbery will now be considered to simply be an 'unauthorized loan' or 'undocumented withdrawal,' and Underprivileged Enemy Belligerents will be soon be known as 'Misunderstood Future Friends,' right? 

San Francisco is right with the woke action now.  They no longer have "convicted felons." Nope, now they're "justice-involved persons."

Then there is the example of these courageous undocumented shoppers rescuing shoes from Hurricane Irma!  Oddly enough, not one pair of work boots was rescued - no apology for such obvious discrimination was forthcoming.  CNN is reporting that many soles were lost. 

Concerned citizens promptly started a new hashtag:  #NikeLivesMatter