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Sunday, September 26, 2021

Will American Jews Abandon the Democratic Party?

Michael Brown Michael Brown Sep 25, 2021

After House Democrats, under pressure from their radical left wing, voted to remove Israel’s defensive Iron Dome funding from their budget, a Christian friend messaged me, saying, “Overwhelming Jewish support for the Democratic party is hard to comprehend.”

Given the fact that the Democrat Party has been less and less friendly to Israel in recent years, and given President Obama’s icy relationship with then-Prime Minister Netanyahu, what explains the deep solidarity between Democrats and Jews?

Before answering that question, I should note that the Jerusalem Post reported that, “The Iron Dome may ultimately receive the American funding it needs, after progressive pressure led Democratic Party leadership in the House of Representatives to remove it from a broader bill, and then vowed to propose the aid as its own bill within days. But that doesn’t mean that the drama surrounding it is over.”........To Read More.....


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