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Monday, September 27, 2021

Why The World’s Going Crazy

Whom the Gods wish to destroy they first drive mad 

By ——--September 26, 2021

“CRAZY!” best describes the world today. “CRAZY!” millions of people are subject to wearing masks, social distancing, government Lockdowns and official COVID Passports, all to keep an unproven Pandemic from spreading, while the U.S Government allows hundreds of thousands of disease untested immigrants to flood in over suddenly non-existent U.S borders.

“CRAZY!” that the Joe Biden Administration left behind a whopping $84-billion worth of American military hardware— for the use of the same terrorist extremists whose sworn intention is to kill off all infidels.

The kind of “CRAZY!” now running the world took birth on November 8, 2016 when the Democrats and media gave in to sheer insanity...................

“CRAZY!” set in when Hillary Clinton—boosted by Barack Obama as; “I don’t think there’s ever been someone so qualified to hold this office” —— went down in not-so-humble defeat.  How could so many rank “deplorables” pass by Hillary’s promised legacy and vote Donald J. Trump—a biological male-as president?!..............For all of those dolefully asking “Why is our world going crazy?”

The Democrats and media who went absolutely “CRAZY!” in 2016, have descended into get-even mode against the masses.  In other words, the masses by not giving them what they wanted—driving them “CRAZY!—are now trying to drive the masses “CRAZY!”  Meanwhile, all they have tried to do to rid the world of Donald Trump has failed.

Evidence: Last night a throng of thousands at his latest rally in Perry, Georgia loudly cheered him and chanted repeatedly: “We Love Trump!”.............To Read More....

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