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Saturday, September 25, 2021

Do Not Submit, Your Kids Will Thank You For It

By | Sep 22, 2021 |

It is tough to take stock of just how disastrous the Joe Biden presidency has been. I thought about it all weekend. Wrote a little bit. I spoke to some of my veteran friends, all of whom are still steaming from the botched Afghanistan withdrawal that happened just weeks ago. Thirteen families had to bury their babies because of the wildly incompetent decision-making of Joe Biden and his administration. It’s hard not to be outraged. That is not even the half of it. We have a southern border that is wide open right now, and we are being invaded by illegal immigrants from as many as seven different countries. The mayor of Del Rio, Texas, has publicly stated that the White House has stopped taking his calls.

Last Friday, the White House dumped some news that the airstrike that allegedly killed the planners of an imminent suicide attack on Kabul airport killed an aid worker, and a family of nine. We murdered nine non-combatant Afghan citizens—no accountability, no firings, and not a word of sorrow from this administration. 

If that’s not enough we are heading full-speed towards an economic meltdown. A recession even. We have no budget for fiscal year 2022, and do not expect one to come anytime soon. The federal government is likely headed towards a shutdown here in the next three weeks.

Have you tried shopping lately? Notice how the shelves are much less stocked than usual? The supply chains have completely fallen off a cliff due to staffing issues and rising cost pressures.......

 Joe Biden and company will continue to destroy every facet of this country. He was selected and put into that position for a reason: To fundamentally destroy our way of life and transform the country. Every fundamental institution we rely on must be destroyed. Hence the demoralization and remaking of the United States Military with woke troopers who will fight the establishment’s enemies, not necessarily America’s enemies. Hence the destruction and utter humiliation of America’s Police Departments throughout our great country. The police need to be brought to their knees and remade to their police who will arrest establishment enemies, not real criminals who burn cities, loot businesses, and even murder other Americans. The Marxists now own just about every institution—Hollywood, academics, big business, tech, and of course, the entire National Security apparatus...........

Joe Biden is simply a conduit. A man so lost and demented, he hasn’t the slightest idea what he’s saying and what he’s signing. He is the perfect trojan horse for the Marxists. Hence his installation. Even when he was lucid, Biden was agreeable, even sort of dense. The type of political animal who would do anything to get along, and line his own pockets. The man you see speaking now is a hollowed-out husk, an empty suit. So now what?.......To Read More.....


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