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Saturday, September 25, 2021

Biden's Jews

September 24, 2021 By Abraham H. Miller

When a friend of mine converted to Judaism, he told the rabbi that he understood the ethics, the laws, and all that was required of him.  But there was one thing that he said that he refused to do.  He refused to become a Democrat.

The bond between the Jews and the Democrat Party is so strong that, except for blacks, Jews, more than any other group, overwhelmingly support Democratic candidates.  In his seminal work, Beyond the Melting Pot, on the impact of American immigration on society, sociologist Nathan Glazer observed, along with co-author Daniel Patrick Moynihan, that Jews in America have achieved the socioeconomic status of Episcopalians, but they continued to vote like Puerto Ricans.

The lopsided alignment of Jews with the Democrats was showcased in two infamous quotes.  The first, arguably attributed to James Baker, was "f--- the Jews, they don't vote for us."  The more recent version characterizes the Biden administration's pressure on Israel to accept a premature ceasefire in the recent battle with Hamas: "f--- the Jews, they'll vote for us anyhow."  ........To Read More...

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