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Sunday, September 26, 2021

Report: Border Patrol Agents Furious With Biden’s Promise To Make Them ‘Pay’: ‘He Just Started A War’

By  Tim Pearce
Border Patrol agents are reportedly furious with President Joe Biden’s comments on a debunked claim that some agents were whipping migrants at the border.  Biden on Friday addressed claims that Border Patrol agents on horseback were “whipping” and “running … over” migrants attempting to enter the U.S. illegally. Though no evidence has been given to support the claims, Biden pledged that the agents allegedly responsible “will pay.”

“To see people treated like they did? Horses running them over? People being strapped? It’s outrageous,” Biden said. “I promise you those people will pay. There will be consequences.”  “It’s dangerous, it’s wrong. It sends the wrong message around the world, it sends the wrong message at home. It’s simply not who we are,” he added.

Biden’s claims sparked angry reactions among Border Patrol agents who have been stretched thin attempting to curb a surge of illegal immigration into the U.S. that began shortly after Biden won the presidency last year. Agents speaking to Fox News panned Biden’s comments........To Read More......

Our Group's Take - Biden is just downright vile. He ensures that the BP people are "going to pay for what they did" when it's a flat out lie - all they did was their job, not at all what Biden is claiming.  Not only were they professionally doing their jobs, but those jobs were made vastly harder by Biden himself.  Plus Biden himself is the one who's caused the humanitarian disaster on our southern border, including with his grossly overfilled badly run detention centers (not to mention the bridge over 15,000 were sheltering under!!) 

Take From Melissa Mackenzie's Newsletter - Bearing false witness is knowing the truth and specifically lying to harm someone else's life.........Photographer Sawyer Hackett, then the media, and then Jen Psaki and today, the President, bore false witness against a horseback riding border agent who was corralling an illegal immigrant back into Mexico. Hackett expressed horror that the horseback rider used a whip against the illegal immigrant. I took one look at the picture and said that it was what it obviously was – a rein. It wasn't even in the agent's hands. It was flying around.  Hackett either through ignorance or malice bore false witness...........It took the focus off the evil of over 15,000 immigrants from South American countries baking in the Southwestern summer sun for days and willing to do so to get free access to America and her many goodies. 

It changed the narrative of Biden's border failure to a lie: racism.

Rather than defend a decent man doing his job, Jen Psaki and the Biden administration saw the perfect story to throw people off the manmade disaster of their creation. And so they bear false witness against this border agent, agents generally (no more horse rider agents!) and away from their own failures.  This is evil. Malevolent. It's bearing false witness!

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