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Wednesday, September 29, 2021

The Myth of Global Warming Disasters

By Rich Kozlovich

It's amazing, everyone with a degree in anything is now "an expert".  Kind of like Hollywood celebrities like Whoopie who declared Dr. Jill Biden is a great doctor and should be Surgeon General.  Of course Jill's  PhD. is in education, not medicine.  But what' as silly fact like that have to do with narrative?   

These "stars", or even better, sports celebrities.  That means they've immediately become "experts" on science, medicine, social engineering, and ...well...who knows what all, but whatever the leftist social narrative of the day will be, even if it's diametrically opposed to yesterday's leftist narrative of the day...... they'll be for it.  But tending bar is what really creates a deep understanding of how the world should work.  Just ask AOC. 

California "experts" hype sea level rise by 2050 50+ times greater than actual data shows by Larry Hamlin notes:

The Orange County Register has published in the last month 3 climate alarmist hyped articles (the latest article is shown below) which grossly exaggerate claims by California "experts" that the state's future coastal sea level rise by 2050 might be 3.5 feet or maybe 6 feet or maybe 7 feet by 2100 or maybe 10 feet by 2100.

The rate of California’s coastal sea level rise is not a mystery but is in fact clearly documented by NOAA measured tide gauge data going back more than century.  This ridiculous coastal sea level rise guessing game by the state’s “experts” is based solely upon using flawed and failed UN IPCC computer climate model scenarios while deceptively and dishonestly ignoring more than 100 years of actual NOAA coastal sea level rise tide gauge recorded measurements at numerous California locations that  demonstrate the rate of coastal sea level rise remains consistent with past periods and is not increasing despite decades of failed climate alarmist assertions otherwise. This absurd political guessing game of the states future coastal sea level rise is illustrated below from the 3 successive Register articles starting with the most recent as noted above.

Computer models aren't science.  They're part of science, but under no circumstances are they, or should  they be, foundational in promoting public policy.  The intent of computer modeling was a fast way of testing hypotheses, take look at the outcome, and then proceed to either abandon a hypotheses or look for real science, meaning observable, recordable and replicable facts that supports the model.  

In the hands of these activist "experts" computer modeling is "game boy" science.  Garbage in garbage out, and is being deliberately misused to generate conclusions lacking real scientific data, which they then claim is "science", which we need to follow.

A few years ago Global Warming Religionists were claiming the Great Barrier Reef was doomed by Global Warming which would cause the rise of the oceans, both of which has been shown to be provably false.  As we see, another Global Warning bit of scare mongering is biting the dust, the "Great Barrier Reef is experiencing ‘record high’ levels of coral coverage."

Former JCU marine physicist Peter Ridd says the Great Barrier Reef is currently experiencing a “record high coral reef.” “This is data accumulated for some time, which … shows that it’s actually on a record high coral reef,” he told Sky News Australia. "The Great Barrier Reef is home to more corals than it was when the record began in 1985. “There are twice as many corals as a giant cyclone passed through a reef around 2011 and 2012. This record-high coral cover has three catastrophic unprecedented bleachings in the last five years. It seems that there was an event. “So you have to wonder if these bleaching phenomena were probably as devastating as these experts claimed.”

They weren't, any more than the Polar Bear was threatened, and I have no doubt in my mind they're aware of it.  Make no mistake about it.  Any nation that embraces all the Global Warming, Climate Change clabber is in for trouble, especially when it comes to energy as shown in this piece,  Fossil-Free Energy: India's Aluminum Industry In Peril

“Aluminum smelting requires uninterrupted power supply for production, which can be met only through in-house captive power supplies. The reduction in coal supplies, without any advance notice, has brought the industry to a standstill as it has been left with no time to devise any mitigation plan to continue sustainable operations.” (Aluminum Association of India, below)

Sometimes it’s not easy to follow up your words with actions. This is particularly true when a large economy based on fossil fuels is threatened by an anti-energy mentality trying to substitute dilute, intermittent energies for dense, reliable ones..........But what the political leaders do not realize is that sustaining modern civilization requires continued use of fossil fuels to meet some, if not almost all, of our most basic needs...........

Global Warming is a part of the leftist secular religious movement, along with abortion, destruction of the family, destruction of the world's economy and the elimination of about five billion people.   Why is that so hard to get? 

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