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Sunday, September 26, 2021

Abortion: The Animating Sacrament of the Left

The Texas abortion law and the reaction to it has shone a spotlight on the fact that abortion is the primary animating force for the left, a sacrament of a sort that drives both their priorities and energy.

The celebrity crowd had the Taliban on their mind and rushed to see who could make the most absurd comparisons.  The craziest of these takes argued that women in Texas had it worse than those living under the Taliban, whose idea of a woman’s right is the right to be killed by a male for violating his sense of honor.

That great thinker of yesteryear, Dan Rather, noted that “the same people attacking the Biden Administration for leaving women’s rights behind in Afghanistan are eager to control women’s bodies and choices in the United States.”  Last I checked, the criticism directed at the administration was about leaving Americans behind but such distinctions get lost on the “fake but accurate” crowd.

Consider the reaction of the false conservatives who rushed to obscurity during President Trump’s Administration. 

The always noxious Bill Kristol tweeted out a quote from an article in something called The Bulwark by Jonathan Last that read, “The pro-choice movement makes many arguments which I find unconvincing.  But one thing they have always said is that pro-lifers really just want to control women’s bodies.  And part of me thinks that this is probably right.”

The pure slanderous insanity involved in that sentiment is staggering.  I’ve never known a single pro-life American, many of whom are women, who cares one bit about control over a woman’s body, but every one of them has a profound respect for the sacredness of life and believe in protecting the most innocent lives. ...........It is always interesting to watch the conversion of a “conservative” to the leftist religion, which seems to happen somewhat regularly when weak principles collide with the cultural power and temptations of the left. 

A key moment in the conversion of a former “conservative” involves showing fealty to the sacrament that binds together their new tribe, and they usually do it as loudly as possible to ensure that their new friends embrace them.  This is why these “conservative” converts, ala Jennifer Rubin, usually sound even crazier than the long-time denizens of the left.

In what read like a parody, the Satantic Temple joined the fight.  They apparently established an abortion ritual which the Texas law threatens.  These Satanists see abortion as a form of worship that needs protecting...............To Read More.....


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