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Thursday, September 30, 2021

Joe Biden Must be Impeached, While Aftermath Remains Uncertain

America, Awash in Socialist Cretins, Must Roll Up Sleeves for Battle

By —— Bio and Archives--September 29, 2021

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A fiery political advocate or crazed humanistic zealot are unfit for elected office. This explains why both Biden & Pelosi’s self-righteous tenures are pompous failures. Instead, what’s needed is a different kind of personality who appears to be fading away—the Statesman. In considering history’s great leaders, the past is littered with mad partisans utterly convinced they owned the secret blueprint of the universe. 

Instead, all of these prejudiced souls either birthed failed revolutions, or died trying—at enormous cost to their societies. For example, Joe Biden ignored his generals while leaving Afghanistan which will cost perhaps hundreds of thousands of their lives, including Americans. He must be impeached—even if Kamala is untenable. Sadly, if Biden’s impetuous folly proves anything, it’s that he doesn’t care about the suffering or lives of American citizens or allies. Baleful. 

Historic Hallmarks of Tyranny

Around tyranny are certain historic hallmarks. First, the need to relax or abolish the rule of law. Second, an indifference to human suffering or death. Third, the concept that these leaders are “great men” or women, under no rules, given their purity of spirit, and need for freedom. Fourth, that republicanism is too costly, being the kind of government with checks and balances, which cannot be risked. Fifth, that a new way of life on earth is being established that will end all suffering, want, greed, and wars, etc.

But consider how leaders act when they are convinced they’re called to master humanity. Overall, the signal trait of leftist masters is overwhelming incompetence. Consider Joe Stalin, a clinically paranoid man without leadership training, who organized the Great Purge, targeting independent farmers, and his own communist party, resulting in 5 million deaths.

Not to be outdone, equally untrained Chairman Mao’s Great Leap Forward communalized farms, resulting in 40 million deaths. Both leaders murdered their own party officials, and pursued ethnic cleansing, creating terror, torture and murder. But how did either man serve his society? Carl Schmitt, in his Theory of the Partisan, uses Clausewitz’ book Vom Kriege—‘On War’, writing: “Its formula of/for “war as the continuation of politics” is the theory of the partisan in a nutshell. This logic would be taken to its limit by Lenin and Mao Tse-tung…” (summary & book) .........To Read More..... 

More from the Canada Free Press

How Biden and His Supporters Became Three-Time Losers

By Rev. Michael Bresciani

Even though the Gateway Pundit declared that the Arizona audit report was “watered down” – the report was solid enough to sink the Biden ship in at least one state. There are more states now considering re-examining their own 2020 election results.

That is Biden’s first big loss, but forensic audits being sought in other states may be able to totally shift the outcome of the 2020 election.

The loss then, is the very cheating itself, which may say more about Biden’s voters than Biden himself.

Will This Year’s Flu Nudge COVID-19 Off Government & Media Scare Charts?

By Judi McLeod

Will the Common Cold, about to return in the yearly Influenza Season in the northeast,  nudge COVID-19 right off the government and media Scare Charts?

QUESTION: Will cough and sneeze victims of the Common Cold soon be flooding hospitals health authorities tell us are already overwhelmed by COVID victims?

QUESTION: With documented proof available that the PCR (polymerase chain reaction) Test cannot differentiate between COVID, the common cold and flu—HOW IN SAM HILL CAN HOSPITAL STAFF DISTINGUISH WHO HAS COVID AND WHO HAS FLU?

America Quickly Losing its Societal Mind as Absurd Contradictions Signal Certain Death

By Kelly O'Connell

American Greatness: America’s original focus on faith and logic were tied to our greatness, as the foundation of a rational God became core for a linear society, seeking fairness and prosperity. But now every variety of contradiction, neuro-sickness and hypocrisy is extolled by liberals. Their Democrat Party, like an aged grand yacht, sinks aflame as they rage on the decks, dashing to and fro in ecstatic madness, while submerging into oblivion. And as we watch, Joe Biden as a Mad Captain Ahab and Nancy Pelosi as fatally compromised Queen Jezebel encapsulate our plight.

'Let’s 'elect' an old incoherent medical patient as the next president'
By Jon Rappoport

After all, they would need him to sign all sorts of insane executive orders, and no one in his right mind would go along.

If Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Mark Milley, thought Trump was mentally unstable—-forcing him to tell a Chinese official he, Milley, would warn him if the US was about to launch a nuclear strike against China—-what is Milly thinking now—-with Biden in the Oval Office?

What is Milley telling his Chinese counterpart?

By Jeff Crouere

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic was unleashed on the world from China. The evidence is now growing that the bioweapons laboratory in Wuhan, China was the original source of the virus. If this theory is true, the virus was either accidentally or intentionally released on an unsuspecting world.

Of course, the government of communist China is not cooperating with an investigation into the origins of COVID-19, so the world may never know the truth. The mere fact that China is blocking this investigation should lead everyone to question what China is trying to hide.

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