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Monday, August 31, 2020

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Coronavirus, Media Corruption, Big Government Corruption
2020 Election

Cartoon of the Day

Doing research on an author I ran across some old political cartoons going back to the Carter years. Carter was always shoving his nose into international politics, which is amazing considering how incompetent he was dealing with the Iran hostage crises.  It's ever more amazing how many bought into the idea he had anything to offer later.   Here's what I consider a valid depiction of how effective Carter was dealing the N. Korea for later Presidents.

History Has Been Thrust Upon Us!

By Rich Kozlovich (Updated today three times with new information in support of the positions I've taken here.)
How did we come to such Orwellian times?  As I watch the insanity swirling around us I couldn't help but think of this quote from the Lord of the Rings. 
“I wish it need not have happened in my time," said Frodo. "So do I," said Gandalf, "and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”
The title of this post, "History Has Been Thrust Upon Us!" was taken from an article by in the Canada Free Press:on August 29, 2020 entitled, What If Democrats Lose?, saying:
If the Democrats lose this election, it is not difficult to imagine that they will go nuts, slash out at anything that moves in the wrong direction. The mobs are sufficiently riled and waiting for orders. To partly paraphrase Victor Davis Hansen: The Democrats have made a Devil’s bargain.
Marxists under Sanders provide the anarchy and chaos while Democrats watch their cities burn, having agreed to do almost nothing. They will keep COVID-19 alive as long as possible to keep the economy down. Never mind the human toll.
When Democrats win, and at the time they were convinced they would win, Sanders will halt the rioting, having delivered a destroyed middle class, a badly wounded America. The Democrats will take the credit, looking like peacemakers. Sanders will then demand payment, a socialist America ready to be delivered to the globalists. And he will get it.
The left has upended all that's held inviolable by Americans.  Americans believe we have the right to speak our minds, run our businesses, eat at a restaurant, walk the streets and enjoy our homes and families in safety, without being physically attacked, or murdered, by out of control mobs.  That used to be known as a crime, now it's freedom of expression.  How Orwellian is that?
These mobs aren't spontaneous.  They're mobs that have been organized all over the nation.  Criminals who are not only encouraged, but supported by politicians.  Elected leaders who all swore oaths to protect and defend the Constitution, which means protecting the citizens who voted them in......and they are not doing either.  In point of fact, they're doing everything in their power to destroy the American culture, the American identity, the American economy, the President of the United States and the Constitution.  That used to be called treason. Imagine that!

Members of the U.S. Congress can't even leave the White House without being attacked by a mob.
Sen. Rand Paul and his wife Kelly, attacked by an angry mob as they left the White House Thursday night, on Friday credited police with saving their lives. Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) said he took one look at the mob awaiting Republican guests of President Trump, and became "very worried."
Who's behind all this? In this case the D.C. Mayor must share in the responsibility to a large extent.  She, in point of fact, had to allow this group to gather.  All this insanity and violence is clearly an organized criminal effort masquerading as political expression, and they believe this isn't the end, it's the beginning.

Rand Paul says:
My feeling is there is interstate criminal traffic being paid for across state lines, but you won't know it unless you arrest them. Otherwise you just think oh these are just some normal hoodlums from a big city. I promise you that at least some of these members and people who attacked us were not from D.C.
They flew here on a plane, they've all got fresh new clothes, and they were paid to be here. It is a crime to do that and it needs to be traced. The FBI needs to investigate. But the only way you can do it is you have to arrest people. And usually we say 'oh, well, you didn't get hurt, so we're not going to arrest them.'
They were inciting a riot, and they would have killed us had the police not been there. They all need to be arrested, and I'm not saying forever, but they need to be arrested, questioned, they need to say where you're staying, and the bills need to be subpoenaed by a judge, to say 'who paid for your bill, how did you get here on a plane and staying in a fancy hotel, and yet you're acting like a criminal.'
Something's going on here and it's much bigger than people think. But the bottom line is, we can't let the United States become Portland and that's what my fear is..., fear is what the left is banking on to win the election.  Kamala Harris and the Democrat party threaten America with more violence if she and Biden aren't elected saying:
You think the mayhem in Minneapolis was bad? You think it was bad in Portland? In Seattle? Chicago? New York? How about Denver? Atlanta? Philadelphia? Milwaukee? Washington, D.C.? How about that nice little Kenosha over there? If you think those were bad, just wait for what happens if you do something stupid in November. 
Cities are being destroyed, people's lives are being destroyed, the economy of these cities are crumbling from all this insane violence.  Violence that's not only being condoned by local and state authorities, they're supporting this criminal behavior by refusing to enforce the law, and even refusing to charge those arrested by the police for the crimes they're committing.  Police departments they're trying to defund!   Police, leaving their citizens at the mercy of criminals, rapists, thieves, brutes and barbarians.  Police who are being deliberately targeted by these barbarians as a result of their complicity in all this criminal activity.  All the while charging as criminals those who are defending themselves against these monsters.
But it's not just the violence.  The states have imposed insane and irrational mandates on the entire nation over this over reaction to the latest coronavirus scare mongering, none of their predictions have been valid, and for good reason, see the links below.  The entire nation is facing massive economic harm as a result.  People have lost businesses!  Businesses that will never reopen.
 Employees have lost their jobs and are going broke, many losing houses or behind on their rent and facing eviction.  
Fights are breaking out over wearing masks in spite of the fact it's known the masks don't work and in fact, are unhealthy.
As a history buff I intellectually understood how all this could overtake a society. But reality is a shocker as I see it actually unfolding right in front of my eyes, in America!  I now truly understand how dictators take over a country using propaganda and fear.  How easy it is to turn citizens against one another, in order to take power when everything has fallen apart.

The consequences of these lockdowns has been devastating to the nation's health.  Suicides, untreated afflictions that's ended up costing lives.  Governor DeWine of Ohio has an impeachment issue but says he's not focusing on that according to a spokesman!  He's focusing on saving lives and creating jobs!  Really?   How Orwellian is that?  Since virtually everything he's done has the opposite effect, and it doesn't take a degree in medicine or economics to understand that.

This coronavirus scare mongering "has been a godsend to the oligarchs, who are licking their chops as one small business after another fails, leaving Americans with no choice but to spend whatever money they have with corporate behemoths."

We need to define this reality as it is, and not how these insane politicians and their acolyte conspirators in the media define it.  If we want clarity, we need definition because that's what leads to clarity.  Clarity then leads to understanding.  Understanding leads to good decision making.  And if we want harmony, it will take good decision making.

Truth is the sublime convergence of history and reality.  History has a foundation and a context.  What we're told should bear some resemblance to what we see going on in reality.  If what's presented to us fails in either of those categories, it's wrong.  Then all we have to do is develop the intellectual response to explain why it's wrong.

We simply can't escape the fact that "history has been thrust upon us. We will either be a witness to a greater America or the greatest catastrophe this nation and the world has ever experienced. Without America, there will be no where else to go", and now it's time to "decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”  

The 2020 US Presidential Election: A Seminal Moment in Western History

By BESA Center Perspectives Paper No. 1,716, August 28, 2020

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: The US elections will be a contest not just between political figures and rival parties but between opposing worldviews. Biden’s intention to “Europeanize” American democracy would leave the international system bereft of the democracy that saved humanity multiple times from the calamities wreaked upon it by European utopian thought.

President Donald Trump’s declaration in his Mount Rushmore speech of his intention to defend the traditional values of the United States, and Joe Biden’s declaration (backed by Bernie Sanders) of his intention to bring about a transformation of the United States, indicate that the 2020 elections will not be, as in the past, a democratic contest between two personalities and parties but a fateful contest between cultures: the Hebrew-biblical cultural of freedom from which the Anglo-Saxon democracies derived their values versus the Hellenistic culture of freedom from which the European democracies derived theirs.

There is a fundamental difference between the values of the two ancient cultures that formed the crucible of the modern West. The values of the Hebrew-biblical culture were derived from universal logic, the laws of which constitute an absolute and eternal truth and among which a harmony and coherence exists that is designed to foster a similar harmony (social justice) among human beings. The values of the Hellenistic culture, by contrast, were derived from human logic, which asserts that humanity is the standard that determines good and evil, there is no external standard for the moral judgment of human acts, and certain ideas exist that constitute an absolute truth that only elite individuals can discover and impose, by means of “keepers,” on a society that is “chained in a cave.”..........To Read More.....

Ohio county tells story of the seismic shift of working-class voters toward GOP

By Salena Zito, National Political Reporter | | August 29, 2020

Ron Spickler is sitting on the front porch of his modest Mahoning County brick home eating dinner and watching the world drive by the busy little state routes that intersect and pass his front door.

On his lawn are a variety of signs that tell the story of Spickler — at least, the political story. There is a Trump-Pence 2020 sign, a Trump flag, a Trump Country sign, and an Ohio for Trump the Mahoning County Republican headquarters on Market Street, Sher Wenowitz has been there most of the day making calls, handing out Trump-Pence signs, and signing people up who walk through the door asking how they can get involved. Wenowitz also voted for Obama, also left the Democratic Party in 2016, and until this year had never volunteered for a political campaign in her life. “I talked to my husband, asked him if we could get by if I retired, at least short term so I could volunteer at the campaign headquarters," she said. "He said, 'Yes,' and on December 31st, I put my real estate license on inactive and have devoted my time to getting President Trump reelected."........

Mahoning County was the home of blue-collar working Democrats, both black and white, who worked the factories and manufacturing powerhouses that once dotted the valley like bulking dinosaurs peering out of the softly rolling hills............This time, Republicans plan on making the shift whole. If Trump flips the county, it will become the poster child for the slow drift of the working class into the Republican Party...........

Both Ohio counties show America’s electoral trends that began incrementally in 2002....The national media missed this slow creep and mistakenly believed it was caused by Trump missing that the middle of the country had been moving away from the Democrats and them for nearly a generation. He was not the cause but the result of the Democratic Party becoming more focused on issues such as transgender bathrooms and not on jobs and trade deals...........have turned their focus on gun restrictions, higher taxes, and climate change and ignored the rage in the streets while Trump focuses on preserving law and order and jobs, the Columbus suburbs are stalled on who they would support.

Mahoning is poised to make history and vote for its first Republican for president since 1972.
Outside the Trump headquarters, the door here opens and closes repeatedly as supporters old and new make their way into their office to pick up a sign, or three for their yards, a Trump face mask, and, more often than not, offer to help the effort................McCabe is also blown away by the efficiency, investment, and bodies the Trump campaign has placed here in Mahoning for person-to-person voter contact...........“I've never seen such a concerted effort and organization so focused on personal contact than I've seen in 2020, and it started September 1st of last year here in Mahoning County,” he said.............“It may be that these voters are simply lost to Democrats for the near future,” said Paul Sracic, a political science professor at Youngstown State University......

“One of the mistakes people make when talking about places like the Mahoning Valley is that we think of Trump’s supporters as down-and-out white voters with no college degree..........“While many of Trump’s voters may lack a college degree, that doesn’t mean they don’t work for or maybe even own a small business, for example, a landscaping business or HVAC repair company. They appreciate the Trump administration’s pushback on costly regulations,” he said............“They might have a job, but they want their kids to be able to find a job nearby," said Sracic. "Trump offered them that hope.”............“These voters are not hung up on how Trump talks," said Sracic. "He delivered on the issue that they care about: trade............

“Democrats seem to think they steal these voters back by arguing, on the one hand, that Trump is incompetent, and on the other hand, that Democrats also want to protect American jobs and have a better plan [than] Trump. These are going to be hard sells,”............To Read More....

The media will surely not tell the truth about the end of COVID during the election

August 30, 2020 By Jack Hellner

The media, the so-called experts and Democrats have intentionally tried to scare the public for months about COVID. For that, they've kept schools shut, put out excessive mask warnings, shut down fresh-air beaches, and refused to permit even scrupulously socially distanced operations, such as gyms and churches, to open.

Now the facts come out:

This story will be buried!
Oops: It Looks Like the Vast Majority of Positive COVID Results Should Have Been Negative
According to The New York Times, potentially 90 percent of those who have tested positive for COVID-19 have such insignificant amounts of the virus present in their bodies that such individuals do not need to isolate nor are they candidates for contact tracing. Leading public health experts are now concerned that overtesting is responsible for misdiagnosing a huge number of people with harmless amounts of the virus in their systems.
"Most of these people are not likely to be contagious, and identifying them may contribute to bottlenecks that prevent those who are contagious from being found in time," warns The Times.

And it's not even that big a surprise..........To Read More....

Solar Panels Are Starting to Die, Leaving Behind Toxic Trash

Photovoltaic panels are a boon for clean energy but are tricky to recycle. As the oldest ones expire, get ready for a solar e-waste glut.
Aug 13, 2020

Solar panels are an increasingly important source of renewable power that will play an essential role in fighting climate change. They are also complex pieces of technology that become big, bulky sheets of electronic waste at the end of their lives—and right now, most of the world doesn’t have a plan for dealing with that.

But we’ll need to develop one soon, because the solar e-waste glut is coming. By 2050, the International Renewable Energy Agency projects that up to 78 million metric tons of solar panels will have reached the end of their life, and that the world will be generating about 6 million metric tons of new solar e-waste annually. While the latter number is a small fraction of the total e-waste humanity produces each year, standard electronics recycling methods don’t cut it for solar panels. Recovering the most valuable materials from one, including silver and silicon, requires bespoke recycling solutions. And if we fail to develop those solutions along with policies that support their widespread adoption, we already know what will happen...........To Read More....

My Take - Forget any clabber about any of this impacting climate change. None of these alternative energy schemes work to meet societies needs, first of all, and they are all amazingly unfriendly to the environment, and this is just one component as evidence of that.  As for anthropogenic climate change - that's a load of horsepucky, fraudulent science, propaganda, media hype, green scare mongering and political corruption.

Here's the Shockingly Small Number of People Who Died From Only the Coronavirus

Bronson Stocking Aug 30, 2020

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website disclosed the shockingly small number of people who died from only the Wuhan coronavirus, with no other cause of death mentioned. Hold on to your hat because here it is: out of the 161,392 deaths in the CDC data, just six percent, about 9,700 deaths, were attributed to the coronavirus alone. According to the CDC, the other 94 percent had an average of 2.6 additional conditions or causes of deaths, such as heart disease, diabetes, and sepsis............ Instead of protecting the vulnerable – the elderly in nursing homes and those with comorbidities – health "experts" recommended locking everyone up and prescribing for Americans a wide range of ailments such as depression, suicide, missed early cancer screenings, unemployment, substance abuse, and poverty...........To Read More....

Oops: It Looks Like the Vast Majority of Positive COVID Results Should Have Been Negative

Bronson Stocking Aug 29, 2020

Testing, testing, testing -- that's how Pelosi and the Democrats say we'll defeat the coronavirus. Meanwhile, President Trump and his administration are conducting "operation warp speed" at breakneck pace to develop therapeutics, diagnostics, and a vaccine for the Wuhan flu. Unlike testing, treatments will actually do something for you when you come down sick with the disease. But now we're learning the overwhelming majority of those who have tested positive for the coronavirus should really have been found negative after all.

According to The New York Times, potentially 90 percent of those who have tested positive for COVID-19 have such insignificant amounts of the virus present in their bodies that such individuals do not need to isolate nor are they candidates for contact tracing. Leading public health experts are now concerned that overtesting is responsible for misdiagnosing a huge number of people with harmless amounts of the virus in their systems..........To Read More....

My Take - This coronavirus is so virulent and so contagious, it takes a test of know if someone has it or not.  Imagine that!