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Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Okay, Let's Try and Get This Right Once and For All: Biden Was Elected Through Voter Fraud.

Why do I have to keep repeating that?

By Rich Kozlovich

Editor's Note:  Apparently I've picked up my own personal censor at Blogger, and for those who aren't aware, Blogger owns the Blogger blogs.  I originally published this on October 31, 2022, but today, nine months later Blogger decided this article offended "their community standards", and removed it from the site.  I protested, and now they've totally deleted it.  I will save this elsewhere and keep posting it as need be. RK

Update 9/13/2023: After Blogger completely deleted that October offering, they restored it without allowing it to be republished. So I protested their action again, and again, and again, and finally sometime in the last two weeks Blogger republished it, approximately two months later.   Why aren't I more specific on the dates?  Blogger doesn't send a notice, they just un-publish it, and if you're not regularly paying attention to the trash link, you aren't aware of what they've done, or when they've done it.  They also don't send a notice when they restore an article.  Recently someone at Blogger deleted a "draft" article because it offended their "community standards"!  A draft article mind you, not even a published piece.   But now I pay more attention to all this and protested that action the same week, and it was restored immediately.  RK

Since I search out and store so much material on all I write about I come to conclusions on issues more quickly than most, and usually it's because I see patterns easily and usually before everyone else, which isn't a big deal if you keep those conclusions to yourself.  

Then I make the mistake I've made forever in my life.  I just assume since I know all this stuff, everyone must know all this stuff.  That is a totally erroneous conclusion, and a serious error in judgement, especially when your conclusion is out of step with the narrative of the moment, and it boggles my mind  how many conservatives refuse to accept the fact voter fraud, a nationally organized massive conspiracy of voter fraud, is real, it's been going on for decades and it's going on right now.

Let's start with my, "old retired men's coffee klatsch group", that met at the McDonald's in the morning before they closed it to prevent a pandemic disaster from an affliction that had a 99.7% recovery rate, and it still isn't open for sit down customers.  

One morning one of the guys came in and announced regarding the 2020 election that "Trump is screwed".  I said stop believing in polls and look at the crowds.  Trump draws massive crowds and Biden draws crickets.  I then said the only way Biden will be elected is through voter fraud, and said I thought fraud was going to be massive in the 2020 election.

Everyone had either a look of surprise or a look of disbelief.  

So, the history book in me came out.  I said I've been closely following this trend since 2008 when Al Franken defeated Republican incumbent Norm Coleman by 312 votes.  Votes that kept appearing out of nowhere.  It amazes me how they can keep "finding" votes that seemingly disappeared.  Where did they go?  How did they disappear?  Why is it "found" votes always elect a Democrat?  

 Political Cartoons by AF Branco

Not to mention votes of people all over who aren't allowed to vote, like in Chicago where dead people have the right to vote, but there's one thing in common.   No matter where this is happening, these "found" votes are almost sure to be for Democrats, with a sprinkling for Republicans to make it look legit, except in Michigan were 138,000 votes miraculously appeared in the middle of the night and guess what.  They all, every one of them, voted for Biden.   A miracle!  Or maybe Scotty beamed them down from the Enterprise.  Oh, wait....that's fiction.....imagine that.  Even the Post Office "finds" them, two years later.

At any rate, I then went on to note voter fraud is how LBJ first got elected to Congress and how Kennedy was elected through voter fraud, all of which is now acknowledged as fact.   Everyone knew Kennedy was elected through fraud, and so too did Nixon, but he refused to challenge the vote because he feared it would be detrimental to the nation.  Another Nixon failure, since if he'd done it then perhaps that would have prevented what we're seeing today. 

The evidence of voter fraud for Biden being elected to be President of the United States is massive and overwhelming, and if the bugman can track this stuff how is it possible the media and political elements, on both sides of the aisle are incapable of it?  They're not, they're part of the problem.  

The 2020 Election Requires Believing the Unbelievable:

In order for anyone to believe Biden is a legitimately elected President of the United States you must believe all these anomalies are natural and normal coincidences.    That's simply not believable!  And there's no such thing as a conspiracy! Right?

What started this piece was this article about Pennsylvania.   Pennsylvania’s Department of State Has Sent Out 249,000 Ballots to Unverified Voters in 2022 Election, saying:

In Pennsylvania, the Department of State has allowed at least 249,000 unverified voters to receive mail-in ballots so far in the 2022 general election, due to an odd process for verifying the identity of those requesting mail-in ballots where people vote first and verify their identification later.

Pennsylvania has been a rotten fruit of voter fraud, and it appears nothing's changed.   Voter fraud is a rotten fruit that infected Arizona, California, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Georgia, Wisconsin, Texas, even in the military.  We're even seeing it taking place right now in Florida.  

Political Cartoons by Bob Gorrell

According to Just The News:  “Ballot brokers typically work up to a year in advance, ” ..........So this has been going on for years in the Orlando area and, up until now, nobody did anything about it. It's coercive, illegal, anti-democratic, widespread, and slimy.  According to a 2020 GOP congressional investigation of ballot harvesting, the kinds of problems this largely illegal (outside California) practice, which is growing, is all about this kind of activity:

The article linked above shows just  how corrupt and coercive this has become, and it's real.   And the failure of the courts, especially the Supreme court has in effect institutionalized voter fraud in America, although we're now seeing some movement in the courts to change that.  

Here's my entire now it's time to review, so please pay attention!!!!!! 

 Voter Fraud: The Continuing Saga, Part III.  Here I list 20 of my articles dealing with this:

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That's followed by 275 links demonstrating the reality of that fraud, with some of my articles in that mix. So, let's make it a mere paltry 255 links.  Then there's my  starting with, Where Artificial Intelligence Can Expose Leftist Vote Fraud.

Voter fraud elected Biden, and Pennsylvania is going to attempt to do the same to elect Fetterman, and any other state where the numbers are close, and that's why the Democrats like early voting, that way they know how many votes need to "be found", and how many votes need to be shredded.



  1. Mentioning jay valentine gives you credibility... Someone at American Thinker posted link to this site...

  2. "FORE WARNED IS FORE ARMED". Therefore, this is grounds to protect the true vote - use of water marks on ballots, in person only voting only - off site voting to be monitored by both party
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