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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Paradigms and Demographics Evening Edition

For Voter ID Opponents, This Was a Stunning Blow – On Friday, the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals dissolved the injunction that had been issued against Wisconsin’s voter-ID law by a federal district court in April. The court told Wisconsin that it “may, if it wishes (and if it is appropriate under rules of state law), enforce the photo ID requirement in this November’s elections.” In reaction, Kevin Kennedy, the state’s top election official, said that Wisconsin would take all steps necessary “to fully implement the voter photo ID law for the November general election.” The appeals court issued its one-page opinion within hours of hearing oral arguments in the appeal. As I explained in an NRO article in May, the district court judge, Lynn Adelman, a Clinton appointee and former Democratic state senator, had issued an injunction claiming the Wisconsin ID law violated the Voting Rights Act as well as the Fourteenth Amendment. Adelman made the startling claim in his opinion that the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in 2008 upholding Indiana’s voter-ID law as constitutional was “not binding precedent,” so Adelman could essentially ignore it.  However, that was too much for the Seventh Circuit. It pointed out, in what most lawyers would consider a rebuke, that Adelman had held Wisconsin’s law invalid “even though it is materially identical to Indiana’s photo ID statute, which the Supreme Court held valid in Crawford v. Marion County Election Board, 553 U.S. 181 (2008).”…...

If Republicans run as Republicans they will win -  If Republicans run as Republicans they will win - Political pollsters have a tough job. They have to create formulas to determine if the person who they are interviewing is likely or unlikely to vote, and it is within this calculation that their reputations are made. Typically, those who are likely to vote in an off-year election are pretty set. They are the people who always vote in elections, and a few others who are motivated by specific issues. In a wave election, the numbers of those motivated by specific issues escalates changing the electoral landscape as the candidates who are beneficiaries of this increased participation sweep to victory. The 2014 election is rapidly looking like something new and different. Democrats are reportedly demoralized by the failed Obama Administration and general fatigue. Republicans, on the other hand, in an orgy of expectation that the primary elections believed the key to taking the Senate was getting the “electable” candidates nominated. And get them nominated they did….[conservatives] want to believe that the Republican Party is still the conservative political party and is not just a different gang of thieves looking to plunder America’s pocket books. If Republicans run as Republicans in the final weeks of this election, they still can turn this into a rout. But then, they might have to govern as conservatives, and perhaps they fear that even more than being backbenchers……

Devolution is needed in America too - The world watched and waited to learn the fate of Scotland following its vote on the referendum for independence. For many other regions within the U.K., including Wales and Northern Ireland; within Europe, including Spain’s Catalonia and Belgium’s Flanders; and states within the U.S., including Vermont, Texas and Alaska; Scotland’s vote energized and inspired separatists’ movements — even though they were disappointed with the outcome.  While Scotland voted “No,” and chose to remain in the United Kingdom, it made enough noise and caused enough concern in London, that, in effect, it won anyway. When the race appeared to be close Westminster panicked — the “parties went into scramble mode.” They vowed “to introduce legislation to grant Scotland’s semiautonomous government more powers [devolution] if voters reject independence.”….. Mark Meckler, president of Citizens for Self-Governance, agrees. He told me: “A desire for ‘self-governance’ is hard wired into humans. When asked the question, ‘who should decide the things that affect your life?’ the vast majority of people will answer, ‘me.’ This extends to the idea that local governance is better than edicts from a distant government. People have more power locally. ‘Who decides? I decide.’”…. A report about Scotland, and other separatist movements, in the Business Insider states: “From early on in the campaign they also focused more on making it less about all the things the U.K. is doing wrong and more about how they can do it better.” In the West, we know we “can do it better.” Let your state and federal elected officials know that you support state management of public lands and that you want decisions made at the local level — because we can do it better.....

Liberal Incivility and Gabby Giffords - When a gunman attempted to murder Rep. Gabriel Giffords in January 2011, the country was shocked by what was widely interpreted as an act that symbolized the incivility that had transformed American politics. That assumption, which was primarily aimed at undermining the Tea Party movement that had swept the midterm elections months before in the 2010 midterms, was soon debunked when we learned the shooter was an apolitical madman. But liberals have never ceased yapping about the implications of their opponents’ alleged meanness. Now it turns out the person who is doing the most to give the lie to this assertion is Ms. Giffords….. The kind of gutter politics practiced by Giffords’s advocacy group does nothing to further a productive debate about guns or any other issue. But it does bring to light the hypocrisy of liberals who believe their good intentions or inherent virtue should allow them to defame opponents in a manner they would decry as incitement to violence if it were directed at Giffords has begun to realize that empathy for her situation doesn’t translate into a willingness by the majority of Americans to embrace her positions on gun control, her intervention in political races is now taking on the aspect of a political attack dog rather than that of a sympathetic victim…… But it does bring to light the hypocrisy of liberals who believe their good intentions or inherent virtue should allow them to defame opponents in a manner they would decry as incitement to violence if it were directed at them…… 

Should We Sometimes Ignore Mass Murder but Condemn Lesser Sins? - Oddly, progressives often say “yes” to this question, and have been doing so for almost a century now. At the United Nations, President Obama stated: “In a summer marked by instability in the Middle East and Eastern Europe, I know the world also took notice of the small American city of Ferguson, Missouri—where a young man was killed, and a community was divided.”  Many listeners were jolted by the seeming comparison of a sad but unpremeditated killing in Ferguson with the Russian invasion of Crimea and the ISIS mass murder and beheading of those who disagree with them. According to Victor Davis Hanson, “Here is one of the staple dogmas of the Progressive mind: the sins and crimes of America that require apologies and reparations, even as the millions of dead, tortured, and imprisoned in other nations are shrugged off.”......Josephson published The Robber Barons in 1934....... “Before people pass judgment on Comrade Stalin they ought to come here and see his Works ….Stalin, however, was starving millions of Ukrainians and sending thousands of others to the Gulag in 1934, the year Josephson uttered those words. When Josephson finally left the Soviet Union and returned to America, he lamented, “How can I continue to write books merely for a living, when the form of society in which I live is repugnant?”

My Take – The history of Americans who lauded Stalin included FDR, who also liked Hitler and Mussolini until the war. A number of “progressives “ went to the Soviet Union and came back with glowing reports such as Lincoln Steffens who said, “I’ve seen the future and it works”. And Walter Duranty, working for the New York Times, received a Pulitzer Prize for his articles about the Soviet Union claiming no one was starving to death, in spite of the fact that every reporter there knew otherwise.
We see the same lack of proportion and integrity from the media constantly. The media went after the commissioner of the NFL 24/7 because they didn't like the decision he made over a wife beater. I kept asking - what crime did he commit that justified such intense scrutiny? Yet if you were to ask almost anyone about the Pakistani's who sexually molested children for many years in England no one would know what you were talking about - and that's just one small example. Outrage over small things while totally ignoring crimes so huge as to stagger the imagination. The same holds true regarding the environmental movement. The socialist monsters of the 20th century killed over 100 million innocent people, and the environmentalism has probably been responsible for the deaths of that many and more, starting with the ban on DDT. That's a story that isn't being played 24/7! No, instead we hear about a non-crime that doesn't fit the leftist narrative with blithering leftist idiots demanding that Goodell resign. Why?

Energy and Environmental Newsletter

By John Droz Jr.

Our latest Energy and Environmental Newsletter, is now online. There is some great material there, so please set aside some time to check it out. Below are some highlights.

 The CATO Institute has recommitted its "Center for the Study of Science" to cover more ground — especially in the energy arena. It asks the fundamental question: "What happens if science is being systematically distorted by the incentive structure for advancement in one’s profession?". Indeed, this is at the core of ALL of our technical matters, and in our opinion is THE issue of our times. Kudos to CATO to focus more on this!

 A newly released study by the Texas Comptroller is also significant. Texas has been a big promoter of renewables, but this report is full of disturbing data and dire warnings. For example it shows how the Summer is an extended period of high demand — yet of the 11,000 MW of installed wind energy, only a pathetic 963 MW (8+%) is typically available. The report states that this means that extensive fossil fuel backup is required.

 This is a sample of other interesting energy articles in the current Newsletter —
2014 HV McKay Lecture by Robert Bryce: More Energy Please!

Here are some examples of worthwhile global warming reports —
Thank you for your continued support!

As always, please pass this on to open-minded citizens. If there are others who you think would benefit from being on our energy & environmental email list, please let me know. If at any time you'd like to be taken off the list, please let me know that too.

Breaking Russia’s energy stranglehold

Europe cannot afford to have its foreign and domestic policies dictated by Putin’s blackmail

Paul Driessen

European Union nations want to impose tougher economic sanctions on Russia for invading Ukraine and providing the missiles that shot down Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17. However, they are worried about biting the hand that feeds them – with the natural gas that fuels much of its economy.

Russia is the world’s second-biggest natural gas producer and third-biggest oil producer, so it can inflict tremendous pressure and damage on its neighbors without firing a shot. The 28 EU nations as a whole depend on Russia for one-third of their oil and gas. However, Estonia, Finland, Latvia and Lithuania get 100% of their natural gas from Russian President Vladimir Putin. Six other European countries get more than half of their gas from the powerful Russian Bear: Czech Republic (57%), Poland (59%), Ukraine (60%), Hungary (80%), Slovakia (84%) and Bulgaria (89%).

That makes the Europeans highly vulnerable to cuts in the fuel supplies they need to power their cars, keep their businesses, factories and economies running smoothly – and heat homes, to literally keep people alive during brutal winters like those they’ve experienced recently. A simple “nyet” from Mr. Putin could reduce or cut off energy exports, leaving the continent hostage to Russia and creating a potential disaster. European officials know this but so far are frozen by their own fears and policies.

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) calls Russia “a gas station masquerading as a country,” because 60% of its exports are oil and natural gas. Cutting these exports to pressure Europe politically might hurt Russia’s economy. However, it has already done so, is currently squeezing Ukraine over winter gas supplies – supposedly over late payments for past deliveries – and is making export arrangements with China and other countries, to reduce any economic harm it might suffer from engaging in renewed energy blackmail.

Moreover, during one week this September, Russia supplied up to 45% less gas than Poland requested, the Poles’ largest oil and gas company reported. Over the past decade, “Russia has halted the flow of gas through Ukraine three times, directly affecting eastern and southern European countries most reliant on Gazprom, the giant Russian energy monopoly,” the Christian Science Monitor has observed.

Indeed, 16% of Russian natural gas exports flow through Ukraine. In yet another pressure tactic, Russia began tightening the export spigot in June. Russian gas supplies through Ukraine to Slovakia have been cut by 25%, says Ukrainian Energy Minister Yuriy Prodan.

There’s no question that the EU and USA must punish Russia for seizing Crimea, infiltrating troops and military equipment into eastern Ukraine to support secessionists, aiding terrorism, and killing hundreds of innocent jetliner passengers. Since no one wants a shooting war with Russia, economic sanctions are all that’s left. Failure to do even that would give Putin a green light to move more forcefully against Ukraine – or even try to occupy other former Soviet Union nations.

Putin has called the breakup of the Soviet Union “the greatest tragedy of the 20th century.” Before invading Ukraine, Russia invaded the former Soviet territory of Georgia in 2008 to support separatists who had declared independence for the Georgian provinces of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. It’s not at all hard to imagine Putin moving against Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, other former Soviet possessions or even Finland, to bring them into Mother Russia’s suffocating embrace. But how can the EU end the blackmail, enjoy some foreign policy independence and improve its faltering economy with less reliance on Russia?

If European countries faced food shortages due to import restrictions, they would offer their farmers incentives to grow more. EU members need to act the same way on the energy front. Otherwise, they give Russia tremendous sway over their future. European nations certainly have the ability to take action.

For one thing, they could import more natural gas from the United States and other countries besides Russia, until it can produce more domestic energy. Europe is blessed with enormous quantities of oil and natural gas – including enough gas to supply all its needs for at least 28 years, during which it could develop viable alternatives to gas and the dozens of coal-fired generators it is now building. US Energy Information Administration data reveal that Sweden has enough gas to meet its needs for 250 years. Denmark, Poland, Bulgaria, France and Spain also have extensive potential, as do Great Britain and other countries. Unfortunately, those deposits aren’t economically recoverable using traditional drilling.

However, they can be captured using hydraulic fracturing (fracking) – which has been used safely and with great economic and employment benefit more than a million times in the United States since 1947. It has made the United States the world’s largest natural gas producer.

Not surprisingly, environmental extremists strenuously oppose fracking – further crippling Europe’s ability to meet its energy needs and chart its economic destiny and foreign policy. Also not surprising, Russia is secretly funding the European anti-fracking movement “to maintain European dependence on imported Russian gas,” NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen recently revealed.

But if there’s a silver lining to unfolding Middle East events and Russia’s naked aggression, it’s that more sensible Europeans are finally looking more critically at their self-destructive energy and environmental policies. The European Union announced in September that it will combine previously separate energy and climate ministries into one office. The decision infuriates radical greens, but it reflects growing business, worker, consumer and family concerns about reliable, affordable electricity and motor fuels.

Next, Europe needs to allow fracking. Right now, virtually every EU nation except Poland and Britain bans fracking. Besides making Europe more energy independent, fracking would reduce carbon dioxide emissions by enabling European nations to rely more on natural gas and less on coal. Fracking would also reduce EU natural gas, electricity and even oil prices, as it has in the USA. It would also create or save millions of jobs that are endangered (or gone) because of Europe’s outrageously high energy costs. In fact, many EU companies and families pay three to eight times more than Americans do for electricity.

Another problem in Europe is that people living above the shale deposits have no ownership or economic interests in developing them. They are inconvenienced, but the state and drilling companies get all the money. The EU needs to devise incentives that give landowners and residents a positive stake in development – such as a royalty or percentage of every Euro of oil and gas produced and sold.

On this side of the pond, US petroleum production must be further increased. The huge gains in American oil and gas output since 2009 were all on private and state lands, while the Obama administration has presided over a nearly 40% decline in production from onshore and offshore federal lands. The President and congressional Democrats need to stop being energy obstructionists, and let American companies tap these energy treasure troves. That would create jobs, generate billions in government revenues, make more gas available for European purchase, and strengthen our economy and balance of trade. Congress should also consider prohibiting state and local fracking bans as unconstitutional constraints on trade.

Congress and the President should also fast-track US natural gas exports to Europe, by speeding permits for liquefied natural gas (LNG) facilities. These actions would encourage further drilling, technology improvements and job creation. As Europeans adapt and improve America’s rapidly advancing fracking technologies and develop their own gas, these exports will be less vital. But they are essential now.

The world is not going find safe, efficient, affordable, environment-friendly alternatives to oil, natural gas and coal in the next decade or so. (Right now, Europe gets just 1.3% of its energy from wind and solar, but 75% from fossil fuels – and both wind and solar exact significant environmental costs.) In the meantime, we need to rely more on realistic opportunities and initiatives, and on our oil supplier friends in Canada and Mexico. If we don’t, we’ll have to continue importing from increasingly unstable and unfriendly parts of the world – and being constantly at their tender mercies, just like the Europeans.

Paul Driessen is senior policy analyst for the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow ( and Congress of Racial Equality, and author or Eco-Imperialism: Green power - Black death.

People’s Climate March Wants to Change the System, not the Weather

By Marita Noon

Americans are generous people. We want to believe the best in others. We’ve tried to accept the narrative out of the White House that Islam is a peaceful religion. There’s been talk of the good Muslims reining in the bad—before they ruin the reputation of all Muslims. But then, the Islamic extremists have posted videos of innocent Americans—even a Brit and a Frenchman—being beheaded.

It has now reached our homeland: Oklahoma. News reports show Alton Nolen, a recent convert to Islam, who, on Friday, beheaded a former coworker and stabbed another before his rampage was stopped when the company’s COO shot him.

American’s patience has worn thin as extremists have taken over. Mosques, fearing potential retaliatory violence, are taking extra security precautions to protect Muslims who gather there. Saad Mohammad, a spokesman for the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City, said any anti-Muslim sentiments local residents might have could be heightened due to the beheadings and violence overseas by Islamic State militants.

Earlier this year, General Iyad Ameen Madani, Organization of Islamic Cooperation Secretary, in his address at the 25th Session of the Arab Summit, told the audience: “Extremist voices and groups have hijacked Islam and misappropriated the right to speak on its behalf.” He referenced the “discord and mutual killings which have gained ground in our ranks” as “a war where there is no victor but it will invite perils for all,” and defended “Islam with its established values and aspirations and with its advocacy of justice, equality, concord, coexistence and mutuality,” as totally unrelated to the extremists and to their “ideologies and what they call for.”

Much like Madani sees that his belief system has been hijacked by extremists, and is publically saying so, sincere lovers of nature need to speak up, as anti-eco sentiments are heightened by extremists, who have hijacked the environmental movement, as evidenced by the September 21 People’s Climate March in New York City and the subsequent UN Climate Summit. In, Noah Rothman states: “The modern climate alarmism movement has been hijacked by the remnants of those who still adhere to the defunct tenets of revolutionary Marxism.”

Much like Americans have wanted to believe the war on terrorism was over and that Al-Qaida was on the run, they’ve previously accepted the “green” narrative coming out of the White House. After all, everyone wants clean air and water. No one wants to be against a critter.

ISIS has shown that Islamic extremists are alive and well—and are a growing threat. The People’s Climate March revealed the true colors of eco-extremists—and their growing threat.

The People’s Climate March had little to do with the climate. The eco-extremists want to “change the system.”

While reported numbers vary, hundreds of thousands of people clogged (and littered) the streets of New York City. The parade had grand marshals like actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo and politicos Al Gore and Robert Kennedy Jr. But, it also had an astonishing assortment of anti-American, anti-capitalism, and anti-free marketeers, who showcased for all of America what the environmental movement has become. In Human Events, the menagerie was described this way: “If you’re in favor of totalitarian power, sympathetic to America’s enemies, dubious about representative democracy, hostile to free markets, or you just get turned on by fantasizing about violent revolution, there was a place for you at this march.”

Marchers carried a banner stating: “Capitalism is the disease, socialism is the cure.” Others: “Capitalism is killing the planet. Fight for a socialist future.”

Hydraulic fracturing—which is uniquely responsible for U.S. carbon dioxide emissions dropping to the lowest in 20 years—was victimized: “Make fracking a crime.” Marchers held signs saying: “Fracking = Climate Change. Ban fracking now.”

Speaking of crimes, Robert Kennedy, Jr., in an interview at the Climate March, told Climate Depot’s Marc Morano that he wishes there was a law to punish global warming skeptics. He’s previously called coal companies “criminal enterprises” and declared CEO’s “should be in jail… for all of eternity.”

Interviews with participants in the March revealed sentiments such as: “corporations have to be reined in” and we’re “building a revolution for a whole new society—a new socialist society.”

A man in a cow costume carried a sign: “I fart. Therefore, I am the problem.” Bob Linden, the host of the nationally syndicated radio program Go Vegan, stated: “if 50 to 85 percent of us switch to veganism by 2020, scientists tell us we can save the planet from climate change.”

Unfortunately, you won’t see any of this in the mainstream media. The New York Times slide show of the event features a pictorial display of flower wreaths being strung, and of children and happy dancers.

In a piece titled: “Rockets Red Glare Distract Nation From UN Climate Summit and Import of Global Climate Protests,” the Huffington Post laments: “the critically important UN Climate Summit in New York has had to compete on mainstream media with the far more dramatic war coverage.” It continues: “the climate's fate is far more important to the world even than the desperately needed military campaign by the U.S. and its allies to eradicate barbaric ISIL terrorists from Syria and Iraq.”

The Christian Science Monitor reported: “just as the climate movement has captured global attention, major leaders are shifting their attention elsewhere.” Regarding last week’s UN meeting that followed the Climate March, it stated: “The UN meeting is likely to be overshadowed by the new war on the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.”

The new war in Iraq and Syria, waged by Islamic extremists, centers on hate for all things Western and a desire to change systems of government to an Islamic caliphate. The shocking displays of violence have sounded an alarm that has awakened Americans and exposed the inconsistency and inaccuracy of most messaging coming from the Obama Administration.

The People’s Climate March also centers on hate and a desire to change the government. One description of the March said: “These people are defined by what they hate, and a big part of what they hate is capitalism.” Another offered this explanation of the participants: “the aimless in search of personal meaning complement the ranks of a movement which promises personal purpose.”

During a panel discussion held in conjunction with the March, Naomi Klein, author of “This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate,” was asked: “Even if the climate change issue did not exist, you would be calling for the same structural changes.” Her answer: “Yeah.”

I know every Muslim isn’t a terrorist and every person who cares about the planet isn’t an eco-extremist, but as ISIS has changed American’s view—and Islamic leaders, such as, Madani, are unhappy that “Extremist voices and groups have hijacked Islam and misappropriated the right to speak on its behalf”—the Climate March made clear that extremist voices have hijacked the environmental movement. Our patience has worn thin, and we no longer trust Obama’s clean, green message.

National Geographic summed up the March this way: “Despite all the enthusiasm displayed in New York and elsewhere on a muggy September Sunday, public opinion polls consistently show that climate change is not a high priority for most Americans.”

Americans are smarter than the collection of anti-capitalism satellite groups think. They’ve seen through the rhetoric and realize, as the Climate March made clear: it is not about Climate Change, it is about system change.

These eco-extremists showed their true colors: green on the outside, red on the inside. Watermelons.

(A version of this content was originally published on

The author of Energy Freedom, Marita Noon serves as the executive director for Energy Makes America Great Inc. and the companion educational organization, the Citizens’ Alliance for Responsible Energy (CARE). Together they work to educate the public and influence policy makers regarding energy, its role in freedom, and the American way of life. Combining energy, news, politics, and, the environment through public events, speaking engagements, and media, the organizations’ combined efforts serve as America’s voice for energy.


Monday, September 29, 2014

Indigenous, communists, freaks steal show at People’s Climate March in NYC

By / September 21, 2014 / 27 Comments
 Indian tribes, environmental activists, vegans, union members, communists and circus freaks united in Manhattan Sunday to protest fossil fuels and warn of imminent climate catastrophe ahead of Tuesday’s United Nations climate summit.
Photo by Bruce Parker
ACID RAIN DANCE: Members of the
Indigenous Environmental Network
attempt to dance away
the impending climate crisis
Billed as the largest climate march in history, the People’s Climate March showcased the protest power and pageantry of more than 1,500 environmentalist groups from around the world, including Sierra Club, Greenpeace, Earthjustice, SEIU, and more. An estimated 400,000 people attended the event. Demonstrators gathered at Central Park West at 11:30 a.m. before making their way down Avenue of the Americas, crossing over to 11th Avenue, and marching down to West 34th Street, where trumpet blasts, drum beats and chants finally dissipated....

They also set the stage for a wild afternoon of anti-capitalist theater.....Bob Linden, a nationally syndicated radio host, said it was too late for political solutions. The only hope now, the host of Go Vegan Radio said, is for the world to stop eating meat.  “If you want another super storm, keep eating meat, dairy, fish and eggs. You can’t be a meat-eating environmentalist. You must go vegan,”

More Here........

My Take - If anything ever exposed the green movement for what it is - it was this march. Green is a secular neo-pagan religion being used by socialists to gain power. As you follow this issue you will see a common denominator – an unending demand that power be centralized in the hands of a few people who will make all the decisions. What I really find interesting are all those countries that have that kind of government have the worst environmental records. Although there are honest loons supporting all these loony ideas, those in power know that none of this is really about the environment, whether it’s climate change, pesticides, organic food, animal rights or any of the other loony activist movements, it’s really only about power and money. 

But let’s get some clarity on this. 
The green movement is not about the environment or public health  since they want to eliminate all energy sources, which would help them to attain their goal of eliminating billions of people.  If you really want to be green you will be required to be irrational, misanthropic and morally defective - making you either as dumb as dirt, or shrewd, insidious and mendacious!

Unsettling climate

Paul Taylor, LA Ecopolitics Examiner September 28, 2014

People's Climate March
This week New York City, and several other international venues, are cleaning up the trash left by the “People’s Climate March” protests. The march was intended to amplify climate issues ahead of United Nations policy planning and next-years Paris attempts to get global government climate control agreements. Global warming campaigners gathered by the thousands in mob grievance to once again convince the U.N., and the world, that climate change is an existential threat, and that climate should be the top priority for government action – taking priority over economic prosperity and global terrorism according to some prominent progressives.

 Predictably, this ritual of partisan-progressive public protests included only diversities in appearance of communist, Islamic, socialist and radical elites for media demonstrations and tactical local disruptive insurgents in the “war on carbon.” Sadly, the war on carbon is ultimately a “war on prosperity.”  Climate celebrity warmists, debate deniers in progressive government agencies and the thousands of nonprofit and global NGO eco-propagandists are biased by incomplete 20th -century atmospheric science, partisan impulses and pop-cultural demands for a pubic “green identity.”... Read more

From Pam Geller's Site: Atlas Shrugged!

“OK Beheader’s Imam Defended Muslim Terrorism, Called for Jailing Pamela Geller” - The imams preach violence, hate, and jihad against the non-believer but my speech? They are a problem. Devout Muslims are beheading Americans, but our ads are the problem.  That’s sharia in America…..

PHOTO: Oklahoma Beheader’s Allegiance Salute to the Islamic State - Jah’Keem Yisrael, the jihadist who beheaded a female co-worker and attempted to behead a second before being stopped by an armed company official, giving the salute of the Islamic State The crackerjack agents at the FBI have still not determined a motive. “Cast terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers: smite ye above their necks and smite all their finger-tips off them.” Quran (8:12-13)

Second Oklahoma Beheader Arrested, Said He Represents the Islamic State - We are seeing and hearing of this Islamic ritual slaughter on a daily basis now. ISIS is here. Murithi identified himself as a Muslim. He then mentioned he “represented ISIS and that ISIS kills Christians.” He’s currently at the Oklahoma County Jail on a terrorism count. How many people have to be beheaded before we can talk about motive and ideology?

Ali Sina: World leaders call for end of UN veto power. I call for end of UN - World leaders demanded Security Council reform during their addresses to the UN General Assembly, calling for the addition of more permanent and non-permanent seats on the council and the elimination of the veto. The world is bigger than five, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said in his speech during the General Debate, referencing the five countries with veto power the US, UK, France, China, and Russia.   Heads of state from across the globe echoed his call for reform. The status quo has made the governing body inefficient, Peru’s President Ollanta Humala Tasso said. He asked for the addition of more permanent and non-permanent members, which, he said, should result in a more democratic process……

Eat. Pray. Jihad. Malaysians fighting for Islamic State say it’s “1,400 years old: The Prophet Muhammad demands it.” - “Ahmad Salman Abdul Rahim chose to leave his job at a Malaysian construction company to fight alongside jihadists in Syria for a reason he says is 1,400 years old: The Prophet Muhammad demands it.” Obviously, nothing to do with Islam. Hundreds (perhaps thousands) of Muslims from Southeast Asia have going to fight for the Islamic State in Syria. When they say it’s for Islam and Allah, no one calls them “islamophobes” “racists” or “bigots”. Funny how the media works.  Four new jihadist groups are planning the Islamic Caliphate - Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Southern Philippines…

Muslims Days Before Attack - Always claiming victim status and inverting reality to deflect attention away from the horrific reality of jihad terror. And the enemedia eagerly advances their agenda.  Alton Nolen standing at the gates of the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City, where Imad Enchassi is the Imam, or leader of the congregation (Credit: Facebook) “OK Beheader’s Imam Claimed Threats to Behead Muslims Days Before Attack,” by Jordan Schachtel, Breitbart, September 27, 2014 (thanks to The Religion of Peace): Just days prior to the ruthless beheading of an innocent woman at the hands of Oklahoma jihadist Alton Nolen, his Imam, Imad Enchassi, garnered international attention after claiming that Muslims–even Muslim children–who...

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Leftist Litany Versus Reality!

By Rich Kozlovich
I subscribe to a newsletter called "The Goldberg File" by Jonah Goldberg.  I read his book Liberal Fascism and was so impressed I made it a point to read his columns.  So when I had the opportunity to receive his thoughts regularly via e-mail I immediately subscribed to it. 

This newsletter isn't like .....well.....a real newsletter.  True, it has interesting insights on reality, but it's also filled with musings and other stuff,  because Goldberg has a ....well...... weird sense of humor....not always mind you, but I think he just let's himself go every once in a while for his own amusement.  I find it irritating but I still read him because there's usually a real gem in the mix. 

One of the things that didn't surprise me was what a word smith this guy really is - as an example - earlier in the week Goldberg wrote a column on the "War on Women" claiming it was an "objectively idiotic notion that we are in the midst of a war on women".   He was naturally attacked by the leftists, which didn't surprise him.  Naturally!
He went on to say:

"Over and over again women dismissed the very idea that there isn’t a war on women because, in the words of one, I am a “white dude.” Now anyone misfortunate enough to have wasted time better spent making replicas of Devil’s Tower  out of their mashed potatoes reading left-wing academic gobbledygook knows that this response stands on a huge pile of identity-politics asininity."

(Time to recycle an old Jewish joke:
Guy gives a piece of matzoh to a
blind man. Blind man says,
“Who writes this stuff?”)
Of course  saying you're a "white dude" as an epithet is such a clear explanation, no further explanation is necessary.  However, I just had a thought.  I wonder if they use "black dude" as an epithet also?  After all, isn't it the black community that suffers from a 70% illegitimacy rate?  Doesn't that mean "black dudes" are impregnating women they've refused to marry and then abandoned, leaving they and their children all over the place?  Doesn't that seem to be abusive to you?  If not, why not?  Of course in the leftist litany it's only whites that can be attacked...epecially if they're conservatives.  And extra-specially if they're Christian conservatives. 

At least that gives us clarity! 

Goldberg states that; "just because “white dude” lacks the polysyllabic panache of critical gender-studies jargon doesn’t make it any less serious. If anything, it is more serious because it is honest and decipherable.   So much of what passes for academic writing these days is really a kind of guild-mentality gnosis, an impenetrable code intended to empower and elevate a priesthood (or in this case a priestesshood) as keepers of a truth the rest of us are too addlepated to grasp."

Did you get that?  Polysyllabic panache in academia is nothing more that jargon that amounts to a "guild-mentality gnosis".  meaning it generally signifies "a spiritual knowledge or "religion of knowledge", in the sense of mystical enlightenment or "insight"'.  You just gotta love the way he writes! 

He goes on to say; "One could babble on for pages about “structures of power” and “false consciousness” and offer no greater insight or intellectual sophistication than “you’re wrong because you’re a white dude.”

He points out that this is “simply a fresh coat of paint on the decrepit edifice of cultural Marxism an attempt to “shoot the messenger” in order to have a “monopoly on the message”.  The mental construct of the left is; “If the truth isn’t to your liking, all you need to do is claim that it isn’t the truth, but merely a social construction deployed by” ________(fill in the blank). 

This newsletter struck a chord with me because is the same kind of thing I face in dealing with green issues.  What we need is clarity.  This is a typical leftist concept promoted by  the left, and most recently by Saul Alinsky.  Whether it’s feminism or environmentalism.  Attack anyone who disagrees with them as morally defective, selfish, greedy liars attempting to abuse humanity and the environment for their own ends.   No evidence is necessary!  Just as being a “white dude” is enough explanation to justify feminists claims of abuse, environmentalists continually claim their detractors are nothing more than greedy liars and paid stooges of the captains of industry to justify imposing vile regulations and policies that destroy industry, and left hundreds of millions worldwide in misery, suffering, poverty, early death and squallor.
Am I on the payroll of the captains of industry?  No, I’m totally self-funded.  However I would be more than willing to be funded by outside groups, even green groups, non-green groups, small business and large business. Does that seem counterintuitive to you? 

Many years ago Beth Whelan, who was the President of the American Council on Science and Health, was accused of being one such “tool” because of some funding by a large corporation.  She responded back that the ACSH takes the positions it takes because that’s what they believe, and if this person really believed otherwise, then fund ASCH and see if they changed their views.  She never did get a check! 

The goal of Paradigms and Demographics is to present the truth in the most profound and provocative way possible via logic that’s based on historical foundation and structure - what I see happening in reality – and how they correlate in a effort to expose leftist litany as a reflection of a secular religion that's irrational, misanthropic and morally defective. Period!
I just wish I could write about it like Goldberg.  Even if he is weird!