Monday, September 8, 2014

Press Release From The Global Warming Policy Foundation - 08/09/14

New Paper: Fraud, Bias & Public Relations
Claims of 97% consensus on global warming
depend on research described as fraudulent and biased

London, 8 September: A new briefing note published today by the Global Warming Policy Foundation examines claims made by a great many commentators across the world, including President Obama and Ed Davey, of an overwhelming consensus on climate change. These depend on research that has been subject to public and entirely unrebutted allegations that it is fraudulent.

Although the authors of the research claim to have shown that most climate change papers accept that mankind is responsible for the majority of recent warming, in fact the underlying study shows no such thing.

One senior climatologist described the paper as ‘poorly conceived, poorly designed and poorly executed’. Another researcher called it ‘completely invalid and untrustworthy’, adding that there was evidence of scientific fraud.

Andrew Montford, the author of the paper, said: “It has now been shown beyond doubt that the claims of a 97% consensus on climate change are at best misleading, perhaps grossly so, and possibly deliberately so. It’s high time policymakers stopped citing this appalling study.”

Full paper (pdf) -

Fraud, Bias And Public Relations: The 97% ‘Consensus’ And Its Critics


Andrew Montford

Dr Benny Peiser
The Global Warming Policy Foundation

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