Thursday, September 11, 2014

From the American Council on Science and Health

Prediabetes - A warning diagnosis to take seriously - A blood glucose level above normal but not yet at diabetic levels may indicate you're on the path to developing type 2 diabetes. A diagnosis of prediabetes can help avoid the disease itself - but prevention will take education and commitment. Read more.

Dramatic reduction of genital warts in Australia due to free HPV vaccine - The quadrivalent HPV vaccine not only protects against cervical cancer, but also protects against genital warts. A recent study shows just how effective the HPV vaccine is for preventing genital warts. Read more.

Liver damage from supplements? Let's drink to that. - Despite subtly worded labels that suggest dietary supplements are both safe and health-promoting, they are neither. New study finds that liver injury cases attributed to herbals and dietary supplements, specifically anabolic steroids, are rapidly on the rise. Read more.

Lancet asks if e-cigarettes are a "smokescreen." We ask why The Lancet exists? - The Lancet had to get its word in on the "e-cigarette controversy." Its editorial - written, we're sure by editor-in-chief Richard Horton - toes the W.H.O line of alarmism and hyper-precaution about this ground-breaking technology. No surprise, given his history. Read more.

A simple preventive - aspirin - lowers risk of preeclampsia, a pregnancy danger - New advisory from a Federal panel finds strong evidence that low-dose aspirin reduces risk of preeclampsia in women at risk of this worrisome pregnancy-related condition. Of course, this recommendation should be individualized for patients. Read more.

Coming soon to a coffee bar near you: better coffee! The genome of the coffee plant has been deciphered and published. This is a boon to agriculture - scientists hope this will allow them to improve the plant's resistance to diseases - and soon perhaps it will result in better coffee too. Read more.

Lung cancer screening beneficial for smokers and ex-smokers over 65 - Earlier in May, the Medicare Evidence & Coverage Advisory Committee (MEDAC) voted against coverage for lung cancer screening, stating that the harms outweigh benefits. However, a recent study argues that seniors still benefit from scans. Read more.

Enterovirus sickens hundreds of children in the Midwest - School is back in session, and it comes with a respiratory viral illness that has sent children to the hospital. There is no vaccine for the culprit enterovirus, but it's important to take precautionary measures to prevent more serious illnesses, specifically the flu. Read more.

A new study shows A-fib may be a causal factor for heart attacks - A new large study published in JAMA shows that the most common arrhythmia, atrial fibrillation (AF), long known to result from a variety of heart ailments, may also play a causal role in provoking heart attacks. Read more.

Purported Alzheimer's - benzodiazepine link: Something to worry about? Not according to the scientists of ACSH - Benzodiazepines are drugs that are commonly prescribed to combat anxiety, or as sedatives and muscle relaxants. A new study finds use of benzodiazepine drugs may lead to Alzheimer's disease. Or does it? Read more.

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