Friday, September 26, 2014

Mike Bendzela is skeptical about the GMO skeptics

You should be too, he says.

Recently, a“ground-breaking” study by Gilles-Éric Séralini used by anti-GMO activists as“convincing evidence” of harm caused by genetically-engineered corn, was deep-sixed by the very journal that published it, Food and Chemical I raised a glass of home-brewed hard cider and said “Salut!” to self-correcting science. Changing my mind about GMOs has been easy. All it took was learning that the Humulin my Type-1 diabetic spouse takes every day to keep himself alive is a GMO. Just isolate the sequence in the human genome that codes for the insulin protein; insert this DNA into the nucleus of an E. coli bacterium; et viola: The bacterium divides to become a little insulin factory…… I ask the students which images they see most represented on the screen. Immediately they say, “Hypodermic needles.”……We stare at all the other scary, doctored images: a frog with orange peel for skin; a tomato with a human fetus in its pulp; a heart-shaped potato, dripping blood. “How many of these are actual GMOs?” I ask the students. They recognize, of course, that these images are fictions, designed to frighten people.

“Does anyone know what a real GMO looks like?”.....To Read More....


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