Saturday, September 13, 2014

From Benny Peiser's Global Warming Policy Foundation

Brussels Anti-Green Purge

New EU Leaders Neuter Green Lobby
 Editor's Note: There is one thing everyone on my side of this argument absolutely knows. All green policies and ideas are irrational, misanthropic and morally defective - not to mention economically disastrous. Eventually “The Inevitability Factor” must come into play. That's when even the most ardent enviro-politico comes to the realization people ( whose lives their fooling around with) are not going to stand by while they are forced to freeze in the winter, roast in the summer, or starve because it doesn’t fit some idiotic leftist greenie vision of utopia.  Once the public has been exposed to the consequences of “going green”, they have the tendency to get angry and demand change.  Then and only then do they come to the realization that “going green” is going to cost them their jobs.   And of all the green scares – that’s greatest scare of them all – being forced to get real jobs, where only economic success determines their value and they would be held accountable for their failures.
[Conservative MEP] Miguel Arias Canete, Spain’s former agriculture and environment minister, was nominated as the European Union’s next commissioner for climate and energy, becoming the first single supervisor of those two policy areas. The new commission will take office as energy policy is moving up the EU agenda amid a crisis in Ukraine, the transit country for around half of Russian natural gas to Europe, and the unrest in Middle East. --Ewa Krukowska, Bloomberg 10 September 2014
Jean-Claude Juncker’s decision to group EU commissioners into teams serving under a vice-president has been welcomed by some interest groups, and derided by others. Rumours of the intention to combine the climate and energy portfolios have been sparking alarm among environmentalists for weeks. But the elimination of a dedicated environment portfolio came as a genuine shock to green groups. The ‘Green 10’ – an alliance of European environmental NGOs – sent a letter to Juncker saying that his restructuring decisions suggest a “de-facto shutdown of EU environmental policymaking”. --Dave Keating, European Voice, 11 September 2014

The Green10, the alliance of leading environmental NGOs at EU level, supported by over 20 million EU citizens and active in all 28 Member States, wrote today an open letter to President Jean-Claude Juncker to express grave concerns over the direction the EU seems to be taking with the announcement of his new team. The coalition highlights that the structure of the new Commission, the mission letters, and the choice of Commissioners all reveal a serious downgrading of environment and a roll back of EU commitments to sustainable development, resource efficiency, air quality, biodiversity protection and climate action. --WWF Europe, 11 September 2014
“The biggest change is the structural blocks put on any new legislative activity,” said Tony Long, director of campaign group WWF. “Every avenue is blocked because it all has to go through a vice-president and then a first vice-president.” Mark Fodor, executive director of campaign group Central and Eastern Europe Bankwatch, said the letter suggests that Juncker is back-tracking from previous commitments. “By missing out the crucial role of EU funding for addressing the climate challenge, the president-elect is showing complete disregard for the future of our planet,” he said. --Dave Keating, European Voice, 11 September 2014

Just two days after being appointed by Jean-Claude Junker, the EU’s new climate and energy commissioner is under pressure to drop his shares in two oil companies which members of European parliament say represent a conflict of interest. The MEPs say EU’s proposed new climate and energy commissioner, Miguel Arias Cañete, must dispose of any oil company shareholdings before they consider giving his nomination a green light at European parliament hearings later this month. One environment committee member, the German social-democrat Jo Leinen, told the Guardian there was “no guarantee” that Miguel Arias Cañete would be confirmed at European Parliament hearings, which have powers to send back proposed commissioner lists to Juncker. --Arthur Neslen, The Guardian, 12 September 2014

Skepticism of global warming may be more widespread than it is portrayed in the media, with nearly half of British lawmakers being labelled as climate “skeptics” and India’s prime minister casting doubt on claims of man-made global warming. A special report by PR Week shows that a vast majority of conservative members of UK Parliament are [doubtful] that mankind is the main driver behind global temperature rises. While a slight majority (51 percent) of members of parliament (MPs) say that global warming “is largely man made” and an established fact, nearly three quarters of conservative MPs disagree. --Michael Bastasch, The Daily Caller, 10 September 2014

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