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From Pam Geller's Web Site: Atlas Shrugged!

"Tell me the history and I will give you the answer!"

Posted By Rich Kozlovich

Please make sure to read the third article explaining Taqiyya, which shows how deceptive Islamists are and will continue to be.  History and reality lead to truth, and both have demonstrated that nothing said by "moderate" Muslims attempting to claim Islam is peaceful is meaningful to anyone, least of all to other Muslims.  It's all an insidious and mendacious deception, and this article shows why.  And the actions by "Islamists" demonstrate the truth of it. 


Obama Forbids FBI to Use Religion in Identifying Terror Threats, as the Islamic State Recruits Openly in U.S. Mosques - Even now, when heads are rolling – literally and countries are falling to the caliphate — Obama still refuses to identify motive and ideology even as American Muslims return to the homeland battle-hardened and primed for battle.

The threat is bigger. The denial is bigger.

“Obama Forbids FBI to Use Religion in Identifying Terror Threats, as ISIS Recruits Openly in U.S. Mosques,” by Karin McQuillan, The American Thinker, September 24, 2014  AT had a chance to catch up with Steven Emerson, head of The Investigative Project on Terrorism, and hear his assessment of the ISIS threat here on American soil. Emerson runs the country’s top data center on Islamic terror...

Teenage British jihadi ‘killed in US airstrikes’ - If Obama had a son ……So President Obama, if the Islamic State has nothing to do with religion, why was this young British teen killed in one of the airstrikes that you ordered? If religious ideology had nothing to do with why this young Brit in Syria, what was he doing in Syria?  Obama’s tongue is tied in so many knots it’s a wonder he doesn’t choke on it. “Teenage British jihadi ‘killed in US airstrikes': 19-year-old from Brighton died in US-led bombing,”….Ibrahim Kamara, known as Khalil al-Brittani, believed dead in airstrike.  The teenager travelled to strife-hit region to...

Taqiyya 2.0: International group of Muslim scholars “refutes” Islamic State’s Islamic case” while endorsing jihad, Sharia, caliphate - Taqiyya is a form of religious dissimulation, deception, or a legal dispensation whereby a believing Muslim can deny his faith or commit otherwise illegal or blasphemous acts (lies) while they are in fear or at risk of significant persecution or of being exposed.

Today Islamic supremacists gave us prime, top of the line deception — to advance Islam (taqiyya). The Islamic State and other devout Muslim groups are blowing their fictional cover and our ads (supported by millions of Americans) are forcing them to address nasty, bloody truths. World’s leading scholar on Islam and national treasure Robert Spencer peels back the layers of this latest circus act, a complete circumvention of the truth…..

Obama Praises Muslim Cleric Who Backed Fatwa on Killing of U.S. Soldiers - Engaging in the same kind of duplicitous deception as so many of the Muslim Brotherhood jihad groups (ie CAIR), President Obama went before the UN today to insist that Islam is peace while lauding a moderate who called for the killing of American troops. Obama takes our moderate ad one step further - He actually calls a vicious extremist “moderate.” I guess Islam is peace if this cleric is a moderate.  We’ll need a new ad — ‘Obama’s moderate is inciting to slaughter US troops.”  More on Obama’s shameful speech here.

Jihadists Behead French Hostage in Algeria - The horror. Unimaginable. “Our values are at stake,” French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said Wednesday after hearing about the video.But where are our values when those who oppose the ideology that inspires and commands such barbarity are vilified and condemned, while the ideology itself is never questioned? And where is the collective outrage? Directed at our ads of truth, of course. The reporting on this monstrosity is very matter-of-fact. And yet when the media reports on our ads opposing jihad, is such objectivity employed? Never. We are “haters” for opposing jihad and its accompanying mass beheadings.

We are surely in the age of the savage.

Only 2 out of 14 Mosques in Denmark were willing to distance themselves from the Islamic State - The reason only two mosques would distance themselves from the Islamic State is because it would mean distancing themselves from the Qur’an and hadith. In other words, distancing themselves from whole chunks of Islam.

 So much for “fringe” elements.

 Here is part of AFDI’s platform to combat the fight in the homeland:  AFDI calls for the U.S. and other non-Muslim governments to recognize officially that Islam is a political movement and so not solely religious in the strict sense of the U.S. Constitution. AFDI recognizes that Islam in it mainstream theological formulations and its dominant form throughout its history, not “extremist Islam” or “hijacked Islam” or “Islamism,” but...

Islamic State Fighters Accused of Raping ‘Thousands of Women’ and Girls as Young as Age 9 - Why do they only go as far as girls who are nine years old? Why not eight? Because Muhammad’s child bride Aisha was nine when he consummated his “marriage” with her. But Obama says, “This has nothing to do with Islam!”

 “Islamic State Fighters Accused of Raping Thousands of Women and Girls as Young as Age 9,” by Sharona Schwartz, The Blaze, September 23, 2014: The Islamic State group claims to be pushing a more moral, religious society in the territories it has captured, but multiple reports in recent days have revealed the widespread rape of women and girls“ some as young as 9 “ by jihadi fighters, an outrage one publication described as occurring on an “industrial scale.”
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