Sunday, September 28, 2014

Leftist Litany Versus Reality!

By Rich Kozlovich
I subscribe to a newsletter called "The Goldberg File" by Jonah Goldberg.  I read his book Liberal Fascism and was so impressed I made it a point to read his columns.  So when I had the opportunity to receive his thoughts regularly via e-mail I immediately subscribed to it. 

This newsletter isn't like .....well.....a real newsletter.  True, it has interesting insights on reality, but it's also filled with musings and other stuff,  because Goldberg has a ....well...... weird sense of humor....not always mind you, but I think he just let's himself go every once in a while for his own amusement.  I find it irritating but I still read him because there's usually a real gem in the mix. 

One of the things that didn't surprise me was what a word smith this guy really is - as an example - earlier in the week Goldberg wrote a column on the "War on Women" claiming it was an "objectively idiotic notion that we are in the midst of a war on women".   He was naturally attacked by the leftists, which didn't surprise him.  Naturally!
He went on to say:

"Over and over again women dismissed the very idea that there isn’t a war on women because, in the words of one, I am a “white dude.” Now anyone misfortunate enough to have wasted time better spent making replicas of Devil’s Tower  out of their mashed potatoes reading left-wing academic gobbledygook knows that this response stands on a huge pile of identity-politics asininity."

(Time to recycle an old Jewish joke:
Guy gives a piece of matzoh to a
blind man. Blind man says,
“Who writes this stuff?”)
Of course  saying you're a "white dude" as an epithet is such a clear explanation, no further explanation is necessary.  However, I just had a thought.  I wonder if they use "black dude" as an epithet also?  After all, isn't it the black community that suffers from a 70% illegitimacy rate?  Doesn't that mean "black dudes" are impregnating women they've refused to marry and then abandoned, leaving they and their children all over the place?  Doesn't that seem to be abusive to you?  If not, why not?  Of course in the leftist litany it's only whites that can be attacked...epecially if they're conservatives.  And extra-specially if they're Christian conservatives. 

At least that gives us clarity! 

Goldberg states that; "just because “white dude” lacks the polysyllabic panache of critical gender-studies jargon doesn’t make it any less serious. If anything, it is more serious because it is honest and decipherable.   So much of what passes for academic writing these days is really a kind of guild-mentality gnosis, an impenetrable code intended to empower and elevate a priesthood (or in this case a priestesshood) as keepers of a truth the rest of us are too addlepated to grasp."

Did you get that?  Polysyllabic panache in academia is nothing more that jargon that amounts to a "guild-mentality gnosis".  meaning it generally signifies "a spiritual knowledge or "religion of knowledge", in the sense of mystical enlightenment or "insight"'.  You just gotta love the way he writes! 

He goes on to say; "One could babble on for pages about “structures of power” and “false consciousness” and offer no greater insight or intellectual sophistication than “you’re wrong because you’re a white dude.”

He points out that this is “simply a fresh coat of paint on the decrepit edifice of cultural Marxism an attempt to “shoot the messenger” in order to have a “monopoly on the message”.  The mental construct of the left is; “If the truth isn’t to your liking, all you need to do is claim that it isn’t the truth, but merely a social construction deployed by” ________(fill in the blank). 

This newsletter struck a chord with me because is the same kind of thing I face in dealing with green issues.  What we need is clarity.  This is a typical leftist concept promoted by  the left, and most recently by Saul Alinsky.  Whether it’s feminism or environmentalism.  Attack anyone who disagrees with them as morally defective, selfish, greedy liars attempting to abuse humanity and the environment for their own ends.   No evidence is necessary!  Just as being a “white dude” is enough explanation to justify feminists claims of abuse, environmentalists continually claim their detractors are nothing more than greedy liars and paid stooges of the captains of industry to justify imposing vile regulations and policies that destroy industry, and left hundreds of millions worldwide in misery, suffering, poverty, early death and squallor.
Am I on the payroll of the captains of industry?  No, I’m totally self-funded.  However I would be more than willing to be funded by outside groups, even green groups, non-green groups, small business and large business. Does that seem counterintuitive to you? 

Many years ago Beth Whelan, who was the President of the American Council on Science and Health, was accused of being one such “tool” because of some funding by a large corporation.  She responded back that the ACSH takes the positions it takes because that’s what they believe, and if this person really believed otherwise, then fund ASCH and see if they changed their views.  She never did get a check! 

The goal of Paradigms and Demographics is to present the truth in the most profound and provocative way possible via logic that’s based on historical foundation and structure - what I see happening in reality – and how they correlate in a effort to expose leftist litany as a reflection of a secular religion that's irrational, misanthropic and morally defective. Period!
I just wish I could write about it like Goldberg.  Even if he is weird!

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