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Friday, April 30, 2021

P&D Today

By Rich Kozlovich

We have lost our minds! By Rich Kozlovich

Editor's Note:  This is a follow up on yesterday's commentary,  Cycles of Insanity. RK

Leftism is a plague on humanity.  Whether it's an issue such as abortion or economics, dystopia is the ultimate consequence of leftism.  

The historical accuracy of that statement is there for the world, and it's politicians to see and act on, but the activists in government, the media and academia are constantly working to overcome reality, and the public buys into it.  Doesn't anyone read history books any longer? Answer? No! 

Not only that, we're not taught history any longer, because actual history has been replaced by leftist propaganda such as Howard Zinn's, A People's History of the United States, filled with lies of commission and lies of omission.  And done deliberately, which is known, and yet they're still pushing it on our children, at all levels of education. 

Education in America was heavily influenced by an outspoken socialist, John Dewey, going back to the 1890's.   His goal, along with so-called progressives like Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, was to make sure the apple fell as far away from the tree as possible.  The state was to become the ultimate moral arbiter for what communists called the "new man".  Not the churches!  Not the parents!  The State! 

Reading, writing and arithmetic were merely side benefits to that ultimate goal.  Now that they've pretty much reached their goals of moral supremacy, they've largely failed at reading, writing and arithmetic. Since that was never their true goal in the first place, they've kicked actual education to the curb. 

And so,  here we are, left with an education system that's not only failing to educate our children, it's filling them with insane social paradigms that will doom the nation, just like Venezuela, Greece, and many other socialist failures.  

 The academic leftists fled fascism in Europe, and then worked to impose what they fled here. Through the Marxist take over scheme referred to as a "long march through the institutions", to infest all of America's institutions in order to make socialism acceptable to Americans, with the end goal of imposing it.

We have infanticide promoted by a corrupt judiciary that "discovered" a "right" in the Constitution that doesn't exist in the Constitution.  They've created something called the Penumbra of the Constitution, where "rights" not specifically cited are "implied" by the Constitution.  The Supreme Court created a new "right", calling the right murder your unborn child the Right to Privacy.

 "In January 1973, the Supreme Court issued a 7–2 decision ruling that the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution provides a "right to privacy" that protects a pregnant woman's right to choose whether or not to have an abortion." 
All promoted by corrupt, self-serving, amoral political and activist misfits with the goal of destroying the foundational values of the nation.   We have illegal deep state abuse by America's bureaucracy against America's citizens,  and the latest outrage where the FBI raiding former Mayor Guillani about the Ukraine investigation, but the people who've been exposed for their corruption in this affair, fake President Joe Biden and his corrupt son Hunter are given a pass. 

We have deep state and political corruption to the point of treason and no one is being charged with it.  A political party that gone so far to the left they've committed themselves to the destruction of the American identity, the American culture and the destruction of the Constitution.  A party that's irrational, misanthropic and morally defective, and the , , industry and the unions praising them while condemning those who actually believe in the American way of life, calling them racists, xenophobes, greedy, and well, take you pick, when you're looking for a denigrating term, any one will do.

Everything is now racist, including milk and federal, state and local governments that are owned by the .

As I watch the insanity appearing in the news daily even a newsie like me gets sickened by it. I keep wondering, just how insane can the world get?  Apparently there are no limits to insanity, cognitive dissonance, corruption and greed.  The left uses our own values against us to destroy us, and entirely too many aren't disgusted by it all.   

Islam has delivered more human disaster than any other force in the world's history.  But the left in all its glory runs a close second.  It has always been a force for human misery, suffering and dystopia since its inception. The combination of the two represents human disaster on a scale that has to cause fear and dread in those who actually read and understand world history.  A history that's incontestable.

We're hearing a lot from and her "", which is neither new, nor is it a deal.  Ocasio-Cortez is a nitwit, but at least she's an honest nitwit, unlike most in the Democrat Party, she actually lets us see just what a nitwit she is, thus, we can see just how insane her schemes and policies are.  She's actually telling everyone what she believes, and I give her kudos for that, but history has shown what she believes in is a human nightmare.  And that history is also incontestable. 

I keep being amazed at some of the positions these "leaders" and "opinion makers" take.  But when you dance with the Devil you won't choose the dance, you won't pick the music and you may not be able to leave the dance floor.  Their views border on insanity.  Unfortunately, everyone has to suffer for their insanity

Paradigms and Demographics was never a big blog.  The biggest month I had 40,000 hits.  Typically, P&D gets between 20 and 30 thousand hits a month these days.  In the beginning I was only interested in shaping ideas and concepts I thought important for the pest control industry and those who are involved with us. 

Going back many years I published a weekly newsletter and I had a blog before this one; and they both had the same caveat; green only!   As time went by I realized that it was impossible to do “green only” because I could see that green was nothing more than the spear point for imposing socialist policy worldwide predicated of fraudulent environmental disasters.  Therefore, I decided that Paradigms and Demographics would stop being an anti-green blog and become a pro-humanity blog, which by definition makes Paradigms and Demographics anti-green and anti-left. 

I’ve try to work in different formats over the years, but I never really liked the way anything was coming together.  I kind of like what I am doing now and I think I have settled on this format.  For one thing, I think it's more focused, and better organized.

I don't know how my friend Alan Caruba, who passed in 2015, put out such accurate in depth commentaries each day, and on such varied subjects.   While I was working I didn’t have time to do a commentary each day, and quite frankly, I can’t seem to do one each day now that I’m retired....much to my embarrassment. 

I don’t know about others, but there are times I can crank out a complicated article in a couple of hours.  There are other times when it takes me two days, and then I keep changing it.  I never quite figured out why that is, other than the fact that the subject has so many layers that I have the tendency to go off in different directions attempting to tie it all together. 

At one point I stopped doing anything for a couple of weeks.  Even a news junkie like me can get to the point that I just can’t stand anymore.  Alan Caruba was concerned and sent me an article to publish just to get me back in the arena.

Admittedly some of my articles are a bit long, but that doesn't bother me as much as making sure I have continuity in the article.  At times I have had to work in what are called "coherence through connectives" because of the depth of the subject…and usually the continuity isn’t obvious until the end of the article.   If not done correctly - you look like a loon.   

I find that pushes me into different realms of thought and ideas.  And I get ideas.....lots of ideas!  I can get an idea a minute.  All of them time consuming, some are brilliant…..some….well....not so much!

But one thing has become clear as day to me.  Mass insanity really is cyclical, with peaks and valleys. From the 60's until now we've seen the cyclical waves of insane behavior and decision making, but even at the bottom of the waves, the insanity was above the sane base line of foundational values that created the greatest nation the world has ever seen.   Consequently, the resulting the downward spiral from that foundation is making the continued existence of America more critical than ever before.

We're facing economic disaster at every turn, and the left demands more spending, more taxation, more central government control over everyone's life, irrespective of the fact that kind of government has been a dismal failure forever and everywhere, and the media is complicit.

We really have lost our minds, and perhaps an  , which I've gone back of forth on as to whether it's a good thing or not, may have to be the answer. 


Deciphering the Woke Generation

| Apr 27, 2021 | @ Malcolm Out Loud

Everyone has heard the term ‘woke,’ but few people understand what it really means. There is a lot of woke literature, but only a few authors have defined it clearly. We will discuss two of them, Kenya Hunt, writing in the US edition of The Guardian on November 21, 2020, and James Lindsay, writing at on July 30, 2020. 

Most dictionaries define woke as a perceived awareness of inequality or injustice, normally of a racial nature, which has evolved with the advent of web-based social media. It extends to conversations on economics, social class, gender equality, and of course, politics. It generally involves activism but attempts to always claim that a ‘woke’ person is ‘aware.’ 

One could claim that a woke person has ‘awakened’ to his or her surroundings and so is now ‘awoke,’ shortened to ‘woke.’ Some first link it to American activist-writer James Baldwin’s writings on Blacks in America. Others connect it to Master Teacher, a song by American singer-songwriter-actress Erykah Badu in which she repeats over and over, “I stay woke.” Or, it could be American film director/writer/actor Spike Lee’s cry “Wake uuuuup” in his movie School Daze. That debate could go on endlessly, but we will just focus on what it has become today.

Kenya Hunt quotes BuzzFeed in her essay, saying:

“Woke is also the much-needed awakening of the privileged to all manner of societal ills and the willingness to call them out, usually in the form of a white, cisgender, heteronormative man recognizing that others who are not white cisgender, heteronormative, and male are often denied equal rights treatment and pay.” 

For those of you, like us, who did not know the word “cisgender,” it refers to people who accept their gender as being their biological sex at birth.

Woke has been commodified, such as when Nike featured Colin Kaepernick, the NFL player who refused to stand for the National Anthem, as a symbol for the company. It has been used in conservative media as meaning rigid and uptight socially. Dropping the word woke into a conversation is a quick way to uncover where someone sits politically.

In his essay, James Lindsay accurately links woke to the concept of Critical Social Justice Theory. In its simplest form, this theory ‘recognizes inequality as deeply embedded in the fabric of society.’

You will not likely find folks defined as woke willing to debate what it is. If not an unwillingness to converse on the subject, their reticence is due to their belief that the topic is unequivocal and not debatable, very much like climate change adherents. Woke converts see a willingness to debate as acceptance of the system they detest. Conversation and debate are part of our game, of course, but woke folk do not want to have anything to do with our game. They think the system is rigged against them.

The first thing to understand, Lindsay tells us:

“About the way, adherents to Critical Social Justice view the world is just how deeply they have accepted the belief that we operate within a wholly systemically oppressive system.”

He says that the system extends into every aspect of our culture and is rotted through with “white, Western male biases.” Woke activists believe that they can’t reorder society in the radical way they deem necessary by playing by the existing rules. They believe that by participating in scholarly conversation and debate, they are endorsing our system in which they are convinced they cannot win. It would seem tearing things down, their ‘cancel culture,’ and pulling down statues constitutes a system more to their liking.

They are apparently convinced that reason, rationality, science, and evidence are the very things that produced injustice in the world in the first place. The world is rigged against them, they believe, and so they nearly always seem to take a negative view toward life. We have been unable to find happy-go-lucky, upbeat personalities among those committed to a woke perspective.

Lindsay sensibly says that ‘Critical Justice Theorists’ see society divided into oppressors versus the oppressed and everyone who isn’t woke to the realities of systematic oppression lives in the form of false consciousness. Consequently, ‘wokeness’ may be recognized as a sort of religious philosophy where acceptance of the woke facts must be accepted on faith. All religions consist of collectively-held obligatory beliefs, as does wokeness.

Wokeness sees people who occupy positions of systemic power and privilege to be reprehensible. You hear them called racists, misogynists, bigots, fascists spreading their hateful ideology in the world. If woke activists believe this, then why would they give their opponents a platform to debate. They do not and hence the cancel culture arises.

College students and faculty are particularly attuned to these hierarchies of oppression, organizing themselves around marginalized figures. Alexander Riley, author of Angel Patriots: The Crash of United Flight 93 and the Myth of America, writing in the August/September 2019 issue of First Things, describes (see “Woke Tokenism”) a diversity training session at a college where a white member of the facility was nominated for a faculty committee position. He detailed his privilege and journey to wokeness and asked his colleagues to vote for his nonwhite female opponent, presumably because she was more woke.

Author Michael Walsh, writing in the April 12 issue of Epoch Times, asserts:

“That “progressivism” is the destructive philosophy of resentful losers matters nothing to them when their blood is up. That “social justice” is just another word for punitive fascism thrills them to the bone. That if the word “justice” needs a modifier then it’s not justice at all, but revenge, is the whole point. In the end-stage lives of peoples and cultures, even nations, the suicidal impulse to destroy becomes even more powerful than the urge to create.

Walsh continues:

America has been seized—there’s really a no better word for it—by a small but powerful “woke” minority of politicians (almost all Democrats), senior military officers (promoted largely under Barack Obama), and media flunkies (who parrot their talking points and foment animosity through their selective, Marxist-prismed news coverage focused almost exclusively on race, sex, and class).”

It has gotten worse now, as a group of nominally capitalist CEOs, often foreign-born from countries like Russia, reach the top in Silicon Valley. They foist their vulture capitalism upon the ambulatory corpses of traditional U.S. businesses that long ago lost the vision of their founders. They invited outsiders with no emotional stakes into the enterprises to run them into the ground while profiting immensely.

British writer Conrad Black, writing in the April 7 issue of Epoch Times, summed up the situation well when he said:

“It is now clear that as the avalanche of wokeness and national self-hate has crashed over the restraining walls of the American mythos, one pillar of traditional American democracy after another has fallen.” 

The collapse of the traditional American business executive has been especially disappointing as the once conservative chambers of commerce have fallen in line with the dictates of our socialist politicians.

Perhaps even more egregious has been our professional sports leagues, once followed by a majority of conservative fans, now bowing to sales in China, stringent pandemic dictates, and misunderstood voting rights.

Our biggest problem now will be the undoing of the woke virus that has infected our K thru 12 public education system. This may take at least a generation before getting out from under the dictatorship of the radical, authoritarian teachers’ unions. Similarly, university endowments will start to suffer and slowly correct their radical leadership in all things woke.

America is indeed in crisis, but it has been in crisis before and, as before, it will resolve them. In Churchill: Walking With Destiny, Andrew Roberts poignantly describes the myriad complexity of surviving two world wars and a depression. He places in perspective today’s problems with our misguided governments and political groups.

We see today’s situation as having great similarity with the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, only this time it is a form of a woke revolution. It is said that those who do not have a sense of history are destined to repeat it. This certainly fits today as so much now going on in America ignores how Venezuela and Cuba self-destructed as a result of their revolutions. Current proposed Legislation HR1, if passed, takes all voting rights away from our states and gives them to the Federal Government. That will be an impediment to throwing the woke Democrats out in the next election, but our nation of mostly free people will take the government back regardless. 

We will be discussing all this in-depth in The Other Side of the Story, our new America Out Loud talk radio show that will be broadcast at 11 am and 8 pm Saturday, May 1 and Sunday, May 2, and on our podcast the following week. Please tune in for some lively discussion about how wokeness has become one of the greatest threats to our nation today!

Dr. Jay Lehr is a Senior Policy Analyst with the International Climate Science Coalition and former Science Director of The Heartland Institute. He is an internationally renowned scientist, author, and speaker who has testified before Congress on dozens of occasions on environmental issues and consulted with nearly every agency of the national government and many foreign countries. After graduating from Princeton University at the age of 20 with a degree in Geological Engineering, he received the nation’s first Ph.D. in Groundwater Hydrology from the University of Arizona. He later became executive director of the National Association of Groundwater Scientists and Engineers.

Tom Harris is Executive Director of the Ottawa, Canada-based International Climate Science Coalition, and a policy advisor to The Heartland Institute. He has 40 years experience as a mechanical engineer/project manager, science and technology communications professional, technical trainer, and S&T advisor to a former Opposition Senior Environment Critic in Canada’s Parliament.

What Do Black People Think

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, April 28, 2021

I’m baffled — again.

Sometimes I marvel at how different blacks are from whites, and this has been a time of marvels. Let’s start with the latest police shooting to get the full, national outrage treatment: Ma’khia Bryant in Columbus, Ohio. On April 20th, police got a 911 call with screaming in the background and a frantic woman shouting that someone “is trying to stab us.” Twelve minutes later, there was another 911 call, but the woman hung up, saying the police were already there.

You may have seen the police body-cam video, but here are the crucial 15 seconds in slow motion. This is the first thing the officer sees when he gets out of the car. 6:18 – 7:52

Guess who that guy is doing the kicking? It’s probably Ma’khia’s father. I don’t see how anyone can watch this video and not think the white officer did exactly the right thing You can’t count on a taser to stop someone in a split second.

But Ma’khia has relatives who disagree. Aunt Hazel told the Daily Beast, “The police are going to lie. They’re not here to protect and serve. They’re here to kill Black folks.” Great Grandmother Ila, said, “It looks to me like that’s what the police wanted to do, to kill her.”..........To Read More....

A website called TB Daily News has learned that Ma’khia had terrible parents. This appears to be her father, Myron Hammonds. A kindly-looking fellow. He is now playing the aggrieved father, but he had to be taken to court to admit he was the baby daddy. Here is the record of the paternity case. Plaintiff is the mother, Paula Bryant, and he is the defendant.

TB Daily News also learned that dad had an outstanding warrant for his arrest and has a criminal record as long as your arm. But he sure came through for Ma’khia when she needed him in that knife fight, didn’t he?

Ma’khia’s mother Paula was charged in 2004 with domestic violence and assault, and pleaded guilty to a lesser charge. In 2010, she was charged with domestic violence and endangering children and again pleaded down to a lesser charge. No wonder Ma’khia ended up in foster care.................To Read More....

BLM Protesters Rally for ‘Victim,’ Leave After Learning He Was White

By Lee Brown April 19, 2021

Black Lives Matter protesters in Minnesota dropped to a knee and set off to march over a fatal police shooting — only to return when they learned it was a white carjacker who had fired at police, according to reports.  Dozens of people protesting outside Gov. Tim Walz’s mansion in St. Paul on Sunday were filmed by Fox 9 reporter Mitti Hicks as they knelt for a moment of silence over initial rumors about Sunday’s 3 p.m. fatal shooting...............“For an armed carjacker?????? Are people this stupid????” one person replied to Hicks’ video, while Amanda Felske said that the group planned to “just immediate loot /riot!!”............To Read More....

My Take -  There's an important question that never seems to be asked, and never seems to be answered.  What do these people do for a living?   Is looting, rioting and mayham how they get their money?  If so, and it appears it might be so, that's a crime...isn't it?  If it isn't, and it may also be so, who's funding these misfits, since they're apparently in every state and just looking for something to riot over, someone must be funding them. Big corporations?  That also seems so.  

We've lost our minds.


Michigan’s Youngest Ever Lawmaker, 26, ‘Threatens to Call Governor on Cops After Crashing His Car While Drunk

A Michigan state lawmaker threatened to call Governor Gretchen Whitmer on cops who arrested him after he crashed his car while drunk, according to a police report.  Rep. Jewell Jones, 26, is accused of driving at twice the drink-drive limit with a loaded gun in his cup holder when he crashed his black Chevy into a ditch on the side of I-96 in Fowlerville, about 65 miles outside of Detroit.   He allegedly taunted state troopers who responded to the scene on April 6, telling them he ran their budget, and was pepper sprayed and tasered twice while resisting arrest, police say. .............To Read More....

France: Macron threatens to ‘punish’ generals who signed open letter warning of ‘radical Islam’ stoking ‘civil war’

By Leave a Comment

France24, reports that 25 generals signed the document, not 20. More from the France24 report:

“The hour is grave, France is in peril,” the retired generals wrote, adding that failure to act against the “suburban hordes” — a reference to residents of the mainly immigrant areas that ring French cities — and other unnamed groups who “scorn our country” will lead to “civil war” and deaths “in the thousands”.

Anadolu News Agency stated:

The signatories of the letter went beyond the 25 retired generals. It included “more than 1,000 officials of different rank and files in the military, police and gendarmerie” who stated that they cannot remain “indifferent” and “passive spectators” under the current circumstances.

Tensions kept rising in France between mainstream France and mainstream Muslim groups, and now comes the letter by the generals in an effort to steer France back to its fundamental values. 

It was the beheading of school teacher Samuel Paty that caused an awakening in France. French citizens witnessed mainstream Muslim groups and leaders express some regret about Paty’s murder, but many also added that Paty should not have insulted Muhammad. The French were not willing to tolerate any “but” in this context; nor should they have done so. The condemnation of Paty’s murder should have been unequivocal. No hint of justification was acceptable. But instead, multitudes of Muslims from France, Pakistan and across the Islamic world justified his murder, some more tacitly and some blatantly.

Following Paty’s murder (as well as revelations about the horrific and shocking circumstances around it, involving schoolchildren and even relatives), the French government heightened its crackdown on “Islamic separatism.” In response, the Muslim lobby in France and beyond retaliated by accusing the French government of being “Islamophobic.” Condemnation came from as far away as Egypt, where the renowned Al Azhar in Cairo condemned Macron’s plan for fighting “Islamic separatism” as an “explicit call for racism and hate.” Macron came out in defense of the “right to blaspheme.” In Britain, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, also supports this right to blaspheme.

In any Western society, there is no room to accommodate any religion that violates the tenets of a free society. The freedom of speech is a cornerstone of any free society. And in any Western society, one can easily see that there are no religions except Islam that persistently and relentlessly attack this freedom, taking their fight all the way to the United Nations. That’s because offending Islam is a crime under the Sharia — a law that is at odds with otherwise universally accepted principles of human rights. “Islamophobia” initiatives from mainstream Muslim groups are intended to put a stop to any speech that may be offensive to Islam and Muslims.

“French generals who called for military rule if President Macron cannot stop ‘Islamists’ from ‘disintegrating society’ will be punished, government declares,” by Ross Ibbetson, Danyal Hussain and Sophie Tanno, MailOnline, April 27, 2021:..........To Read More....

UK: Trucker who had arm broken by illegal Muslim migrants jailed for carrying pepper spray and stun gun


Truck driver Graeme McMurray was attacked by illegal migrants in France in Boulogne, France, in 2018, leaving him with a broken arm, so naturally he would seek to defend himself on the job, but instead, the judge, Lord Mulholland at the High Court in Glasgow, lectured him: 

“You pled guilty to possession of a pepper spray for your protection after you were assaulted by illegal immigrants during the course of your work. That is no excuse, you have only yourself to blame.”

McMurray must now cope with being victimized by both a merciless judge and violent illegal migrants.  This case is indicative of Britain’s broken justice system, overtaken by political correctness and the ingrained fear of appearing intolerant and “Islamophobic.”  Jihad Watch reported less than five months ago about savage attacks on truck drivers by Muslim migrants seeking to break into their vehicles and cross into Britain, but “the judge was unsympathetic.”  Here is a brief description of how unsafe the truck drivers are, and how much they need to defend themselves:..........To Read More.....

France: Imam supports niqab ban, Muslims threaten to kill him, put a bounty on his head

Apr 28, 2021 By 11 Comments

There are many in the West who indefatigably support the tiny group of moderate Muslim spokesmen, confident that they will affect the transformation of Islam. The reality is that because of Islam’s death penalty for heresy and apostasy, genuine Islamic reformers (as opposed to the legion of deceivers who insist that when Islam is properly understood, there is nothing to reform) are hunted and forced into hiding by their violence-minded coreligionists. This stymies chances for actual reform........To Read More....


Behold The Vatican’s New Messiah And All Bow Down At His Clay Feet

Fauci’s Covid-19 fear mongering has managed to shut down all houses of worship

By ——--April 29, 2021

Cover Story | 1 Comment | Reader Friendly | Subscribe | Email Us

Hype notwithstanding, the Lockdown world is not waiting breathlessly for the debut of the New Messiah on May 6, 2021, only the most unlikely of places—the Vatican—through its Pontifical Council for Culture, the Cura Foundation, the Science and Faith Foundation (TTOQ) and Stem For Life (SFLF)—is.

With little to no fanfare, the Vatican is giving Dr. Anthony Fauci its keynote speaking spot at an event touted as “Exploring the Mind, Body & Soul.” “How Innovation and Novel Delivery Systems Improve Human Health”.

‘The Newly-Minted Vatican Messiah’...........To Read More....

Who Killed Dorothy Killgallen, and Why! A Chat With Author About Who Killed Kennedy

Abraham Accords Could Be Next In Biden's Retreat

By Benny Avni, Special to the Sun | April 29, 2021 

As Washington retreats from prior conditions it has set to rejoin the Iran nuclear deal, Arab allies recalculate their approach to the Islamic Republic. Can reversal of the Abraham Accords be far behind?d  “We are seeking to have good relations with Iran,” Riyadh’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman said on Saudi TV this week.


Until recently the Kingdom’s de-facto ruler was considered one of the region’s top hardliners on Iran. Now his emissaries are reported to meet in Baghdad with top American and Iranian officials.  

What changed? America............To Read More.....

School Choice and 2021’s Tweet of the Year

April 29, 2021 by Dan Mitchell @ International Liberty 

After three columns on the topic in the past five weeks (see here, here, and here), I wasn’t expecting to write again about school choice anytime soon, but this speech by State Senator Justin Wayne of Nebraska must be watched.


What a great idea! All politicians who vote against school choice have to send their kids to the crummy government schools in their states and districts.

That wouldn’t be good news for hypocrites like Barack Obama (and his Secretary of Education), Elizabeth Warren, Democratic congressional candidates, and the head of a teacher union.

Heck, we could create a giant list of all the rich leftists who exercise choice for their own children while voting to deny similar opportunities for kids from families that don’t have lots of money.

And this is why I’m overjoyed that we have seen a lot of progress on the issue this year.

And it’s continuing. Here are excerpts from an editorial in the Wall Street Journal about recent steps to expand choice in Florida.

Florida already has among the most expansive school-choice offerings in the nation, and this week the Legislature expanded private-school vouchers to more families. …The bill increases the eligible household income cap from 300% to 375% of the poverty level—about $100,000 for a family of four—though it prioritizes households under 185%. The enrollment cap will continue to escalate by 1% of public-school enrollment annually, allowing roughly 28,000 new students each year. …One of the bill’s biggest boons is extending scholarships to students already in private school. …Florida is a haven for overtaxed northerners, but it’s also an education refuge for low- and middle-income families.

Also in the Wall Street Journal, Paul Peterson of Harvard has a column on how government lockdowns have created an opening for expanded educational freedom.

President Biden wants credit for opening up the nation’s schools within 100 days of taking office. …The big news at the 100-day mark isn’t school opening but the revival of the school-choice movement. …school-choice advocates have scored big victories around the country. Indiana enlarged its voucher program. Montana lifted caps on charter schools. Arkansas now offers tax-credit scholarships to low-income students. West Virginia and Kentucky have funded savings accounts that help parents pay tuition at private schools. Florida, a movement leader, has enlarged its tax-credit scholarship programs. Even Rhode Island Gov. Dan McKee promises to veto a moratorium on new charter schools. …The pandemic is the driving force. The failure of the public schools to educate children in the past year has angered parents and policy makers. …the loss of learning and social connectivity produced by school closures has been devastating, especially for low-income minority children. …Survey data show a rise in the level of support over the past two years for vouchers, charters and tax-credit scholarships. Political leaders sense a change in the public mood. After aggressive unions and bewildered school boards shut down schools for a year, the choice bandwagon has begun to roll.

Let’s hope that choice bandwagon rolls further. It will be great for kids.  And, given the importance of quality education for competitiveness, it will be great for the nation as well.

P.S. I’m disgusted by the hypocritical politicians who send their kids to private schools while voting against school choice for the rest of us. But I’m even more disgusted – and baffled – that the NAACP opposes school choice when minority children have the most to gain.

A Great New Idea for Reducing Police Shootings

Plus, why Nicholas Reardon is an American hero. 

Dov Fischer by Dov Fischer  April 26, 2021 

Our country’s social stasis is disrupted terribly by police shootings. Now that police wear body cams and members of the public scour the streets for interesting events to film on smartphones and then to post to social media, more police shootings get disseminated than ever before. When the target of the shooting is Black, we become infused with the news. When the target is White, we instantly move on because a White target generates few clicks and followers and fails to accord with the left-media narrative. In the same way, on the rare occasion that an Arab Muslim is attacked, the media run wild, but when a Haredi Jew is attacked in broad daylight on the streets of Brooklyn it barely merits a mention in the Food & Wildlife section.

As with the left-media cartel’s preferred and disdained targets, it is much the same when it comes to shooters who generate their interest. A Bernie Sanders supporter shot Rep. Steve Scalise at a baseball practice session. Not interesting, so just one story. Gabby Giffords was shot by her own  Democrat supporter. Not interesting. A nut with orange hair shot up a movie theater showing Batman. Not interesting. An Arab Muslim shot up a military site. Workplace violence. The active Colorado supermarket shooter a few weeks ago generated a storm of interest. Then the media found out that the arrested guy is named Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa. End of that coverage..........To Read More....

Thursday, April 29, 2021

P&D Today

By Rich Kozlovich


Cycles of Insanity By Rich Kozlovich

Is mass insanity cyclical? During the 60's these leftist loons turned everything upside down with riots and a total rejection of traditional values. 

The downward spiral from that foundation is making the nation even worse than before, with unprecedented violence in many of America's major cities.  But what's mind boggling is that violence is being supported by the political leaders in those cities and those states.  

We're facing economic disaster at every turn, and the left demands more spending, more taxation, more central government control over everyone's life, irrespective of the fact that kind of control has been a dismal failure forever, and everywhere it's been tried. 

From that we've had the consequences of wide spread venereal diseases, unwanted pregnancies, abortion, a huge number of single parent families, grandparents raising their grandchildren, welfare that's out of control, wide spread preventable diseases, an expensive failed system of education at all levels, treason at the highest levels, treason in America's bureaucracy, crimes everyone is aware of and yet no one is being charged, and a total rejection of Judaic/Christian values by the churches who are supposed to be teaching and promoting them. 

Infanticide promoted by a corrupt judiciary, and a corrupt amoral political movement and misfit activists. The education system (at all levels including so-called higher education) that's not only failing to teach our children to read, write and do basic math, they're filling their malleable minds with hatred of the United States, promoting racism, and filling them with insane social paradigms that will doom the nation, just like Venezuela, Greece, and many other socialist failures.  Everything is now racist, including white milk. 

Academia, education, industry, unions, entertainment, along with the judiciary and the media are all complicit in the slow disintegration of the American culture,  and now the left is attacking the only line of defense available to a civilized society.  The police who enforce the rule of law!  

A political party that gone so far to the left they've committed themselves to the destruction of the American identity, the American culture, the America economy, and the destruction of the greatest secular document in human history, the United States Constitution.  A party that's irrational, misanthropic and morally defective.

I find it hard to believe the things I see, the things I read, and the things I write and post about these days.  Recently I watched two of my favorite WWII movies.  The Band of Brothers and Saving Private Ryan, and even though as a history buff I know about the havoc wrecked on our boys by the German defenders landing at Utah beach, and dropping behind German lines, seeing the representations of the devastation is another thing entirely.  I still find them moving and hard to watch.   

On June 7th it will have been 77 years since the boys stormed the beaches at Normandy.  Of the 16 million Americans who served the nation in WWII there are only 325,000 left and of the 156,000 American, Canadian and British who landed on the five beaches of Normandy, only 1000 Americans are left, all of whom are in their 90's.  They were the proud representatives of the social paradigm of their day.

I've often wondered if they could then have seen what America has become today, would they asked themselves: "Is this what I'm willing to die for?"  Knowing that generation they probably would have said yes, because they would have probably thought America will overcome and survive.  

But I wonder if that's what will happen.  Those heroes will all be gone soon, and the heroes who took their place are outnumbered, were despised, and treated with contempt, and they're now living in a social paradigm that's abandoned the foundational values that made America great.