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Saturday, April 24, 2021

Floyd vs Chauvin: The Real Crime(s)

This is the way America ends. Not with a bang, but a whimper.

By ——--April 22, 2021

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This won’t be a conversation about the details of what occurred between Floyd and Chauvin on the street or at the Chauvin trial.  I have my opinion, but it has nothing to do with the devastation caused by the crime(s) that may or not be valid on the street or at the trial. Some people will say Chauvin was a good cop simply doing his job and is a victim of a jury fearful of coming to anything but a guilty verdict.

Whether Chauvin was a good cop or a bad cop is immaterial to the reality in America today.  We know we have lost one cop.  I wish that was the worst of it.  Every cop in America and every young man or woman that is considering a law enforcement career is re-examining the implications of being a cop in an upside down, woke American Marxist Democrat values system.

American society has been turned upside down in too many places

Every cop must consider several things; first the simple fact that it is a high risk occupation that has become more dangerous because of the tacit permission the culture is giving to bad actors to resist police instructions.  Next, do I want to risk imprisonment because I was just doing my job as I was trained?  Do I want to put my family’s financial future at risk when I could end up dead or worse having to waste all the family’s resources defending myself against woke or politically motivated, charges when I was just doing my job?  Lastly, every cop must evaluate every situation and determine for themselves: Should I take action or should I just avoid the potential woke/political risk?

The real crime is America was already losing thousands of good cops and will lose thousands more as a result of the Chauvin trial.  Worse yet, the difficulty of finding good young people to enter into law enforcement careers has increased exponentially.  Law enforcement agencies are already short staffed all over America.  The Marxist Democrats are winning another battle.

The bigger crime is the fact that the Marxist Democrat governments and the failed American values system is giving tacit approval for every thug in America to ignore the orders of a police officer. Then there are the George Soros funded Marxist Democrat District Attorneys who are picking and choosing the laws they are willing to enforce and prosecute. Say what?  The thugs of America in Marxist Democrat jurisdictions can now break all kinds of laws knowing they will not be arrested or prosecuted. 

Many Americans are living in Marxist Democrat jurisdictions where a thug can steal up to nearly $1,000 of your property, and the Marxist Democrat government doesn’t care and won’t do anything about it.  In effect, those Marxist Democrat governments have legalized shoplifting!  Worse yet, if the property owner tries to protect themselves, they may be subject to prosecution for doing so.  American society has been turned upside down in too many places. Is this even civilization?.......To Read More....

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