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Saturday, April 24, 2021

Election Integrity: Recommendations Report.

John Droz, Jr., Physicist, North Carolina

Today we are proud to announce the official public release of our Election Integrity:  Recommendations Report.   Although our team of independent experts has written eight other major reports pertaining to US elections, this is the most important one, by far. (Please pass on the link to this one-page document to anyone interested in the election integrity issue.)  

We’ve been working on this for about two months, and set for ourselves four (4) standards that this report should meet: Competent, Comprehensive, Collaborative and Creative.  For those who favor brevity, we have also posted a one-page document listing our thirty recommendations. Let me know any questions, or improvements to this report. 

Please pass this information onto your social media sites, friends & family, and anyone else who values America. If we don’t have election integrity, every other aspect of our life will be adversely affected.


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