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Monday, April 26, 2021

The Missing Story in Makhia Bryant's Case and in Most Police Shootings is Family, Not Racism

Fri Apr 23, 2021 Daniel Greenfield 5 comments

The shooting of Makhia Bryant by a police officer as she was charging in to stab another teenage girl has been shoved into the usual false pipelines of race and police defunding. Bryant was dubbed a child, and a warm-hearted honor student. Much as George Floyd was called a gentle giant.

We're all more than the sum of our worst and best moments, but that's neither here nor there. Hitler was an aspiring artist who really loved his dog. Most people have some good qualities. It doesn't change the destructive problem of their bad ones.  The discussion over Bryant's shooting keeps coming down to "was there another way".

Could the cop have shot at her legs or grappled with her. Neither are realistic options for anyone who gets their reality from the real world, not Netflix. But there was another way long before the shooting and the media has very little interest in looking at her life, or at the lives of George Floyd through any lens other than the familiar 1619 Project in which all the social ills date back to systemic racism, whiteness, and slavery in America.........To Read More.....

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